National Football League NFL

Al 2006, The season of NFL represents:


* A season of 4 play of the exhibition (or before the season) fleeing late July to late August * A to flee regular, of 17 weeks and National Football League NFL draft order of 16 play of the season September to December NFL jersey National Football League * A tournament of 12 teams of ends that begins culminating

in January in the Super Bowl at the beginning of February.


NFL stats and tickets the season of the Exhibition


The main article: National season of soccer league exhibition


The summers see the majority of the teams of NFL that play four exhibition games (referred to by the NFL as “the play before the season;” the league discourages the use of the “exhibition game” of the term) of August early for September early. Two play before the season “represented”, the Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of the Play of the Fame and Bowl American, he does not count toward the normal lot of four play, so that the four teams that play in those play each up the end to play five exhibition games.


The play are useful for new players that are not utilized to play the multitudes in front of very large. The administration often National Football League NFL draft order utilizes the play to evaluate players again NFL jersey National Football League signed. The players of the veteran will play generally only for about of a room of each play so they can avoid the injury.


NFL stats and tickets Final


The main article: Ends of NFL


The season concludes with a tournament of 12 teams determined the teams to play in the Super Bowl. The parenthesis of the tournament are facts of six teams of each one of the two conferences of the league, the American Conference of the Soccer (AFC) and the National Conference of the Soccer (NFC), continuing the end of the season to regulate of 16 play: The Ends of NFL. Each one of the 4 winners of the division they are sown 1-4 based on their registrations W L T. The two teams NFL jersey National Football League of the wild card (marked wild Card 1 and 2) they are sown 5 and 6 (with the best of the two National Football League NFL draft order to have sows 5) in spite of its registrations compared to the 4 winners of the division. The Ends of NFL. Each one of the 4 winners of the division they are sown 1-4 based on their registrations W L T. The two teams of the wild card (marked wild Card 1 and 2) they are sown 5 and 6 (with the best of the two to have sows 5) in spite of its registrations compared to the 4 winners of the division.


* The four champions of the division of each conference (the team in each division with the best season to regulate gained the registration tied lost), that is sown 1 for 4 based on its regular season gained the registration NFL jersey National Football League tied lost. * Two calificadores of wild card of each conference (those not-division defends with the conference gained better the percentages tied lost), that is sown 5 and 6.


The 3 and the 6 teams sown, and the 4 and the 5 seeds, they face one al another during the first series of the ends, we double the Ends of wild Card (the league in recent years has utilized also the term wild Card Weekend). The 1 and the 2 seeds of each conference receive a good-bye in the first series, that permits these teams to advance automatically to the second series, the Divisional National Football League NFL draft order play of Ends, for face to the survivors of wild Card. In some ends given rounds, the highest surviving seed always plays the lowest surviving seed. And in play given of ends, whoever that has the highest seed obtains the home field advantage (I.and. the play is had in the country more high of home of seed).


The two surviving teams of the Divisional play of Ends find in Conference Championship play, with the winners of those contests passing to face the one al another in the Super Bowl.


NFL stats and tickets the schedule of the Television


For more details in this theme, see NFL in the television.


The rights of the television al NFL are the costly and most lucrative rights not only of some American sport, but of American property of entertainment. With the fragmentation of audiences due to the specialization enlarged of transmitter and the networks of the TELEVISION by cable, the sport remain one of the few properties of entertainment that only cannot guarantee a large audience and diversified, but an audience that will look at in the real time.

