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The sixties: The Twins arrive in Minnesota


The Twins were greeted with anxiety in Minnesota when they arrived in 1961, and they advanced to the Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards world series in 1965, handled by Minnesota Twins stadium schedule the exciting play of sluggers of superestrella Harmon Killebrew and Tony Olive. They were defeated in the 1965 world series by the smooth talkers of Los Angeles in seven play, Each home team had earned to the Play 7, when Koufax covered with sand excluded the Twins 2-0 in Minnesota. The Twins bordered a sum of 2 runs Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards in its four losses, and was excluded three times, two times by Koufax. Although it disappointed with the nearby failure, the championship handle cemented Minnesota Twins stadium schedule the relation of the team with the people of Minnesota . The Twins would expect 22 seasons to return the world series, striking the S. The Cardinal of Louis in 1987.


In 1969, Martin Bile was called director. Martin pushed to run aggressive of base and the Bar Carew stole at home 7 times. [1] That The Twins gained the American League al western, but were sweepings by the golden orioles of Baltimore in the first American Series of the Championship of the League.


Years seventy: Of it places first to the mediocrity


The team continued to announce the victorious registrations for 1971, gaining the first one two American League the Western titles of the division. Nevertheless, they then entered a decade-long abrupt decrease, finishing around 0,500 for the next eight years. Tony Olive and Bar Carew continued to provide the offensive Minnesota Twins stadium schedule power, but home of Killebrew runs the production diminished and the personnel of the I pitch languished.


The owner Calvin Griffith faced financial difficulty with the beginning of the agency free. While other owners had fortunes did in other business, Griffith only incomes came from the baseball. The it ran Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards the Twins as a family possessed the business, employing to many members of the family, and he had to obtain benefits each season. He crashes Lyman Bostock and Larry Hisle left freed as to agents after the 1977 season and incited the commerce of the Bar Carew after the 1978 season.


Years eighty: The building a world champion


In early the eighties, The Twins fell still more, gaining only 37% of their play from 1981 to 1982. Of its arrival in 1961 for 1981, the team played its play in the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington , a suburb al south of the Cities Twins. The Walk of America now occupies the place where the “Old Found” stopped, complete with at home dish and the seat where Harmon Killebrew struck a 520 foot runs at home. The 1982 season brought the team inside, in the Metrodome, that is in the central one Minneapolis near the River of Mississippi . After several seasons that lose in the Dome, the arrival of superestrellas of years eighty Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett electrified the team and sent the back of the team to the world series. The Twins defeated the S. The Cardinal of Louis to gain the 1987 world series. The 1987 Twins of Minnesota put a registration for loslos less regular victories of the season by a champion of the world series with 85. This registration was broken by the 2006 Minnesota Twins stadium schedule S. The Cardinal of Louis, that gained the world series after only gain 83 play during the season to regulate. While their 56-25 unprecedented in the Metrodome was the best as a group at home registration for 1987, the Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards Twins had a to horrify 29-52 mark far from the Metrodome and of them only they gained nine play of the road after the interruption all stellar. The Twins gained more play in 1988, but they would not be able to conquer the division of energetic person the rival Athletics of Oakland, although pitcher Violates it Franco gained the Cy Young Prize in that year. 1989 they saw a descent in the column of the victory.


Years ninety: Of worse to defeat first again

2000: A perennial contender Minnesota Twins stadium schedule


The things turned around, and in 2001 to 2006, the Twins compiled the most long ray of consecutive seasons of profit since moving to Minnesota, going 85-77 in 2001, 94-67 in 2002, 90-72 in 2003, 92-70 in 2004, 83-79 in 2005, and 96-66 in 2006. From 2002 to 2004, the Twins compiled their more long ray Minnesota Twins stadium schedule of consecutive championships of league/division never (prior they were the 1924 world champion-1925 Senators of Champion of AL and the Twins 1969–70). It threatened the closing by the contraction of the league in 2002, the team fought to reach behind the American Series of the Championship of the League for to be eliminated before 4-1 by go eventual Angeles of champion of world series of year Anaheim. Their ray of three straight titles of the division all together with some play bitterly fought, has helped to create an intense rivalry with the Chicago the White White Averages in recent years, beginning with 2000 when the White Averages closed the division in the Metrodome, and heating especially in 2003, 2004, and 2005. The Vestibule of the baseball of Famers


They elected at least in part in the base of the performance with the right of vote as the Twins of Minnesota


* The Bar Carew * Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins stadium schedule * Kirby Puckett


They elected at least in part in the base of the performance with the right of vote as the Senators of Washington


* Stan Coveleski * Joe Cronin * Ed Delahanty * Ricks Ferrell * Goose Goslin * Clark Griffith * Bucky Harris * Walter Johnson * Harmon Killebrew (was with the team

when moved) * Heinie Manush * Rice of Sam * Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards Wynn Early


Another Vestibule of Famers associated with the right of vote


* Steve Carlton * Paul Molitor * Dave Winfield


Molitor and Winfield, S. The natives of Paul and the University of graduates of Minnesota , they came al late team in their careers and they were received tepid as “origin town heroes,” but they were chosen al Vestibule by their occupations with other teams.


Cronin, Goslin, Griffith, Harris, Johnson, Killebrew and Wynn are listings in the Vestibule of Washington of Stars shows in Minnesota Twins stadium schedule Robert F. Stadium of Kennedy. So that they are Ossie Bluege, the Case of George, the Judge of Joe, George Selkirk, Roy Sievers, Cecil Travis, Mickey Vernon and Eddie Yost.


