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N 1957, the smooth talkers of Brooklyn New York Mets games and basketball baseball New York Mets results Gigantic of new York they abandoned New York for California , leaving the largest city in the United States without a right of National vote of the League. Two years later, in July 27, 1959, the lawyer William Shea announced the formation of a third older league of the baseball, the Continental League. After a quarrelsome year, in 1960, Shea and the other Continental organizers of the League reached a treats with the main leagues established. In exchange for abandoning the new league, four new rights of vote New York Mets games of the expansion were created — basketball baseball New York Mets results two in each league. The City of new York received one of the National teams of League with Joan Whitney Payson and its Sailor of husband Chat Payson, previous minority owners of the Giants, as the main owners, along with George Herbert Walken, Son. (Uncle of President George H. The Bush of w.), that served as vice president and treasurer until 1 1977. [] Previous director of Gigantic M. The Scholarship of Donald, the only member of the board to be opposed the Giants move al western, they came they be a chairman of the board.


The new team requirió a new name and many were suggested. Among the finalists they were “Bees”, the “Burros”, “Continental”, the “Skyscraper”, the “Jet”, as well as the up the runner eventual one, “Skyliners”. Although Payson to have admitted a preference for “Meadowlarks,” the owners ultimately chosen ” basketball baseball New York Mets results the Metropolitan Club of the Baseball of new York,” or the “Mets” because narrowly was related al corporate name of the already-exists of the club “New York the Metropolitan Club of the Baseball, INC.”, listened behind to “Metropolitan”, a historically significant name utilized by an earlier team of new York in the American Association from 1883 to Would remain New York Mets games naturally in the newspaper. The name was received with the wide approval among Mets of fans and presses.the began the 1969 season with a mediocre beginning, going 21-23 by the end of May. By to the middle of August, the Cubs favored of Chicago seemed surely in its way to gain the pennant in the National League again-formed the Oriental Division while the Mets sat down in third place, ten play behind. August 14, the Cubs directed the Mets for 9 1/2 play. But Chicago was 8-17 in September, while the Mets, with the I pitch outstanding of its personal youth, piled the victory after the victory, gaining 38 of its last 49 play and finishing in first place with a 100-62 unprecedented for the season, its first victorious year never, a full eight play on the Cubs. The Mets finished with a WAS of the team of 2,99, and a league that directs 28 victories thrown. Tom Seaver was ahead with a 25-7 unprecedented, with zocato Jerry Koosman behind him in 17-9 unprecedented, while Cleon Jones finished with a 0,340 that bats averages. Seaver better I play occurred July 9, in the Stadium of Shea where he came inside two out of a perfect play, but he renounced an one-be, the alone ninth-entrance to the Crowbar of Cubs Qualls for the only blow in the Mets’ 4-0 victory.


The “Amazin ‘the Mets of Mets “or” Miracle “, like they came be acquaintances by the press, he passed to gain a three-play sweeps of the Atlanta strong Confronts, directed by legend Henry” Hank “Aaron, in the very first National Series of the Championship of the League. The Mets were you considered still helpless in this series in spite of the fact that they had a better registration than the Confronts.

The magic of Mets of Miracle was removed like the seventies began. In subsequent years, pitchers of Mets excelled generally but support without shine received of the batters with mediocre end the result. The basketball baseball New York Mets results efforts to improve the offense is New York Mets games counterproductive with blunders such as trading youth pitcher Nolan Ryan for the player of the interior picture Jim Fregosi after the 1971 season. Once out of the to dazzle projector of new York, Ryan came be one of the better pitchers in the history, spending 22 more years in the major and to enter the Vestibule of the Baseball of the Fame in 1999. Fregosi fought the injuries and played barely 146 play for the Mets on a season and a half.


The team was thrown in the confusion and the blow before the 1972 season, when Director Gil Hodges, that had directed the team to the victory of the world series in 1969, suffered a sudden heart attack at the end of the instruction of the spring and dead person. The Yogi of the coach Berra succeeded Hodges.

