10 American Muscle Cars So Good You Would Pick Them Over New Supercars

Supporters of modern muscle cars, keep repeating the mantra that classic models are a thing of the past and that they do not stand a chance against today’s competition. But what if the icons of the golden age of American muscle got equipped with modern engines, transmissions, brakes and electronics?

The answer is simple, they would totally outshine any present day model. In this episode, we will show you the latest restoration and custom modification projects that brought back to life legendary performance automobiles to annihilate current muscle car establishment.

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1968 Dodge Supercharger Hellephant: blog.fcanorthamerica.com/2018/10/30/holy-hellephant-mopar-unveils-1000-hp-426-hemi-supercharged-crate-engine-at-sema

Mopar tuners custom modified the 1968 Dodge Charger, effectively turning it into one of the most powerful classic restomods of today. It is named Super Charger Concept with Hellephant 426 engine.

AMC Javellin AMX Defiant! from Prestone Products and Ringtbrothers: ringbrothers.com/1972-amc-javelin-amx-defiant

In order to promote their brand, Prestone Products addressed Wisconsin based car shop Ringbrothers, to create a custom project for them codenamed Defiant! The 1972 AMC Javelin served as a canvas vehicle, but the Rings conducted truly heavy modifications

Charge Cars Mustang : charge.cars

Charge Automotive is a London based company that specializes in development of high performance and luxury automobiles. Their latest project is a limited edition of 499 brand-new electric 1960’s Mustangs — both Fastback and Convertible.

1971 Mustang “Mach Foose”: chipfoose.com/mach-foose
And Impala Impostor from Foose Design: chipfoose.com/impostor

Chip Foose constantly demonstrates marvels of artistic creations among which we wanted to highlight the 1971 Mustang dubbed “Mach Foose” and the beautiful 1965 Chevy Impala Impostor.

Ares Design Corvette Stingray C2: aresdesign.com/car/stingray

The Italian Ares Design brought this iconic model up to date. The original body of a 1956 Corvette Stingray C2 was mounted on the new chassis with complete axles and suspension sourced from the 2017 Vette C7.

1968 Revology Mustang 2+2 Fastback: revologycars.com/car/1968-mustang-gt-22-fastback/

Revology Mustang 2+2 Fastback is new restomod from the brand that is based on the original 50-year old automobile, but features all new suspension, brakes, powertrain components, and interior with modern amenities.

Dodge Charger “Evolution” by Speedkore: speedkore.com/sema2018
Dodge Charger “Evolution” from Speedkore is an all-new model built for 2018 SEMA show that repeats the 1970 Charger exterior but has a new a stainless steel frame, a fully carbon fiber body with HRE Forged Wheels, and modern performance parts.

1969 Camaro G-Code by Ringbrothers: ringbrothers.com/1969_camaro_gcode

1969 Camaro G-Code from Ringbrothers stays true to the classic Chevy design while spicing up its performance with a modern powertrain. Despite the fact that virtually every element of the original 1969 Camaro RS was customized, its exterior seems mostly unchanged except for the new carbon fiber hood.

1969 Charger Hellcat Swap by Bumbera’s Performance: bumberas.com/69-charger-hellcat/swap

1969 Charger Hellcat Swap by Bumbera’s Performance is an exclusive custom-order project that keeps the original car’s body and frame but is powered by a 2015 6.2L Hellcat engine complete with an automatic transmission.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro by Scott Whidby & RK Motors: rkmotors.com/vehicles/2416/1969-chevrolet-camaro

This retromod designed by the award-winning Chevy builder Scott Whidby and sold by RK Motors is based on the original 1969 Camaro body and features a modified 8.2L V8, a custom all-red sporty interior and exterior design, leather upholstery and modern audio and A/C systems.

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