FCVs Help to Accelerate Hydrogen Economy

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century with characteristics of diverse sources, zero emissions, environmentally friendly, and a wide range of applications. FCV is one of the key directions for the use of hydrogen energy. However, the development of FCV not only needs to overcome technical bottlenecks but also needs to solve the problem of hydrogen energy supply.

As an important infrastructure of hydrogen application, hydrogen refueling station is the focus of various energy enterprises and countries. From the perspective of regional distribution, Asia and Europe are the most active regions for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in the world.

At present, there are generally two types of hydrogen refueling stations in the world, large traditional public hydrogen refueling station and small self-use hydrogen production and refueling equipment.

Small self-use hydrogen production and refueling equipment, such as Angstrom’s CUBE series hydrogen refueler, is more suitable for customers with urgent hydrogen refueling needs or small hydrogen demand. This product only requires water and electricity connection for hydrogen production and refueling at either 35MPa or 70MPa. It applies a unique modular design with high integration, is easy to be operated, installed, and maintained. This product combines high safety, accuracy, convenience, and reliability.

Large-scale traditional hydrogen refueling station is usually suitable for public transportation and massive hydrogen refueling needs. Although this infrastructure produces more hydrogen, it occupies a large space and is very complicated. At present, the 500KG/day containerized hydrogen refueling station designed by Angstrom overcomes the mentioned problems, it has the characteristics of smaller footprint, simple installation and maintenance, lower investment and operation cost, and higher safety and automation levels. The station has a daily refueling capacity of 500KG (12 hrs). The whole system includes a 40ft container (integrated manifold, compressor, dispenser, and safety & controls), a hydrogen ground storage ([email protected]), a compression cooling-water machine chiller (for the compressor), and a low temp chiller for hydrogen cooling. Refueling pressure is 35MPa, with TK16 and TK25 dual nozzle.

The construction and popularity of hydrogen refueling station will determine the commercialization process of FCVs, meanwhile, the development of FCVs will be a vital link in the hydrogen economy.

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Automotive - Reality Syndicate Viewers originally published at Automotive - Reality Syndicate Viewers

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