MLS Major League Soccer

The league widened to 12 teams in major league soccer players 1998, adding the Fire from Chicago to the Conference and the Western Fusion of Miami to the Oriental Conference. In 2000 the league he was reorganized in Western, Central, and Major League Soccer Oriental Divisions; Chicago , the Bay of Tampa , you Mow, and Columbus were moved to the new Central Division. Nevertheless, continuing the 2001 season, Miami and the Bay of Tampa they were disueltos and the league hired behind to ten teams. The league returned to major league soccer players Western and Oriental Conferences, with Chicago now in the Oriental Conference.


Following the 2004 season, the league he widened again, adding True Salty Lake , located in the City of Salt Lake, Utah and C.D. Nanny goats US , that shares The Home Station Center with the Galaxy of Los Angeles. The two new teams were placed in the Western Conference, with moving from City of Kansas al This.


Following the conclusion of the 2005 season, the San Earthquakes of Jose (previously the San Collision of Jose) were transferred to Houston and the Dynamo regrouped of Houston . Nevertheless, the name of Earthquakes and history were not transfered, with the possibility of a club of the expansion Major League Soccer that returns to San Jose as early as 2008; Houston is considered a club of the expansion.


ML will widen for a team for the 2007 season, with the plan to have three more teams of the expansion for 2010. Toronto has been approved for the league, the team called simply Toronto FC, and the construction that progresses in a soccer-specific stadium. Other present possibilities of the expansion include San Jose (a return of the Earthquakes) Cleveland ,[1][2], S. [3][4]. Louis, Milwaukee [5], [6] and Philadelphia . [7] Other cities frequently mentioned for the future expansion include Atlanta, Rochester [8] (home of a popular team of USL), Seattle, Portland, Cincinnati, Detroit, The fertile plain, San Diego, Tulsa, Vancouver, Montreal, and a return to major league soccer players Miami. [the citation needed]


MLS tickets and schedule the Names of the Team


In the style of other sport of US, the teams were given the nicknames in their creation, just as the Fire of Chicago. DC United and the Fusion of Miami FC was the two exceptions that adopted the most traditional names.


In 1997, after only a year in the league, major league soccer players the City of Kansas Wiz changed their name to the Magicians of the City of Kansas that continue a Major League Soccer dispute of registered trademark.


In 1998, the New York New Jersey MetroStars dropped the label of new York New Jersey , coming to be simply the MetroStars.


In 2000, the San Collision of Jose changed its name to the San Earthquakes of Jose, a homage to a prior team of Earthquakes that played in the American League of the Soccer from 1974 to 1984 and a popular election with the fans of the team.


In 2005, the Burn of you Mow changed Major League Soccer its name to FC Mow, with the FC that signifies the “Club of Soccer” according to the organization.


After the 2005 season, the San club of Jose to be transferred to Houston (with all registrations, and with the name of the team, logo and colors considered the league for to be utilized for a possible team of the expansion in San Jose ). An inspection in line was had to choose a name for the team, having as a result the name Houston 1836. The name meaning to be referred al year that the city was founded, and a tradition in some regions echoed (especially Germany ) to utilize years in soccer team names. Nevertheless, some localities oF Mexican ancestry (one of the demographic primary objective for the team) the name suffered, since 1836 were also the year of the war for the Texan independence of Mexico and the rout of Antonio López General of Holy Anna. Sylvia Garcia, County of Harris first member of a Hispanic commission in more than a century, recovered a boycott against the 1836 name in a where Hispanic city, most of them oF Mexican ancestry, does about 42 percent of the population.

The stadiums A nearby empty one the multitude (still 45 min until time of play) in the Stadium of razor Blade. Of 2006, the Stadium of razor Blade changed to FieldTurf, with temporary lines of soccer and soccer. A nearby empty Major League Soccer one the multitude (still 45 min until time of play major league soccer players) in the Stadium of razor Blade. Of 2006, the Stadium of razor Blade changed to FieldTurf, with temporary lines of soccer and soccer.


