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S. Petersburg has been the spring that coaches at home Tampa Bay Devil Rays players for nine teams: the golden orioles of Baltimore , Boston Confronts, the Gigantic of new York , the Mets of new York , New York yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, baseball career S. Louis Brownes, S. The Cardinal of Louis, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule at present the Bay Devil Rays of Tampa. Tampa has received the instruction of the spring for seven teams: the Boston the Red White Averages, Cubs of Chicago, Chicago the White White Averages, Cincinnati Red, Tigres of Detroit, Senators of Washington, and the New York yankees, that call at present Tampa that its spring that coaches at home.


The area has been also the home to many rights of secondary vote of the league. It began in 1919 when Tampa entered the League of the State of the Class D Florida (FSL). S. Petersburg negotiated also a team in the league in 1920. Both cities were supports in the FSL, that is now a Class A league, through the 20th century. Today, the Tampa yankees play still in the FSL. Other cities in the region of the Bay of Tampa , inclusive Clearwater , Dunedin , and Lakeland has Tampa Bay Devil Rays players had also the long histories in the league and has still the teams. Besides, various passed teams and presents in the Novice the flat League of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule Coast of Gulf has called the region of the Bay of Tampa at home.


S. Petersburg was the home of the S. The Pelicans of Petersburg in the Greater, Professional Association and mayfly of the Baseball in 1989-1990. The league represented previous players of main league that were the age 35 or older. The Pelicans gained the championship of the only league.


With its rich tradition of the baseball and baseball career growing population, the area of the Bay of Tampa did many unsuccessful attempts to acquire a team of the baseball of the main league in the decade of the 80 and the decade of the 90. The Twins of Minnesota, the Athletics of Oakland, Chicago the White White Averages, forest Rangers of Tiles, and Navigators of Seattle all to move considered to or Tampa or the S. Petersburg before to decide to be remained in its present locations. The Dome of Florida Suncoast (now called Tropicana Field) was built in the S. Petersburg in 1990 for the purpose of attracting a team of the main league. When Baseball of main league announced that would add two teams of the expansion for the 1993 season, they were assumed extensively that one of the teams would be placed in the S. baseball career Petersburg . Nevertheless, the teams were rewarded to Denver and Miami in place.


In 1992, owner of Giants of San Francisco Cuts Lurie agreed in the principle in selling its team to a Tampa the group Bay-Based of investors, that then would move the team al S. Petersburg . Nevertheless, in the eleventh hour, nixed of owners of MLB the moves under the pressure of officials of San Francisco and the Giants were sold to a group that maintained them in San Francisco .


Finally, in March 9, 1995, new rights of vote of the expansion were granted to a group of the Bay of Tampa directed by Vincent Naimoli and a group of Phoenix (the Backs Diamantadas of Arizona). In that date, the Bay Devil Rays of Tampa were born. The new rights of vote were planned to begin the play in 1998.


The area of the Bay of Tampa finally had a team, but the stadium in the S. Petersburg already was needed of an increase Tampa Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule Bay Devil Rays players. In 1993, the stadium was regrouped the Thunderdome and came be the home of the team of the Bay Lightning hockey of Tampa and the Bay Storm Sand soccer team of league of Tampa. After the Devil Rays birth, the rights that call were sold to Products of Tropicana and $70 million they were spent in renewals.


the history of the Right of vote


before 1998


The Rays of the Devil began to build its organization shortly after the right of vote was granted in 1995 calling Atlanta previous Confronts general director assistant Boot LaMar the baseball operations older vice president baseball career and general director Tampa Bay Devil Rays players. The first secondary play of the league of the right of vote happened in the 1996 season. In November 7, 1997, Larry Rothschild the team was called first director. The team acquired 35 players in the Turn of the Expansion in November 18, 1997.

