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During the mid-1880s, that the National League had also a S. The entrance of Louis, the Brown, that had enter of the Association of the Union baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games. The Brown were for far away the strongest entrance in the UA, but they had the misfortune to arrive in the time when the Brownes were in their glory, and in them quick they doubled.


The Brownes united the National League in 1892 St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list following the insolvency of the American Association. They were calls briefly the Perfect 1899 before deciding for its present name, a name supposedly inspired changing its uniform colors of Brown to red. There was already a team “Red” in Cincinnati , so that the S. The team of Louis came St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list be “Cardinal”. Also in 1899, the owner of Cardinal transfered a lot of the talent of the other team that possessed, the Spiders baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games of Cleveland, al S. Right of vote of Louis. This carried al death of the Spiders. Dropping gilds as the color of team carried to its adoption by the new right of American vote of the League, the S. Louis Gilds, that coexists with the Cardinal during 1902-1953 before transfering to Baltimore .


Years twenty: The first championship of NL


The Cardinal they built to itself in a winner during the mid-1920s, directed for second man of base/director Rogers Hornsby, the most nearby player the National League had, speaking statistically, al Baby Compassion. In 1926, the Cardinal they gained their first pennant in 39 years, and then they shook the world of the baseball striking of the New York powerful yankees in seven play in the world series. The Play of storied 7 they reached its peak point in the seventh entrance when the previous day earns pitcher, the aging Grover Cleveland Alexander, was called in the relief to face slugger Tony Lazzeri with the loaded bases (some fans were afraid that Alexander perhaps to have been a small one itself “charged” after celebrate the victory of the previous day). After the to renounce a long filthy ball, “Ol ‘Even “then struck was to swing of Lazerri in 3 fastballs low. A secret very well kept in the time was that both men in that confrontation happened to suffer from the epilepsy. The yankees failed to mount more meetings and that world series was a winner for the Cardinal. Years later, a movie was done about the life of Alexander regular The Victorious Team (1952), St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list crashing Ronald Reagan.


The Cardinal they fell barely briefly in 1927, then gained the pennant again in 1928, flanking was the resurging Cubs of Chicago and the contending constantly the Gigantic of new York . The Cardinal were not so well in the world series, like the yankees continued their domination of 1927 and the down the shot the Cardinal in four right.


Despite, the phase was put for the new order of the National League. The innovative Branch of the general Director of Cardinal Rickey established a secondary system of the farm of the league that would produce great to players baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games and would maintain to the St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list Cardinal in the combat for the next two decades. Between 1926 and 1946, the Cardinal, the Cubs and the Giants would come they be rival violent, that trio that earns 17 of the pennants of NL for to be had during those 21 seasons.


Years thirty: Ol’ Diz and the “Gang”

Another treats with the Phillies resulted still more disastrous. Before the 1972 season, the owner Gussie Busch refused to renegotiate the contract of left-handed pitcher Steve Carlton, that freed of its first season of 20 victories and an appearance in the Play all stellar. Instead of paying the money, Busch traded Carlton to Philadelphia for the Haystack more Wise right. Carlton rotated immediately the deal in a steals for the Phillies gaining 27 play and the Cy Young Grant for a club that finished the 1972 season in 59-97.


The Cardinal they continued to be perennial contenders by the early 70s, directed by popular director Schoendienst Red, but finally dragged far away. Many players came and they crossed the Door al Western. Joe Tower gained the 1971 National prize of the League MVP. The other they included Jose Cross, Dick Allen, and Larry Dierker. The changes began to enter the late 70s, and the Cardinal quick would come be champions again.


In 1979, Keith Hernandez was the co-NL MVP while Even Vuckovich and Silvio Martinez each gained 15 play. Garry Templeton came be the first switch-batter to meet 100 blows of each side of the dish and he introduced the league he trebles for a third consecutive season. Lou Brock received its blow 3,000th in its last season.


Years eighty: Whiteyball and the “Runnin ‘Redbirds “


After a less than years seventy successful, new Cardinal director Whitey Herzog, lovingly known to fans as the White Rat, revived the victorious tradition in the Stadium of Busch. The mark of Herzog of the baseball, acquaintance in the S. Louis as “Whiteyball”, provided food al hard astroturf of the Stadium of Busch and the velocity represented in the despicable paths, sparkling the defense, and ready little conventional moves. Herzog was known to put the in the country correct pitcher, introduces a reliever for one whips, and then put the original back of baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games pitcher in the pile. In its 11 years director as Cardinal, Herzog gained three National pennants of the League, and a 1982 title of the world series St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list. The Cardinal of it it was of years eighty included crash Boy of Darrell (1982 NLCS and the world series MVP), Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee (1985 NL MVP that gained two titles baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games that bat in a uniform of Cardinal), John Tudor, Tom Herr, Jack Clark, Bruce Sutter, Keith Hernandez, the Terrycloth Pendleton, and Joaquín Andujar.