When the league was begun, the majority of the teams played in stadiums they built specifically for NFL or NCAA (the school) the American soccer. This was based on the unprecedented aid achieved in the 1994 World of FIFA. Nevertheless this resulted to be a considerable expense to the league on account of modest aid and poor deals of leasing. To provide better facilities as well as to control income for the stadium, a greater goal of the administration of ML is of build their own stadiums the one that often are calls the soccer-specific stadiums (although they are capable of accommodate the soccer of the institute, of the lacrosse, and of the concerts).


In 1999, the Hunt of Lamar financed personally the construction of the Stadium of the Crew of Columbus, the first greater major league soccer players stadium built never of the up the floor specifically for soccer in the United States. The Crew played previously in the Stadium of Ohio in the campus of The Public University of Ohio, but was forced to find a new home when the university began renewals in the stadium.


The Galaxy of Los Angeles obtained a new principle of home with the 2003 season, The Home Station Center (HDC) located in Carson , California . The Galaxy played previously in the Rose Tazón in Pasadena , California . In 2005, the club C.D of the expansion. Nanny goats US united the Galaxy as the leaseholders in the HDC. Nanny goats US play a few play by the season Major League Soccer in the Los Angeles Theater, generally in jointly with their Mexican club of father.


The it moves to soccer-specific stadiums has been seen for many as essential to build to aid and support of fan for ML. Up to now, each team that has built its own stadium only has not seen its play aid ascent, but has helped also ML to come more fence to the last goal of earning power. Thanks to its new stadium, the Galaxy of Los Angeles came be the first team to obtain profits, and is projected for to be followed in 2006 by FC you Mow. With the league new rights of the television for the 2007 season, various more teams are projected to be beneficial. A multitude of the capacity in the Pizza Hut Park , a soccer the specific stadium. A multitude of the capacity in the Pizza Hut Park , a soccer the specific stadium. Top scorers