The league of National soccer (NFL) is the league of larger, professional, and American soccer, consisting of thirty-two teams of cities and American regions. The teams of the league are divided into two conferences: the American National Football League NFL draft order Conference of the Soccer (AFC) and the National Conference of the Soccer (NFC). Each conference then is divided still more in four divisions that consist of four teams each, marked al this, al western, al north, and al south. During the season to regulate of the league, each play of the team sixteen play on a period of the seventeen-week, generally from September to December. The season to ends of each regular one, six teams of each play of the conference in the ends NFL jersey National Football League of NFL, a tournament of the alone-elimination of the twelve-team that culminates with the championship of NFL, the Super Bowl. This play is had in a place preselected that is generally a city that receives a team of NFL. A week chose later, to players all stellar of the AFC and NFC find in the Professional one Bowl, they contained at present Honolulu, the Hawaii.Under the present contracts of the television, that began during the 2006 season, the play you regulate of the season they are transmitted in 5 networks: BCS, the FOX, NBC, ESPN, and The Network of NFL. The play regionally shown are transmitted Sundays in BCS and FOXY, carrying the AFC and the teams of NFC respectively (the team that travels that decides the station transmitter in buries-conference play case). These play air generally in 1:00PM ET and 4:00PM National Football League NFL draft order or 4:15PM ET NFL jersey National Football League. The play nationally televised include the night of the play of Sunday (shown in NBC) Monday by the play at night (shown in ESPN), the the night from the the Play of the Beginning of Thursday NFL, the annual Cowboys of you Dallas and during the day thanksgiving play of Lions of Detroit, and now this 2006 season, chooses Thursday and the play on Saturday are shown Of NFL, a subsidiary entirely possessed of the league of National soccer. [6] [7]


Additionally, the satellite transmitted the company DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Entrance, a subscription package based, that permits the majority of the days on Sunday the regional play to be looked at. [8][9] That This package is exclusive to DirecTV in US. In Canada , Entrance of NFL Sunday is available in an I try the distribution by supplier in the meantime in the cable as the satellite.


NFL stats and tickets the Schedule of the Radio


Each team of NFL has its own chain of radio stations and employs its commentators. Nationally, the NFL is heard in the Westwood A Chain of radio stations and in the US Sport Radio. Westwood One carries Sunday and Monday by the Soccer at night, all play on Thursday, two Sunday by the contests of late and all play of post-season, inclusive the Professional one Bowl. It lights up the Radio of US transmits two Sunday by the play of late all Sundays during the season to regulate. [6]


The NFL has also a contract with the Radio of Satellite of Sirius, that provides the news, the analysis, the reach of the comment and the play for all National Football League NFL draft order play.


The NFL was formed in 1920 as the Association Professional American of Soccer (adopted the name the league of National soccer in NFL jersey National Football League 1922). The NFL is one of the older professional lights up the leagues of North America .

The players are with steps in three different levels with considerations to their rights to negotiate for contracts:


* Players that have been edited (sees down), and has done not yet play in its first year, only can negotiate with the team that edited them. [10] If the terms can be agreed not on, the players only resource is to refuse to play (“sits down was”) until the terms can be reached. The players often utilize the threat to sit down was like a media to force the hands of the teams that edited them. For example, John Elway was edited by the Colts of Baltimore in 1983 but refused to play for them. The Colts traded its rights to the wild colt of Denver and Elway agreed in playing. Bo [11] Jackson sat down was an entire year in 1986 before that the play for the Buccaneers of the Bay of Tampa that had edited it. The it entered again the turn the following year, and was edited and was signed subsequently with the Invaders of Los Angeles. [12] * Players that have played among 3-5 full seasons in the league, and whose contract has expired they are you considered independent People Restricted (sees down). They have limited the rights to negotiate with any club. [10] * Players that have played 5 or more full seasons in the league, and whose contract has expired, is considered independent People without restriction (sees down) and has the right unlimited to negotiate with any club. The teams can call a single player in some year given as a vote Right Player (sees down), that eliminates a lot that the rights of the negotiation of players National Football League NFL draft order. This is a right limited of the team, nevertheless, and affects only a small handful of players each year. [10]


Among the articles covered in the CBA NFL jersey National Football League they are:


* The league minimum wage * The cover of salary * The annual collegial turn * the Rules considering “freed the agency” * the rules of the Renunciation


NFL stats and tickets Salaries


A salary of the player, as defined by the CBA, includes any “the compensation in the money, in the property, in the investments, in the loans or in slightly more than value to that a player of NFL [can be granted]” excluding such benefits as the insurance and the pension. A salary can include an annual pay and an old one “signing the cousin” that is paid the entire debt when the player signs his contract. For the purposes of the salary he covers (he sees down) the cousin that signs is the quota on the life of the contract before that al year in which the cousin that signs is full.


