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In April 9, 1965, the Colt of Houston . 45s came be the Houston Stars and the interior baseball inaugurated in the Astrodome. Logo of Houston Astros players Houston Astros tickets Houston Stars, toward 1965-1974 Logo of Houston Stars, toward the year 1965-1974


The Sports News the Official Guide of the Baseball for 1965 had this to say about why the team was regrouped: “To ends of the year 1964 the County of Harris the Vaulted Stadium was called officially Houston Astros players the Astrodome after the club of Houston changed its nickname, December 1, of the Colt. 45s Houston Astros tickets to Stars. The it moves result of objections by the Colt Rifles Company to the sales of the club of the news that bear the old nickname”.


In spite of matters of registered trademark, “Stars” was a good attack for the futuristic environment of the revolutionary vaulted stadium and also since Houston was by then the home of the program of astronaut of NASA. The scoreboard retained the subliminal references al old nickname, as represented electronically animated cattlemen that say good-bye guns, with the “bullets” that bounce around the scoreboard, when a player of Stars would strike a home runs. Early in, the attendants Houston Astros tickets carried also the spatial suits of astronaut to promote that futuristic image.


When a condition of its entrance in the National League, the Stars committed to the construction of a new vaulted stadium, designed as defense against the heat and the oppressive humidity of the summer of Houston . The result was the Astrodome.


Feebly it based on the old Roman Theater , the Astrodome was as no place of action that had come before, and was doubled the Octave Wonder of the World. Al the same as with many stadiums of that was, just as the Stadium of RFK and the Stadium of Shea, the Astrodome was a multipurpose stadium, designed for so much for the soccer as the baseball. Nevertheless, because it was enclosed, could be utilized also for events contained traditionally interior sands, just as Houston Astros players the basketball, the concerts and the political conventions, permitting the multitudes al air free-calibrated in a place of interior action.


Aside from his ceiling, the Astrodome was a revolutionary for several other reasons. He was one of the first stadiums to have to individual, of type theater he sits down for each seat in the place of action. Additionally, was one of the first stadiums to have the seats of the luxury and the club that sit down, in the time a relatively new concept instead of action of sport. It had also an “exploding scoreboard”, that would show several animations after a home run or a victory, as well as the messages and the publicity.


The Astrodome was also one of the first stadiums in the country to utilize an artificial surface that plays. The creation of an artificial surface found based on the need. Originally the Astrodome had a field of lawn and a transparent ceiling. Nevertheless, during the 1965 season, the players and the fans complained about the dazzles in the country that removed the play. As a consequence, the ceiling was painted black. This it resolved the dazzles the problem but exterminated the lawn. When a solution that the Stars unfolded a product of the Corporation of Monsanto called astroturf, a surface that could be utilized in any condition, and in a surface that was, compared al lawn, the low conservation.


The surface showed elastic al I play routine of the play and was relatively sure, having as a result various schools and professional teams that change to fields of artificial surface. Additionally, the astroturf made possible Houston Astros players various other vaulted stadiums, just as the Superdome, the Dome of Bearer, and the Pontiac Silverdome.


years seventy


The year 1975 they would be marked by the tragedy with the suicide of previous pitcher of Stars Mr. Wilson, that had thrown two no-batters for the club. Wilson Sweater, the number 40, they were retired also by the Stars.


The Stars in 1975 would adopt also the orange, yellow and the armada Rainbow Intestines uniforms that came be a registered Houston Astros tickets trademark of the team and they would remain with them in some form for 1993. These uniforms (nicknamed “the poles”) originally did for Sand-Weaves, was extremely popular with fans, the knowledge enlarged of the Stars

After a mediocre one 1985 season, the Stars to say good-bye Al of general director Rosen and the director Cuts Lillis. The previous one he was replaced by Dick Wagner, the man whose Red one defeated the Stars to gain the 1979 NL al western. The last one he was replaced by Hal Lanier whose baseball of ticket window took Houston by the storm. Before Lanier took, the fans were usual to occasional slow beginnings of Houston . But with Lanier that going ahead, Houston descended from to a hot beginning that earns 13 of its first 19 contests.


The Stars had many peak points. After the Astrodome to receive the Baseball of the main league the Play all stellar, the Stars passed a ray with five to comes straight of behind of victories (two against the Mets and three against the Expos of Montreal). In a play against the smooth talkers, the pitcher Jim Deshaies (that came of the yankees in exchange for Joe Niekro) began the play with 8 strikeouts straight. September 25, Mike Scott helped its team closes the NL al western no-strike the surprising Giants of San Francisco . Scott would finish the season with a 18-10 unprecedented and a Cy Young Prize with himself.


Its adversaries in the NLCS were the Mets of new York , a team that with 108 victories was considered a team for the ages, destined to gain a world Championship. To add an insinuation of the flavor al matchup, both teams celebrated their fifth twentieth season as rights of vote of MLB that sazonar.


