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March 5, 1975 John Thompson, a previous University of executive of Washington , was an employee as the general director of the NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets but-nameless team. The name Seattle Seahawks was chosen in June 17, 1975 after a public that call the contest that drew more than 20.000 entrances and more than 1.700 different names. Thompson enlisted and Jack employed small boat, a Minnesota Viking the coach assistant, to be the first first coach of the new team. Small boat was introduced as the new first coach in a press conference in January 3, 1976. The turn of the expansion was had March 30-31, 1976, with Seattle and the Bay of Tampa that alternate the choices for 39 series that chooses unprotected players of the other 26 teams in the league. [3] That The Seahawks were granted the 2 the general choice in the 1976 turn, a choice that utilized in the defensive gear NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets Steve Niehaus. The team took the field for the first time August 1, 1976 in a play before the season against the San Francisco 49ers in the Kingdome then completely new.


The Seahawks is the team of THE UNICO NFL to change the conferences two times in it was of post-fusion. The right of vote began the play in 1976 in the NFC the Western division but in the conferences changed with the Buccaneers after a season and united the AFC al western. This re-organization was dictated by the league as part of the 1976 plan of the expansion, so that both teams of the expansion can play one al another two times and each another right of vote of NFL once during their first two seasons. In 2002, the Seahawks was returned al NFC al western as the part of a plan of re-organization of NFL that gave each conference four stable divisions of four teams each. This re-organization restored the AFC al western to its initial list of the post-fusion of original teams of AFL Denver, San Diego , the City of Kansas and Oakland .


Seattle has earned five titles of the division in its history of the right of vote: the 1988 and 1999 AFC al western titles, and the 2004, 2005, and 2006 NFC al western titles. They have earned the Play of the Championship of NFC once in 2005, and lost the Play of the Championship of AFC once in 1983. Before 2005 Seattle had the most long drought of victories of ends of any team of NFL, dating back to the 1984 season. That drought was finished with a 20-10 victory on the Washington Redskins in the 2005 ends. The never even ends of Seahawks register is (5-8). The Kingdome (1976-2000) The Kingdome (1976-2000)


NFL stats and tickets The years of Ashen (1976-1979)


The Seahawks had its “victory” larger before taking NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets never the field for a regular play of the season. In August 26, 1976 the Seahawks traded an eighth round choice in 1977 to the Tankers of Houston for Steve Largent. The right of first vote victory came October 17 when they strike their Buccaneers of the expansion brothers Bay Tampa 13-10 in the Bay of Tampa . November 7 they gained their first play at home, 30-13 on the Hawks of Atlanta. Those were the solitary victories in an inauguration 2-12 season. Nevertheless, the exciting play of Jim Zorn and Largent served note of the entertainment to come.


The Seahawks received the 1977 Professional Bowl in the Kingdome in January 17, 1977, and a multitude of treason of NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets 63.214 saw the AFC strikes the NFC 24-14. Was the first treason in Professional history of Bowl.

Great hopes after the consecutive seasons of profit to be crushed in 1980. The Seahawks lost its last 9 play to rotate a 4-3 unprecedented in a 4-12 season. The collapse permitted the Seahawks to choose the Know-how of the security Easley out of UCLA in the first series of the 1981 turn.


In 1981 the Seahawks lost five of its first six play in its way to a 6-10 unprecedented. Steve Largent had another stellar season with 1.224 yards containers. Dave Krieg did its first beginning of the career instead of a Zorn injured in December 6, 1981, completing 20 of 26 steps in a 27-23 victory on the Jet.


In the season of strike-shortened of 1982, the Seahawks said good-bye small boat after losing its first two play. The provisional coach Mike McCormack would finish was the remainder of the season and the Seahawks compiled a 4-5 unprecedented.


NFL stats and tickets The Boot Was it of Knox (1983-1991)


After a to disappoint 1982 season (that to be shortened on account of a strike of players), the Seahawks moved back from coach of interm Mike McCormack in the office and employed Boot Knox as its first coach. In 1983 the Seahawks fought for a berth of ends with a 6-6 unprecedented. Then in week 13, the NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets Seahawks strikes the Leaders of the City of Kansas 51-48 in the Kingdome to begin its victorious ways. They would gain 2 of the next 3 play to gain their first one never berth of ends. In the ends of wild card that the Seahawks closed the wild colt of Denver and its field novice marshal John Elway 31-7. The next week in the Orange of Miami Spear the Seahawks handled 66 yards in 5 play that finished with a touched in land of play-gaining for the Seahawks’ 27-20 victory on the Dolphins of Miami and their field novice marshal they Give Marine. The Seahawks’ the season of the miracle finished in the Play of the Championship of AFC as they lost to the Super Invading eventual of the champion of the Bowl XVIII Los Angeles 30-14. In spite of the 1983 conclusion of the season in a sour note, was the first season of the advancement for the Seahawks, because Warner Short they were called AFC Inexperienced Of The Year and they Throw away Knox was called AFC the Coach Of The Year.