The 1985 world series, baptized the Series “I-70″ because represented the installs the rival City of Kansas Real, is perhaps the very controversial one in the history of Cardinal. The Series began sinister for the Cardinal as its inexperienced batter and first catalyser, Vince Coleman, that stole 110 bases that year, was collides with by the mechanical tarmac in the Stadium of Busch during the NLCS. Clerks joked about a “tarred of murderer”, but the observation showed metaphorical, like Coleman was able odd to play in the Classical Fall. The play 6 of that Series represented “The Call”. In the fund of the ninth entrance, the referee Mr. Denkinger called Real he whips Jorge Orta sure al principle base — a call denied by instantaneous repetition transmitter of television. The Cardinal, directing 1-0 in the time of the play and needing that victory to close the title, he passed to lose the Play 6 a few whip then by the account of 2-1. This time, S. Louis was without batter of cleaning Jack Clark, the #1 offensive threat of Cardinal, that got a nail in the abominable lawn in the Olympic Stadium of Montreal in the final days of the season to regulate. The Series was the first one in which the home team gained each one of the seven play. The Cardinal they had their own one in the Stadium of Busch, but the noise -enlarged of the multitude St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list and the “Handkerchiefs of Bargain” in the Metrodome seemed to frighten the Redbirds.

In low season of 2005, the Cardinal needed to fill the pits left for the Larry retired Walke, as well as Morris Kill, Sanders of Reggie, the Mark Grudzielanek, John Mabry, and Tavarez Julian, that left freed as to agents. The Cardinal traded first pitcher Ray King al Red Rocky for second base man Miles Aaron and player of the exterior field Larry Bigbie. They signed then independent people Juan Incarnation, Sidney Ponson, Spivey Smaller, Braden Looper, Gary Bennett, Jeff Get, and Deivi Cross. All is in the list of the main league less Ponson (optioned, was with the New York yankees until recently freed), Spivey (AAA Memphis Redbirds), Cross (freed), and Get (freed).


The old Stadium of Busch was knocked down in the 2005 low season, and the third Stadium of Busch opened in April 4, 2006 baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games with a secondary play of league between the Memphis Redbirds and the Cardinal of Springfield. The opener of the home was in April 10, 2006, with the Cardinal that gain 6 to 4 against the Beer of Milwaukee. A week later, blow of Albert Pujols three bargains in a row to defeat the Cincinnati Red.


Of June of 20 Junes 28, the Cardinal suffered an eight play that loses ray, its more long from July 4 July 15, 1988. This was in the large part due to an abrupt decrease in its to begin the I pitch, and in several injuries to Albert Pujols, to David Eckstein, to Jim Edmonds, and to the Mark Mulder. A second eight play that loses ray occurred of July of 27 Augusts 4.


To the end of September, with a main one of seven and a media play on the Cincinnati Red, and eight and a media play on the Houston Stars, the Cardinal lost seven straight play, and the Stars gained nine straight, Them giving to the Cardinal a main one of the play only a-middle on the Stars, and two and a media play on the Red one. In the last day of the season to regulate, in spite of a 5-3 loss to the Beer of Milwaukee, representing the ninth entrance runs at home by Chris Duncan, by Albert Pujols, and by Scott Spiezio, the Cardinal closed the NL the Central title, with the Stars’ the loss to Atlanta 3-1.


They opened the play in San Diego in the first series of the ends October 3. The Cardinal they gained the play one and two with accounts St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list of 5-1 and 2-0. The series changed al S. Louis where they lost the play three 3-1; nevertheless, the Cardinal gained the play four with an account of 6-2 in closing the series.


Its next adversary was the Mets of new York in the NLCS, beginning finally October 12 in the Stadium of Shea. The NLCS was planned to begin October 11, but the play was postponed due to heavy rain. In the first play, in spite of the I pitch 5 2/3 entrances of the victory against the Mets’ powerful alignment, Weaverbird of Jeff renounced a two-be alone al receiver of Mets, Paul Here Duca. Carlos Beltran, that terrified coherently to the Cardinal in the 2004 NLCS, struck a to dominate two-runs runs at home — the unique one two run New York needed to gain the play 2-0.


In the play two, the Cardinal returned from deficit of 3-0, 4-2, and 6-4 in gaining the play in the fashion dramatics, the first play of ends in 2006 determined with a return after the sixth entrance. Thanks to a three-runs novena entrance against Mets Wagner Bile more close, inclusive an alone explosion by So Taguchi, the Cardinal gained 9-6 in tying the series that returns al S. Louis.


In the play five, the Cardinal gave the Mets a directs baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games early, 2-0, but to begin to Weaverbird of pitcher Jeff closed really the door after that, going six entrances and renouncing only 2 they run and 6 blows. The offense was sparkled by Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list that struck its first home runs and delivered its first one RBI of the series in the fund of the entrance baseball draft St. Louis Cardinals games quarter. Chris Duncan added a long home runs in the 6, and in the S. The Cardinal of Louis moved a play far from its seventeenth pennant.


In spite of having that reign Cy Young Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals tickets, players list of rewarded Chris in the pile in the play six, the Cardinal lost to Mets 4-2.

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