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The early years of AFL of the Steeds of San Diego were noticeable by the outstanding play of wide Spear of receiver Alworth. In its day, San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions he put the professional registration of the soccer of consecutive play with a reception.


Its only coach for the ten life of year of the AFL was Sid Gillman, a Vestibule of Famer that forced its competence to try to negotiate as the professional a product like the Steeds. With stars such as Spear Alworth, Paul Lowe, Keith Lincoln and John Hadl, the offense of Steeds struck the fear in the hearts of defenders of AFL. They played also the defense, as indicated by their professional San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions registration of the soccer 49 interceptions of the step in 1961. The Steeds were the authors of the term the Group of four Terrible people to describe its defensive line all stellar, anchored for Count Faison and Ernie Charged (the last one also put in the fight of professional). * Gary Anderson (RB)

* Darren Bennett

* Drew Brees

* Marion Butts

* John Carney

* Curtis Conway

* Rodney Culver

* Tim Dwight

* Miller Farr

* Doug Flutie

* Rodney Harrison

* Jack Kemp

* Dickie Post

* Paul Maguire

* Tony Martin

* Natrone Means

* Alfred Pupunu

* Junior Seau

* Billy Ray Smith

* Walt Sweeney

* Ernie Wright

* Stanley Richard

* Darren Carrington

* Mike Fuller


Head coaches


* Sid Gillman (1960-1969)

* Charlie Waller (1969-1970)

* Harland Svare (1971-1973)

* Ron Waller (1973)

* Tommy Prothro (1974-1978)

* Don Coryell (1978-1986)

* Al Saunders (1986-1988)

* Dan Henning (1989-1991)

* Bobby Ross (1992-1996)

* Kevin Gilbride (1997-1998)

* June Jones (interim) (1998)

* Mike Riley (1999-2001)

* Marty Schottenheimer (2002-present)


Current staff


* Head Coach – Marty Schottenheimer

* Offensive Coordinator – Cam Cameron

* Defensive Coordinator – Wade Phillips

* Special Teams Coach – Steve Crosby

* Quarterbacks Coach – John Ramsdell

* Running Backs Coach – Clarence Shelmon

* Wide Receivers Coach – James Lofton

* Tight Ends Coach – Rob Chudzinski

* Offensive Line Coach – Jack Henry

* Defensive Line Coach – Wayne Nunnely

* Linebackers Coach – Greg Manusky

* Defensive Backs Coach – Brian Stewart

* Strength and Conditioning – Dave Redding


The phrase was appropriate then by various teams of NFL. The Steeds offer the concession appeared in the first two American play of the Championship of the league of soccer and five entirely, gaining the title San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions of AFL in 1963 with a 51 – 10 to strike of the Patriots of Boston. The Steeds of that was they were recognized extensively having as the gaudiest uniforms in the history of professional soccer.



It hears they were the team of host for Super Tazones XXII, for XXXII, and for XXXVII in San Diego , but they failed to do the ends in any of these seasons. In fact, the Steeds had not done the post-season since 1995, the year after their Super appearance of Bowl XXIX, until in December 19, 2004, a year removed of their disastrous one 4-12 season of 2003, they finally gained a back of the trip to San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions the post-season capturing the AFC the Western Title of the Division, gaining their eighth play straight al excluding the. An it reckoned 1200 + fans expected as long as six hours to greet the team in Steeds Stations, its facility of all the year of the instruction that begins in 2005. The Steeds passed to finish the regular season 12-4.


They entered the first series (the portion of wild Card) of the ends as a lower seed, but they advanced for to be eliminated by Jet of adversary New York , that gained in the extraordinary time on the Steeds 20-17. Placekicker of inexperienced Nate Kaeding lost a goal of 40 yards of field that would have advanced San Diego in the next series, thus opening the door for a victory of Jet.


In spite of an abrupt conclusion to its season elapsed, Directs the Coach Marty Schottenheimer was called NFL the Coach Of The Year for the 2004-2005 season, and for the marshal of field Drew Abuse was called NFL Player of Return of the Year.