The 1986 National Series of the Championship of the League was noted for great drama and is respected one of the best series of postseason never. In the Play 3, the Stars was ahead in Stadium of Shea, 5-4, in the fund of the 9 when Dave Smith more fence renounced a two-runs runs at home to Lenny Dykstra, giving the Mets a dramatics 6-5 victory.


Nevertheless, the play of firm of the series was the Play 6. Needing a victory to arrive at Mike Scott (that had been dominant in the series) in the Play 7, the Stars jumped far away to a 3-0 main in the first entrance but neither the team would border again to the ninth entrance. In the 9, beginning Short pitcher Knepper would give two run, and once more the Stars would look at to Dave Smith to liquidate it. Nevertheless, Smith would walk Cartdriver of Gary and Strawberry of Darryl, renouncing a fly of the sacrifice al Gentleman of the Ray, tying the play. In spite of having the he continues ahead he runs in the base, Smith could escape the entrance without more damage.


There was not to border until the fourteenth entrance when the Mets would take the front in a Backman alone Bump and Kevin the Low error. The Stars would obtain the runs behind in the fund of the 14 in a single runs at home by Hatcher Bile with one was. In the sixteenth entrance, the Strawberry of Darryl duplicated to begin the Gentleman of the entrance and the Ray handled it at home in the next Houston Astros tickets one in-bats. The Mets would border a sum of three runs in the entrance to take what an insurmountable one appeared 7-4 main. With its season in the line, the Stars nevertheless would recover for two runs to come inside 7-6. Kevin Low proposed the to tie and the profit runs in the base; nevertheless Jesse Orosco would strike was it, finishing the play.

Houston Astros players

This play of 16 entrances put a registration for the most long one in the history of postseason of MLB until the Stars to be implied in the play that broke the registration in October 9, 2005 against the Atlanta Confronts that was 18 entrances.

After two quite successful seasons without an appearance of ends, in half of season in 2004 the Stars they walked with Houston Astros players difficulty Houston Astros tickets. Before the season, the Stars had aggregated the star pitchers Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens to a team that already included the stars as Spear Berkman and Jeff Kent as well as the nucleus of Bagwell and Biggio. They were anointed quickly one of the favorite to gain the National League. Nevertheless, in the Interruption all stellar, they were 44-44 to a large extent due to an incapacity to border run, and a poor registration in 1 runs the play. After it be mocked in the 2004 Play all stellar had in the Minute Maid Park al to serve as a coach for the National League, William said good-bye and they were replaced by Granary of Phil, that had been a star for the Stars’ second winner of the division in 1986. Although many people were extremely skeptics of Granary, that had a mediocre record in its prior managerial shifts in Milwaukee and Detroit, with only a victorious season in any stop (in 1992), the team responded to Store, that directed the team to a 46-26 unprecedented in the second time and the National wild Card of the League. They would pass to gain its first series of ends in eight attempts, striking the Confronts in five play of the National Series of the Division of the League to advance to the National Series of the Championship of the League for the third time. Nevertheless, they would lose al S. The Cardinal of Louis in seven play, the majority of the dramatically in a walk far away runs at home Houston Astros players by Jim Edmonds in the Play 6.

Houston Astros tickets

The Stars’ 2004 success had a lot in doing with the retirement postponed of pitcher of star Roger Clemens (a resident of Houston ), that finished 2004 with a seventh one Cy unprecedented Young Prize (its first one in the NL). Clemens had announced previously that retired after the 2003 season of the New York yankees. Nevertheless, after the Stars he signed its previous yankee team companion Andy Pettitte and to offer Clemens several gratifications (inclusive the option to be remained at home with its family for certain trips of the road when he was not planned to throw), Clemens considered again and signed an of a year treats with the Stars.


Additionally, the season half addition of Carlos Beltrán in a commerce with the City of Kansas Real helped the Stars tremendously in its ends runs. In spite of resounds in July and August that the Stars it perhaps throw al air to another contender, Beltrán would show instrumental to the Stars’ the hopes, Houston Astros tickets striking eight home runs in the postseason. Following the season, after affirming initially that a desire to be remained with the Stars, Beltrán signed a long-term contract with the Mets of new York in January 9, 2005.


