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November 16 1959, Boston William executive New England Patriots players college football H. Sullivan “bile” Son was granted the eighth one and the right of final vote of the to New England Patriots schedule game develop the league of American soccer (AFL). The local, following winter they were permitted to be submitted the ideas for the team of soccer of Boston the official name. The most popular election—and the one that Sullivan chose—was “Patriotic of Boston”, that derived from the historic Patriots of the American Revolution New England Patriots players college football. Various months later, Phil Bisell created the logo of New England Patriots schedule game “Patriotic of Pat” (sees the section), and Lou Know was chosen as the team first first coach.


The right of first vote field of the instruction began July 4 1960, two months before its first official play against the Accounts. [2] September 9, that year, the Patriots of Boston played the wild colt of Denver in the AFL very first the regular play of the season. The wild colt they defeated the Patriots by an account of 13–10. The right of vote played first in legendary Confronts Field in Boston, the old home of the Boston Confronts that was bought finally by the University of Boston, where was regrouped Field of Nickerson. From 1961 to 1969, the Patriots played in the Park of Fenway , the home of the Boston the Red White Averages. 5.000 temporary seats covered the wall of left garden, and the goals of field were kicked regularly in the right New England Patriots schedule game negotiates bull even of visitors. The Patriots failed to reach the ends in each one of their first three seasons, in spite of announcing a cumulative one 23-17 unprecedented. Nevertheless, in 1963 the Patriots reached the Championship of AFL for the first time, having as a result a loss to the Steeds of San Diego by an account of 51–10. Although the right of vote to lose the championship, was honored when eleven Patriots did the AFL the team all stellar, inclusive Gino Cappelletti, the Notch Buoniconti, the Hunt of Sotavento of Jim, Houston Antwine, Short Dee, and the Baby Parilli.


Although Boston failed to reach the ends of AFL for the remainder of the decade, the team was noted in 1966 when defense Jim Nance gained 1.458 yards, and the title of the league of American soccer MVP. Tom [3][4] Addison, the first Patriot all stellar, founded the Association of Players of AFL New England Patriots players college football in the sixties media.


NFL stats and tickets 1970-1991


The Patriots second decade began with significant changes. In 1970, the Patriots vote right united the NFL according to the fusion of the AFL and NFL that had been agreed to three earlier years. The Patriots were you united in the American Conference of the Soccer (AFC), where they remain al present day. Nevertheless, the Patriots first season as part of the NFL had as a result a registration of 2–12, only possession of the again united the league worst registration. In spite of the lack of victories, the local morale enlarged in 1971 when the Patriots changed to a new stadium in Foxborough (also known as Foxboro). The stadium, for known as the Stadium of Schaefer, came be the Stadium of Sullivan in 1983 and, ultimately, the Stadium of Foxboro in 1990. This stability marked for the Patriots, that changed among four different stadiums from Boston-Area since its creation. In New England Patriots players college football March 1971, the team was regrouped to the Patriotic of new England to reflect the recolocación. In the 1985 regular season, the team finished with a 11-5 unprecedented and obtained a wild card ends berth. The Patriots gained three road ends play in their way to Super Bowl XX — a registration of NFL. [8] In Super Bowl XX, the Patriots yielded a 3-0 first quarter directs and lost to the Bears of Chicago by an account of 46-10. The following season, New England gained the AFC al this with another registration 11–5, but fell to the wild colt in the first series of the ends. The resident of the zone Doug Flutie was a member of the Patriots during the seasons 1987–1988, in which they finished with registrations of 8–7 and 9–7, respectively. The berry remained first coach for both seasons.