The contracts of the player are not guaranteed; the teams only are required to pay in the contract as long as the player remains a member of the team. If the player is cut, or he leaves, for any reason, the equilibrium of the contract is emptied and the player does not receive additional compensation. [13]


Years Experience minimum wage [13] 0 $260.000 1 $305.000 2 $380.000 3 $455.000 4-6 $540.000 7-9 $665.000 10 + $765.000


Among others things, the CBA establishes a minimum wage for its players[13], that is elevated as a years of player of the increase of the experience. The players and their agents can negotiate with clubs for higher salaries, and to do frequently. Al the 2005 season of NFL, the full high player was a marshal of Hawks of Atlanta of field Michael Vick, whose “value of cover” was lightly low $8 million. [14] The general value of its contract is 10 years in $130 million, averaging $13 million a year, inclusive to sign the cousins and annual salary [15]


NFL stats and tickets the cover of Salary


The cover of the salary is definite like the National Football League NFL draft order maximum quantity that a team can spend in the compensation of player, (sees up) for all its players combined. As opposed to NFL jersey National Football League other leagues, want the NBA (that has certain exemptions) or the Baseball of the main league (that has a “smooth cover” imposed by “luxury taxes”), the NFL has a “hard cover”, that is not team, for any reason, can review the cover.

The turn of NFL


For more details in this theme, see NFL Turn.


Every year during April, each right of vote of NFL tries to add new to players to its list by a collegial turn known as “the NFL the Annual Meeting of the Selection of Player”, that more is known commonly like the Turn of NFL.


The teams are situated in the order of the inverse one based on the prior registration of the season, with the worst registration than chooses first, and the second rout to choose second etc. The two exceptions to this order are caused the teams that appeared in the Super Bowl prior; the Super champion of Bowl always chooses 32, and the Super losing of Bowl always chooses 31st. NFL jersey National Football League [16]


The turn advances for 7 series. The series 1-3 are run on Saturday of weekend of turn, the series 4-7 are run Sunday. The teams are given a quantity limited of time to do their choices. [17] If the choice is done not in the time assigned, the subsequent teams in the turn can edit before they. This happened in 2003 al Minnesota Viking, .[18]


The teams have the option to trade far away their choices to other teams for different choices, for the players, for the cash, or for a combination of the same one. While the commerce of player for player are rare during the remainder of the year (especially with regard to the other main league lights up), the commerce are a lot more common in the day of turn. In 1989, in National Football League NFL draft order debatablely the commerce during the day of more famous turn never, the Dallas Cowboys you traded to run behind Herschel Walke al Minnesota Viking for five players of veteran and six choices of turn on 3 years. The Cowboys would utilize these choices to provide the commerce for additional choices of turn and players of veteran. When a direct result of this commerce, they would edit many of the stars that would help they gain they 3 Super Tazones in the 1990, inclusive Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland and Darren Woodson. [19]


The first choice in the turn often is taken to be the best general player in the class of novice. This or it cannot be true, since the teams often choose more based players on needs that in the general ability. Besides, NFL jersey National Football League comparing players in different positions are difficult of doing. Still, a great honor is considered to be a first-round choice, and a larger honor of be the first general choice. The very last choice in the turn known as Mr. not Pertinent one, and is the subject of a supper in its honor in the Beach of Newport, California.


It edited players they are able ALONE negotiates with the team that edited them (or to another team if its rights traded far away). The team National Football League NFL draft order of the design has a year to sign al player. If they do not do thus, the player can enter again the turn and can be edited for another team. Bo Jackson famously sat down was a season in this manner. [12]


The additional information: The list of NFL the general first elections of turn


NFL stats and tickets Freed the agency


For more details in this theme, see independent Person#the Use of NFL.


