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After to transfer its right of vote, retaining Baltimore Ravens players the present contracts of previous players of Brownes and personnel according to the agreement done NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule by the city of Cleveland and the NFL, the Art of owner Modell employed Ted Marchibroda as first coach, that had the prior experience with the Colts of Baltimore during the seventies and the Colts of Indianapolis during the nineties early. Ozzie Newsome, the Brownes tight finish for many seasons, Modell united in Baltimore as soccer operations director NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule. The it was promoted then al general Director of the vice President.


The groups of the focus, a telephone inspection, and a contest of fan that all they were had to help select a new name for Baltimore Ravens players the Modell transferred the club. Beginning with a list of more than 100 possible names, the administration of the team reduced it to 17. Of there, the groups of the focus of a sum of 200 residents of area of Baltimore reduced the list by name to six, and then an inspection of telephone of 1000 people reduced it to three. Finally, a contest of fan that draws 33.288 voters “Ravens” chosen, a name that al alludes famous poem, “The Raven”, by NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule Edgar Allan Poe, that spent the last part of its life in Baltimore , and is buried also there. [3]


NFL stats and tickets 1996 season


The NFL did officially its return to Baltimore after a hiatus of 13 years in September 1, 1996, with a 19-14 Ravens convinces the Invaders of Oakland. In spite of 33 steps of the touched in land by Vinny Testaverde (second behind Brett Favre) – fourteen of them to Michael Jackson – the Ravens blew various they direct for the season and they finished 4-12.


NFL stats and tickets 1997 season


In 1997 the Ravens began 3-1. Peter Boulware, with 11,5 bags, was called AFC Inexperienced Defensive of the Year, but the Ravens finished 6-9-1.


NFL stats and tickets 1998 season


Baltimore began the season changing to its new stadium the brilliant and black Stadium (finally the stadium would be called PSINet the Stadium and subsequent M&T the Banking Stadium). Testaverde, that had left for the Jet of new York , was replaced with previous Colt of Indianapolis Jim Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens players, and later, Eric Zeier. The Bar of Cornerback Woodson united the team after a successful shift with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oaks of Priest began obtaining the first time that plays of their career and ran for 1.000 yards, but the Ravens finished 6-10 unprecedented.


After three consecutive seasons that lose, Marchibroda was succeeded by Brian Billick, that had served as the offensive coordinator for the registration that puts the offense of the Minnesota Viking the season before.


NFL stats and tickets 1999 season


In the 1999 season, with a stadium again regrouped, the Stadium of PSINet (now M&T the Banking Stadium), Baltimore showed an improvement marked. The field Banks marshal Tony came to Baltimore of the S. Louis Ram and had the best season of its career with 17 steps of the touched in land and a 81,2 qualification of the step. The it was united by receiver Qadry Ismail, that announced a season of 1000 yards. The Ravens fought early, beginning 3-6; but recited at one sitting four consecutive victories to put to itself in the combat of ends. A loss NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule in the final week sent them at home early with a 8-8 unprecedented.


NFL stats and tickets 2000 season—Super champions of Bowl


The banks shared playing time in the 2000 regular season with Trent Dilfer. Both players put the decent numbers (and a 1,364-yard that hurries the season by inexperienced Jamal Lewis helped also) but the defense came be the seal of the team and gave bail an offense that fights was in many cases by the season. The ray Lewis was called Defensive Player of the Year. Two of their companions of defensive team, Sam Adam and the Bar Woodson, they did the Professional Baltimore Ravens players one Bowl. The season of Baltimore began hardly with a 5-1 unprecedented. But the team fought for half of season, in a point going five play without bordering a touched in offensive land. The team regrouped and gained each one of its last seven play, finishing 12-4 and to do the ends for the first time.

Baltimore then went to Tampa for Super Bowl XXXV against the Gigantic of new York . The play was dominated also by the Ravens. They registered four bags and they forced five movements, one that was an interception of Kerry Collins return for a touched in land by Duane Absolute. The unique Giants counts was a return of the beginning of Ron Dixon for another touched in land; nevertheless the Ravens contradicted immediately with a return by Jermaine Lewis. The Ravens came be champions with a 34-7 victory, coming to be only the third team of wild card NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule to gain a Super championship of Bowl.


NFL stats and tickets 2001 season


In 2001, the Ravens tried to defend their title with a new marshal of field, of Elvis Grbac, but of an injury to Jamal Lewis and the poor offensive performance they blocked the team. After a 3-3 beginning, the Ravens defeated the Minnesota Viking in the final week to close a berth of wild card in 10-6. In the first series that the Ravens showed the sparkles of its previous year with a 20-3 puncture on the Dolphins of Miami, in which the team forced three movements and outgained the Dolphins 347 yards to 151. In the divisional ends that the Ravens played the Pittsburgh Steelers surprisingly strong. Three interceptions by Grbac finished the season of Ravens, like they lost 27-10.