New England Patriots schedule game

During the end of the eighties and years ninety early, the ends appearances Patriots lack was underlined by changes of personnel and controversy inside the property of Sullivan. [9] The family of Sullivan lost million of dollars in costly investments, inclusive The Jacksons’ 1984 visit of the Victory. The additional pressure was placed in the property when they calculated that $100 million already they were invested in the right of vote. [10] These losses and the financial demands forced the Sullivans to sell the team. In 1986, W. of Francis Murray fixed the financing New England Patriots schedule game to maintain the team afloat and, in the return, was offered an option of purchase the team. When Murray tried to exercise its option, the Sullivans refused to recognize its rights and Murray demanded and gained in the court. As a consequence, Murray agreed al associate with the Victorious one Kiam to buy the team in 1988. Kiam and Murray bought the team for $84 million — $16 million less than the cost of the team. [11] Although Kiam was now the owner of majority, he New England Patriots schedule game decided to maintain Sullivan Bile and its son, the New England Patriots players college football Pat Sullivan, like vote right president and general Director respectively. [12] In the meantime, the businessman Robert Kraft began its participation with the Patriots buying the Stadium of Sullivan (previously Stadium of Schaefer) in November 23, 1988. Essentially, Kraft possessed the stadium and Kiam possessed the team. [13] During this change of the leadership, directs the coach Berry was replaced by the Oxidation of the Bar — a change that was ephemeral.


The Patriots worst season in the history of the right of vote — a 1-15 unprecedented — came under the Oxidation in 1990. During the season, the Patriots were thrown in the center of a scandal of the sexual harassment when journalist of Herald of Boston Smooth Olson was sexually and verbally assaulted by various players of Patriots in the wardrobe of the team — a situation bad worse fact by Kiam being mocked of first al journalist as “a classic [obscenity]” and doing the lascivious jokes in public events about the entire matter in Permit it to be died quietly.


In 1992, S. The businessman of Louis is Stalled Orthwein came be sole proprietor of the Patriots offers the concession, sparkling the rumors of a recolocación possible of the right of vote al S. Louis. Nevertheless, does not it move was planned for the 1992 season, in spite of a sub-equality 1992 sazonar. [15] During the 1992-1993 low season, the Patriotic gears changed replacing MacPherson with Account Parcells. The selections of the turn of the team for the low season included New England Patriots schedule game Drew Bledsoe, who quarterbacked the team until 2001. In spite of these acquisitions, the 1993 season had as a result a registration that loses, and the rumors about recolocación al S. Resparked of Louis during the low season. To save the team of the recolocación, Robert Kraft outbids an intense field of the competence and the full property obtained of the Patriots in 16 1994. [] Kraft applied New England Patriots players college football the changes in the organization and the leadership, that culminated in a ten-season stadium treason ray of 1996 al present.


Due to growing tensions between Parcells and Kraft, Parcells renounced, and was replaced by Even Carroll in 1997. In the meantime, the Patriots and the Jet of new York began players of commutation New England Patriots schedule game and coaches, inclusive first coach of Jet of current Eric Mangini, the Parcells referred, and current behind Curtis Martin. Nevertheless, New England finished 1997 with a registration 10–6 and first place in the AFC al this.



By the early seventies, various new players were added to the alignment, inclusive Trophy of Heisman [5] winning Jim Plunkett [6] and offensive crossing guards John Hannah, that came be the first Patriot of the career to do the Vestibule of the Fame in 1991.[7]Despite the changes in the personnel, the series of Patriots of lose the seasons continued in the early seventies. Rowboat Fairbanks was an employee as first coach and general director in 1973 after directing a program of first-ten in the University of Oklahoma . Fairbanks began to meet one of the very talentoso – but ultimately not reidiendo – the squads in the NFL of the seventies. The Patriots finished 7–7 in 1974 and 3–11 in 1975, that had as a result the offensive New England Patriots schedule game changes. Plunkett was traded al San Francisco 49ers and replaced by second player of year Steve Grogan.


The Patriots lost the 2002 ends after finishing with a registration of 9–7. In 2003, the Patriots began 2–2 but they finished with a registration 14–2 and fourteen straight victories in their way to Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers of Carolina. The Patriots gained for an account of 32–29; the ends three points came from another goal of field of Adam Vinatieri. Brady was called Super Bowl MVP for the second time in its career. The fans of the patriot recovers in the front of city hall of Boston that continues the 2004 Super championship Patriot fans of Bowl XXXVIII recovers in the front of city hall of Boston that continues the 2004 Super championship of Bowl XXXVIII


In 2004 the Patriots broke the never even victorious registration of ray of 18 consecutive victories, continuing a victory New England Patriots schedule game against the Dolphins of Miami. Subsequent in the season, New England Patriots players college football the Patriots lost al Pittsburgh Steelers, that stopped its victorious ray in 21 play. [22] Nevertheless, the NFL only counts the regular-season the victories to determine the consecutive victories register, so that the ray of Patriots themselves for officially in 18 play.