When they defined by the CBA, an independent person is no player that is under the contract to no team and thus he has the right completely he free to negotiate with any another team for new terms of the contract. [10] [20]. The independent people are classified in two categories: restricted and without restriction. Besides, a team is able “label” a player as a right of vote or transition, that places the additional restrictions in that ability of player to negotiate. Nevertheless, the ability to the “label” is limited enough, and only affects a handful of players each year.


The agency free in the NFL began with a free system limited of the agency known as “the Plan B Freed the Agency”, that had force NFL jersey National Football League between the 1989 and 1992 seasons. The principle with the 1993 season, “Plans AN Agency Free” went into effect, that is the system that remains in the NFL today. [the citation needed]

As the play American college student of the soccer that jumped, the soccer of NFL is a descendant of the soccer of rugby, National Football League NFL draft order that was imported to the United States of Canada in 1874, and then transformed into the soccer after the University of McGill American college student in Montreal invited the University of Harvard to Quebec to play a new Canadian version of the “soccer of rugby”. The professional soccer in the dates U.S. at least to 1892, when an athletic club in Pittsburgh paid William “Pudge” NFL jersey National Football League Heffelfinger $500 in taking the part in a play. On the next few decades, while the majority of the attentions they were full al soccer in schools of elite in the coast this, the professional extension of the play extensively in the western Middle, especially in Ohio where in 1903 the Tigres of Massillon, a team for amateurs strong, employed four Pittsburgh on behalf of playing in its play of season-finishing against Akron.


The Association Professional American of the Soccer was founded in 1920 in a sale of Hupmobile in the District, Ohio . The legendary athlete Jim Thorpe was chosen president. The group of eleven teams, all but one in the western Middle, he was originally except a league that an agreement for steal not other players of teams. In the early years, members of APFA continued to play not-APFA the teams.


In 1921, the APFA began the official positions that free, and the following year, the group changed its name to the league of National soccer. Nevertheless, the NFL was barely a main league in the ’20s. The teams entered and they left the league frequently. The rights of vote included such to red representatives as the Decatur Staleys, and the LaRue, Ohio Oorang Indian, an all American NFL jersey National Football League team of Indian that puts also a dog show that carries out.


But the stars as previous of the school like Farm and Red Benny Friedman began to test the professional water, the in for of play began slowly to enlarge in the popularity. For 1934 all the provincial teams, except for the Green Packers of the Bay, had moved to or was replaced by large cities. A factor in the growing popularity of the league was the institution of an annual play of the championship in 1933.

National Football League NFL draft order

By the end of World War Two, on behalf of soccer began to compete the play college student for the attention of fans. The extension of the formation T carried to an express train-measured, the play of more high-bordering that attracted the unprecedented numbers of fans. In 1945, the Cleveland Ram they moved Los Angeles , coming to be the first sport of the large-league they offer the concession in the Coast of the West. In 1950, the NFL accepted three teams of the dead Conference of the Soccer of EVERY America , widening to thirteen clubs.


In the fifties, on behalf of soccer finally gained its place as a greater sport. The NFL embraced the television, Them giving Americans for all the country an opportunity of continuing the stars as Bobby Lied, Paul Hornung, Otto Graham, and Johnny Unitas. The 1958 championship of NFL in New York extended viewership unprecedented of television and national fame facts of Unitas and its Colts team companions of Baltimore .


The ascent of the professional soccer was so fast that by the middle-‘ 60s, had surpassed the baseball as favorite sport of spectator of Americans in some inspections. When more people wanted to remove party of this wave of the popularity that the NFL would be able to accommodate, a rival league, the league of American soccer (AFL), was founded in 1960.

The electronic Arts publish a videogame of NFL for present consoles of videogame and for the PC each year, called Maddens NFL, National Football League NFL draft order being called after the previous coach and present commentator of soccer John Madden. Before the 2005-2006 season of NFL jersey National Football League soccer, other play of NFL were produced being of concern to publishers of videogame, just as the Play 2K and the Play to half a road. Nevertheless, in December 2004, the Electronic Arts signed an exclusive agreement of five years with the NFL, signifying the Arts that only Electronic will be permitted to publish the play that represent the names of the National Football League NFL draft order team and to player of NFL.


