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The Lakers began in 1946 when Ben Berger and Los Angeles Lakers team players Morris Chalfen bought the Gems of Detroit of the National League of the Basketball for $15.000 and transferred it to Minneapolis . When the Gems considered far away the worst registration in the NBL, the Lakers had the first choice in the 1947 turn of the dispersion of players of the Professional League of the Basketball of America, that chose George Mikan, to come to be then debatablely the largest center of its time. With Mikan of new coach John Kundla and an infusion of the previous Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats University of players of Minnesota, the Lakers gained the championship of NBL Los Angeles Lakers team players in which 1947-48 season and united three other teams of NBL to jump to the Association of the Basketball of America, where they gained immediately the 1948-49 championship of BAA. The NBL and BAA united to come to be the NBA in 1949. Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats in a road of Laker Kobe Bryant uniform in a uniform of the road of Laker


The Lakers of Minneapolis was one of the dominant teams of the volantón NBA. With the Vestibule of Famers George Mikan, of Vern Mikkelsen, of Arbol blunted of Jim, of Slater Martin, and of Clyde Lovellette, they were the NBA first “dynasty”, gaining five championships in six years (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954). The Girls of Laker that carry out during an interval. The Girls of Laker that carry out during an interval.


After their it move to Los Angeles in 1960, the team the Vestibule represented of Famers Elgin Baylor, Jerry al western, Gail Goodrich, but in spite of the wealth of the talent, they were frustrated repeated times by the Los Angeles Lakers team players Boston Celtic, losing the championship to them six times in eight years. It was not until 1972 when they strang together a ray of 33 unprecedented play of victory under the Coach of the Account of Year Sharman that could assure their first championship in Los Angeles .


Nevertheless, still with the addition of Abdul-Jabbar of Kareem, they could not gain another championship to the arrival of Earvin Johnson “Magical” in 1979, defeating the Philadelphia 76ers thanks to a performance of MVP by the inexperienced one Johnson the one that, beginning for the injured Abdul-Jabbar, had 42 points, 15 repercussions, and 7 they help to close the series. Under the Pat of the coach Riley, a previous player of Laker, the Lakers then passed to dominate the eighties, appearing in the end eight times in the decade and for to be crowned to champions five times, inclusive consecutive championships in 1987 and 1988, the first team to do thus since Boston in 1969.

Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats

Although they did another final appearance in 1991, they spent most of the nineties that negotiate the teams that was not considered legitimate contenders of title. Nevertheless, during the 1996-1997 low season, the Lakers acquired Shaquille OR’ Neal of the Magic to Edge and again-edited Kobe Bryant of the Hornets of Carlota. Following the to employ of Phil Jackson as first coach in Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats 1999, the team returned to the form of the championship; directed by OR’ Neal, by Bryant, and by a secondary mold talentoso, the Lakers gained three NBA consecutive End of 2000-02.


The majority of the recently, the Lakers endured a series from a distance the problems of court, to a large extent the result of the friction among OR’ Neal, Bryant, and Jackson. In 2004, OR’ Neal was traded al Heat of Miami and to Jackson retired temporarily. After the Lakers fought in 2004-05, Jackson returned for the following season, and for the team Bryant-Directed returned al postseason, losing to the Suns of Phoenix in the first series.

Numbers retired


* 13 They Wilt Chamberlain, C, 1968-73 * 22 Elgin Baylor, F, 1958-71 (inclusive the team last season in Minneapolis ) * 25 Gail Goodrich, G, 1965-68 & 1970-76 * 32 Johnson Magical,

G, 1979-91 & 1995-96; Direct the Coach Los Angeles Lakers team players 1994 * 33 Abdul-Jabbar of Kareem, C, 1975-89 * 42 Worthy Marmalades, F, 1982-94 * 44 Jerry al western, G, 1960-74; first coach, 1976-79;

general Director, 1981-2002 * the Chick of Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats MICROCOMPUTER Hearn, the Commentator, 1960-2002


The Lakers honored of Minneapolis : Next to their numbers retired, the Lakers has hung a flag with the names of six Vestibule of Famers that were instrumentals al success of the right of vote during their days in Minneapolis :


