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After the 1995 controversy of recolocación of Cleveland Brownes, and the establishment of the Ravens of Baltimore and an again NFL quarterbacks revived Brownes they strike, the NFL sought another team of the expansion to give the league an even number of 32 clubs.


The NFL newer team was destined originally for Los Angeles , like the league desired a right of vote in the United second-larger media of States sells (having lost the Ram and the Invaders to the recolocación). Thus, initially the NFL treated exclusively with Los Angeles was Based the groups, although Los Angeles seemed appeared to be indifferent with the perspective of to be granted a right of vote of NFL. No true progress seemed to be done toward assuring a convenient stadium (the Los Angeles Commemorative Theater and the Bowl Rose ages the facilities).


Seeing this, Houston, to stagger still of the loss of the Tankers of Houston to Tennessee, took an extremely aggressive focus toward gaining the right of vote for he himself, selling its size (Houston is the room NFL quarterbacks -largest city and tenth-larger media sell in the United States), the wide support of the region for the soccer at all levels, and the fact that a right had lost it also To the recolocación. Having learned of the loss of the Tankers that a stadium of aging (the Astrodome) would not oscillate the NFL, Houston put together a package that included a new stadium. The aggressiveness of Houston (and the indifference of THE) settled, and thus the Houston Texan they were born.


NFL stats and tickets In the country: 2002-2004


The Texans did the history of NFL coming to be the first team of the expansion to gain consecutive openers of season: first in 2002, defeating its NFC established installs rival Cowboys of you Dallas in its first regular play of the season by an account of 19-10; then in 2003, striking the Dolphins of Miami 21-20. In 2004, the Texans were the team of host for Super Bowl XXXVIII.


Until 2005, the team to have improved constantly with each successive season with a registration of 4-12 in their first season, 5-11 in 2003, and 7-9 in 2004. In 2004, they emptied some greater fence and they gained two consecutive play two times in that season after to fail to do thus in or 2002 or 2003. The NFL quarterbacks team would be able to have earned three you followed to finish the season, but they were blocked by the Cleveland Brownes. During a notable series in 2004, the Texans gained several competences against the Titans of Tennessee (the right of prior vote of Houston ) and the Jaguars of Jacksonville. The fans of Texans were pleased with the progress did to this point, although they mocked the team for its frightening performance in the play referred of Brownes that finished the 2004 season.


NFL stats and tickets 2005 fallout


In 2005, there was the hopes for a 0,500 season or still a berth of ends. Nevertheless, the team descended from to a slow beginning and with NFL quarterbacks the offense not playing well, offensive Pilgrim of coordinating Chris said good-bye and he was replaced by Joe Pendry. This it marked the first greater commotion of the Texans that coach the personnel in the history of the right of vote. In the 2005 NFL Edits the Texans they edited seven players but only a long, offensive crossing guards considered the weakest area of the team. In December 2005, the (in the time) 1-12 Texans employed previous wild colt, the Giants, and the Hawks coach Reefs of Give as a consultant. With their loss al San Francisco 49ers in the last play of the season that the Texans finished their season with a 2-14 unprecedented, the worst registration in the NFL in the 2005 season and they gained the right to the first selection in the turn. Nevertheless, the team announced the day before the turn that would choose Mario William final defensive out of State of NC instead of USC that runs behind Bush of Reggie.

