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The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional lights up the composed organization of teams of ice hockey in North America all star National Hockey League. His French name is Tie hockey equipment NHL flyers Nationale of the Hockey (LNH). Is the first professional league of ice hockey in the world, in [2] and in one of the older leagues Americans of sport of professional. The NHL is divided into two conferences of the fifteen-team each one that consists of three divisions of the five-team.


The league was founded in 1917 in Montreal , Quebec with five teams, and by a series of expansions, the reductions and the recolocaciones now are composed of 30 teams, 24 that they are based on the United States and six in Canada . After a dispute of the work that carried to the cancellation of the season all star National Hockey League 2004–05 complete, the league has prepared a successful one 2005–06 the season to regulate and 2006 Ends of Stanley Cup. ach the National play of the regulation of the League of the Hockey is a play of ice hockey played between two teams and to have 60 minutes of length. The play is composed of hockey equipment NHL flyers three periods of 20 minutes with an intermission of 17 minutes among periods. dead times of Television [14] are taken in the first stop of the play after 6, 10, and 14 minutes of passed time unless there is a demonstration of force or the first stop is the result of a goal. In these cases that the dead time will occur in the first stop after the grief expire or the second stop after the goal. At the end of the 60 time of the regulation of minute, the team with the all star National Hockey League majority of the goals earns the play. If a play is tied after time of regulation, the extraordinary time results. During the season to regulate, the extraordinary time is a five-minute, the four-player in the period of the sudden-death of four-player, in which the first team to border a goal earns the play. The principle in 2005–06, if the play is tied still at the end of extraordinary time, the play enters a cross-fire. [15] Three players for each team take on the other hand a shot of grief. The team with the the majority of the goals during the three round cross-fire earns the play. [15] If the play is tied still after the three series of the cross-fire, the cross-fire continues, but comes be the sudden death. Any team ultimately earns the cross-fire is granted the goal and granted two points. The losing team in the hockey equipment NHL flyers extraordinary time or the cross-fire is granted only one. The goals of the cross-fire and saves they are not we track in the all star National Hockey League statistics of the hockey; the statistics of the Cross-fire is I track separately. [15]


The cross-fires do not occur during the ends. In the ends, an unlimited number of the sudden-death 20 minute five in-five periods occur to an accounts of the team. [15] While a play can continue theoretically for always, only a handful of play has surpassed never four periods of extraordinary time, and none has gone beyond six. [16]


the Teams




Forest rangers







Leaves of maple







Blue jackets

Red wings

Animals of theft


You call



Virgin land



You crash






The National Hockey League originated in 1917 with 5 teams, and by a team expansions succession, the reductions and the recolocaciones consist at present in 30 teams, 24 that they are based on the United States and 6 in Canada . The Montreal Canadiens is the most successful right of vote with twenty- hockey equipment NHL flyers four championships of Stanley Cup; [17] in the four greater American sport of all star National Hockey League professional is allied the Montreal Canadiens only is surpassed in the number of championships by the New York yankees of the Baseball of the main league. [18] The then the majority of the rights of successful vote are the Toronto Maple Leafs with thirteen Cups of Stanley, but with them they have earned not a championship since 19 1967. [] The Detroit Red The Cups of Stanley, they are the most successful right of vote American. [20] The most long ray to gain the Stanley Cup in consecutive years is five considered the Montreal Canadiens from 1955-56 to 1959-60; the New York Islanders (of 1980-1983) and the Montreal Canadiens (of 1976-1979) has four-year championship rays. [20] The 1977 edition of the Montreal Canadiens, the second of four straight champions of Stanley Cup, was called by ESPN as the second of 21 all-time. all star National Hockey League More recently, the Lightning of the Bay of Tampa and the Carolina Hurricanes have earned the Stanley Cup in the past two seasons, each time against a team of Alberto. [20]


Of the four main leagues in the United States , the NHL is the only league to negotiate the teams that play in the capital of two countries ( Ottawa and Washington , D.C. ). The league boasts also the most Canadian teams than the three other main leagues (the NBA and MLB that both have one each, both based on Toronto ). The NHL has at present six.


