Hydrogen Town, Important Step of Sustainable Development

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nowadays, based on the publicity of clean & renewable energy, environmental protection, and carbon-neutral, “Hydrogen Town” has been paid more and more attention to worldwide. It means hydrogen would be the critical medium in bringing together renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, etc.), power, heat and utilities, and the ability for grid peak-shift. Meanwhile, hydrogen will be used as a backup power source, as well as the fuel for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs). At present, a couple of relevant projects have been launched worldwide, including but not limited to Rugao Hydrogen Town, Jiangsu, China; Harumi Hydrogen Town, Tokyo, Japan; and Orkney Hydrogen Town, Scotland.

Producing high-purity, excellent hydrogen is an important stage in the construction of the town. The Angstrom Group, as a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, has been committed to R&D and technological development of the hydrogen industry for years. It’s the first company worldwide that can fully, directly, and efficiently convert unstable renewable energy into hydrogen. Angstrom commercialized large scale 2.5MW single stack alkaline electrolyzer adopts unique modular design and patented technology ensures lower energy consumption, higher purity, larger capacity, and optimized intelligence and integration compared with traditional hydrogen production equipment/system, also ensuring the products can work in a variety of harsh and unstable environments.

Moreover, hydrogen refueling station will be an essential infrastructure for the town to support FCVs, however, it has problems such as occupying large space, long construction period, high cost (initial investment, operation, labor, maintenance), etc. The emergence of Angstrom all-in-one hydrogen refueler solves the above dilemma. It occupies a much smaller footprint with a short installation period and high mobility, and can produce hydrogen by connecting water and electricity only, which requires less investment cost. The refueler is highly integrated with full automatic control, which requires less labor and maintenance costs. The biggest advantage of it is user-friendly and can be customized according to special requirements by customers. Simple raw material with intelligentized control and monitoring ensures safety and reliability while reducing operational and label costs.

The ultimate goal of Hydrogen Town is to take advantage of hydrogen as a clean, zero-emission energy source to achieve sustainable development and carbon neutral. We believe that the establishment of the town will become an important step in the development history of the hydrogen energy industry.

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