Arizona Garage Door Guru, Announces Emergency Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement in Phoenix

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Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner - James Lanham

Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner – James Lanham

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

Leading Phoenix-based garage door service, Arizona Garage Door Guru, has rolled out its emergency garage door spring repair service

When your garage door breaks, The Guru is awake with 24-hour emergency garage door repair services. Thank you Arizonans for the many years of business and phenomenal reviews – we appreciate you!”

— James AKA The Guru

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, July 11, 2022 / — Arizona Garage Door Guru Announces Emergency Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement in Phoenix

Leading Phoenix-based garage door service, Arizona Garage Door Guru, has rolled out its emergency garage door spring repair service.

The new service means that the company will repair a garage door spring at any time and place across the city.

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Garage Door Guru, has formally announced a special emergency service meant to provide broken garage door spring replacement in Phoenix.

The new service, according to the company, was something in the works for a while, especially since many, if not most of the emergency requests the company received were from homeowners stuck with a garage that either had a broken spring or one that had some other spring related problems.

However, the most common fix for extension and torsion springs is simply replacing them.

Many homeowners may not know this, but garage doors are designed to be robust performers. Even the cheapest garage doors are built to last five to seven years. However, various factors dictate the longevity of a garage door, one of which is the quality of the torsion or extension springs.

Generally, budget garage door manufacturers will cut costs using lower quality and fewer springs. The two springs on lower-priced models often don’t last as long, which means either one or both may break because they wear out so quickly.

Then you also need to factor in the number of cycles for the springs, which mainly means how many times a garage door opened and closed. That’s why broken garage door spring replacement in Phoenix is the most common garage door repair.

Fortunately, garage door spring repair cost is comparatively low even if high-quality springs are used. Leading services like Arizona Garage Door Guru say that they use only the best after-market springs that are guaranteed to last long.

However, if a garage door comes with two springs, it can’t be upgraded to four springs, which is why homeowners that open and close their garage doors more frequently will want to invest in a more robust model with four springs.

Arizona Garage Door Guru’s prompt, emergency garage door spring replacement will mean that homeowners aren’t stranded with a broken garage door in the middle of the night. The company said that their technicians travel with all the tools and springs they need to complete the job.

Readers can find out more about Arizona Garage Door Guru’s emergency spring replacement and emergency garage door repair by visiting

“One of the most common emergency complaints we get from homeowners is that their garage door is stuck or that they think the spring is broken.

Many of these complaints come in through the night and early morning when people return home or leave for work, only for the garage door to break on them. Since garage door springs are the most common complaint we’ve fielded over the years, we now offer an emergency service for people who know their garage door spring(s) have broken. This means our professionals will arrive with a fresh set of springs and replace them right away.” Said a technician working for Arizona Garage Door Guru.

He added, “While many homeowners may be tempted to follow YouTube videos and replace their garage door spring, attempting this is dangerous. Garage doors weigh several hundred pounds, and the slightest mistake can cause personal harm. Fortunately, garage door spring repair costs are comparatively low, and as professionals, we can assure you of a job well done.”

According to experts, the best way to prevent a garage door spring from suddenly failing is to get the garage door inspected annually. A professional annual inspection helps to find issues with various parts of the garage door’s mechanism, which can then be addressed to prevent sudden failure. For instance, if the garage door springs are beginning to wear, the technician may recommend replacing the torsion springs to ensure that the garage door performs reliably.

Newer garage doors, often ones less than three years old, may not require an annual inspection and may still be under warranty. If the spring breaks on a newer garage door, it may be covered by the warranty, in which case, it is best to register a complaint with the company. However, under no circumstance should anyone attempt to replace torsion or extension springs on a garage door.

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Arizona Garage Door Guru LLC is one of Phoenix, AZ’s leading, most reputed garage door repair companies. The company has years of experience repairing and installing all types of garage doors.

Over the years, Arizona Garage Door Guru has earned a reputation for offering excellent ‘value for money garage door repairs, backed by a professional warranty. In addition, people who find themselves stuck with a broken garage door can call the company anytime. The 24/7 service responds to most requests in a matter of minutes.

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