The present organization of the league divides the teams in two conferences. Each conference has three divisions, and each division has 5 teams. [22] That The present organization has roots in the season 1998–99 where a re-organization of league added two divisions to bring the total number of divisions to six; the present alignment of the team began with the season 2000–2001 when the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets united the league as teams of expansion.


the Oriental Conference

Capacidadde Arenade hockey equipment NHL flyers Ciudadde Equipode division

The Devils atlánticosde New Jersey Rutherford Oriental, New Jersey Continental Sand of airlines 19.040

The Islanders of new York Uniondale , New York (area of new York ) Veteran of Nassau Commemorative Theater16.234

The forest Rangers of new York New York , New York Madison the Square Garden18.200

The Aviators of Philadelphia Philadelphia , the Center of Pennsylvania Wachovia 19.500

The Penguins of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh , Sand of Pennsylvania Mellon 17.181

Boston BruinsBoston of the northeast, Massachusetts Jardínde PD Banknorth 17.565

Buffalo Sabres Buffalo , Sand of new York HSBC 18.690

Montreal Canadiens Montreal , the Center of the Bell of Quebec 21.273

The Senators of Ottawa Ottawa , the Place of Ontario Scotiabank 20.004

The Leaves of maple of Toronto Toronto, Ontario the Air Center of Canada 18.800

Atlanta ThrashersAtlanta of the southeast, Georgia The Arenade Philips 18.750

The Hurricanes of all star National Hockey League Carolina Raleigh, the north Center of Carolina RBC 18.639

The exit of the Florida Panthers sun, Florida (Area of Miami ) the Centrode BankAtlantic 19.452

Lightning of Bay of Tampa Tampa , S. of Florida . Pair Times forum 19.500

The Capitals of Washington Washington , D.C. Center of Verizon 18.277

The better known players of NHL have included historically Gordie Howe, the Bobby Orr, “Rocket” of Maurice Richard, Howie Morenz, Doug Harvey, Gilberto Perrault, Jacques Plant, the Coast of Eddie , the Terrycloth Sawchuk and Helmet of Bobby. In recent years, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Helmet of Brett, the Ray Bourque, the most Disorderly Mark, the Type Lafleur, Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy were among the most famous players and honored.


The first one five point that lines ahead in the season 2005–06 was Joe Thornton, Jaromir Jagr, Alexander Ovechkin, Daniel Alfredsson, and Dany Heatley. The player that more goals has marked first of the goal he was Jonathan Cheechoo. [25] That The first one three defencemen that lines he was Nicklas Lidstrom, Sergei Zubov, and Bryan McCabe, [26] and the first three goalkeepers (by victories) were Martin Brodeur, Miikka Kiprusoff, and Turk of Marty. [27] hockey equipment NHL flyers The career of novice between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby stored also a lot of attention during the 2005-06 season. [28]


Besides Canadian and American players, that has composed historically a large majority of players of NHL, the NHL draws players of the entire world. Since the nineties when the communism collapsed in Europe of the east and in the nations again formed did not restrict the movements of players there has been a large increase in the number of European players in the NHL. [29] European players were edited and they were signed by teams of NHL in an effort to introduce to more all star National Hockey League skillful offensive players. [30] The addition of European players has changed the style of the play in the NHL The hockey of the style has been accepted, if done not embrace, in the NHL. [29] That The league also for voluntarily their season so that its players can play in the Winter Olympics to have the players represent their own country. At present the NHL has players of 18 different countries, with the majority coming still from Canada . [31]


For more information about the origins of players of NHL, see the List of NHL statistical leaders by the country.


