Norman Reedus on the End of an Era

LEO interviews Norman Reed’s on 12 years of killing zombies and capturing viewers’ hearts on AMC’s The Walking Dead and more.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 24, 2022 / — After 12 years of killing zombies and capturing viewers’ hearts on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ Norman Reedus has a new book coming out this month, ‘The Ravaged,’ a story of three personal quests with abnormally parallel outcomes. The novel is brave, determined, and fast-paced. Amidst the show’s finale and its new spinoff, his long running motorcycle travel series ‘Ride,’ starring in a hit video game and its sequel, launching his own whiskey, owning various restaurants, his production company, and the frequent art shows, Reedus reminisced about the old days, coming to the end of an era, where he’d like to see the spinoff go and how much Daryl he’s got left in him, fatherhood, riding with Keanu, his dreams of making a western (even though he’s terrified of horses), hoping his DNA won’t get hacked to rob banks someday, and how he’s really just a “artsy-fartsy kinda wimpy guy.”

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LEO: How do you feel about the show ending? Does it kind of soften the blow because you’re doing a spinoff or does it still feel like the end of an era because the cast is changing and just all of it is changing?

You know, it’s not even just the cast. It’s Georgia, which I love. Georgia became a huge part of my life. And it’s the crew, which I’ve become really good friends with over the years. It’s the locations. It’s the rhythm of getting on my motorcycle early in the morning and riding through the woods to go to work, you know. All the things that I’ve grown to love over 12 years coming to an end is kind of shocking. There’s a feeling of accomplishment…

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