After finishing the 2004 season with a 14-2 unprecedented, the Patriots defeated the Colts of Indianapolis and Pittsburgh Steelers of road to Super Bowl XXXIX. The Patriots passed to defeat the Aguilas of Philadelphia by an account of 24–21. The victory did the Patriots the first team in six years (and the eighth one in the history) to repeat as NFL Super champions of Bowl, and the second team to gain never three Super Tazones in four years (next to the Cowboys of you Dallas).


After the 2004 season, Belichick first two coordinators — Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel — left the team to continue al first coach the positions. The significant players moved in also, inclusive the old Law of cornerback of Patriotic Ty. The defense Tedy Bruschi lost the half of the 2005 season al to recover of a temperate blow. [23] During the 2005 season, the team lost various principles to injuries, inclusive the security Rodney Harrison and the offensive they get the Matt Light. In the final play of the season, Doug Flutie carried out the first successful point of the excess of botepronto since 24 1941. [] at the end of the season, the Patriots gained the AFC al this with a registration 10–6. The Patriots defeated that of Jacksonville 28–3 Jaguars in the first series of the ends before losing to the wild colt 27–13 New England Patriots schedule game. New England came be the seventh team New England Patriots players college football in the history of NFL to fail in an opportunity to gain the Super Bowl in three consecutive seasons, the last team for do thus is the wild colt.

Present list


The following one is exact al January 3, 2007.[37]




The marshals of field


* 12 Tom Brady * 16 Cassel Matt * 14 Vinny Testaverde




* 28 Corey Dillon * 39 Laurence Maroney* * 33 Kevin Faulk




* 44 Briar Evans




* 80 Troy Brown * 87 Reche Caldwell New England Patriots schedule game * 13 Bam Childress * 10 Jabar Gaffney * 17 Jackson Chadian* * 19 Kight Kelvin


Tight end


* 82 Daniel Graham * 86 David Thomas* * 84 Benjamin Watson



Offensive line


* 65 Wesley Britt * 71 Russ Hochstein C/G * 77 Notch Kaczur * 67 they Give Koppen * 72 Matt Light * 70 Logan Mankins * 64 Gene Mruczkowski * 61 Stephen Neal * 68

Ryan OR’ Callaghan*


Defensive line New England Patriots players college football


* 97 Jarvis Green OF * 91 Hill of Marchioness OF * 93 Richard Seymour OF * 90 Him Kevin Smith DT* * 94 Ty Warren OF * 75 Vince Wilfork DT * 99 Mike DL Correct





* 52 Eric Alexander ILB * 95 Banta-Cain Tulle OLB * 54 Tedy Bruschi ILB * 59 Rosevelt Colvin OLB * 53 Larry Izzo ILB * 46 Corey Mays ILB** * 50 Mike Vrabel OLB * 58

Forest of Pierre OLB **


Defensive backs


* 23 Willie Andrews BC* * 32 S of Baker of Rashad * 37 S of Rodney Harrison * 25 S of Artrell Hawkins * 27 Ellis Hobbs BC * New England Patriots players college football 38 Ray Mickens BC * 22 Grasp you

Samuel BC * 36 S of Sanders of Marmalades * 30 Scott BC Chadian * 31 Antwain Spann BC


Special teams


* 3 Stephen Gostkowski K* * 66 Lonie Paxton L * 18 Todd Sauerbrun P


see • speech • edits


It reserves injured


* 51 Mr. Davis ILB * 47 Barry Gardner ILB * 21 Randall BC Happy * 34 S of Tebucky Jones * 8 of Josh P Milling * 45 YOU/FB of Mills of Garrett* * 24 S of Mel

Mitchell * 35 Step of Patrick FB * 55 Seau OLB Smaller * 15 Know-how Walter P * 42 Gemara William BC** * 26 S of Eugene New England Patriots schedule game Wilson * 74 Yates G/C Bile


The Squad of the practice Wounded the Reserve


* 85 Bar Trafford YOU


Practice the Squad


* 5 Danny Baugher P** * 62 Brian Barthelmes C** * 76 they Be Bubin T * 41 Hill of Quadtrine FB** * 85 Kranchick Kill YOU * 1 Tom Malone P** * 29 Marmalades Patrick

DB** * 92 Santonio Thomas OF


* * = 2006 I recruit * ** = 2006 they liberate undrafted to agent * players Positions in italics are not in the list of 53 men.