The first play of 1984 it so happened that Warner costly, as Short suffered a season that finishes the injury of knee in the 33-0 victory on the Cleveland Brownes. Without Warner, the “the Floor Boot” the offense came be “Knox Air”. It directed by QB Dave Krieg, the Seahawks enjoyed a then right of vote registers 8 play that earns ray and a 12-4 unprecedented. A season that finishes 2 play that loses ray cost them the title of division and forced a play of wild card against the Invaders. The Seahawks rode running behind they Give Doornink and prevailed 13-7 in the team last victory of ends for 21 years. The Hawks fell al Super Bowl jumps Dolphins NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets of Miami 31-10 in the divisional ends.


The 1985 season was one from the the majority of the to frustrate in the history of the team. The team was consequent contradictory, gaining 2 play in a row and then losing 2 play in a row through the season. A final loss of the play at home to Denver resulted a microcosm of the season, like the Seahawks wasted a directs early and then had a potentially tying playing field goal attempt blow the vertical one as time expired.


The 1986 season is respected generally one of the “some that fled”. A 5-2 beginning was ruined by a 4 play that loses ray. Improbably, the team then passed a roll that saw earns they its ends 5 play in the convincing fashion. It included in the runs they were a 31-14 victory of the road on the Cowboys of you Dallas in the thanksgiving, a 37-0 victory of the Invaders of Oakland the Monday night Soccer and a season that finish 41-16 victory on the Super Bowl jump wild colt of Denver . In spite of a 10-6 unprecedented, the Seahawks failed to qualify for the ends. They NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets were the only teams to strike both Super teams of Bowl ( Denver and the Gigantic of new York ) in 1986.

The large changes went on foot in 2002. When the Seahawks left the Strong Stadium at the end of the 2001 season they formed part of the AFC al western, but when they changed al Stadium of Seahawks that were now splits of the NFC al western. This was because divisional shuffles again caused by the addition of the team of the expansion, the Houston Texan, and to maintain the traditional divisional rivalries, just as Dallas-Washington in spite of the Cowboys that are additional al western that S. Louis. The year would result one upper and downward as Dilfer was injured in the Week 7 and Hasselbeck came be the QB that begins. The it would finish the season in a 3 play profit ray, and Shaun Alexander directed NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets the NFC with 18 touched in land. But the team finished with a 7-9 unprecedented and resounds began on if Holmgren was until having the double roles as of first and general Director coach factos.


NFL stats and tickets 2003


Before the 2003 season, Holmgren, under the pressure of fans and similar media, abandoned his you owe of general director so that he can concentrate exclusively to coach the team. This moves was especially hard for Holmgren as one of the factors for he leaving the Green Bay was of taking a step out of the shadow of old Wolf of Packer-GM Ron. With its first coach focused only in the side that coaches, the Seahawks pressed in the ends as a wild card with a 10-6 unprecedented and impressively a 8-0 mark at home. The Seahawks would face the previous team of Holmgren, the Green Packers of the Bay in Field of Lambeau. The Seahawks left strong but blew several opportunities (inclusive a crucial drop of endzone by receiver Koren Robinson) and was forced to go al extraordinary time. It was during the currency-blow where marshal of field Hasselbeck did the prediction “we want the ball, and we will border”. Unfortunately for Seattle , an interception of Al Harris return for a PD sealed the destiny of Seahawks and they were out of the ends again.

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The marshals of field


* 8 Hasselbeck Matt * 15 Seneca Wallace * 11 David Greene * 5 Gibran Hamdan * Travis Lulay


The half supports


* 37 Shaun Alexander * 20 Maurice Morris * 33 NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets Josh Scobey KR * 30 Weeks of Marquis


Full backs


* 38 Waterproof Strong * 34 David Kirtman * * 49 Remove of Josh * 43 Weaverbird of Leonard




* 82 Darrell Jackson * 83 Branch of Deion * 18 D.J. Hackett * 84 Bobby Engram * 81 KR/PR of Nate Burleson * 87 Ben Obomanu * * Christopher Jones WR


Tight end


* 86 Jerramy Stevens * 85 they Do Heller * 47 Bennie Joppru * 89 Leonard Stephens



Offensive line


* 65 Chris Spencer C * 60 Pat Ross * C * 71 Walter Jones T * 75 they Be Locklear T * 68 Tom Ashworth T * 74 Ray Willis T * 62 Chris Gray G * 77 Floyd Womack G * 67

they Steal Sims * G * 64 Thatcher Szalay OL * 63 Jason Murphy * G


Defensive line


* 98 Scholarship Wistrom OF * 94 Fisherman of Bryce OF * 55 Darryl Tapp * OF * 69 Joe Tafoya OF * 72 Kemp Rasmussen OF * 92 Eric Taylor OF * 99 Bernard DT Rocky * 91

they Throw away Darby DT * 90 Marcus Tubbs DT * 95 Russell Davis DT * 93 Craig Terrill DT * 97 Marcus Green * DT * Lynn McGruder DT





