10 New Electric Cars that Have Everything You Need Despite Being Small

ICE cars are getting bigger, just take a look at the pickups and 7-seater SUVs that are selling left and right these days. Electric vehicles on the other hand do not shy away from exploring the concept of downsizing which involves affordable, extremely low maintenance and maneuverable daily commuters. In this episode we will reviewing the newest introductions in the segment of tiny electric cars that will be swarming the city streets in the near future!

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Smart EQ ForTwo: smart.com/gb/en/models/eq-fortwo-coupe

Available exclusively with an electric powertrain, the smallest smart model gets a facelift in 2020, alongside its convertible and 4-seat siblings. The refresh is inspired by the 2018 Forease concept, so the smart EQ ForTwo boasts revised head and tail lights and a revamped nose with a honeycomb radiator grille and updated air-intakes.

Microlino 2.0: microlino-car.com/en/microlino

The Iso Isetta also known as the Bubble Car is the unforgettable oddity as well as classic of the 20th century. Its design is being resurrected by the young Swiss startup Micro Mobility in the all-electric form of Microlino 2.0.
Fiat 500-e: media.fcaemea.com/uk-en/fiat/press/the-new-fiat-500-all-new-all-electric-all-cinquecento

Fiat 500 2-door is entering its third generation in 2021, debuting as a fully electric convertible that sits on a newly developed Fiat platform. The car sticks with the familiar exterior design, but becomes slightly less compact, measuring 91 inches in wheelbase and 143 inches in overall length.

e-Go Life Sport and Concept Cross: e-go-mobile.com/en/models/e.go-life-sport/ / e-go-mobile.com/en/models/e.go-life-concept-cross

The e.GO Mobile AG was founded in 2015 drawing intellectual resources from the Aachen universitycampus. The year 2020 welcomes two new nearly-production ready versions of this city commuter: theathletic Sport and off-roady Cross.

Citroen Ami: int-media.citroen.com/en/ranges/cars/ami

2021 Citroen Ami two-door is advertised as the car that will make individual electric mobility accessible to everyone, and with a pricetag of 6000 Euros or 19.99 per month, it definitely will.

VW e-UP!: vwpress.co.uk/models/variant-e-up

2020 VW e-UP! is the smallest model from the brand, that enters its 2nd generation this year. As before, the e-Up measures only 141 inches in length, seats 4 people, but becomes much better where it truly matters, gaining a new battery and more tech features.

iEV X and XX: ievmotors.com

Probably, this is the most peculiar EV on our list, that takes the concept of downsizing to the extreme and would allow you to shelter the car in the hallway instead of a garage. In essence, the Intelligent electric vehicle or iEV X is a glorified quad-wheel scooter with a roof.

Honda E: honda.co.uk/cars/new/honda-e/overview.html

When comparing to other passenger cars or even city-oriented hatchbacks, the 5-door Honda E seems like a miniscule automobile, but in today’s selection, it is actually the largest model.

Renault Twingo Z.E: media.group.renault.com/global/en-gb/renault/media/presspacks/21239716/nouvelle-renault-twingo-ze-plus-que-jamais-la-reine-de-la-ville

Renault continues to expand its EV range, with the 2021 Renault Twingo Z.E supermini joining the extremely successful Zoe hatch this year.

Baojun e300: media.gm.com/media/cn/en/baojun/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/cn/en/2020/Jan/0117_Baojun.html

Baojun is a joint venture of GM, SAIC Motor and Wuling that has been producing tiny all-electric city cars since 2017. The newest one in the brand’s lineup is the 3-door e300, unveiled in early 2020. The 103-inch-long car rides on small, 12-inch wheels and depending on the modification, sits from 2 to 4 people.

Der e-Kafer: e-classics.eu/en/retrokaefer.php

Volkswagen is seriously exploring the possibility of reinventing the recently discontinued Beetle as a new generation EV, for now though, the iconic Beetle e-Kafer retro model is being converted in partnership with the German restoration specialist eClassics.

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