The hopes were drops for the team that enters the 2004 season, but the team surprised to the majority of the experts of the baseball finishing with the best registration in the history of the team, 70-91. It was the first time the Rays of Devil gained 70 play in a season and in them they finished also in the fourth place in the American League al this, out of last place for the first time never. They were 10-28 in May when they began a runs in which they gained 30 of 40 play, inclusive a team-registration 12 play in a row. The Rays had a 42-41 unprecedented after 83 play, inside 5 play of the American wild card of the League. Nevertheless, the quick team returned to their ways that lose, carrying to a final registration of 21 down the play. 500. The season was noticeable by the development continued of Starter of fury of Aubrey, of Carl Crawford, and of Rocco Baldelli in the area of the first young batters in the baseball. The office produced a greater achievement in July 30, 2004 when Winner of pitcher Zambrano was traded to the Mets of new York for the pitcher Scott Kazmir, that has since comes be the team better pitcher and one of the first young pitchers in every baseball.




After a 28-61 unprecedented in the Interruption all stellar in 2005, the Rays of Devil rotated it around in the second time of the season, going 39-34, for a final registration of 67-95. Rocco Baldelli lost the entire one 2005 season due to the injury, but due to Carl Crawford and the recently arrived Jorge Cantu and Jonny Gomes directed a productive offense that finished the third in the American League in the team that bats averages. Al counterweight that, nevertheless, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays players personnel of the I pitch had the second defeats WAS it in the American League. baseball career During their second strong time, the Rays Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule played expoliadores in September, with opportune victories on contenders such as the New York yankees, Cleveland Indian, and Angeles of Los Angeles of Anaheim. In spite of the promising end, Lou Piniella arrived at to be frustrated with what perceived as an insufficient commitment to the profit by the group of the property, and he they reached an arrangement with the team to free it from the last year of their contract.


2005-2006 low season baseball career


Shortly after the season finished, Stuart Sternberg, that bought in the group of the property in 2004, took of Vince Naimoli handling as to general associate, thus taking the executive control of the team. The said good-bye immediately Boot LaMar, that had been the general director of the team since the team first season, and most of the office. Matt Silverman al was called president of the baseball career team, and Andrew Friedman took the role of Executive vice President of Operations of Baseball. Gerry Hunsicker, previous general Director of the Houston Stars, was called al Baseball Operations older vice President, with the responsibility to advise the Friedman younger. Sternberg decided not to have an of general Director to swear, calling the position “invalid”. Friedman and Hunsicker share team representative the role of in functions of MLB. [2]


The team focused its efforts that rebuild around stars of youths such as the players of the exterior field Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli, and Jonny Gomes, the player of the interior picture Jorge Cantu (that struck 28 home he runs and he handled in 117 he runs in 2005) and the pitcher Scott Kazmir (that finished in the first one 5 in the American League in the strikeouts). Baldelli lost the entire one 2005 season with injuries, but returned al team in 2006. Also figure in the future plans of Rays baseball career was Youths of Delmon and B.J. Upton , considered two of the better perspectives in every baseball.


In December 2005, Joe Maddon, the previous coach of bank for los Angeles of Los Angeles of Anaheim, al was called new director of the Rays of Devil, the room in the history of the team, replacing to Lou Piniella in that role.

With the change of the property and the strong end to the 2005 season Tampa Bay Devil Rays players, fans of Bay of Tampa were optimists about the 2006 season. In April 10, 2006, the official aid in Field of Tropicana for the Rays home opener was 40.199, the highest assembly since the 1998 Inaugural Season at home opener.


An unfortunate event occurred April 26, when Youths of Delmon, playing for the Bulls of Triple-A Durham, was expelled of the first entrance of a play to discuss a third strike, and threw its bats in the referee, it striking in the protector of chest. The referee was not injured, but the Youths were suspended indefinitely al following day by the International League. The youths ultimately were suspended for 50 play without the pay and carried out 50 hours of the common work. [7]


In the Interruption all stellar, the Bay of Tampa was only 11 play under the 0,500 mark (39-50). Nevertheless, the office came be convinced that the Rays would not contend in 2006 and they traded various players of veteran that were not in its future plans for younger players than was expected to contribute more in future seasons. The commerce included:


* June 20, the player of the exterior field Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule Joey Gathright and the player of the interior picture Fernando Cortez were traded to the City of Kansas Real for the pitcher J.P. Howell. * June 27, the Mark of pitcher baseball career Hendrickson and Vestibule of receiver Toby were traded the smooth talkers of Los Angeles for the pitcher Jae Seo, for receiver of 22 years Dioner from Navarre, and for player of the secondary exterior field of league Justin Ruggiano. * July 12, the player of the interior picture and Start of old fury of Ray Aubrey were traded al Houston Stars for the young shortstop Ben Zobrist and secondary pitcher of league Mitch Talbot. * July 31, the shortstop July Lugo was traded the smooth talkers of Los Angeles for the secondary league prospects Joel Guzman Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule and Sergio Pedroza. * August 24, player of utility Russell Branyan was traded the Chaplains of San Diego for secondary pitchers of league Evan Docile and Valley Thayer.