the ice rink of the Hockey

The plan in an ice rink of the all star National Hockey League hockey


The main article: Ice rink of hockey


The national play of the League of the Hockey are played in an ice rink of the hockey that is the rectangular ice rink with round corners and surrounded by a wall. It measures 25,91 for 60,92 meters (85 for 200 p) in the NHL, [32] while the international standards call for an ice rink that measures the meters hockey equipment NHL flyers 60–61 long by meters 29–30 wide (p 196.85–200.13 by p 95.14–98.43). The central line divides the ice in the half, [33] and is utilized to judge the infractions of glaze. There are two blue lines that divides the ice rink approximately in third parties, that divides the ice in two to attack and a neutral zone. [33] Toward the end of both end of the ice rink, there is a line of thin red entrance that crosses the width of the ice, that is utilized to judge the calls of goals and glaze.


Beginning in the season 2005–2006, after testing in the American League of the Hockey, an area of the trapezoid behind each network of the goal has been introduced. [34] That The goalkeeper only can play the chosen inside that area or in front of the line of entrance; if the goalkeeper plays the chosen behind the line of entrance and not in the area of trapezoid, a 2 minute secondary grief for the all star National Hockey League delay of the play is valued for the referees. [35]


the Rules


The main articles: The National Hockey League governs


While the National Hockey League continues the general rules of ice hockey, they differ lightly of those utilized in international play organized by the International Confederacy of ice hockey (IIHF) just as the Olympics. The infractions of the rules can carry to or the stop of the play in the outside case of play and to chill the calls, or of a call of grief for more serious infractions.


During the lockout 2004–05, the hockey equipment NHL flyers league changed some of the rules with regard to he is outside of play; first the league removed the outside step of play or rule of two lines in transit, that requirieron a stop in the play all star National Hockey League if a step that being originated in inside of a team defends the zone was completed in the offensive side of the central line, unless the chosen It crossed the line before the player; [36] and support the league returned the away of up the label which The maddening player that an opportunity to return in correct position by to return to the neutral zone. [36] The changes to the rule of the away were one of several rule changes thought to enlarge general bordering, [36] that had been in the descent since the all star National Hockey League years of the expansion of the middle-ninety.


Another difference of the rule between the NHL and the rules of IIHF concerns how glazes are calls. In the NHL, a linesman for the play due to glaze if a player that defends (otherwise that the goalkeeper) touches the chosen before a maddening player is able to, [37] by contrast to the rules of IIHF where they play is stopped the moment the crossings chosen the line of entrance. As a consequence of the changes of the rule that continue the lockout 2004–05, when a team is guilty to chill the chose they are not permitted to make a change of the line before the following confrontation. [37]


With respect hardly, the NHL, besides the smaller one and duplicates you suffer secondary they called IIHF the play, the calls greater griefs that are the most dangerous infractions of the rules, just as fighting, and has a duration of five minutes; [38] that this is for contrast to the rule of IIHF, where players that fight is expelled of the play. [39] Generally a team penalized can replace not a player that is penalized AND he is thus I lack of labor during the grief, [40] but if the griefs are coincidental, so just like with fighting, both teams remain at full hockey equipment NHL flyers strength. Also, as opposed to secondary griefs, greater griefs should be served to their full termination, in spite of the number of goals that bordered during the demonstration of force. [40]


The NHL and the NHLPA created a rigorous politics that anti-doping in the new one CBA in September of 2005. The politics provides for a grief of 20 play for a first positive test, 60 play for a second tests positive, all star National Hockey League and a third offense they have as a result a permanent prohibition. [41]



Trophies and prizes

The deer Commemorative Trophy on display in the Vestibule of the Hockey of the Fame

The deer Commemorative Trophy on display in the Vestibule of the Hockey of the Fame


