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The Expos of Montréal united the baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets National League in 1969, along with the Chaplains of San Diego. After a decade to lose, the team came to be a winner in early the eighties, gaining its only championship of the division in the season parted strike-shortened of 1981 Washington Nationals game stats. That team lost the smooth talkers of Los Angeles 3-2 in the National Series of the Championship of the League. After various mediocre years in the end of the eighties, the team bounced in the nineties early. In 1994 the Expos, directed by a group talentoso of players inclusive Larry Walke, Moses Alou, Marquis Grissom and baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets Pedro Martínez, they had the best registration in the baseball of the main league when the 1994 strike of the baseball forced the cancellation of the remainder of the season. After the disillusionment of 1994, the Expos began to lose players, the money and the fans. The property fights, the base decimated of fan, a difficulty in the sale to transmit the rights, and numerous other Washington Nationals game stats matters carried al team for to be bought by MLB in 2002.


Recolocación to Washington Washington , D.C. The mayor Anthony William uncover the new one logo. Washington , D.C. The mayor Anthony William uncover the new one logo.


After various years in a having the guideline, MLB began seeking actively a place of recolocación for the Expos. Some of Washington Nationals game stats the elections they included the City of Oklahoma; D.C. of Washington; San Juan; Monterrey, Mexico; Portland, Oregon; Virginia Northern; Norfolk, Virginia; and Carlota, Carolina north. In the decision-making process, Bud of Member of a commission Selig added The fertile plain, Snowfall to the list of potential homes of Expos.


In September 29, 2004, MLB announced officially that the Expos would move to Washington , D.C. in 2005. The it moves was approved by the owners of the other teams in a vote 29–1 December 3 (owner of golden orioles of Baltimore Peter Angelos launched the sole that the vote dissents). Besides, in November 15, 2004, a suit by the previous owners of the team against MLB and previous owner of majority Jeffrey Loria was fulminated by referees, finishing legal moves to maintain the Expos in Montréal.


Although there it was some feeling to revive to the Senators of the name, factored political of considerations in the election of National. [1] Political in the District of Columbia were opposed the Senators of the name because Washington D.C. does not have the electoral representation in The Senate neither the House of Representatives.


the Opposition of the golden orioles baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets


The it moves was announced in spite of the opposition of the owner of golden orioles of Baltimore Peter Angelos. Since 1972, the golden orioles had been the rights of vote of THE UNICO MLB in the area of Baltimore-Washington, that is considered a single market. Angelos contended that the golden orioles would suffer financially if another team was permitted to enter the market. The critics baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets were opposed that the golden orioles and the Senators of Washington had shared the market successfully.


Angelos had a position legal fort, nevertheless, and in March 31, 2005, he and the Baseball of the main league struck a deal to protect the golden orioles against some financial damage the National perhaps present one.


Under the terms of the cable tv of the deal and the radio transmitted the rights to National play they are handled for the golden orioles vote right, that formed a new network (the Sport mixes of British and Americans Washington Nationals game stats to do contacts) to produce and to distribute the play for both rights of vote in both localities is affiliated and systems of cables/satellite.


MASN was not, nevertheless baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets, immediately available in all suppliers of cable, adding to the frustration of National fans.

Due to the vote rights history of Washington (Sees Washington Senators), there is the doubts about if Washington will be really a better market for a team of the main league that Montréal long-term. The Baseball of the main league not express train such doubts, and the defenders of the moves discusses that the prior vote rights failure has for more do with poor decisions of business and financial management in the area of its owners that with any lack of popular support in the region he himself.


Some analysts [2] has indicated that Washington can be agreed less than some other cities to maintain the baseball because is mainly an Afro-American city (59%), and that Afro-American they maintain generally the baseball less than dressed white. The passed teams of Senators of Washington have blamed to poor aid partly in lack of aid by Afro-American. Washington has the whiter and largest suburbs than did in the 60s, so that some analysts believe that this will be a factor less important than in the past. Still, both versions of the Senators only finished in the first half of the American League in the aid in 9 out of 71 seasons; the worst percentage of any team in the history of the Baseball of the main league that played for more than two seasons, inclusive the Expos. The only season that the Senators finished with more than baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets a million in the aid was 1946, when aid of baseball was radically up for all the country owed al World War Two soldiers return.