During the 2005 Turn of NFL, the Steeds tried to obtain some key novices that would help to carry the impetus of its in its greater part successful 2004-05 runs. They utilized its first choice in the LB Shawne “the Lights Was” Merriman of the University of Maryland . Then, they utilized their next choice in DT Luis Castle of the University of the northwest. Their other elections were WR Vincent Jackson of Red Northern, the RB Darren Sproles of the State of Kansas , OT Wesley Britt of the University of Alabama , OT W Sims of the University of Oklahoma , and of San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions Scott Mruczkowski Central of the bowls Field State .

The present players see • speech • edits


Last brought up to date: 19 September 2006




The offensive supports


* 17 Rivers of Philip QB * 41 Lorenzo Neal FB * 34 Andrew Pinnock FB * 21 RB of LaDainian Tomlinson * 33 RB of lathe Operator of Michael * 7 Volek QB Bile * 6

Charlie Whitehurst QB




* 82 Greg Camarillo WR * 85 Doors of Antonio YOU * 83 Vincent Jackson WR * 89 Ryan Krause YOU * 86 Brandon Manumaleuna YOU * 87 WR/PR of Keenan McCardell * 81

Kassim Osgood WR * 88 WR/PR of Eric Parker * 11 Az-Zahir Hakim WR




* 50 David Binn L * 10 Nate Kaeding K * 5 Mike Scifres P



Offensive line


* 68 Kris Dielman G * 79 Mike Goff G * 61 Notch Hardwick C * 72 Oben OT Roman * 64 Cory Lekkerkerker OT * 73 Marcus McNeill OT * 63 Scott Mruckzkowski C * 70

Shane Olivea OT




* 54 Tonelero of Stephen ILB * 51 Nags of Tim ILB * 59 Donnie Eduardo ILB * 58 Randall Godfrey ILB * 92 Marks Harris OLB * 56 Shawne Merriman OLB * 95 Shaun

Phillips OLB * 52 Carlos Polk OLB * 57 Wilhelm ILB Kill



Defensive backs


* 25 Antonio Cromartie BC * 36 Cari of Markus BC * 29 Drayton Florence BC * 24 Cletis Gordon BC * 42 S of Deer of Clinton * 23 Jammer of Quentin BC * 48 S of

Terrence Kiel * 27 Bhawoh Jue F * 20 S of Marlon McCree * 28 Steve Gregorio BC


Defensive line


* 97 Ryon Bingham DT * 93 Luis Castle San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions OF * 74 Jacques Cesaire DT * 99 Igor Olshansky OF * 98 Derreck Robinson OF * 76 Jamal William NT * 91 Brandon

McKinney DT



Practice the squad


* 66 Jeromey Clary OT * 22 Tyrone RB Rough * 26 RB of Ray Perkins * 94 King of Tyler OF * 46 OT/YOU of Kelly Griffeth * 40 Kurt Kahui OLB * 38 Gabe Franklin DB

* 16 Ricky Bryant WR


It reserves injured


* 47 LB of Goalkeeper of Phil * 43 RB/KR of Darren Sproles * 80 Malcolm Floyd WR * 75 Leander Jordan OT * 84 Aaron Shea YOU


It reserves of Injury of not-soccer


* 53 Steve Foley OLB




Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Spear Alworth * they Give Fouts * Sid Gillman * Assembler of Charlie * Deacon Jones * the Combination of Ron * Kellen Winslow


Numbers retired


* 14 They Give Fouts * 19 Spear Alworth


The Vestibule of steeds of the Fame


The Steeds have a Vestibule of the team of the Fame with the following members:


* 56 Emil Karas, the LB, 1960-66, they initiated 1976 * 55 Buncom Franco, the LB, 1962-68, they initiated 1976 * 53 they Cut Laraba, the LB, 1960-61, they initiated