The main article: The National Hockey League grants


The National Hockey League presents various trophies each year. The prize of the most prestigious team is the Stanley Cup all star National Hockey League, that is granted to the champion of the league at the end of the ends of Stanley Cup. The team that has the the majority of the points in the season to regulate is granted the Trophy of Presidents. There are also numerous trophies that are granted players based on its statistics during the season to regulate; they include, among others, the Trophy of the Art Ross for the league that lines to champion (the goals and aid), the Trophy of “Rocket” of Maurice Richard for the leader of goal-bordering, and for the William M. The Trophy of Jennings for the goalkeeper (goalkeepers) for the team with the loslos less goals against them. [42] For the 2005–06 sazonar these trophies statistical-based were granted to Joe Thornton, and to Jonathan Cheechoo of the San Jose Sharks and Miikka Kiprusoff of the Flames of Calgary respectively. [42]


The other trophies of the player are voted in by the Professional Association of Writers of Hockey or the general directors of team. [42] The prize more prestigious individual is the Deer Commemorative Trophy that is granted yearly the most Valuable Player; the to vote is carried out for members of the Professional Association of Writers of Hockey to judge the player that is the very valuable one to its team during the season to regulate. The Trophy of Vezina is granted yearly the person believed the best goalkeeper as voted in by the general directors of the teams in the NHL. The Marmalades Norris Commemorative Trophy is granted yearly the National Hockey League defenceman first, the Calder Commemorative Trophy is granted yearly the first novice, and to the Lady Byng Commemorative Trophy is granted the player believed in combining the highest degree of the ability and the sportsmanship; all three of these prizes is voted in by members of the Professional Association of Writers all star National Hockey League of Hockey.

The Vestibule of the Hockey of the Fame in the central one Toronto

The Vestibule of the Hockey of the Fame in the central one Toronto

Hockey equipment NHL flyers

Besides the prizes you regulate of the season, the Trophy of Connecticut Smythe is granted yearly the most valuable player during the ends of Cup of NHL Stanley. Besides, the first coach in the league earns the Jack to Adam they Grant as chosen by a poll of the National Association of Hockey League Commentators. The National Hockey League publishes the names of the first one three getters of the vote for all prizes, and then he calls upon rewarding during the Ceremony of awards ceremony of NHL. [42]


The players, the coaches, the officials, and builders of team that have had the notable careers have the right to hockey equipment NHL flyers be voted in the Vestibule of the Hockey of the Fame. The players cannot enter until three years have passed since their last professional play; this period of time, the shortest one of no greater sport, has introduced three cases (Gordie Howe, the Type Lafleur and Mario Lemieux) to the Fame members Vestibule that leave the retirement to play once more. [43] In the past, nevertheless, if a player was believed sufficient significant, the pending period would be renounced; only 10 individuals have been This way. [44] In 1999, Wayne Gretzky came be the last player to have the restriction of three-year renounced, [44] and after the induction of Gretzky, the NHL declared that he would be the last one for have the period that expects omitted.

the Western Conference

Capacidadde Arenade Ciudadde Equipode division

Chicago BlackhawksChicago central, all star National Hockey League Illinois United Central 20.500

Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus, Ohio Sand for all the country 18.500

Detroit Red Wings Detroit , Sand of Michigan Joe Louis 20.066

The Animals of theft of Nashville Nashville, the Center of Entertainment of TennesseeGaylord 17.113

S . S. of Melancholy of Louis. Louis, the Center of Missouri Scottrade 19.260

Calgary of the northwest Blazes Calgary, Alberto Pengrowth Saddledome 19.289

The Avalanche of Red Denver , the Center of Red Pepsi 18.007

The Tankers of Edmonton Edmonton , the Place of Alberto Rexall 16.839

Minnesota S. Wild. Paul, the Center of Energy of Minnesota Xcel 18.600

Vancouver Canucks Vancouver, the English Motors of General of Columbia they Place 18.630

Peaceful ducks of Anaheim Anaheim, California The Centrode Deep 17.174

Dallas Stars You mow, Tiles the American airlines Center 18.500

The Kings of Los Angeles Los Angeles , California It sews with a clamp 18,118 head Office

