2022’s Most Junked Car Brands and Models in the US: A Report by Junk Car Medics

2022’s Most Junked Car Brands and Models in the US: A Report by Junk Car MedicsThe report, based on the company’s own data, highlights the top junked car brands and models in the country.

Junk Car Medics, a national junk car buying service in the USA, has released a report on the most junked car brands and models in 2022 based on an analysis of over 50,000 cars junked through their online portal. A junk car is defined as a vehicle that is damaged beyond repair or otherwise undrivable and has no value except for its parts and metal for scrapping. The majority of junked vehicles were from the early 2000s, which were also in high demand as new cars during that time.

According to Junk Car Medics, Ford and Chevrolet had the highest percentages of junked cars in 2022, with 12.89% and 12.79%, respectively. When looking at the most commonly junked car models, the Honda Accord took the top spot. The other top junked models include the Nissan Altima, Honda Civic, and Toyota Camry.

The percentages of individual junked car models were relatively low. The leader, Honda Accord, amounted for only 3.34% of all junked cars, and the top individual vehicle, the 2005 Nissan Altima, amounted to only 0.34%, indicating that Americans drive many different types of vehicles.

The report also notes that, despite not having any specific model ranking within the top four junked car models list, or the top five individual vehicles list, Ford and Chevrolet emerged on top of the most junked car brands list, reflecting their historical dominance of the U.S. auto market, and their variety of models.

“At Junk Car Medics, we’re always aiming to provide valuable resources that enable the general public to make informed decisions about their vehicles,” said Todd Bialaszewski, CEO of Junk Car Medics. “Our data suggests that the longevity of sedans, such as the Honda Accord, has contributed to their popularity as junked cars. Additionally, it’s worth noting that while Ford and Chevrolet were the top brands for junked cars, none of their models made the top five list of most junked models, which were all from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.”

The complete report can be found at https://www.junkcarmedics.com/blog/most-junked-cars/.

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2022’s Most Junked Car Brands and Models in the US: A Report by Junk Car Medics