New York Mets games

The Mets of Berra found to itself in last place with a 61-71 unprecedented at the end of August, 1973 but they recovered behind the relief pitcher Tug McGraw and its “gotta of Already believes”! being recovered the shout (the team has since registered in the registration of the copyright the phrase), basketball baseball New York Mets results gaining 21 of its last 29 play. In a rare circumstance, their final registration of only 82-79 were sufficient good to gain the division New York Mets games while five better teams in the major lost the postseason. In spite of the worst victorious percentage never by a winner of division (to the 2005 Chaplains of San Diego), the Mets then shook the Cincinnati a lot-favored Red “Large Red Machine” in the NLCS. Their registration remains the worst one of any team of pennant-gaining but they managed to push the A.L. champion Oakland A to a seventh play. Their season of the nearby-miracle finished with a loss to Know-how Holtzman in the final contest.


When the 1975 season finished, the owner Joan Whitney Payson died. Its husband Chat delegated the authority of the property to its daughters, while chairman of the board M. The Scholarship of Donald handled the operations of the baseball. Payson had been the force that handles behind the Mets but its survivors did not share their enthusiasm to invest in the future of the team. The contract dispute with pitcher of star Tom Seaver and the slugger Dave Kingman threw in 1977. Both players were traded June 15, the date bump that trades, in what tabloids of new York doubled “The Massacre of the Midnight”. The Mets received six players in the two deals, but none had some last impact. The aid fell, al grain where Stadium of Shea was nicknamed “Tomb of Scholarship”.


The team finished in last place but again and the Scholarship was alleviated of its you owe in 1978. That the crosstown basketball baseball New York Mets results yankees had begun reaching the postseason again in 1976 additional was eroded the Mets’ the base of fan. The Mets continued to fight, and not to come to be a competitive team again until the mid-1980s, that mark the first time that both teams were competitive, in the country and in the ticket window.


1980-1985: It changed rebuilds


In January, 1980 the heirs of Payson sold the Mets offer the concession al Doubleday that publishes the company for $21,1 million. Get Doubleday Son was called chairman of the board while minority shareholder Fred Wilpon took club president the role of. Wilpon employed quickly old golden orioles of Baltimore executive Franco Changed as general director to begin the process to rebuild the Mets.


The positive impact of Cashen in the organization took some time to be felt in the level of the main league. The it began choosing to hit the Strawberry of the phenomenon of the institute Darryl as the number that one chooses as a group in the 1980 turn for amateurs. Two years later, hurler of harshly-throwing Dwight Gooden was taken as the fifth general selection in the 1982 turn.

The lower point of the experiment was the 1993 season when the Mets lost 103 play. In April of that year, Gooden was injured New York Mets games when Coleman struck accidentally shoulder of Gooden with a club of golf al to practice its swing. In July, Saberhagen threw a rocket under a table nearby journalists. Its youths that throw the Young perspective of Anthony began the ’93 season in 0-13 and her general ray of 27 straight losses more than two years put a new registration. After the loss of the registration-placement of Youths, Coleman threw a rocket of the team bus window and to wound three people that have as a result the loads of the serious crime that finished really basketball baseball New York Mets results its career of Mets. Only few days later, Saberhagen was into difficulty again, this time to sprinkle bleach in three journalists. The season of fusion of the nucleus had as a result the worst registration for a team of Mets since 1965. Its lowering was done the chronicle New York Mets games by the book The Worst Money of the Team Would Be able to Buy: The Collapse Of The Mets of new York (ISSN 0-8032-7822-5) by Mets strikes writers Cut Klapisch and to John Harper. Besides, two of the three remaining connections al ’86 team, Howard Johnson and Sid Fernandez, party after the season way the agency free.


The following season was filled of some brilliant places, but there was still problem for the right of vote, and for the player of the right of vote of the team. Gooden, that had a 3-4 unprecedented with a 6,31 WAS in the final year of its contract with the team, shook not only addicted of new York, but fans of baseball around the positive country testing for the cocaine and was suspended by the Baseball of the main league during 60 days. Shortly after he began serving his suspension for the positive test of the drug, he was announced that he again had tested positive for the cocaine and now he was suspended by the Baseball of the main league for a year, thus finishing his career of Mets and almost his life. The day after receiving the second suspension, then-wife of Gooden, Monica, he found him in his dormitory with a loaded rifle to the head.