NFL stats and tickets 2002 season Baltimore Ravens players


Baltimore collided with salary cover problems in 2002 and was forced to cut various players, inclusive Sam Adam, the Bar Woodson and Shannon Sharpe. The Ravens regrouped by the turn with choices want Cane of security Ed. QB Chris Redman of old endorsement took behind the center. The Ravens remained somewhat competitive, before a cost of the slide of December they a Baltimore Ravens players place of ends with a 7-9 final registration. The ones that left in the cutdown large are: Sam Adam (Invading of Oakland), the Bar Woodson (Invading of Oakland), Shannon Sharpe (wild colt Denver), Jamie Sharper (Houston Texan), Jermaine Lewis NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule (Houston Texan), Tony Siragusa (itself), Elvis Grbac (itself), Randall Cunningham (itself), Larry Chester (Dolphins of Miami), Steals Burnett (Dolphins of Miami), Obafemi Ayanbadejo (Baltimore Ravens players Dolphins of Miami), Cot Vickers (does not interest, Dagger Jackson (Panthers of Carolina), Gentleman of Danny (Colts of Indianapolis), Qadry Ismail Sam (Buffalo Coach Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati flare). The Ravens signed marshal of field Jeff Blake of the Holy of NEW Orleans. The team renounces Ray of defense Lewis.


NFL stats and tickets 2003 season


In 2003, the Ravens edited their new marshal of field, Kyle Boller, but he they were injured to half of the season and they were replaced by Anthony Correct. Jamal Lewis ran for 2.066 yards (inclusive an unprecedented one 295 yards in a play against the Cleveland Brownes September 14), easily better in the NFL. With a 10-6 unprecedented, Baltimore gained its first one AFC the north title of the division. Their first play of ends, at home against the Titans of Tennessee, returned and ahead, with the Ravens for to be had to only 54 yards total to hurry. The Titans gained 20-17 in a late goal of field, and the season of Baltimore they finished early.


The ray Lewis was called also Defensive Player of the year for the second time in their career.


In April of 2003, the Art Modell sold 49% of the team to Steve Bisciotti, a local businessman that had done its in the country temporary fortune that provides. After the season, the Art Modell to transfer officially its being remained 51% of property to Bisciotti, finishing more than 40 years of the occupation as a vote right owner of NFL. Modell has still an office in the headquarters of Ravens in Owes the Mills, Maryland , and acts as to a consultant.

During the team good-bye the week, the coach Billick NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule tried to install the idea that after the good-bye, the beginnings of the season again and they are forgot about their passed losses. This strategy directed the Ravens to a Week 4 they Gain against the Jet (13-3), but the Ravens undid against the Lions (35-17), putting a registration of the right Baltimore Ravens players of vote for griefs in a single play (21). The Ravens bounced at home the next week against the Cleveland Brownes, with a final account of 16-3. Nevertheless, of the Week 7 to the Week 10, the Ravens would lose to the Bears of Chicago (10-6), the Pittsburgh Steelers (20-19), the Cincinnati flare (21-9), and the Jaguars of Jacksonville (30-3). The Ravens rotated the tide in a week 11 revenge with the Steelers at home, gaining 16-13 in OT, but they were season-sweeping by the flare the next week, 42-29. The Ravens gained their next play against the Houston Texan unlucky 16-15, but they lost a week NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule later the road against the wild colt of Denver 12-10. Then, the Ravens played their ends two play of home under the main light of time. First, they mistreat the Green Packers from the Bay the Monday night 48-3. Then, they destroyed any ends happens that the Minnesota Viking had gaining Sunday night 30-23. In spite of the resurgence of Kyle Boller, they would not be able to carry their impetus entirely. In spite of directing the Brownes Baltimore Ravens players 13-6 in rest, they lost the main one in the room third and they dragged for the remainder of the play, ultimately losing 20-16. The Ravens finished their season 6-10. In spite of having the same regular registration of the season as the Cleveland Brownes, the Ravens were technically third parties in the AFC al north, since they strike the Brownes in the division registrations breakthrough: In the AFC al north, the Ravens were 2-4, while the Brownes were 1-5.


NFL stats and tickets 2006 season


The additional information: 2006 Ravens of Baltimore sazonar


NFL stats and tickets The controversy of Logo Baltimore Devours logo of 1996-1998. It was changed should to register in the registration of the copyright the infraction. Baltimore Devours logo of 1996-1998. It was changed should to register in the registration of the copyright the infraction. The original drawing, that was NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule plagiarized for the original one Devours logo. The original drawing, that was plagiarized for the original one Devours logo.


Of 1996-1998, the team utilized originally a logo that represented brilliant and black wings that flanks a protector with the letter “B”. Nevertheless, the Circuit Audience Quarter US governed that the logo violated the rights of the royalty of Frederick E. Bouchat, a Maryland artist NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule and security guard for amateurs.


