113-Team Super Football Conference Selects QwikCut for Video Analysis and League Pool Solutions

A total of 113 football programs will have access to QwikCut’s video platform.

QwikCut Video & Analytics

QwikCut offers stat breakdowns, a free playbook, player grading module, custom reports, recruiting tools, live upload, and the ability to share \”Ad-Free\” highlights at a fraction of the price of competitors. Make the switch to QwikCut today.

QwikCut is proud to announce a new partnership with the North Jersey Super Football Conference (SFC) for the 2023-2024 school year. A total of 113 football programs will have access to QwikCut’s video platform. The SFC will also take advantage of the league pool exchange that allows teams to access game film whenever they need it.

As solution providers continue to raise prices, the impact on budgets and affordability for most schools is getting out of control. Making the switch to QwikCut, a full-featured cloud-based system, gives football coaches the functionality they need without sacrificing quality of service. “Organizations are increasingly looking for alternatives. Until now, the market has been a monopoly, with virtually one company offering this service. We are pleased with the overall evaluation and look forward to working with the QwikCut team,” said Denis Nelson, President of the SFC. The switch to QwikCut will end up saving programs and the conference tens of thousands of dollars.

While the initial agreement is for football programs, other varsity sports teams can also take advantage of the partnership. By combining other sports, each school can save thousands of dollars each year. Money that can be spent on high-demand equipment and facility improvements for each school.

“We hear it all across the country, prices keep going up and the customer service keeps going down. We aim to change that model and believe a healthy market should have competition. We applaud the SFC for taking a stand, and we’re excited to start a long-term partnership together,” said Todd DeNoyer, CEO and Founder of QwikCut.

For more information on QwikCut, view details and pricing by visiting their website at www.QwikCut.com.


QwikCut is a cloud-based, sports video management solution for colleges, high schools, middle schools, clubs, and youth teams. Coaches utilize QwikCut to facilitate film storage, stat breakdowns, game analytics, highlight editing, and recruiting support for athletes. Take a few minutes to check out QwikCut, a platform built by coaches for coaches, and see why more schools are switching than ever before.  At QwikCut, coaches get a better platform at a better price. For more information, visit www.qwikcut.com or call 407-768-2011.

Established in 2016, New Jersey’s Super Football Conference (SFC) is the largest high school football conference in the United States, with 113 public and non-public teams in seven counties. Members include some of the nation’s premier academic institutions and perennial football powerhouses. SFC’s mission is to improve performance, promote academic excellence, and create opportunities for student-athletes.

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Todd DeNoyer

CEO and Founder of QwikCut

[email protected]


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113-Team Super Football Conference Selects QwikCut for Video Analysis and League Pool Solutions

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People Authorized Scored Immediate Success at Its Inaugural Summit ‘InPeace 2023’

Encouraging Three New Countries to Join the Abraham Accords

People Authorized scored immediate success at its Summit “InPeace 2023”, encouraging three new countries to join the Abraham Accords. InPeace 2023, which was held at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, NJ, March 10-12, 2023, was a symbolic recognition of President Donald J. Trump’s role in the signage of the Historic Abraham Accords, with grassroots participants from the USA, Kenya, and Bangladesh, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Poland, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, China, Taiwan, India representing all three Abrahamic Religions: Muslim, Christian, and Jewish.

“The signage of the Abraham Accords could not have been achieved without true leaders who are not afraid to do the right thing, no matter how risky or unpopular it may be. It is our duty to bring international awareness to the importance of these Accords to ensure their survivability and sustainability at the grassroots level while also encouraging other countries to join the movement. I have personally received encouraging commitments from Libya, Kenya, and Bangladesh that they will promote the idea to their citizens and government leaders,” said Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized, adding, “The Abraham Accords did not establish a new norm, but rather aim to restore what was. For millennia, Muslims, Christians, and Jews coexisted and lived in peace and harmony across the Middle East and Africa as equitable citizens of their prospective countries. It’s our obligation to correct the falsehood and manipulative narrative to ensure that the newer generations are taught respect, inclusion, and tolerance regardless of ethnicity, color, or religion because what unites us far exceeds what divides us.”

Global icon and Advisory Board Chief, Government Liaison & Protocol, Dame Gloria Starr Kins’s message of peace focused on the United Nations’ Secretary General’s LDC5 statement about sustainable development in the Least Developed Countries and its adaptation by People Authorized.

