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TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, April 6, 2022 / — High quality Air Valve Lapping tool can quickly and effectively grinds valves in seconds. Air Valve Lapping tool is used with valve lapping compound to make sure your valve and the valve seat fit together with an air-tight seal. Air Valve Lapping tool grinds valves into valve seats with power-operated, thus allowing faster grinding compared with standard suction-type valve grinding tools.

Air Valve Lapping tool manufacturer meets the demands of the global market. Air Valve Lapping tool is used for high precision applications in a variety of markets of Air Valve Lapping tool.

What is a valve lapping tool?

Air Valve Lapping tool. This means the tool powered by air is attached to the valve head, lapping compound is used to the valve seat or the valve surface and the tool is rotated in horizontal direction to lap the valve to the seat.

what does lapping valves mean?

Valve Lapping is basically polishing down the surface of the Valves (which allow fuel and air to flow in, and exhaust to flow out) and the valve and valve seat make contact with each other.

Is lapping valves necessary? Lapping is needed absolutely when valves have been worn out. Nothing doing all that work only to find out you have intake/exhaust valve worn out eventually. Backfires and damaged valves seats will be the only thing left.

What is an air powered valve lapping tool?

Air powered lapping tools are used for precision surface grinding, often in relation with loose abrasive compounds. Lap is an elastic rubber material that is charged with an abrasive and is used for grinding hard steel. A lapping tool uses a charged head piece as lap for grinding off uneven surfaces of engine valve seats caused by carbon deposits.

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