HOVSCO E-bike Plans to Hire a Video Production Company in CA

Hovsco Ebike Company is Hiring a Video Production Company

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HOVSCO, born in 2019, seeks to empower everyone with the advantages of e-biking. The brand dedicates itself to improve its models’ quality and provide superior quality performance bicycles and components, as well as boost upgraded technology innovation and design. With the e-bike purchase busy season, HOVSCO is currently seeking to hire a professional video production company in California, United States to move their targeted audiences through engaging video experiences and empower the viewers to make a better decision they believe in while purchasing an ebike.

The CEO of HOVSCO said,”We are looking for a Video Production Company which specializes in video editing, photography, filming and various of production. Because we believe it is a great way to boost our company’s credibility and outreach. We have all-terrain ebikes which need a great video to cut through mass messaging in a way that will be remembered, shared, and create real emotional connections with our targeted viewers. If you are a professional video production company, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone number. Our email address is [email protected] and our phone number is +1 626-523-1051″ .

He also added,”If that video production company has a location filming at some of most renown locales, like San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, etc, it will be great. We would prefer our ebikes reviews and promotional videos set in a specific backdrop, like rugged mountains, raging rivers, sprawling lakes, winding forests or coastal beaches.”

Eric, Product Manager of HOVSCO, said,”We have produced five models of electric bikes. HovAlpha, 26 inch fat tire ebike, has a better advantage compared to similar model of other ebike companies in markets. This versatile and powerful Hovsco HovAlpha ebike sports rugged build that is well suited for off-road riding on just about any terrain. HovAlpha is equipped with 750W rear hub motor, 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Battery and a strength-saving torque sensor. It can transit well from paved road to dirt, gravel, sand, snow or mud. It will be easy to take a splendid review video about HovAlpha ebike.”

About Hovsco: Hovsco designs, manufactures, and distributes bicycles and premium cycling parts, and accessories that are available in United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Designed for reliable, exhilarating, and short-longe, long-range travel, Hovsco will power you through any terrain – forest, mountains, or urban jungles.

Learn more on their website https://www.hovsco.com/

Email address: [email protected]

Call: +1 626-523-1051

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+1 626-523-1051
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