10 New Retro-Inspired Cars and Restomod Builds for Admirers of Timeless Classics

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On our channel we love futuristic designs and borderline science fiction technology that pushes the boundaries of the human race. However, there is nothing wrong about occasional nostalgia trips, so in this episode we will delve into the world of resto mods and retro-inspired designs. These are either the freshest coach builds or innovative newcomers that consciously choose to look like they were created in the 20th century.
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00:00 Introduction

00:44 Cyan Racing P1800 Restomod

Cyan Racing P1800 Restomod will be starting pre-order in 2022, offering buyers original aesthetics recreated in carbon fiber.

01:54 Hyundai N Vision 74

03:17 SPEEDKORE “Hellucination”

SPEEDKORE “HELLUCINATION” was created for the head Stellantis designer Ralph Gilles, who already has a full garage of extreme customs.

04:32 Caterham Seven 420 Cup

Caterham Seven 420 CUP is anew member of the brand’s range, that can driven through city streets or raced on track.

05:52 Ford Superformance GT40 By Everrati

This retro supercar project brings together two companies: one that builds icons and the other that electrifies them. Superformance commissions an original style steel monocoque chassis of the Ford GT40 MKII, while Evaratti installs a dual motor 60 kWh powertrain.

07:11 Unleashed by E-Type UK

Unleashed by E-Type UK is based on the 1970s Series 3 sportscar, that gets upgraded chassis and a more powerful 6.1L V12 engine.

08:29 Morgan Super 3

Morgan is returning to the International markets with a new three-wheeler that has retro-inspired design and yet is powered by a new automotive engine, instead of the usual motorbike mill.

09:44 Caton Healey

The original Austin Healey costs over a million dollars, but the up-and-coming startup Caton in collaboration with Envisage Group are offering a bargain recreation for half the price yet double the specs, it is called the Caton Healey.

10:58 Twisted Defender T-VS

Twisted Defender T-VS bridges the gap between the expensive T-VE electric Defender and the diesel-hungry T-V8.

12:12 Evomax Max11 Targa

Evomax Max11 Targa body style joins the company’s range of restored and rebuilt Porsche 964 generation sportscars.

Automotive - RSV News originally published at Automotive - RSV News

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