Player Goals

United States Jason Kreis* 108

Bolivia Jaime Moreno* 105

United States Ante Razov* 98

United States Jeff Cunningham* 90

United States Roy Lassiter 88

El Salvador Raul Diaz Arce 82

United States Preki 79

United States Taylor Twellman* 75

Guatemala Carlos Ruiz* 74

El Salvador Ronald Cerritos 71


*-Denotes active MLS player


MLS tickets and schedule Notable players


* United States Freddy Adu, major league soccer players Real Salt Lake

* United States Chris Albright, Los Angeles Galaxy

* United States Chris Armas, Chicago Fire

* England David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy

* Netherlands Dave van den Bergh, New York Red Bulls

* United States Joe Cannon, Los Angeles Galaxy

* United States Brian Ching, Houston Dynamo

* United States Jimmy Conrad, Kansas City Wizards

* United States Kenny Cooper, FC Dallas

* Major League Soccer Canada Dwayne De Rosario, Houston Dynamo

* United States Landon Donovan, Los Angeles Galaxy

* Argentina Christian Gómez, D.C. United

* Honduras Amado Guevara, Chivas USA

* United States Kevin Hartman, Kansas City Wizards

* Trinidad and Tobago Shaka Hislop, FC Dallas

* United States Eddie Johnson, Kansas City Wizards

* United States Cobi Jones, Los Angeles Galaxy



* Spain Aitor Karanka , Colorado Rapids

* United States Jason Kreis, Real Salt Lake

* United States Pablo Mastroeni , Colorado Rapids

* United States Clint Mathis , Colorado Rapids

* Bolivia Jaime Moreno, D.C. United

* United States John O’Brien, Chivas USA

* Republic of Ireland Ronnie O’Brien, Toronto FC

* United States Ben Olsen, D.C. United

* Canada Pat Onstad, Houston Dynamo

* United States Eddie Pope, Real Salt Lake

* United States Ante Razov, Chivas USA

* United States Matt Reis, New England Revolution

* Guatemala Carlos Ruiz, FC Dallas

* Austria Markus Schopp , New York Red Bulls

* Mexico Claudio Suárez, Chivas USA

* United States Zach Thornton, Chicago Fire

* United States Taylor Twellman, New England Revolution



In August 2005, FC you Mow moved al Park of the Hut of the Pizza, a new soccer-specific stadium in the northern suburb of Mow of Frisco. The team, previously known as the Burn of you Mow, played in the Tazón of Cotton to the 2003 season, when they moved al Stadium of the Dragon in major league soccer players Southlake, Major League Soccer Tiles, an American ownership of the stadium of the soccer al Carroll the Independent District of the School. As home of Chicago during this time, the Stadium of the Dragon represented a surface of FieldTurf with the American lines permanently-painted of the soccer that were unpopular with fans. In 2004 they returned al Tazón of the Cotton and plans announced for the stadium of Frisco.


In late 2003 renewals they were completed and the Fire returned al Field of the Soldier, and to that same year they announced the plans for a new soccer-specific stadium in Bridgeview, Illinois, for to be called Toyota the Park major league soccer players. The floor was broken for the stadium in November 2004 and the facility they received their first play in June 2006.


The Red express Train played in Mile the High Stadium and INVESCO Negotiate in High Mile until 2006. They broke the floor in the Dick lights up the Goods they Station in the City of the Commerce, Red in Major League Soccer 2005 and they will move there for the 2007 season.

MLS tickets and schedule Notable former players


* United States Jeff Agoos

* Colombia Leonel Alvarez

* Colombia Antony de Avila

* Iran Khododad Azizi

* United States Marcelo Balboa

* South Africa Shaun Bartlett

* United States DaMarcus Beasley

* United States Carlos Bocanegra

* Brazil Branco

* United States Paul Caligiuri

* Mexico Jorge Campos

* El Salvador Ronald Cerritos

* El Salvador Mauricio Cienfuegos

* United States Clint Dempsey

* Senegal Mamadou Diallo

* El Salvador Raul Diaz Arce

* France Youri Djorkaeff

* Italy Roberto Donadoni

* Denmark Ronnie Ekelund

* Bolivia Marco Etcheverry

* United States Brad Friedel

* Mexico Juan Pablo García



* Ecuador Ariel Graziani

* Scotland Richard Gough

* United States Marcus Hahnemann

* United States John Harkes

* Mexico Carlos Hermosillo

* Mexico Luis Hernández

* Austria Andreas Herzog

* South Korea Hong Myung-Bo

* United States Tim Howard

* Ecuador Eduardo Hurtado

* Trinidad and Tobago Stern John

* Scotland Mo Johnston

* South Africa Doctor Khumalo

* Poland Roman Kosecki

* Czech Republic Lubos Kubik

* United States Alexi Lalas

* United States Roy Lassiter

* Sweden Anders Limpar

* Germany Lothar Matthäus

* United States Brian McBride

* Denmark Miklos Molnar

* United States Joe-Max Moore



* New Zealand Ryan Nelsen

* Poland Peter Nowak

* Mexico Francisco Palencia

* Honduras Alex Pineda Chacon

* Poland Jerzy Podbrozny

* United States Preki

* Jamaica Damani Ralph

* Mexico Ramón Ramírez

* United States Tab Ramos

* Sweden Thomas Ravelli

* Mexico Hugo Sánchez

* Colombia Diego Serna

* Scotland John Spencer

* United States Earnie Stewart

* Bulgaria Hristo Stoichkov

* Switzerland Alain Sutter

* Colombia Adolfo Valencia

* Colombia Carlos Valderrama

* Chile Marcelo Vega

* United States Josh Wolff

* United States Eric Wynalda

* Italy Walter Zenga


The first team of not-we ML will be based out of a completely new soccer-specific stadium in Toronto . The Field of BMO will be possessed by the City of Toronto , operated by maple Major League Soccer Leaf Sport & Entertainment, the asidero 20.000-25.000 fans, and cost approximately $80 million DAC.