1976 * 38 Jacque MacKinnon, the RB, 1961-69, they initiated 1976 * 19 Spear Alworth, WR, 1962-70, they initiated 1977 * 74 Combination of Ron, OT, 1960-69, they

initiated 1978 * 23 Paul Lowe, the RB, 1960-68, they initiated 1979 * Barron Hilton, founder-owner of team, 1960-66, they initiated 1980 * 22 Keith Lincoln, the RB,

1961-68, initiated 1980 * 77 Ernie Charged, DT, 1961-65, they initiated 1981 * 78 Sweeney Walled, G, 1963-69, they initiated San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions 1981 * 21 John Hadl, QB, 1962-72, they

initiated 1983 * 50 they Throw away Allen, the LB, 1961-69, they initiated 1984 * 27 Garrison of Gary, WR, 1966-76, they initiated 1985 * Sid Gillman, the first

coach, 1961-69 & 1971, they initiated 1985 * 86 Count Faison, OF, 1961-66, they initiated 1986 * 14 They give Fouts, QB, 1973-87, they initiated 1993


The Steeds descended from to a rough beginning in their 2005 campaign, losing an end one to the Cowboys of you Dallas in their Week 1 home-opener (28-24) and then, they lost on the road to their AFC al western rival, the wild colt of Denver (20-17). It was not to a Week 3 Sunday night home play that obtained its first victory of the season, when Eli Manning and the Gigantic of new York San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions “was shaken al system” as LaDainian Tomlinson had one of the largest play of its career. The it obtained 220 total yards, 3 touched in land that are hurried, and he threw for a touched in land as he helped the victory of Steeds 45-23. A week later, they could build far from their victory by only gain not against the to defend of two-time he defends Patriots of new England 41-17, but they finished also the Pats of 21 play gaining ray at home. In their Week 5 Monday night at home play against the Pittsburgh Steelers,


In 1970, the Steeds of San Diego wrote down in the AFC the Western division after the fusion of NFL with the AFL. But by then, the Steeds passed for economic difficulties, Sid Gillman withdrew in 1971, and many of the Steed great of the 1960 had already or retired or traded. In 1972, the Steeds obtained Duane Thomas and to Deacon Jones, but they they were not helps al team that fought. In 1973, the Steeds treated to Johnny Unitas, but the legendary marshal of field no longer had the magic that had once, and soon he would retire. In 1974, Forest of Gift came al team and for a season that shone in a bad team of the Steed, but in a year then his career stalled and he would leave also the Steeds. 1979 marks a positive decisive point for the Steeds offers the concession as the marshal of field they Give Fouts puts a registration of NFL with his room play of 300 consecutive yards of the step, in a play in which he threw for 303 yards against the Invaders of Oakland. It coached by Mr. Coryell and representing also running Boot behind Muncie and Kellen Winslow final tight, San Diego closed also his first berth of ends in 14 years with a 35-0 victory against the Holy of NEW Orleans. In December. 17, 1979, the Steeds defeat the wild colt of Denver 17-7 for their first one AFC the Western title of the division since the fusion San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions before a national Monday by the audience of the television of the Soccer at night and their full home. Unfortunately, their time of ends was briefly as the Tankers of Houston sent the Steeds that pack with a 17-14 loss in the Divisional Series. The 1980 Steeds managed to carry last success of year with a 11-5 unprecedented (the tops in the AFC al western). In the ends, they gained the Divisional Round one 20-14 on the Accounts of Buffalo. Nevertheless, they fell a timid play of Super Bowl XV in a 34-27 loss to the Invaders of the eventual-champion Oakland San Diego Chargers NFL draft predictions. The 1981 Steeds managed to strike the wild colt for the AFC al western title with their 10-6 season. In the Divisional Series, they managed to exceed in duration the Dolphins of Miami 41-38. Unfortunately, the Champion of eventual-AFC Cincinnati flare they destroyed the 27 the defense situated, al to contain the offense of league-directing of Steeds, in a 27-7 loss in the Play of the Championship of AFC.

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