Technology icon and Advisory Board Member Jeffrey Sisk emphasized his involvement was driven by the conviction of the noble mission People Authorized is aiming to achieve. Oscan Sang, a business leader traveling especially from Kenya to attend InPeace 2023, said: “I am happy to suggest that Kenya MUST join the Abraham Accord, it’s the most brilliant way of bringing societies and communities to live together in harmony. We have Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities.”

News Anchor, Rita Cosby stated: “To me, I have such incredible respect for all the countries that are involved in the Abraham Accord. To me, it’s bridging not just a message of Peace, it’s a message of Hope, it’s a message of Prosperity, and also, I think it’s a message of Courage.”

InPeace 2023 successfully achieved the initial goal of bringing awareness to the importance of peace as the world is embarking on the possibility of yet another world war.

People Authorized is a self-funded, donation-driven non-profit organization. To support promoting peace and sustainable development please visit:



Rita Cosby:  https://youtu.be/hm4Hl1o8m-8

Oscar Sang: https://youtu.be/AnxwcnpOi3c

Rabbi Levy: https://youtu.be/pqEqQ4O1miQ

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Sisk


[email protected]


Max Morgan


[email protected]


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People Authorized Scored Immediate Success at Its Inaugural Summit ‘InPeace 2023’

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Blueprint Sports Announces Limited-Edition Drew Timme Merch as Zags Head to the Sweet 16

The ‘Timme 2K’ collectibles honor his one-of-a-kind college basketball career

Gonzaga men’s basketball team advances to their eighth straight trip to the Sweet 16 after ousting TCU last Sunday. Today Drew Timme, Gonzaga’s All-American and WCC’s Most Outstanding Player, releases a new limited-edition line of collectible merchandise. The release is supported by Zags Collective, the official Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) collective for Gonzaga student-athletes, powered by Blueprint Sports, the industry leader in full-service NIL collectives.

The “Timme 2k” line was designed in celebration of Timme’s recent career milestone, surpassing 2,000 points scored and making him the third player in Gonzaga history to earn this record. Timme is also the all-time leading scorer in Gonzaga history.      

“We’ve worked with Drew on various NIL partnerships and are really excited about this new line of collectible items,” said Matt Santangelo, former Gonzaga basketball player and General Manager of the Zags Collective. “As his collegiate career with the Zags culminates, we wanted to create a long-lasting and meaningful campaign that would make a mark in the history of Gonzaga athletics.” 

Fans will have two ways to access this new line of collectibles. Only 2,000 “Timme 2k” collectible kits will be made available to the public for purchase. The package, priced at $60, includes a “Timme 2k” trading card, a Timme 2k t-shirt and headband. 

In conjunction, Zags fans looking to make an ongoing commitment to Gonzaga student-athletes can become members of the Zags Collective and receive a bonus ‘Timme 2k Point Club’ t-shirt. This exclusive fan collectible will display Timme’s final points scored during his college career with the Zags, upon completion of the 2023 NCAA Tournament. Additional membership benefits include events with Gonzaga student-athletes, autographed swag, and more. Members of the Zags Collective will also be eligible to win future premium Drew Timme autographed memorabilia. Membership levels start at $25/month.

“I am a big fan of the new “Timme 2k” brand concept and bringing it to all Zags fans,” said Drew Timme. “Gonzaga has been my home for the last five years and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the support from fans, alumni, and the Spokane community in general.” 

The limited edition “Timme 2k” collectible items and the bonus membership merchandise will be available for sale starting on Tuesday, March 21 at zagscollective.com. 

About Zags Collective 

Zags Collective is a fan-driven and alumni-led Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) collective for Gonzaga University student-athletes, alumni, and fans. The mission of Zags Collective is to inspire and grow Gonzaga student-athletes as well-rounded people, to support the charities and nonprofits we partner with, and improve the community. In addition, community supporters gain access to exclusive events, autograph sessions, and more. Zags Collective is powered by parent company Blueprint Sports. For more information, visit zagscollective.com; follow @ZagsCollective on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Contact Information:

Tommy Ferraro

Director of Public Affairs, The Ferraro Group for Blueprint Sports

[email protected]

(775) 331-4555

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Blueprint Sports Announces Limited-Edition Drew Timme Merch as Zags Head to the Sweet 16

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