Still, the 1994 season saw some promise for the Mets they bothered, as first man of base Brogna Rich and second man of base Jeff Kent came be the favorite of fan with its solid work of glove and potential 20-25 home runs the power, Bonilla began to come to be the player the Mets expected, and a Saberhagen healthy, along with young Bobby promising of the principle Jones and Franco, basketball baseball New York Mets results The Mets because throw the personnel. In the New York Mets games strike-shortened 1994 season that the Mets were in the place third behind the first-place Montreal and defending the Oriental Division and the National League defends Philadelphia when the season finished August 12. When the strike finally finished in 1995, the Mets finally showed some promise again, finishing in second place behind eventual world champion Atlanta .


1996-2004: The plaza, the Bobby V, and the Series of Metro


The Mets did not play well in 1996, but the season was noticeable by switch that strikes to receiver Todd Hundley that breaks the Baseball of the league main alone registration of the season for runs at home the blow by receiver with 41. But the things began to look at up in 1997, like they lost the ends by only four play, and they improved for 17 play more than 1996. A peak point happened June 16, when the Mets strike the New York to yankees in the Stadium yankee in the first one never I play of regular-season they played among the rival of crosstown. In 1997 Hundley had also another great season, but he descended with a devastating injury of elbow and needed the surgery of Flat Soldier to John to half of the season. For a time, seemed the smooth talkers of Los Angeles went shopping its receiver of superestrella, Plaza of Mike , in a commerce before that pays the exorbitant salary that running above 1997 MVP was going to demand at the end of the 1998 season. In a to disconcert moves, in May New York Mets games 14, 1998, the smooth talkers sent Plaza to the Pins of Florida, that purged to itself of high salaries to alleviate their financial problems demanded. The Pins move they did more felt when, barely a week later, they Plaza of re-traded to the Mets for Preston Wilson and two perspectives.

After the 2004 season, the property of Mets made the changes significant to its strategy of the administration. With its contract of the television with the Network of GLUTAMATE MONOSODICO that expires by the end of 2005, they announced that the plans to establish its own network of New York Mets games cable for transmit the play of Mets, competing the yankee Possessed IF Network. This investment in which came be known like SportsNet New York was matched with an aggressive plan to improve the performance of the team in the country. Jim Duquette was replaced as general director by previous Expos GM Omar Minaya. Minaya, a former-mets GM assistant basketball baseball New York Mets results, notable success achieved in Montreal doing brave player moves in a budget limited. With the Mets, Minaya was given the substantial financial resources to develop a victorious team when the new network launched in 2006.


Minaya began employing the bank yankee coach Willie Randolph as the director, then signed two that year the majority of the sought after freed to agents — Pedro Martínez and Carlos Beltrán — to large deals of multi-year. Although Beltrán did not carry out, Martínez and a Tom Glavine rejuvenated they directed the personnel of the I pitch while the power of Floyd of Precipice, Kings of Jose’ the velocity and David to strike Correct sparkled the offense. In spite of a 0-5 beginning to the season, the team finished 83-79, finishing over the 0,500 mark for the first time since 2001.


After 2005, the exit of Plaza of Mike gave Minaya sufficient financial flexibility to take the full advantage of an effort of the payroll-reduction by the Pins of Florida. All stellar first man of base Carlos Thin and receiver all stellar Paul Here Duca was acquired from Florida in exchange for five perspectives. Minaya improved also the bull even signing the freed star to agent Wagner Bile more close.


The low season of Minaya moves and its organization of the team during the season settled in 2006, like the team, directed by a registration of the right of vote six all stellar (Beltran, Here Duca, Kings, Correct, Glavine, and Martínez), gained the title of the division, its first one in 18 years. The Mets directed the division of April 6 in, and they built a main one as high as 16 1/2 play, before closing the division September 18, coming to be the first team in the main leagues to close a 2006 berth of ends. The Mets finished the season 12 play ahead of the Phillies, and with the best registration in the National League. The Mets achieved this success in spite of a swamp of the injuries that included losing Martínez for a month, and basketball baseball New York Mets results to begin fifteen different pitchers in play. A 9-1 trip of the road of June by Los Angeles , Arizona and Philadelphia they were a decisive New York Mets games point for the season.