Retired the numbers


* 3 Harmon Killebrew, Washington OF-1B-3B, 1954-60, Minnesota 1961-74 * 6 Tony Olive, OF, Minnesota 1962-76; Coach, 1976-78, 1985-91 * 14 Kent Hrbek, 1B, Minnesota

1981-94 * 29 Bar Carew , Minnesota 1B-2B, 1967-78 * 34 Kirby Puckett, OF, Minnesota 1984-95 * 42 Jackie Robinson, retired through the Baseball of the main league


The organization of Twins never has retired the number of a player that played its better years with the Senators.




The Twins of Minnesota ready never even Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards: A complete list of players that played in at least a play for the Twins offers the concession.


the list of 40 Hard men brought up to date in December 27, 2006




* 30 Baker U.S. Scott * — United States Ricky Barrett * 26 United States Boof Bonser * 28 Canada Jesse Crain * — Minnesota Twins stadium schedule Dominican Republic July DePaula * 31 United States

J.D. Durbin * 21 United States Matt Heron * 54 United States Guerrier Matt * 47 Dominican Republic Francisco Liriano * 74 Venezuela José Mijares * 36 United States

Joe Nathan * 17 United States Touch Neshek * 60 Glen U.S. Perkins * 37 Mexico Dennys Kings * 39 Venezuela Juan Corner * 57 Venezuela Johan Santana * 52 Venezuela

Carlos Silva * 76 United States Errol Simonitsch * — Netherlands Alexander Struck * — Venezuela Oswaldo Dull





* 41 United States Chris Heintz * 7 United States Joe Mauer * 55 United States Mike Redmond


Players of the interior picture


* 18 United States Jason Bartlett * 25 Dominican Republic Alexi Booth * 1 Dominican Republic Luis Castle * — United States Jeff Cirillo * 50 United States Garrett

Jones * — Venezuela Alejandro Hatchet * 33 Canada Justin Morneau * 8 United States Chip Point * 38 Venezuela Luis Rodriguez Minnesota Twins stadium schedule


Players of the exterior field


* 5 United States Michael Cuddyer * 20 United States Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards Lew Ford * 48 Hunter U.S. Torii * 16 United States Jason Kubel * 71 Venezuela Alex Romero * — the Space

U.S. Denard * 12 United States Jason Tyner * 24 United States Rondell White



Jump the instruction invites


* — United States Carmen Cali * — United States Tristan Crawford * — United States Jeremy Cummings * — United States Korey Feiner * — the Know-how U.S.

Harvey * — Dominican Republic José Leger * — Milling U.S. Jason * — the Morale of Dominican Republic José * — United States Joke Rabe * — United States Kevin

Slowey * — United States Gil Velazquez * — United States Mike Venafro * — United States Flat Soldier Watkins * — Australia Glenn William


The personnel that coaches


* 35 Germany Ron Gardenhire (director) * 40 United States Rick Anderson (Throwing) * 9 United States Steve Liddle (Bank) * 43 United States Rick Stelmaszek

(bull Even) * 45 United States Scott Ullger Minnesota Twins stadium schedule (Third Base) * 46 United States Joe Vavra (Striking) * 13 United States Jerry White (First Base)



In 2006, the Twins came from 11 play supports in the division in the every interruption of the Star to tie the Tigres of Detroit for the main one in the play 159 of the season. With the Tigres having earned the season hand by hand for 11 play to 8, the Twins needed a loss of Tigre and a Twins gain to take Minnesota Twins stadium schedule only possession of first place and to gain the total division, and obtained both in the last day of the season, when the Tigres lost its third the straight play at home to the last City of the place Kansas Real in a 10-8 In 12 entrances Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards. This is the first time in the history of the main league that a team has earned a division or is allied total in the last day of the season to regulate without having had never only possession of places first more early. The magic season came to a sudden end, Minnesota Twins stadium schedule nevertheless, like the Twins were sweepings 3-0 in the divisional series of the championship, while Detroit passed as an entrance of wild card, strikes to the yankees 3-1 in its divisional series, and passed to play the AN in the series of the championship of the league.


For the present team, see 2006 Twins of Minnesota.


the Contraction


On the past 10 years, the Twins have discussed that the lack of a modern land of baseball-dedicated has impeded producing a team of first category and competitive, in spite of the fact that its present stadium, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, played a crucial role in its seasons of the championship of 1987 and 1991. The peculiarities of the facility, just as the flat of lawn and the white ceiling, they gave the Twins an immense advantage of homefield; the Twins gained each one of their play of home in those two world series. Despite, the Metrodome often has been considered inadequate mainly on account of their relatively low incomes that Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards the power and in the nineties and 2000 early that the Twins often were murmured to be moving to such places as The fertile plain, Portland (Oregon), the area of Raleigh-Durham, and the other in search of a more financially competitive market. The team almost was hired (dissolved) in 2002, a moves that would have eliminated the Twins and the Expos vote rights of Montreal . The Twins survived to a large extent due to a decision of the court that forced they to play was its leasing in the Metrodome.


In October of 2005 the Twins indicated again to ask of court a resolution that do not have long-term leasing with the Metropolitan Commission of sports facilities, the owner of the Metrodome where the Twins play at present. In February 2006 the court governed favorably in the Twins promotes Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards. Thus, the Twins were not obliged to play in the Metrodome after the 2006 season. This it removed one of the barricades that prevented the contraction before the 2002 season Minnesota Twins stadium schedule and they broke through for the Twins to or they are transferred or is disuelto before the 2007 season if a new deal was Minnesota Twins collectibles baseball cards not reached.

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