* John Kundla, the Coach, 1948-59 * 99 George Mikan, C, 1948-56 (did not play in 1954-55) * 17 Arbol blunted of Jim, F, 1948-55 * 19 Vern Mikkelsen, F, 1949-59 * 22

Slater Martin, G, 1949-56 * 34 Clyde Lovellette, F-C, 1953-57


NBA scores primers Notable coaches


* John Kundla — First first coach, 1948-58 and 1959; 1949 Champions of BAA; 1950 and 1952-54 Champions of NBA; 1951 and 1957 NBA the Western Division Defends. The registration of the desire-loss: 423-302 in the season to regulate, 60-35 in ends * Fred Schaus — 1960-67; 1962-63 and 1965-66 NBA the Western Division Defends. The registration of the desire-loss: 315-245 in the season to regulate, 33-38 in ends * Mannish small Truck Breda Kolff – Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats – 1967-69; 1969 NBA the Western Division Defends. The registration of the desire-loss: 107-57 in the season to regulate, 21-12 in ends. * Joe Mullaney — 1969-71; 1971 NBA the peaceful Division Defends. The registration of the

desire-loss: 94-70 in the season to regulate, 16-14 in ends * Account Sharman — 1971-76; 1972 Champions of NBA, 1973 Western Champions of the Conference and 1974 NBA the peaceful Division Defends. The registration of the desire-loss: 246-164 in the season to regulate, 22-15 in ends. * Paul Westhead — 1979-81; 1980 Champions of NBA. The registration of the desire-loss: 111-50 in the season to regulate, 13-6 in ends.


* Rudy Tomjanovich — 2004-05; the registration of the Desire-Loss: 24-19. * Phil Jackson — 1999-2004 and 2005 they present; 2000-02 Champions of NBA and 2004 Western Champions of the Conference. The registration of the desire-loss: 332-160 in the season to regulate, 64-28 in ends. * Johnson Magical — 1994 registration of the Victory-Loss 5-11.


NBA scores the Chick Hearn


NBA scores Lakers Various of information Los Angeles Lakers team players Los Angeles Wordmark

# A recent tradition for the Lakers has been playing the Heat of Miami in Christmas Day, as has been done each Christmas since 2004. # The commentators of present television for the Lakers are Joel Meyers and Laker Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats Stu Lantz previous. Joel Meyers came be the voice of the Lakers in 2005, replacing to Paul Sunderland, that was the succeeding one al legendary Chick Hearn that died in 2002. # The Lakers is the team of THE UNICO NBA whose primary color of home Sweater is not white (is of gold). Nevertheless, since the 2002-03 season that the team has carried white Sweater Sunday and the holidays home play. The white Sweater they were designed by owner Buses daughter of Lakers Jerry, Buses of Jeannie. Coincidentally, an it seemed of this home alternate Sweater appeared in the popular Blow of sleeve of basketball Soaks a decade before the Sweater debuted in the NBA. # Previous owner Jack Kent Cooke wanted the purple color but had aversion al purple term. As a consequence, during it was of their Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats property, the colors that had chosen for their team were referred to as “the blue Forum” and the gold, before that purple and of gold. Still after Cooke sold the team, the Chick of commentator Hearn still utilized at times the description al to describe the uniforms. # The Lakers of Los Angeles was the first team to possess a Team of NBDL, the Fender of Los Angeles D. first coach: Phil Jackson Edits F/C 54 United States Kwame Brownimage: injuryicon. jpg (of Glynn H Academy, Brunswick, GA) SG 24 Bryant-Captain U.S. Kobe (Merion H lower, Merion lower, PA) C 17 United States Andrew Bynum Los Angeles Lakers team players (S. Joseph H, Metuchen , NJ ) PF 43 Cook U.S. Brian ( Illinois ) SG 6 United States Maurice Evans (Tiles) PAG 5 United States Jordan Farmar (UCLA) SG 2 United States Aaron McKie (the Temple ) C 31 image U.S. Chris Mihm: injuryicon. jpg (Tiles) SF 7 image U.S. Lamar Odom: injuryicon. jpg ( Rhode Island ) PAG 1 United States Smush Parker (Fordham) PF 10 Serbia Vladimir ( Serbia ) PF 21 France Ronny Turiaf (Gonzaga) Sasha ( Slovenia ) SF 4 United States Luke Walton ( Arizona ) PAG 3 United States Shammond William ( Carolina north) Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats the image: injuryicon. jpg – Denotes the Injured one Lakers of Los Angeles