NFL stats and tickets Member of a commission and presidents


1. The president Jim Thorpe (1920-1921)[21] 2. The president Joseph Carr (1921-1939) 3. The president Carl Storck (1939-1941) 4. The member of a commission

Elmer Layden (1941-1946) 5. The Bell of the member of a commission Bert (1946-1959) 6. The provisional President Austin Gunsel (1959-1960, continuing the

death of the Bell ) 7. The member of a commission Alvin “Even” Rozelle (1960-1989) 8. The member of a commission Paul Tagliabue (1989-2006) 9. The member of

a commission Roger Goodell (2006-present)


NFL stats and tickets the Main offices of the League


* District , Ohio (1920-1921) * Columbus , Ohio (1921-1941) * Chicago (1941-1946) * Philadelphia (1946-1960) * of new York (1960-present City)


NFL stats and tickets the numbers of the Uniform


The main article: Number of squad


In the NFL, the players carry the uniform numbers based on the position that play. The present system was instituted in the league in April 5, 1973[22], like a media for fans and officials (referees, the linesmen) more to identify easily players in the country by its position. The players that were already in the league in that date were grandfathered, and they did not change their uniform numbers if they did not conform. Since that date, the players are assigned invariably the numbers National Football League NFL draft order inside the following ranges, based on their primary position:



* Trophy of Vince Lombardi * hunting Trophy of Lamar * George S. The Trophy of you Haul * the majority of The Valuable Players * the Coach of the Year * Offensive

Player of the Year * Defensive Player of the Year * Inexperienced Offensive of the Year * Inexperienced Defensive of the Year * Super NFL jersey National Football League Bowl MVP * Player of Return

of NFL of the Year * Man of Walter Payton of the Prize of Year * on behalf of Bowl MVP


NFL stats and tickets Discontinued the prizes


* AFL the Play all stellar MVP * UPI NFL MVP * Player of UPI NFC of the Year * Player of AFL-AFC of UPI of the Year * Inexperienced of NFL-NFC of UPI of the Year *

Inexperienced of AFL-AFC of UPI of the Year


NFL stats and tickets Sees also


* The List of American footballers * the Present coaches of NFL * the American soccer * on behalf of Vestibule of the Soccer of the Fame * National Football League NFL draft order the Dead teams of NFL * the List of Professional

Turns of Soccer * the Personal License of the Seat * the Movies of NFL * the Network of NFL * the Glossary of the American soccer * the nicknames of NFL * the Soccer of US * It Maddens the

series of NFL * the series of the Street of NFL * the attack lightning of NFL * the sport aid figures List — the aid of NFL in a world context * Instantaneous repetition * the Science of NFL *

the right of vote of NFL moves and the fusions * NFL the Anniversary 75 the never even Team * the Teams of EVERY NFL jersey National Football League Decade of NFL


NFL stats and tickets before the season


* Bowl American * on behalf of Vestibule of the Soccer of the Play of the Fame


NFL stats and tickets the seasons you Regulate


* The List of seasons of NFL * the List of NFL tied the play (since 1974) * the league of National soccer: Last to First * the Significant rivalries

in the NFL * the Classical thanksgiving


NFL stats and tickets Postseasons


* Final of NFL * the List of champions of NFL * Super Bowl * the List of Super champions of Bowl * the History of Championships of NFL * on behalf of Bowl * the

Professional Play of the Championship of the Soccer * the List of Present droughts of vote right post-season of NFL * An National Football League NFL draft order Ends of the Play * the Active appearance of

ends of NFL passes as a ray


NFL stats and tickets the Registrations


* The Positions of NFL since the fusion of AFL-NFL * NFL that opens the positions during the day * the Registrations of Individual of NFL * the Registrations of

