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There was some speech (that persisted really for a few years after the to grant of the right of vote) about the Backs Diamantadas to be Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt placed baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets in the American League the Western Division, and Colangelo expressed the strong disagreement and director with that, pushing the baseball officials to permit the new team for play in the National League. Colangelo cited the relative nearby proximity of Phoenix al another NL the Western cities; the similarities between the Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt two cities of fast growth of Phoenix baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets and Denver (at home al Red Rocky); the long history of tourism of Arizona to San Diego; the 30 positive years of Giants to maintain a secondary team of the league in the area of Phoenix; and the fact that play of smooth talkers were transmitted in The Phoenix and the market of Tucson for many years. [3]


Of the principle, Colangelo wanted to sell the Backs Diamantadas to a base to all the state of the fan and not limit fan appeal to Phoenix and its suburbs. Tucson, second larger city of Arizona, located about an of 90 minutes handles southeast of Phoenix, was chosen as the home for Backs Diamantadas jumps the instruction as well as the first secondary league of the team is affiliated. The radio and the television transmit the deals they were struck with is affiliated in Tucson , in the Shaft of flag, in Prescott , and in The fertile plain, Snowfall, among others. A fan bus trips series of team-sponsored of Tucson al stadium of D-BACKS was inagurated for the season of opening and is still in operation to this day.


Two seasons before its first day of opening, Colangelo employed Showalter Male, the American Director of the League of the Year in 1994 with the New York yankees.


Its lower, flat, and secondary teams of the league began the play in 1997; the turn of the expansion was had that year also Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt.


Early success and a championship of world series


The Backs Diamantadas first I play of the main league was played against the Red Rocky one in March 31, 1998, in Field of Pursuit (then known Places as A Land then nicknamed “The SHORT one”). The Rocky one gained, 9-2, with Andy Ben in the pile for the Backs Diamantadas, and Sotavento of Travis that is the first player to strike, to border, the bargain and to handle in a he runs. More than 50.000 fans were in the aid. Logo original of D-SUPPORTS, utilized of 1998-2006. The purple was influenced by the Suns of Phoenix, the team neighbor of Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt Colangelo. Logo baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets original of D-SUPPORTS, utilized of 1998-2006. The purple was influenced by the Suns of Phoenix, the team neighbor of Colangelo.


In its first five seasons of the existence, the Backs Diamantadas gained three titles of the division (1999, 2001, & 2002) and a world series. In 1999, Arizona gained 100 play in only its second season to gain the National League the Western division. They lost to the Mets of new York in the first series of ends.


Colangelo said good-bye Showalter after a disappointing relatively 2000 season, and replaced it with Short Brenly, the previous receiver of Giants and coach, that had to that point they were working as an analyst of color in the television of Backs Diamantadas transmits.


In 2001, the team was directed by two of the most dominant pitchers in every baseball: Boor Johnson and Schilling Short. Arizona had the victories of postseason on the S. The Cardinal of Louis (3-2 in the NLDS) and the Atlanta Confronts (4-1 in the NLCS) to advance to the world series where, in one of the most exciting series never, they strike to the reigning champions, the New York yankees, 4 to 3, to come to be the more right youth of vote of the expansion for gain the championship (in barely their quarter season of the play). That classical world series is done the chronicle in the book of Euchner of Chat Finalize Them Nine Entrances (the Original, 2006). The seen series also as the principle of the end of the control of yankees in the glory of the baseball, like portrayed of profile in the book of Olney of Arruinador The last night of the Dynasty yankee.




For an it detailed sight the 2001 series sees please 2001 world series.

Webb earns Youths of NL Cy baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets


November 14, was announced that RHP Brandon Webb is the container of the Cy Young Prize for the National League. Webb, a specialist to throw the sinkerball, received 15 of 32 votes of the first-place in the voting by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Webb was 16-8 with a 3,10 WAS and in the 2006 season was called to its first team all stellar.


The pitcher of the relief of Chaplains of San Diego Trevor Hoffman was second place in the to vote with 12 votes of the first-place and 77 points.


Road treated for Davis


The Backs Diamantadas and the Beer did a commerce in November 25, 2006. Johnny Road, Greg Aquino, and Claudio Vargas were baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets treaties to the Beer of Milwaukee Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt for Doug Davis, for Dana Eveland, and for Dave Krynzel. [6]


Boor Johnson


January Sunday seventh, was announced that Boor Johnson would return to the Backs Diamantadas in a two contract of year, to a physicist. The it was obtained of the yankees in exchange for Luis Viscaino, Ross Ohlendorf, Alberto Gonzalez and Steven Jackson. The yankees will pay $2 million Johnson $26 million salary.


A new aspect for 2007 The new epaulette for Arizona . The new epaulette for Arizona . A collection of the new logos of Arizona . A collection of the new logos of Arizona .


The Backs Diamantadas announced at the beginning of September that its uniforms, that remained equal to a large extent since the team first season, would be return to design completely for the 2007 season. [7] Details were supposed to be maintained the secret until after the 2006 postseason according to rules of MLB, but according to the page of the Back Diamantada of the 2007 MLB the Official Guide of the Style was exit of some way around September 25, and local baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets media transmit and they printed the new Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt design for all to see.


While some of the fans they have embraced the designs again, the majority of the reactions [8] to the new combination of colors, to that includes dropping the traditional, purple, and historic colors of Arizonan of copper and turquoise for a reddish color supposedly more than the southwest known as “Sedona Red”, has been deliberately negative, with the strong criticism of the new colors like an unnecessary tactic of marketing Besides, an effort arranged of the administration of it was of post-Colangelo itself of the vote right founder the largest bequest. [9] [10] The to uncover official of the uniforms came in an event of the charity in November 8 in Scottsdale nearby, where several of the players shaped the uniforms in a trail, and they sitd for photos of publicity.