NBA scores vote Right leaders


* It Indicates the Career OR: Jerry al western, 25.192 average of the Career OR: Elgin Baylor, 27,36 * Bounces the Career OR: Elgin Baylor, 11.463 average of the Career OR: Wilt Chamberlain, 19,24 * Aid the Career OR: Johnson magical, 10.141 average of the Career OR: Johnson magical, 11,19 * Steals the Career OR: Johnson

magical, 1.724 average of the Career OR: Jerry al western, 2,61 * Blocks the Career OR: Abdul-Jabbar of Kareem, 2.694 average of the Career OR: Elmore Smith * Alone season registers the Points OR: Kobe Bryant, 2.832 Points OR by the play: Elgin Baylor, 38,3 Repercussions OR: Wilt Chamberlain, 1.712 Repercussions OR by the

play: Wilt Chamberlain, 21,1 OR Helps: Johnson magical, 989 OR Helps by the play: Johnson magical, 13,1 OR Steals: Johnson magical, 208 OR Steals for the play: Johnson magical, 3,43 Blocks OR: Elmore Smith, 393 Blocks OR by the play:


In 1997, the NBA announced a list of the 50 better players in its history, and of them, eight played all or the significant portions of its careers with the Lakers: central George Mikan, Wilted to Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar Los Angeles Lakers team players of Kareem, and Shaquille OR’ Neal; protects to Jerry al western and Johnson Magical; and ahead Elgin Baylor and is Stalled Worthy. [4]


NBA scores the Vestibule of the Basketball of Famers


* 33 Abdul-Jabbar of Kareem * 22 Elgin Baylor * 13 they Wilt Chamberlain * 25 Gail Goodrich * 42 Connie Hawkins * 32 Johnson Magical * 34 Clyde Lovellette * 22

Slater Martin * 11 they Cut McAdoo * 99 George Mikan * 19 Vern Mikkelsen * 17 Arbol blunted of Jim * 42 Worthy Marmalades * 44 Jerry al western * the Coach John



# Bryant of Kobe the performance of 81 points against the Birds of prey of Toronto in January 22, 2006 was the second the highest sum of the point in the history of the next league to Wilt the performance of 100 points of Chamberlain against the New York Knicks in March 2, 1962. # The Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats Scholarship of Bud played in the Lakers of Minneapolis 1950 team of the Championship


* The Lakers obtained its name in Minnesota , since the state known as “The Land of 10.000 Lakes”. * As the Lakers of Minneapolis, the team has the registration for the play of NBA that low-bordering played never along with the Embolos of Hardly Wayne. In November 22, 1950, the Lakers directed to the fourth quarter, when the Embolos threw to gain ahead 19 to 18. This happened in a time before efforts were facts to accelerate gameplay, just as the addition of the clock of the shot. * Legend of Poker Doyle Brunson demands in its Super/System of the book Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats that the (then) Lakers of Minneapolis had been doing the offerings to sign it while he played the Basketball college student, until he to break the leg that leads to stone of leaf. * Los Angeles is the only city to have two teams of NBA (the other team that is the shearing machines of Los Angeles ). * The 2004-05 season marked only the fourth time that the Lakers had failed to qualify for the postseason since transferring Los Angeles in Los Angeles Lakers team players 1960. * The old rivalry with the Boston Celtic is among the very famous one in American sport. * Since 1976, the KCAL-TELEVISION (previously KHJ-TELEVISION) Grooves 9 and the Radio of KLAC has been the flagship transmitted homes of the Lakers of Los Angeles. KCAL airs each play of the road of Laker, while all play of home can be seen in the Fox Sport Network, the old home of the cable tv of the Lakers. Before KCAL, KTLA Los Angeles Lakers schedule stats televised the play of Laker for a time (televises at present the play of shearing machine). KLAC/AM570 airs all play of Laker way the Los Angeles Lakers team players radio and has for 30 years (1976-present). KWKW/AM1330 provides a broadcast simultaneous Spaniard of play of Laker.

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