Team-Oriented of NFL * NFL to Hurry Annual to Leaders


NFL stats and tickets Other leagues related


NFL stats and tickets American Buffalo of footballEast NFL jersey National Football League Invoice Ralph Wilson the Stadium Orchard Park, New York (area of Buffalo ) the Gardens of the Dolphins Dolphin Stadium of Miami Miami, Florida (area of Miami ) Stadium of Patriotic of new England

razor Blade Foxborough , Massachusetts (area of Boston ) New York Spear in spurt Stadium of Gigantic Rutherford Oriental, New Jersey (area of City of new York ) Baltimore north Devours Baltimore, Maryland Cincinnati flare Paul Brown

Stadium Cincinnati , Ohio Cleveland Gilds Stadium National Football League NFL draft order of Cleveland Brownes Cleveland, Ohio Pittsburgh Steelers Heinz Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania Houston Texan **OVERFLOW** Confident Stadium Houston, Tiles Colts Dome Indianapolis RCA

Indianapolis, Stadium of Jaguars of Indiana Jacksonville Alltel Jacksonville, Florida Titans Field Tennessee long-playing record Nashville, Tennessee Western Field of **OVERFLOW** of Denver INVESCO in Mile Denver High, Leaders Arrow

Stadium City of City of Red Kansas Kansas, Invaders of Missouri Oakland McAfee Theater Oakland, Stadium of Steeds of California San Diego Qualcomm San Diego, California National City/Area of Oriental Cowboys Soccer Conference

Division Team Stadium you Dallas Weave Irving , Tiles (area of Dallas) the Stadium of Giants of Gigantic of new York NFL jersey National Football League Rutherford Oriental, New Jersey (area of City of new York ) Aguilas of Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field Pennsylvania

Washington Redskins Field of FedEx Landover, Maryland (Washington, D.C. area) Chicago north Bears Field of Soldier Chicago, Field of Lions of Illinois Detroit Ford Detroit, Michigan Green Field of Packers National Football League NFL draft order of Bay Lambeau the Green

Bay, Wisconsin Minnesota Viking Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Minneapolis, Minnesota southern Dome of Hawks of Atlanta Georgia Atlanta, the Bank of Panthers of Georgia Carolina of the Stadium of America Carlota, north Saints of

Carolina new orleans


* Marshals of field, of placekickers and players, and of other specialists: 1-19 * Wide receivers: 10-19, 80-89 * Running backs and defensive backs: 20-49 * guardabarrerass Offensive: 50-79 * Linebackers: 50-59 and 90-99 * guardabarrerass Defensive: 60-79 and 90-99 * the Tight end: 80-89, or 40-49 if all is taken


Before 2004, wide receivers were permitted to only use numbers 80-89. [23] The NFL changed the rule that that year to permit wide receivers to carry the numbers 10-19 in keep in mind the number enlarged of players in wide receiver and tight arrival of end in the league. Before that, the players were only permitted to carry the not standard numbers if its team had remained without the numbers inside the range prescribed of the number. Perhaps very relative to fans, Keyshawn Johnson began carrying the number 19 in 1996 because the Spurts of new York had remained without the numbers in the 80s.


Occasionally, the players will petition the NFL to permit them to carry a number that is not in the line with the system that NFL jersey National Football League numbers. In 2006, Holy of NEW orleans that run behind Bush of Reggie petitioned the NFL to permit that he to maintain the number 5 that he utilized in USC. Its order was subsequent denied National Football League NFL draft order [24].


It should be noted that this NFL that numbers system is based on a primary position of player. Any player that carries any number can play in any position in the country in time (although players that carries the numbers 50-79 he should permit al referee knows that they he plays out of position reporting as National Football League NFL draft order a “the ineligible number in an eligible position”). He is not rare to run backs for form row in wide receiver in certain play, neither for have a large play of crossing guards in defense neither tight situations of NFL jersey National Football League end all in all length. Also, in play before the season, when teams have widened lists, the players can carry the numbers that are outside of the over rules. When the list of 53 final National Football League NFL draft order players is established, they NFL jersey National Football League are reprinted the numbers inside the over guidelines.

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