Bouchat demanded the Ravens, demanding that he was the first one to design the protector “B” shortly after the team announced that its intentions for move to Baltimore . The team defended to itself to demand that Baltimore Ravens players the logo was done independently. But the court governed in favor of Bouchat, indicating that owner of the team Modell had access al I work of the Bouchat: Bouchat there was telecopiado a copy of its design al then-president of the Authority of the Stadium of Maryland John Moag, that shared the same block of offices as Modell. [4]

The present view of the list • speech • edits


The marshals of field


* 9 Steve McNair * 7 Kyle Boller




* 38 Mike Anderson * 30 P.J. Daniels


* 31 Jamal Lewis * 40 Cory Ross * 32 Muse Smith




* 33 Justin Green * 34 Ovie Mughelli




* 89 Mark Clayton * 81 Wanted of Devard * 85 Bricklayer of Crane * 84 Clarence Moore * 87 Demetrius William


Tight end


* 86 Pile of Todd * 88 Quinn Sypniewski * 83 Daniel Wilcox






* 75 Jonathan Ogden * 79 Tony Pashos * 78 Terrycloth of Adam




* 65 Chris Chester * 63 Ikechuku Ndukwe * 68 Keydrick Vincent




* 60 Jason Brown * 62 Mike Flynn


Defensive line


* 97 Corn of Justin DT * 99 Tim Ollis DT * 91 Aubrayo Franklin DT * 97 Kelly Gregg DT * 95 Jarret Johnson OF * 92 Haloti Ngata DT * 90 Trevor Pryce OF * 55 Terrell

Suggs OF


Special teams


* 70 Katula L Kill * 4 Sam Koch P * 3 Stover K Kill





* 53 They Give Cody * 52 Ray Lewis * 57 Scott Impeded * 51 Mike Smith * 56 Gary Still * 96 Adalius Thomas


Defensive backs


* 35 Ivy of Corey BC * 26 Dawan Landry F * 29 Crane Martin * 21 Chris McAlister BC * 25 Evan Oglesby BC * 24 David Pittman * Baltimore Ravens players 27 Puritan of Ronnie * 20 of Ed F Cane

* 22 Samari Rolle BC * 36 B.J. Sams * 42 S of Gerome Sapp


It reserves injured


* 13 Matt Cherry WR * 64 Edwin Mulitalo G * 69 Brian Rimpft G * 46 B.J. Neighborhood DB


The note: The following list to players that played officially for the Ravens. For another Vestibule of Famers, the players whose numbers were retired, and not to be forgot players that played for the Colts of Baltimore, they see Indianapolis Colts.


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule Famers




NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


The Ravens have retired Boulware of Peter Sweater in the 2006 season against the Cincinnati flare during the exposition of rest. [the citation needed]


* OR 58 Peter Boulware


Before the first Ravens I play, a 19-16 victory Baltimore Ravens players on the Invaders of Oakland in September 1, 1996, previous marshal of Colt of Baltimore of field NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule Johnny Unitas delivered the ball of the play to the officials al to carry a copy of its Number 19 Sweater that had been retired for the Colts. Although done not officially it retire by the Ravens, no player have carried never the number for the team.


NFL statistics the Ring of the Honor


The Ravens have a “the Ring of the Honor” that is in the unfold permanent that surrounds the field of M&T the Banking Stadium, inclusive a Baltimore Ravens players sign with the names and dates of the visible play of the seats. The ring honors at present the Following thing: [5]


* 21 Byner Serious, Running behind, played for Modell in the meantime in Cleveland as Baltimore , they initiated 2001. * Johnny Unitas and the Colts of Baltimore , initiated in 2002 following the death of Unitas. The numbers of the following Vestibule of Fame Colts players are honored: Or 19 Johnny Unitas OR 24 Lenny Moore OR 70 Art Donovan OR 77 Jim Parker OR 82 of Raymond OR Berry 83 Ted Hendricks OR 88 John Mackey OR 89 Gino Marchetti * the Art Modell, original owner, initiated 2003.


As a consequence of the suit, a new logo was designed, representing a black and purple head of raven in the profile, with the letter “B” recover cash of gold and white.


NFL stats and tickets the Uniforms


In spite of the controversy of logo, the uniform design of NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule Ravens they have remained essentially the same one since the team was established in 1996. In 1996, the team carried exclusively black pants with a large white line in it. The Ravens were the first dark team Baltimore Ravens players to carry pants with a dark Sweater, that now has come be common with many teams of NFL. NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule They carried white socks with purple and black lines.


In 1997, the team introduced white pants with black lines and purples to be carried with the purple Sweater. They changed also the black pants adding a purple line al white. The uniform now consists of black helmets, white Baltimore Ravens players pants, metallic gold trims, and or purple or white Sweater. The “claws” NFL quarterback Baltimore Ravens schedule purple rise above the up the facemask the center of the helmet.

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