The Mets 2006 title of the division finished the Atlanta Confronts’ ray of 14 straight National League the Oriental titles of the division, like they came they be the first team besides Atlanta to gain the east of NL since the 1994 re-organization of the division. 2006 they were also the first time never that the Mets and yankees each gained its respective divisions in the same year New York Mets games. Both teams of new York had also the better registrations in their respective leagues, 97 victories and 65 losses.


In spite of losing Pedro Martínez and Edging Hernández of its rotation that begins due to the injury a short time before of the beginning of the post-season, the Mets swept the smooth talkers of Los Angeles in the 2006 National Series of the Division of the League, depending on its bull even (with it WAS regular more drop of the season in the National League) and its powerful offense. But the envelope bull even worked finally hesitated and the offense failed in key moments in the 2006 National Series of the Championship of the League, and the Mets lost al S. The Cardinal of Louis, the eventual 2006 champions of the world series in seven play, with the decisive blow that comes in a ninth-entrance they run at home by receiver of Cardinal Yadier Molina.


In 2007, the Mets will begin its season Sunday, April 1, in the S. Louis. In June that the Mets play 19 straight play against 2006 teams of ends, set against the Tigres, the smooth talkers, yankees, the Twins, the Athletics, and the Cardinal.

Chosen a lot based on the performance with the Mets


* Cartdriver of Gary, the receiver, 1985-1989 Cartdriver OR asked that its Fame plate Vestibule that or is represented left as between the Mets and Expos of Montreal, or as well as a Found. The Vestibule of the Fame denied of basketball baseball New York Mets results orders of Cartdriver and he was initiated as an Expo. * Tom Seaver, the pitcher, 1967-1977, 1983 (only player initiated as a he Found).


Another Vestibule of Famers associated with the Mets


* Richie Ashburn, the player of the exterior field, 1962 * Yogi Berra, the receiver, 1965, the director, 1972-1975 * Willie Mays, New York Mets games the player of the exterior field,

1972-1973 * Eddie Murray, first man of base, 1992-1993 * Nolan Ryan, the pitcher, 1966, 1968-1971 * more Despicable Duke, the player of the exterior field, 1963 *

Warren Spahn, the pitcher, 1965 * Casey Stengel, the director, 1962-1965


Retired the numbers (1965)


The Director of Casey Stengel: 1962-65




Gil Hodges 1B: 1962-63 New York Mets games Director: 1968-71 (1988)


Tom Seaver P: 1966-77, 1983




Jackie Robinson Retired for the Baseball of the main league


Although done not officially it retire, three other numbers are had out of circulation: “8” for the Cartdriver of Gary, ’24’ for Willie Mays (although Rickey Henderson carried “24” during its brief shift with the Mets), and ’31’ for the Plaza of Mike . It is believed “31” they will be retired once Plaza is chosen in the Vestibule of the Baseball of the Fame, very probable as a Found. The Baseball of the main league retired the number of Robinson of Jackie in April 15, 1997, when the Mets played the smooth talkers in the Stadium of Shea, although Huskey Mannish carried the number through the remainder of its career of Mets (due to a clause basketball baseball New York Mets results of grandfather placed in the number retired by MLB). Mo Vaughn carried also the number forty-two during its shift with the Mets, due to the same clause.


Captains of Team basketball baseball New York Mets results


* Keith Hernandez – 1987-1989 * Cartdriver of Gary – 1988-1989 (co-captain) * Mookie Wilson – 1989 (co-captain) * John Franco – 2001-2004


* Gary Carter, catcher, 1985-1989 or Carter asked that his Foyer of Fame tackle either be depicted ace split between the Mets and Montreal Expos, or just ace to Met. The Foyer of Fame denied both of Carter’ s requests New York Mets games and there I am was inducted ace they go Expo. * Tom Seaver, pitcher, 1967-1977, 1983 (only player inducted ace to Met).