The Stars and Nolan Ryan would re-establish also its relation, thanks to the old friendship of Ryan with owner of Stars Drayton McLane. The secondary team of the league of Ryan, the Espresso Round Stone Houston Astros tickets (that played out of Austin , Tiles) would come to be a Stars the secondary league is affiliated, first in the League of AA Tiles and finally in the AAA the peaceful League of the Coast. Additionally, Ryan was a frequent special guest of the Stars through the 2004 and 2005 ends and he would leave also to fall for the field of Stars as an instructor of guest. The had also a contract of personal-services with the Stars. Done fast


It founded: 1962 (the National expansion of the League) the colors of the Uniform: The black, red brick, and the design of Logo of sand: The star five-indicated red with the word “Stars” under it in edits Owner Drayton McLane, Son. The general motto of the Team of Manger Tim Purpura: It creates The Buzz! The appearances of ends (9) : 1980, 1981, 1986, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005 world series appearances(1) : 2005 Stations of the Television: FSN (Houston), the television of KNWS-51 radio Stations: KTRH-AM 740 (flagship); KLAT-AM Houston Astros players 1010 Spanish); KBME-AM 790 (transmitted the play in emergencies, wonders to be able, the play of the instruction

of the spring of the working day, or when KTRH cannot transmit the play said). The commentators (the Radio) : Milo Hamilton (at home play only), Dave Raymond, Commentators of Brett Cut (the television) : The account Brown, Jim Deshaies Spring Instruction Facility: The Stadium of the County of Osceola, Kissimmee, FL Competes: S. The Cardinal of Louis, Atlanta Houston Astros players Confronts, Houston Astros tickets Cubs of Chicago, forest Rangers of Tiles, the Mets of new York.


ready Active


ready of 40 men


It brought up to date in December 12, 2006




* 37 United States Albers Matt * — Dominican Republic Miguel Asencio * 58 United States Dave Borkowski * — United States Paul Road * — United States Jason

Jennings * 54 Dagger U.S. Lidge * 47 Miller U.S. Trever * 64 Venezuela Fernando Snow * 44 United States Roy Oswalt * 50 United States Qualls Chadian * 51

Dominican Republic Wandy Rodriguez * 43 United States Chris Sampson * 35 Wheeler U.S. they Give * 29 United States William Ligneous




* 11 Dagger U.S. Ausmus * 56 Venezuela Hector Giménez * 46 Venezuela Humberto Quintero


Players of the interior picture


* 17 Spear U.S. Berkman * 7 United States Craig Biggio * 10 United States Eric Bruntlett * 14 United States Morgan Ensberg * — United States Mark Loretta * 28

United States Adam Everett * 26 Lamb U.S. Mike



Players of the exterior field Houston Astros tickets


* 2 United States Chris Burke * 52 United States Charlton Jimerson * 16 Path U.S. Jason * 19 United States Edging Palmeiro * 30 United States Luke Scott * 45

Sotavento of Panama Carlos


List incapacitated


* 41 United States Brandon Backe


List prolonged


* 20 United States Joke Anderson * 38 Dominican Republic Ezequiel Astacio * 68 United States are Stalled Barthmaier * 56 United States Philip Barzilla * 71

Venezuela Juan Gutiérrez * — United States Lincoln Holdzkom Houston Astros tickets * 62 United States Mark McLemore * 55 Dominican Republic Felipe Paulino





* 3 Granary U.S. Phil




* 6 United States Mark Bailey (bull even) * 15 Tonelero U.S. Cecil (bank) * 25 Puerto Rico José Cross (first base) * 8 Berry U.S. they Be (striking) * 29

United States Doug Mansolino (third base) * — United States Dave Wallace (throwing)


Previous players


the Vestibule of the Baseball of Famers


* 2 I Read Durocher, MGR, 1972-73 * 2 Fox of Nellie, 2B, 1964-65 * 11 Eddie Mathews, 3B, 1967 * 8 Joe Morgan, 2B, 1963-71 & 1980 * 38 Robin Roberts, P, 1965-66 * 34

Nolan Ryan, P, 1980-88 * 20 Mr. Sutton, P, 1981-82


Retired the numbers


* 24 Crowbar Wynn, OF, 1963-73 * 25 José Cross, OF, 1975-87; the Coach, 1997 they present * 32 Jim Umbricht, P, 1962-63 * 33 Mike Scott, P, 1983-91 * 34 Nolan Ryan,

P, 1980-88 * 40 Mr. Wilson, P, 1966-74 * 42 Jackie Robinson, retired through the Baseball of the main league * 49 Larry Dierker, P 1964-76, the Director 1997-2001


While done not officially it retire, the Stars has not reprinted the number 57 since 2002, when pitcher Darryl Kile died like an active player with the S. Cardinal of Louis.


The Stars has indicated they will retire the number of Bagwell of Jeff 5 some time during the 2007 season.



2005: Houston , we have a pennant


In 2005, the Stars descended from to a poor Houston Astros players beginning, dropping to 15 play under 0,500 (15-30) in late May before coming to be almost unbeatable. Of that lower point to the end of July, Houston was 42-17 and found to itself in the main one for the wild Card of NL. The to strike, to a large extent absent in April and May, was suddenly there, with still the pitchers that contribute.


The Stars had developed also an excellent Houston Astros tickets personnel of the I pitch, anchored for Roger Clemens (Houston Astros players that had a WAS ties-low of only 1,87), Andy Pettitte, Roy Oswalt, and Brandon Backe. The principle of the inexperienced one Ezequiel Astacio and Wandy Rodriguez they were also successful.

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