Stinger Sports’ New Batting Glove Technology Wins Prestigious Award at Annual ABCA

Stinger Sports takes aim at making batting gloves last longer for baseball and softball players

Stinger Sports Durable Batting Gloves

Stinger Sports creates the most durable batting gloves for baseball and softball players

The issue of batting gloves ripping during play has plagued baseball and softball players of all ages for decades. It seems that the issue has only grown in recent years as the price of batting gloves continues to rise as durability declines. Stinger Sports CEO Brandon Eaton set out to change this trend with the invention of the Award-Winning Secure Seam Technology. The patent-pending Secure Seam creates a reinforced seamless layer that reinforces the area where the vast majority of batting rips occur. This has been proven to more than double the life of batting gloves. 

“As a baseball player and softball Dad myself, I know how frustrating it is to have batting gloves rip after just a short period of time,” Brandon said. “We wanted to create a premium glove that would last longer and offer it for an affordable price. It’s all part of our mission as a company to make the great games of baseball and softball more affordable by making quality gear accessible to more people.” 

The new batting glove technology was recently awarded the 24th Annual Best Of Show Award by Collegiate Baseball during the 2023 ABCA Convention in Nashville, TN. Baseball and softball players using the Stinger Batting Gloves across the U.S. have been reporting impressive longevity and durability. The revolutionary gloves range from $29.99 – $39.99 and can be purchased directly from the Stinger Sports website

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Stinger Sports’ New Batting Glove Technology Wins Prestigious Award at Annual ABCA

Jaamb Enterprise Designs the Latest in Electric Powered Paddleboarding With MightyPaddle Product Line

MightyPaddle will be launching as the world’s first motorized paddle oar, for new and existing paddleboard owners

Motorized Paddle for Paddleboarding

MightyPaddle is the world’s first motorized paddle for paddleboarding. Add on to any paddle or utilize the All-in-One motorized paddle design for a complete motorized paddleboarding experience.

MightyPaddle is the world’s first motorized paddle oar, giving the paddleboard community a new way to coast through the water on battery power.

MightyPaddle patent pending motorized design can be used with any existing paddle or built in for new paddles, to help offload the effort of paddling. The portable design can be stored away when needed and can be taken while traveling.

MightyPaddle isn’t meant to displace the physical benefits which paddleboarding offers, but rather gives paddleboarders another way to enjoy the water, water sports, and leisure activity of playing on the water while offering a motorized way to get to a destination.

MightyPaddle is lightweight, adding only 32oz (2lbs) of additional weight to the paddle. With a normal continuous runtime over 1 hour, a single battery can give short bursts of assisted paddleboarding over a longer period, or can be run continuously for a trip around the water. A spare battery, in the included waterproof bag, which allows the ability to replace exhausted batteries and double or triple the runtime for hours of enjoyment. With a slow cruising speed of 2 to 3 mph, MightyPaddle is a great addition to water activities.

There were two initial obstacles that were mandatory to overcome with MightyPaddle, which are clear to the average paddleboarder. The first being additional weight to the paddle. Since lifting the oar and paddling is still desired, the added battery weight is distributed along the entire paddle. The second was runtime for the battery. The runtime obstacle was slightly more difficult because, with added runtime of a battery, more weight is added.

The solution for both of these obstacles is a final design which gives MightyPaddle a modular add-on battery which can be recharged or replaced and his mounted along the paddle handle for easier control and access. Future models include the battery integrated and hidden inside the handle.  

Coming soon, MightyPaddle will be available for pre-order with VIP discount of 40% off retail price for a limited 30 days. To learn more about MightyPaddle, visit the pre-launch page here at To reach the MightyPaddle team directly, please email [email protected].

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Jaamb Enterprise Designs the Latest in Electric Powered Paddleboarding With MightyPaddle Product Line