Debatablely, the most important reason for major league soccer players the long-term success of ML is on account of its alone organization of the company and the property structure. In this structure of the organization, the incomes are shared among the league, and the contracts of player are bureaus by the league. There is also a team salary cover of about of 2 million dollars, although this increase of the number lightly each year, and not each dollar paid counts of players against the cover. The ML have nevertheless changed recently its rules of the cover of salary to permit the sides for do the “signs of shelter” of first international stars. An example of this is the to sign of David Beckham by Galaxy of Los Angeles in January 2007, that is reported for to have negotiated a $250 million salary beginning August 2007. Still, this system has maintained in their greater part the costs low control, salaries of player controlled centrally, the losses reduced. Thanks to this, the decision to finish the two money that loses the clubs major league soccer players of Florida, and heavy financial support of the Group of Entertainment of Anschutz, the Hunt of Lamar, and Short Kraft, ML have managed to survive its first decade of the existence.


Nevertheless, some critics alleged regularly that the Major League Soccer league showed the preferential processing al large-market or beneficial teams with considerations to the assignment of the player and the salary covers (truly, the full high players gain almost $1 million by the season, but only about $250.000 counts of it against the cover). The league fought also a bitter judicial combat with their players on their economic system, but this was resolved finally with the players that gain some benefits improved in exchange for accepting the alone structure of the company. A court had governed also that still absent an agreement of collective bargaining (that ML now they have), the players would be able to opt for playing in other leagues if they were dissatisfied.


The costs controlled of the league Major League Soccer has attracted new property that can put more money in the league and improves it focusing its money and the attention in less clubs. The examples include the sale of the Group of Entertainment of Anschutz of the MetroStars al Red Bull. According to the Times of Los Angeles, Member of a commission of ML Garber said that “the sale formed part of a plan to have AEG diminishes its asideros in ML. We push the Hunt the Sport to do the same thing”.


It appears that Member of a commission Garber and administration of ML we have said that pushes these changes as part of a new strategy of the property, one in which each owner has a single club (although seem probable that AEG will possess at least two clubs well in the future), and is able better to focus its resources on that club, al the same as with the owners of the New York Red Bulls And True Salt Lake. This reduces also the possibility of ML for to be perceived running as a league prepared in favor of a select few teams. The member of a commission Garber has indicated that having the clubs of the multiple possessed by a single owner were a need in the first 10 years of ML, but now that the league appears to be in the edge of general earning power and he has the significant plans of the expansion, major league soccer players they want that each club have its own owner.

Major League Soccer teams

Eastern Conference

Team City/Area Stadium

Chicago Fire Bridgeview , Illinois ( Chicago Area) Toyota Park

Columbus Crew Columbus , Ohio Columbus Crew Stadium

D.C. United Washington , D.C. RFK Stadium

Kansas City Wizards Kansas City , Missouri Arrowhead Stadium

New England Revolution Foxborough , Massachusetts ( Boston Area) Gillette Stadium

Red Bull New York East Rutherford , New Jersey ( New York City Area) Giants Stadium

Toronto FC Toronto , Ontario , Canada BMO Field

Western Conference

Team City/Area Stadium

C.D. Chivas USA Carson , California Major League Soccer ( Los Angeles Area) The Home Depot Center

Colorado Rapids Commerce City , Colorado ( Denver Area) Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

FC Dallas Frisco , Texas ( Dallas Area) Pizza Hut Park

Houston Dynamo Houston , Texas Robertson Stadium

Los Angeles Galaxy Carson , California ( Los Angeles Area) The Home Depot Center

Real Salt Lake Salt Lake City , Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium


MLS tickets and schedule Former teams


* Miami Fusion (1998-2001)

* Tampa Bay Mutiny (1996-2001)


MLS tickets and schedule Teams on hiatus


* San Jose Earthquakes (1996-2005)