The Houston Texan they opened the 2006 season with a great first handles that had as a result a touched in land for the Molds again acquired of Eric, but finished in a to disappoint 24-10 loss to the Aguilas of Philadelphia. The Texans would lose their next two play to the Colts of Indianapolis and Washington Redskins in embarrassing fashion. In the Week 4 of the 2006 season, the Houston Texan finally they were broken through and they obtained their first victory of the season, 17-15, on the Dolphins of Miami, whose defensive coordinator was that Texan previous they direct the coach the Mischiefs of Dom. Was the first victory for new first coach Gary Kubiak. After a good-bye the week, the Texans were positions for their second battle with the installs rival Cowboys of you Dallas . The Texans would fall the Cowboys 34-6 after directing the play 6-3 in the half, dropping their registration to 1-4. The week 7 they would show an impressive one 27-7 victory on the Jaguars of Jacksonville to improve their registration to 2-4. The Texans then would lose the Titans 28-22 in a NFL quarterbacks the ball on 5 times. The Texans lost a consecutive play of the road to the Giants 14-10 in a defensive fight in the Meadows, but they bounced with a 13-10 victory on their division rival Jaguars in Jacksonville, who they swept for the series of the season (they are 6-4 against the Jaguars, and two times they have swept them; unequally, the Texans seem to play better against the Jaguars that any more). It was its third victory of the season, eclipsing the sum of the victory (2) for all the 2005 season. The next week the Texans would lose to the Accounts of the Buffalo , 24-21, renouncing a touched in land with only 9 seconds left. The next week the Texans played well every play against the Titans, but they lost in the extraordinary time by a 39 touched in land of yard runs for Youths of Vince in the extraordinary time. In December 17, 2006, NFL quarterbacks the Patriots shouted them for the account of 40-7. Nevertheless, in December 24, the Texans bounced of that loss to daze the nation for strike the Colts in a nearby play by the account of 27-24. The Texans finished the 2006 campaign in 6-10 defeating the Cleveland Gilds 14-6 in the Old Night. The victory marked the right of first vote victory of the end of the season.

Register vs. Adversaries


(al January 1, 2007)


* Cardinal of Arizona 1-0 * Hawks of Atlanta 1-0 * Baltimore Devours 0-2 * Buffalo Invoice 1-4 * the Panthers of Carolina 1-0 * Chicago Bears 1-0 * Cincinnati flare

1-2 * Cleveland Gilds 2-2 * Cowboys of you Dallas 1-1 * wild colt of Denver 0-1 * Lions of Detroit 0-1 * Green Packers of Bay 0-1 * Colts of Indianapolis 1-9 *

Jaguars of Jacksonville 6-4 * Chief of City Of Kansas 1-2 * Dolphins of Miami 2-0 * Minnesota Viking 0-1 * The Patriotic of new England 0-2 * Holy of NEW Orleans 0-1

* the Gigantic of new York 1-1 * New York Spear in spurt 0-3 * Invading of Oakland 2-0 * Aguilas of Philadelphia 0-2 * Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 * S. Louis Ram 0-1 *

the Steeds of San Diego 0-2 * San Francisco 49ers NFL quarterbacks 0-1 * Seattle Seahawks 0-1 * Buccaneers of Bay of Tampa 0-1 * Titans of Tennessee 2-8 * Washington Redskins 0-2


NFL stats and tickets Alone Registrations of the Season


* Passing the Attempts: 466 David Carr (2004) * Passing the Terminations: 285 David Carr (2004) * Passing Yards: 3.531 David Carr (2004) * Passing them Touched in land: 16 David Carr (2004) * Passing Interceptions: 15 David Carr (2002) * being Hurried the Attempts: 302 Domanick William (previously Domanick Davis) (2004) * being Hurried Yards: 1.188

Domanick William (previously Domanick Davis) (2004) * being Hurried them Touched in land: 13 Domanick William (previously Domanick Davis) (2004) * Receiving them Caught: 103 Andre Johnson (2006) * Receiving Yards: 1.147 Andre Johnson (2006) * Receiving them Touched in land: 6 Andre Johnson (2004), Corey Bradford (2002) * field Bags Marshal: 8 Jeff

Posey (2002) * Interceptions in transit: 7 Marcus Coleman (2003)