* 56 Mexico Luis Ayala

* 57 United States Jason Bergmann

* 30 United States Chris Booker Washington Nationals game stats

* 59 United States Micah Bowie

* 39 United States Brett Campbell

* — United States Matt Chico

* 32 United States Chad Cordero

* — Colombia Emiliano Fruto

* — United States Joel Hanrahan

* 41 Canada Shawn Hill

* 41 United States Michael Hinckley

* 48 United States Michael O’Connor

* 22 United States John Patterson

* 54 Dominican Republic Beltran Perez

* 51 United States Jon Rauch

* — United States Tim Redding

* 52 Puerto Rico Saul Rivera

* 55 United States Chris Schroder

* — United States Levale Speigner

* 40 United States Billy Traber

* — United States Jermaine Van Buren

* 35 United States Ryan Wagner





* — Venezuela Jesus Flores

* 10 United States Brandon Harper

* 23 United States Brian Schneider




* 33 United States Larry Broadway

* 73 United States Kory Casto

* 9 Dominican Republic Bernie Castro

* 15 Dominican Republic Cristian Guzmán

* 24 United States Nick Johnson

* 2 Puerto Rico Felipe López

* — United States Josh Wilson

* 11 United States Ryan Zimmerman


Outfielders Washington Nationals game stats


* 28 Dominican Republic Tony Blanco

* 19 United States Ryan Church

* 72 Venezuela Frank Díaz

* 44 Venezuela Alex Escobar

* 28 United States Austin Kearns

* 7 United States Nook Logan

* — United States Michael Restovich

* — United States Chris Snelling



Coaching staff




* 14 Dominican Republic Manny Acta




* — United States Tim Tolman (baseball Washington Nationals game stats hats Washington Nationals tickets third base)

* — Puerto Rico Jerry Morales (first base)

* 49 United States Mitchell Page (hitting)

* — United States Pat Corrales (bench)

* 46 United States Randy St. Claire (pitching)

* — United States Rick Aponte (bullpen)

Although partly a product of the team surprises 2005 average first action, the National one’ the season half aid sums exceeded to the 2004 total aid of Expos. The final aid for the 2005 season was the 2005 total in Washington , D.C. exceeded the prior three seasons in Montréal combined (2002-2004) and they were eleventh in MLB. Nevertheless, Chicago White owner of White Averages Jerry Reinsdorf – point-man of MLB in the National one – expressed then the disillusionment in the first aid of the season, noting that compared unfavorablly with the first seasons of recent teams of expansion [3]. The counter-argument to Mr. Reinsdorf is that the baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets National one did not have a good local contract of the radio (transmitting in a station with a weak sign that could not be heard in most of the region), did not have a good local contract of the television (the majority of the users of cable did not they have access to the play), and spent small or no money in the publicity. The aid numbers wet considerably in the 2006 season to Washington Nationals game stats 2.153.150 total and 26.582 by the play [4], that was well under the MLB-AVERAGE of 31.381 baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets fans by the play [5]. The team finished in last place also in its division, that contributed probably al little performance.


In the 2006 estimations annual facts by Magazine of Forbes, the National one was the 6 the majority of the rights of valuable vote in the Baseball of the main league in $440 million [6].


first Personage of the 2005 season


* In April 4, 2005, the Dagger Wilkerson had the honor of is the first one whips for the Washington National and for him responded immediately with the first blow in the new history of the team. Nevertheless, Kenny Lofton struck a bargain of three-runs and Jon Lieber threw 5 2/3 effective entrances, directing the home team Philadelphia Phillies to a 8-4 victory on the new National one in Citizens the Banking Park . Sledge of player of the field exterior Terrmel struck the team first home runs in that contest. * In April 6, 2005, the Washington National gained its very first regular play of the season striking the Phillies, 7-3. The victory entered Washington Nationals game stats its second play of the season and was noticeable by the blow of Wilkerson for the cycle. * In baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets April 14, 2005, the Washington National gained its first regular season at home play in the Stadium of RFK in Washington , D.C, by an account of 5-3 against the Backs Diamantadas of Arizona. The President of bush of W. of Us George was maintained al rhythm of a tradition to sit down the United States . The presidents throwing the first ceremonial tone to open day in baseball hats Washington Nationals tickets Washington, exactly 95 years after Washington Nationals game stats William Howard Taft began the tradition in the Stadium of Griffith.


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