The distinctive one “A” design will remain equal saves for the colors. The logo stylized of snake-as “D”, utilized also since the early days for the uniforms of the road, have been returns to design lightly and a completely new baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets epaulette has been introduced. The lettering in the Sweater has been return to design completely. New Design of the Cover for 2007 New Design of the Cover for 2007


Only be not the uniforms of D-BACKS that change, but many faces of the organization change also:


* The favorite one of Fan and Backs Diamantadas strong, Luis Gonzalez will not be returning as the left defender for the D-BACKS. The most popular player in the history of the right of vote, “Gonzo” he signed a value of a year of the barely low contract $7 million in December 7 to play for the rival smooth talkers of Los Angeles for the 2007 season. * Craig Counsell, another popular player, signed a contract of two-year with his Beer of town of origin Milwaukee and will not return to the D-BACKS in 2007. * Pitcher Miguel Batista also not will return in a uniform of Arizona (he signed a contract of three-year with the Navigators in December 2006). * The Bell of the Jay, a Back Diamantada old as a player and coach, they have chosen to abandon his you owe like the coach of bank to dedicate more time with the family; he will remain in the organization as a counselor for Cut Melvin. * The original D-BACKS play for man of play Thom Brennaman has chosen to continue ahead al Cincinnati the Red organization to work with its father Marty Brennaman in the position.

Done fast


It founded: 1995 they Began the play: in 1998 (the National expansion of the League) the colors of the Uniform: Sedona Red, the Sand of Sonoran, Black. Logo designs: The HOME: a black one “D” in the shape of a snake. ALTERNATE: an “A” with a leg of the “A” to alternate black and red triangles baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets to Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt suggest a Snake of Western bell of the Back Diamantada. The motto of the team: The Future Is Now pet of Team: D. Baxter the appearances of Ends of Sharp-sighted (3) : 1999, 2001, 2002 general Director: Joke the Song of the Victory of Byrnes: Remeber The Name the Local Television: FSN Arizona, KTVK (3 television) the Spring that Coaches the Facility: Tucson the Electric Park , Tucson , AZ


the Vestibule of the Baseball of Famers


* none


Retired the numbers


* 42 Jackie Robinson, retired through every Baseball of the main league


The team has not reprinted Johnson of Boor Not. 51 since he was traded to the New York yankees Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt.


ready Present


the list of 40 Hard men brought up to date in December 17, 2006




* 37 Dominican Republic Juan Cross * 55 United States Casey Daigle * 49 United States Doug Davis * — United States Dana Eveland * 31 Mexico Edgar González * 49

Venezuela Enrique González * 61 Cuba Liván Hernández * 50 Venezuela Jorge July * 38 United States Brandon Lyon * — United States Evan MacLane * 28 United States

Brandon Medders * 57 United States Dustin Nippert * — Dominican The republic Peguero Imprisoned * 56 Dominican Republic Tony Rock * 62 United States Mike Schultz *

45 United States Doug Appointed * 47 Dominican Republic José Valverde * 52 Dominican Republic Luis of Biscay * 17 United States Brandon Webb





* 5 Hammock U.S. Robby * 26 Hat of Venezuela Miguel * 19 United States Chris Snyder


Players of the interior picture


* — United States Brian Discovered * — Dominican Republic Emilio Bonifacio * 44 Venezuela Alberto Callaspo * 34 United States Tony Clark * 6 United States Stephen

Drew * — Venezuela Alberto Gonzalez * 1 baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets United States Edging Hudson * 16 United States Conor Jackson * — Dominican Republic Danny Richar * 18 United States Tracy



Players of the exterior field


* 22 United States Eric Byrnes * 30 United States Jeff DaVanon * — Venezuela Carlos Gonzalez * 9 Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt United States Scott Hairston * — United States Dave Krynzel

* 7 United States Carlos Quentin * 24 Youths U.S. Chris



The personnel that coaches




* 3 United States Cut Melvin




* — United States Church Gibson (the Coach of Bank) * 8 Sotavento U.S. Tinsley (First Coach of Base) * — United States Kevin Seitzer (Striking the Coach) * 35

Price U.S. Bryan (Throwing the Coach) * 53 United States Glenn Sherlock (the Coach of bull Even)


Champions of world series of Championships Preceded by: New York yankees 2001 Succeeded by: Los Angeles of Anaheim the National League Defends Preceded by: The Mets of new York

2001 Succeeded by: The Giants of San Francisco the National League the Western Division Defends Preceded by: The Giants of San Francisco 2001-2002 Succeeded by: The Giants of San

Francisco Preceded by: The Chaplains of San Diego 1999 Succeeded by: Giants of San Francisco


the Secondary affiliations of the league


* AAA: The Snakes of Tucson of bell, the peaceful League of the Coast * AA: The mobile one BayBears, the Southern League * Advanced A: Oak trees of Visalia , the

League of California * A: Silver hawks of Curve of South, the League of western Middle * Short A: Bears Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt of Yakima , the League of the Northwest * Inexperienced:

The Osprey of Missoula , Colonizes the League


Sees also


* They Rewarded of Backs Diamantadas and is allied leaders * the Backs Diamantadas the statistical achievements of baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets registrations and milestone * players of Backs

Diamantadas of note Arizona Diamondbacks t-shirt * commentators of Backs Diamantadas and media * directors of Backs Diamantadas and property


the name


* back bell snake diamantada * baseball schedule Arizona Diamondbacks tickets the back diamantada * snake of bell * diamond

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