* 59 Peterson OLB Julian * 51 Lofa Tatupu MLB * 56 Hill of Leroy OLB * 57 Kevin Bentley OLB * 53 Niko Koutouvides MLB * 50 Spear Laury OLB * 58 Tonelero of

Marquis OLB * 54 D.D. Lewis OLB * LB of Tony Robinson


Defensive backs


* 23 Marcus Trufant BC * 21 Kelly Jennings * BC * 25 Gardner BC Rich * 29 Hunter of Even BC * 22 Crowbar William BC * 31 Kelly Herndon BC * 35 Gerard Ross * BC * 26

Know-how Hamlin F * 40 Oliver Celestin F * 32 Mike S Green * 28 S of Michael Boulware * 27 Jordan Babineaux S/BC * 36 S of Guss Scott


Special teams


* 3 Josh Brown K * 1 Ryan Plackemeier * P * 52 Jean Philipe Darche L * 48 Derek Rackley L



*It denotes novices and first players of year


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Carl Eller * Franco Harris * Steve Largent (also a previous member of the House of Representatives U.S.) * Moon of Warren


The note: Although Mike McCormack to serve as first coach, the president, and the general director for the Seahawks, he only is listing in the Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of the Fame for its contributions like a gear for the New York Throws and the Cleveland Brownes. [4]


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* 12 “Airs/The Twelfth Man”, dedicated to fans of Seahawks * 80* Steve Largent OR *Note: It removed of the retirement for a portion of the 2004 season for the Rice of Jerry, after Largent al agreed order of the NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets Rice.


NFL stats and tickets the Ring of Seahawks of the Honor


* 22 Dave Brown, BC, 1976 – 86 (Initiated 1992) * 45 Kenny Easley, S, 1981 – 87 (Initiated 2002) * 79 Jacob Green, OF, 1980 – 91 (Initiated 1995) * Even Thick, the voice “original” of the Seahawks, 1976 – 92, dead person in December, 1992 owed al cancer (November Initiated, 1992 barely two days before its step) * 96 Cortez Kennedy, DT, 1990-2000 (Initiated 2006)

* Boot Knox, the first coach, 1983 – 91 (It Initiated 2005) * 17 Dave Krieg, QB, 1980 – 91 (Initiated 2004) * 80 Steve Largent, WR, 1976 – 89 (Initiated 1989) * 28 Warner Short, the RB, 1983 – 89 (Initiated 1993, not to be confused with subsequent marshal of field Kurt Warner) * 10 Jim Zorn, QB, 1976 – 84 (NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets Initiated 1991)


NFL stats and tickets Other notable students


* Sam Adam, DT * Michael Bats, WR/KR * Autry Beamon, S * the Jay Bellamy, DB * Leaves of Brian, WR * Brian Bosworth, the LB * Brown Chadian, the LB * Theotis Brown,

the RB * Jeff Bryant, OF/DT * Jeff Chadwick, WR * Mike Curtis, the LB * Phillip Daniels, OF * they Be Dawkins, WR * they Give Doornink, the RB * Crane Fenner, the

RB * John Friesz, QB * Joey Galloway, WR * Stan Gelbaugh, QB * Ahman Green, the RB * Dwayne Harper, BC * John Harris, S * Efren Blacksmith, K * the Norm Johnson, K

* Joe Jurevicius, WR * Flat Soldier Kane, WR * Cortez Kennedy, DT * Levon Kirkland, the LB * Jon Kitna, QB * they Laugh Lindell, K


* The Know-how Lucas, DB * Kevin Mawae, C * Crane Mays, WR * Sam McCullum, WR * Moon of Warren, QB


NFL stats and tickets 2004


The Seahawks entered the 2004 season with high hopes. The publications such as the Sport Illustrated predicted that the team NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets would represent the NFC in Super Bowl XXXIX. The Seahawks began of totally, going 3-0 include a 34-0 victory of the low San Francisco 49ers at home. The season would take a return dramatics for the worst one, nevertheless, when the Seahawks blew a 27-10 main afternoon in the fourth quarter to its division-rival, the S. Louis Ram. Dragging 27-10 late in the fourth quarter, the Ram they bordered to throw inside ten with 5:34 being remained in the clock. This it was followed by a 41 step of yard PD to Kevin Curtis, doing the account 27-24. After the Seahawks failed to become a third critic downward, leaving 1:14 in the clock of the play, the Ram tied the play in the possession that results, sending the play in the extraordinary time. In the period extra, the Ram they gained the play in a to daze 52 caught of the touched in land of yard by Shaun McDonald. The Seahawks never recovered completely of the frightening loss and passed to gain only six of its last twelve play.


The Seahawks had another fusion of the memorable nucleus of the fourth quarter against the Cowboys the Monday night soccer. When Seattle directed 39-28 late in the fourth quarter, Testaverde completed a step of the touched in land to the departure of Keyshawn Johnson 1:45 in the clock of the play. Jason Witten recovered the to result in correct position kick, and Julius Jones was represented a lot in the 57 yard of Cowboys handles to gain the play. Jones finished with a NFL point spreads Seattle Seahawks tickets play-high one 198 yards that are hurried at night.

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