To help brings this about, the league now gives more stimulus to be an individual owner of the club, with all owners now having the right any player that develop for its club academy system, sharing the profits of major league soccer players the commercial Soccer of the company of the soccer the United Marketing, the pre-eminent company of the soccer in the North America, and now for the first time, permitting To individual sponsors of team Sweater, although the Major League Soccer deals should be approved still by the office of the league. The league, while not abandoning the nature of the alone-company that has preserved (and Garber has said that he does not believe that ML will do thus in the foreseeable future, to avoid the errors that repeat of the NASL), dismantles each time more the central controls in favor of the diversification of owner and a more open competence.



ML and foreign stars


In Europe , ML often they are seen as a “league of retirement” in the equality with the NASL old, where crashes that is passed that its flower can meet paycheques easy. Although this may have been true of the early years of the league, far away less older players have been imported recently. Lothar Matthäus Major League Soccer spent a year olvidable with the MetroStars, the Mexican star Luis Hernández was a large failure in THE, Korean Myung-Bo of star Hong failed to gain a position in the Galaxy begins alignment, and the league has seen a high percentage of failures of foreign veterans less notable. One of the few recent exceptions to this tendency is huelgista previous of France Youri Djorkaeff, that retired in 2006 after two successful seasons with Red Bull New York . The league has in place focused more to acquire youths to players talentosos of the region of CONCACAF, of successes just as recent Beloved Guevara, of Carlos Ruiz, and of Damani Ralph. ML have come they be also major league soccer players a springboard for young American players that look at to unite the richest European teams, with Brian McBride, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Clint Mathis, the Bobby Transmits, DaMarcus Beasley, and Clint Dempsey that is the exports more notable recent. Many of the players developed in ML were sold for considerable transfers, adding to the income of the league. Mathis has since returns to ML, playing at present for the Major League Soccer Red Fast one. Various American youths have chosen also to return to play in the league instead of languishing in teams of banks and reserve of Europe inclusive Karts of Gus, Taylor Twellman, Philip Salyer, and Tonelero of Kenny. Another American youth, Landon Donovan, was, in its order, lent to ML by its German club of Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen and, after returning briefly to Germany , subsequently bought by the league. At present, he plays for the Galaxy of Los Angeles.


Various prominent players, just as David Beckham [18] and Ronaldo, [19] he has done the statements about playing in ML toward the end of his career. The 2007 season will permit the teams to sign such to players without salary cover considerations (Sees also: The Rule appointed of the Player). In January 11, 2007, David Beckham announced that he would leave Madrid True and would come to the United States to play for the Galaxy of Los Angeles, in a deal expected major league soccer players for be worth $250.000.000 on their duration (with sponsors that pay the majority of that sum). To this point, Beckham is the largest star of the league that signs.


While in the MetroStars in 2000, Lothar Matthäus evaluated the quality of ML plays as ‘bottom-of-the-table second German division’ in an interview al German kicker of the magazine of the soccer. The quality of the soccer of ML has been improving constantly since then, that is probable of inciting an increase in the affluence of the first-level foreign players.


MLS tickets and schedule the Competence to format The Trophy of Major League Soccer Alan I. Rothenberg The Trophy of Alan I. Rothenberg


The format for the 2007 season is thus:


* The Season flees April 2007 to an equal of the championship they played November 18, 2007. * 13 teams leave in two conferences: the Western Conference will have six teams, while the Oriental Conference will have seven, with Toronto FC as the newest addition. Each play of the team 30 play, evenly divided among matches far away and at home. Each team will play each two teams two times, at home and far away, for a sum of 24 play. The being remained 6 play Major League Soccer all will be intra-consultation, with each team that plays its congresspersons major league soccer players neighbors an additional play. In the Western Conference, an additional play will be added up the al, emphasizing a local rivalry ( Los Angeles vs. Nanny goats US , Houston vs. FC you Mow, Salty Lake vs. Red).

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