NFL stats and tickets Players of note


NFL stats and tickets Present players see • speech • edits




The marshals of field


* 8 David Carr QB * 18 Rosenfels QB Wise * 10 Hide of small Truck of Bradlee QB


Current backs


* 31 RB of Domanick William * 36 Ron Died RB * 33 RB of Wali Lundy * * 27 RB of Chris Taylor * * 35 RB of Samkon Gado * 44 Vonta Leaches FB * 43 Cook of Jameel FB

* 32 Robert Douglas FB *




* 80 Andre Johnson WR * 84 Molds of Eric WR * 85 Kevin Walter WR * 13 Jerome Mathis WR * 14 David Anderson WR * * 19 Charlie Adam WR * 16 Jamall Broussard WR


Tight end


* 81 Daniels Owed YOU * * 88 Jeb Putzier NFL quarterbacks YOU * 87 Mark Bruener YOU * 82 Ben Steele YOU * 83 Joel Dreessen YOU



Offensive line


* 58 Mike Flanagan C * 55 they Drew Hodgdon C * 63 Chris White C * 69 Chester Pitts G * 70 Fred Tired G * 76 Steve McKinney G * 62 Scott Jackson G * 71 Atlas

Herrion G * 77 Chat Spencer T * * 72 Zach Wiegert T * 74 of Ephraim T Zalema * 73 Eric Winston T * * 68 Dagger Bedell T


Defensive line


* 90 Mario William OF * * 92 Weaverbird of Anthony OF * 93 Jason Babin OF * 94 N.D. Kalu OF * 98 Look of Antwan OF * 60 Count Cochran OF * 91 Seth DT Full * 99

Travis Johnson DT * 96 Thomas Johnson DT * 97 Alfred Malone DT * 95 Anthony Maddox DT * 75 Lional Dalton DT * 78 Killings of Cedric DT * 79 Tim Bulman DT





* 53 Shantee Orr SLB * 52 Kailee Wong SLB * 50 Charlie Anderson SLB * 96 Wali Rainer SLB * 59 DeMeco Ryans MLB * * 51 DaShon Polk MLB * 56 Forest of Morlon WLB * 54

Troy Evans WLB


Defensive backs


* 23 Dunta Robinson BC * 38 Demarcus Faggins BC * 20 McCleon BC to the right * 21 Sanders of Lewis BC * 34 Von Hutchins BC * 25 NFL quarterbacks Wynn BC to the right * 28 Chris

McKenzie BC * 22 Roc Alexander BC * 24 C.C. Brown F * 39 Burns F of Cari * 30 Jason Simmons DB * 26 S of Count of Glenn * 42 S of Stone of Michael




* 3 Kris Brown K * 7 Stanley P Chadian * 48 Bryan Pittman L


NFL Europe


* 65 Mike Brisiel OG * * 2 Cameron Wall P * * 5 Boy of Quinton QB * * 40 John Walke BC * * 86 Harry William WR


(*It denotes novices and first playe of year


NFL stats and tickets Logo and logo of Texan uniforms present (2002-) logo of Texan (2002-present)


The helmet of Texans is “steel” blue with the logo of a head of bull in the blue, white, and red colors of the flag of Tiles. The uniform NFL quarterbacks design consists of the “battle” red trims and or blue Deep Steel or the “liberty” white Sweater. The team carries white pants with their blue Sweater, blue pants with their white Sweater, and in the occasion they will carry all-white. In 2003, the Texans introduced an alternative fights red Sweater with blue trims, announcing a 3-2 unprecedented when carrying those Sweater. In the Christmas Eve 2006, the Texans carried their blue Sweater with blue pants for the first time in history of team NFL quarterbacks against their division rival Colts of Indianapolis. Coincidentally, was their first victory against the Colts since uniting the league in 2002.


As many other teams of NFL located in subtropic climates, the Texans carry traditionally their white Sweater at home during the first half of the season — forcing adversaries to carry their dark under the hot autumns in Houston NFL quarterbacks. The team will carry still white Sweater during those the play you regulate early of the season although the retractable ceiling of the club home field, the Confident Stadium, can be closed.

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