The Coyotes of Phoenix Glendale , Arizona (Area of Phoenix ) Arenade Jobing.com 18.000

San Tiburones of Jose San Jose , Building of California HP 17.496


In Canada, the National play of the League of the Hockey are aired nationally by the Canadian that Transmits the Corporation (CBC) and The Sport to do contacts (TSN). The regional play are transmitted for several networks inclusive Rogers Sportsnet (RSN). The French play of the language are transmitted for the sport of Réseau D (RDES), but no longer is in Radio-Canada (the counterpart of the French Language of the CBC), that created a controversy in the hockey equipment NHL flyers French Speaking Canada. The Night of the Hockey of the program in Canada, aired on Saturday nights all star National Hockey League in CBC, is an old Canadian tradition since airing first in the television in 52 1952.[51] [] During the ends, the CBC airs all play that imply the Canadian teams and the Stanley Cup final; TSN airs certain other play during the first three series.


In the play U.S. NHL are aired nationally in contrast (previously the Network of Life outdoors and “OLN”), and by NBC. NBC [53] replaced the prior one on the network of air, ABC, and has an agreement of income-sharing with the NHL. Against ESPN replaced as the network of cable; Comcast, that possesses Against, offered a two-year $120 million agreement, while ESPN offered an income that shares the agreement. [53] Besides, the select play are transmitted in the high definition in the channel of cable of HDNet.


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It registers the registrations of Individual | the registrations of the Team | the registrations of the League | the droughts of the Post-Season | the registrations of Gretzky of Wayne | 50 goals in 50 play

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Other Sands of NHL | Turn of Entrance of NHL | the Team of EVERY Novice of NHL | NHL Retired the Numbers | the Violence in the ice hockey | the series of videogame of NHL |

The sport they are allied aid


Against it has about 20 million less subscribers than ESPN, but Comcast changed Against of a digital level to the basic cable to do the play of NHL available for more cable to subscribers. [53] For Against the reach of NHL was a good addition as Versus’ the qualifications grew for about of 275% when showed a play of NHL, [53], but the qualifications of the television in the United States have seen the low registration. [54] Against it announced a 0,4 qualification for while ESPN announced a 0,7 qualification two years ago; NBC announced a qualification hockey equipment NHL flyers of 1,1, compared to 1,5 qualification of the ABC two years ago. [55]


In Canada , for the first four play of the all star National Hockey League Stanley Cup final, the CBC averaged 2,63 million spectators, and the RDES averaged 346.000 spectators. [56] In the qualifications U.S. was worse due to the inclusion of two small teams of marketing, inclusive a Canadian team; the first two play in Against announced a 0,9 qualification (621.000 houses), and the play 3 and the play 4 in NBC they had the qualifications of 1,6 and 2,0 respectively and 2,2 million houses) .[56] In 1994, when the forest Rangers of new York were implied, the play 7 of the Stanley Cup final they announced a qualification of 57 5.2. [] the Play 7 of all star National Hockey League the ends of Stanley Cup they gained the highest Stanley Cup that values in the series with a qualification of 3,5 (3,8 million houses) ,[58] but was downward of the prior play of season 7 end. [58]

At present, both Radio of Satellite of XM & the Radio of Satellite of Sirius and its Canadian counterparts transmit more than 1000 play in its respective services. Beginning with the 2007-2008 season, the Radio of Satellite of XM will be the exclusive associate of the radio of satellite of the NHL.

Because the sport originated in Canada , Canadian they have constituted historically a large majority of the players in the NHL. On the past 25 years, the percentages of American and hockey equipment NHL flyers European players have all star National Hockey League enlarged on account of the NHL continued the expansion in the United States, its high standard of the play compared to other leagues, and to the availability of extremely skillful European players of Europe of the east after the fall of the communism. Nevertheless, more than the half of the players of the league in the ready one 2005–06 they were born in Canada .

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