Other Foyer-of-Famers associated with the Mets


* Richie Ashburn, outfielder, 1962 * Yogi Berra, catcher, 1965, manager, 1972-1975 * Willie Mays, outfielder,

1972-1973 * Eddie Murray, first baseman, 1992-1993 * Nolan Ryan, pitcher, 1966, 1968-1971 * Duke Snider,

outfielder, 1963 * Warren Spahn, pitcher, 1965 * Casey Stengel, manager, 1962-1965


Retired numbers (1965)


Casey Stengel Manager: 1962-65




Gil Hodges 1B: 1962-63 Manager: 1968-71 (1988)


Tom Seaver P: 1966-77, 1983


(1997) Pitchers


* — United States Jon Adkins

* — United States Adam Bostick

* — Dominican Republic Ambiorix Burgos

* 25 Puerto Rico Pedro Feliciano basketball baseball New York Mets results

* 47 United States Tom Glavine

* 48 United States Aaron Heilman

* 26 Cuba Orlando Hernandez

* 49 United States Philip Humber

* 33 United States John Maine

* 45 Dominican Republic Pedro Martínez

* 59 Dominican Republic Guillermo Mota

* 28 Puerto Rico Juan Padilla

* 34 United States Michael Pelfrey

* 46 Mexico Oliver Pérez

* 50 Dominican Republic Duaner Sánchez

* — United States Steve Schmoll

* 59 Cuba Alay Soler New York Mets games

* — United States Jason Standridge

* — United States Jason Vargas

* 13 United States Billy Wagner

* 32 United States Dave Williams




* 11 Puerto Rico Ramón Castro

* 16 United States Paul Lo Duca





* 21 Puerto Rico Carlos Delgado

* — United States Damion Easley

* 23 Dominican Republic Julio Franco

* — Puerto Rico Rubén Gotay

* 1 Dominican Republic Anderson Hernández

* 7 Dominican Republic José Reyes

* 18 Puerto Rico José Valentín

* 5 United States David Wright




* — United States Moises Alou

* 15 Puerto Rico Carlos Beltrán

* 10 Venezuela Endy Chávez

* — Dominican Republic Carlos Gomez

* — United States Shawn Green

* — United States Ben Johnson

* 44 United States Lastings Milledge

* — United States David Newhan


Spring training invitees


* — United States Chip Ambres

* — Puerto Rico William Collazo

* — United States Clint Nageotte

* — Venezuela Lino Urdaneta

* — Dominican Republic Jorge Vasquez



Coaching Staff




* 12 United States Willie Randolph




* 2 Puerto Rico Sandy Alomar, Sr. (third base)

* — United States Howard Johnson (first base)

* 56 United States Guy Conti (bullpen)

* 54 United States Rick Down (hitting)

* 35 United States Jerry Manuel (bench)

* 55 United States Tom Nieto (catching)

* 51 United States Rick Peterson New York Mets games (pitching)


Jackie Robinson Retired by Major League Baseball


Although not officially retired, three other numbers till being held out of circulation: ‘8’ for Gary Carter,’ 24′ for basketball baseball New York Mets results Willie Mays (although Rickey Henderson wore ’24’ during his brief stint with the Mets), and’ 31′ for Mike Piazza. It is believed ’31’ will be retired eleven Piazza is elected into the Baseball Foyer of Fame, most likely ace to Met. Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinson’ s number on April 15, 1997, when the Mets played the Dodgers at Shea Stadium, although Butch Huskey wore the New York Mets games number throughout the rest of his Mets career (due to to grandfather clause placed on the retired number by basketball baseball New York Mets results MLB). Mo Vaughn also wore number forty-two during his stint with the Mets, due to the be me clause.


Team captains


* Keith Hernandez – 1987-1989 * Gary Carter – 1988-1989 (co-captain) * Mookie Wilson – 1989 (co-captain) *

John Franco – 2001-2004

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