10 Must See Supercars from China, Japan and Other Asian Manufacturers (Models of 2022)

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By the numbers it seems that European and American carmakers have fully privatized the segment of supercars. However, the rise of Asian models might be just around the corner. Chinese, Japanese, Middle East and other Oriental car manufacturers already have conceptual and production ready units that live up to the high standards of supercar performance. Today we will demonstrate to you the must-see models from this region that defy the stigma that Asia is devoid of speed and luxury!

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00:00 Introduction

00:40 Hongqi S9

Famous as the Chinese luxury limo brand, Hongqi is trying itself in a new segment. The brand’s upcoming S9 supercar gets designed by VW’s Walter Da Silva and packs a hybrid drivetrain setup.

01:46 Acura NSX Type S

Limited to 350 units, 2022 Acura NSX Type S is a good-bye, performance version of the mid-engine supercar that gets a remapped V6 with 3 motors, making 600 horses.

02:51 Fenyr Supersport

Founded in 2012, the Dubai-based W Motors became the first manufacturer of hypercars in the Middle East. Their second creation Fenyr Supersport costs 1.9 million and the production was expanded to 100 units.

04:00 Nio EP9

The Nio EP9 is probably the most famous Chinese supercar of today. It holds multiple speed and lap records not only as an electric vehicle but also as a hypercar in general.

05:06 Aspark Owl

The Japanese businessman Masanori Yoshida founded Aspark back in 2005 in Osaka, but originally his company was focusing on the engineering services rather than straight up car development. The Aspark Owl electric hypercar is the inaugural project of the company.

06:16 Qiantu K50

The name of this Chinese automaker means “the future” in Mandarin, so the Qiantu K50 supercar packs plenty of features to account for the loud company name. In production since 2019, the model comes built on a lightweight aluminum chassis with all-carbon fiber bodywork, full LED lighting, and of course, a fully electric heart.

07:19 Vega EVX

Sri Lanka’s and South Asia’s first and only electric supercar Vega EVX has been in development since 2015. It is a two-ton sports coupe with the Ferrari 458 Italia looks, red-painted carbon fiber body and a massive diffuser.

08:20 NIssan GT-R Italdesign

Since both Nissan GT-R’s and Italdesign’s semicentennials were celebrated around 2018, the two brands got to the development of a joint project that evolved into a 50 units limited edition supercar. The model is based on the performance-enhanced GT-R Nismo.

09:26 Arcfox GT

Created in 2017, Arcfox is an EV-dedicated brand that belongs to the umbrella of the Chinese state-owned BAIC Group. The company made its official global debut at the 2019 Geneva Autoshow, presenting to the public the GT supercar.

10:35 Icona Vulcano

Originally, the world’s first titanium supercar was developed in Turin, Italy, but since then the Icona Group expanded across the globe and is now headquartered in China. The design of the Icona Vulcano supercar was developed by the French artist Samuel Chuffar.

11:34 MG Cyberster

Inspired by MG’s original roadsters, 2021 MG Cyberster gets a long, low silhouette with a swooping bonnet, pop-up headlights, and an LED light strip that runs the sides of the car. The concept has already gained significant traction in China with 5000 registrations, so MG is seriously considering it for production.

Automotive - RSV News originally published at Automotive - RSV News

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