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Notch LB of Buoniconti * John Hannah G * Mike Haynes BC


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* 20 K/WR of Gino Cappelletti * 40 Mike Haynes BC * 57 LB of Steve Get * 73 John Hannah G * 78 Bruce Armstrong T * 79 DL of the Hunt of Sotavento of Jim

* 89 they Cut DL of Dee


Besides the seven up the players, QB Steve Grogan (14), Baby of QB Parilli (15), the LB Andre Tippett (56) and the Notch of LB Buoniconti (85) they were initiated in the Vestibule of Patriots of the Fame New England Patriots schedule game. Although their numbers have not been retired officially, none was carried by players of Patriots in the 2005 season. Nevertheless, in the 2006 season, #14 is carried at present by Vinny Testaverde and #15 by Know-how Walter. Doug Gabriel carried #85 during the 2006 season to its liberation. [38]


NFL stats and tickets Other notable students


* DL of Julius Adam (1971-87) * Sam Adam OG (1972-80) * LB of Tom Addison (1960–67) * DL of Houston Antwine (1961–71) * LB of Mr. Blackmon (1981-87) * Drew

Bledsoe QB (1993–2001) * RB of Ron Burton (1960–65) * Branch of Deion WR (2002-06) * Vincent Brisby WR (1993-99) * Even Brock C (1976-87) * Keith Byars FB

(1996-97) * Camarillo P Rich (1981-87) * Raymond Clayborn BC (1977-89) * Ben Covers YOU (1991–99) * Jim Colclough WR (1960–68) * RB of Tony Collins (1981–87) *

Romeo Crennel Coordinating Defensive (2001–04) * RB of Sam Cunningham (1973–82) * Tony Eason QB (1983–89)



* RB of Robert Eduardo (1998) * DL of Larry Eisenhauer (1961–69) * Irving Fryar WR (1984–92) * Foxy of Tim DB (1976-81) * Russ Francis YOU (1975-80, 1987-88) * David

Givens WR (2002-05) * Terrycloth Glenn WR (1996–2001) * Leon OT Gray (1973-78) * Steve Grogan QB (1975–90) * DL of Ray Hamilton (1973–81) * RB of Waterproof Herron

(1973–75) * Brian Holloway OT (1981-86) * Craig is Stalled RB (1985–89) * Roland is Stalled DB (1980-90) * Shawn Jefferson WR (1996-99) * LB of Ted Johnson

(1995–2004) * the Law of Ty BC (1995–2004) * Ronnie Lippett DB (1983-91) * Fred Marion DB (1982-91)



The 2006 they saw in low season the exit and the arrival of various personnel. The Pis of the dean took to coordinator as defensive when Eric Mangini left the team to come to be first coach of the Jet of new York . Marshals [25] of field coach to Josh McDaniels was promoted al coordinating offensive after New England was a season without replacing Charlie Weis. [26] Notable players New England Patriots players college football of Patriotic David Givens, Willie McGinest, and Adam Vinatieri left New England for the Titans of Tennessee, for Cleveland Brownes, and for Colts of Indianapolis respectively. The New England Patriots schedule game Branch of Deion would be traded then al Seattle Seahawks. In spite of this, they gained still the AFC al this.


The years of Kraft have provided a greater return for the base of fan of the Patriots. Before they arrived of Kraft, the Patriots played rarely in the Stadium of Foxboro the maximum capacity (with the only exception New England Patriots players college football that is that of a lot of success 1986 season). The aid was especially drop during New England Patriots schedule game the nineties early, when little performance and the rumors referred of recolocación of right of vote al S. Louis appeared; the average at home aid was down 60% of maximum capacity. Nevertheless, the improvements did during Parcells of Account’ coaching the occupation (in and far away the field) had as a result a New England Patriots schedule game rejuvenecimiento of the base of fan. Of the 1996 season ahead, each Patriots at home New England Patriots players college football I play has sold, in Foxboro and stadiums of razor Blade, inclusive play before the season.

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