The Rays fought in the second time, going 22-51 in finishing the season with a 61-101 unprecedented, the worst one in the main leagues. The poor play of the team in the second time was attributed to the commerce of veterans for perspectives, the injuries to adapt players such as Scott Kazmir Tampa Bay Devil Rays players and Ty Wigginton, baseball career and the abrupt decrease by various players (notably Jonny Gomes and Jorge Cantu). Another factor was that the Rays played very badly on the road, gaining only 3 out of 36 play of road after July 1. This matched the 1943 Athletics of Philadelphia for it except the road victories number after the every interruption of the Star in the history of the baseball. [8] In general terms, the Rays were 20-61 on the road, the third the lower number of victories on the road by any team since 1961.


In the positive side, the Rays finished with a victorious registration at home (41-40) for the first time never. Also, at home aid enlarged by 20% on 2005 al 1,372,193. This was the highest aid of Rays since 2000. [10]


2006-2007 low season


During the 2006 low season, the Rays of Devil lost two players that had been in their organization. Cory Lidle, that had played the parts of the 1999 and 2000 seasons in the main leagues for the Rays of Devil, dead person in a collision of airplane in Manhattan October 11. Erik Walke, a 23-year-old perspective of the I pitch for the Renegade of the Valley of Hudson that had gone recently 3-1 with a 0,48 WAS during its first professional season, dead person in an accident of the canoeing in the New River in the County of Grayson, Virginia. [11] Done fast


It founded: 1998 (the American expansion of the League) at home earthly: The Uniform of the Field of Tropicana colors: the gray, white, black, and green design of Logo: The letters “TB” recover in a ray of devil (ray of blanket) the Pet: A six-foot, seadog of six-inch called “Raymond”, carrying a Bay Devil Rays number of Tampa Sweater 00 appearances of Ends (0) : Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule none Present Owner: Stuart Sternberg, et al. The present Director: Joe Maddon Present

general Director: Andrew Friedman the Local Television: FSN Florida, the Facility of the Instruction of the Spring of WXPX: The Park of the Energy of the progress, S. Petersburg , FL


Retired the numbers


* 12 they Ford Boggs, 3B, 1998-99 * 42 Jackie Robinson, retired by all clubs of the main league to honor their to break of the barrier baseball career of the color of the Baseball.


the Vestibule of the Baseball of Famers


* It Fords Boggs, 3B, 1998-99


Famous fans


* Brian Knobbs – Professional fighter * Silas Simmons – the Black previous one is Allied player of baseball [15] * Steals Szasz – The Person that interrupts

Happy * Dick Vitale – basketball college Student commentator


baseball game tickets Leaguers Greater Prominent of the Bay of Tampa


* The Bell of Derek * Fords Boggs * Carl Everett * Steve Garvey * Luis Gonzalez * Dwight Gooden * Howard Johnson * Tony LaRussa * Tampa Bay Devil Rays players Al Lopez * Dave Magadan



* Matt Mantei * Tino Martinez * Fred McGriff * Jason Michaels * Lou Piniella * Dagger Radke * Ray of Chris * Cane of Jody * baseball career Gary Sheffield * Doug Waechter


ready Present


ready Active


Last brought up to date in January 3, Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule 2007




* 59 Field U.S. Shawn * 56 United States Tim Corcoran * 15 United States Casey Fossum * 49 United States Jason Hammel * 39 United States J.P. Howell * 36 Germany

Edwin Jackson * 26 United States Scott Kazmir * 45 Dominican Republic Lugo Red * 37 United States Seth McClung * 33 United States Give Miceli * 11 Japan Shinji Mori

* 54 United States Orvella Chadian * 71 Dominican Republic Juan Rooms * 98 South Korea Jae Seo * 50 Protectors of Marmalades U.S. * 72 United States Brian Baits *

52 States United Jon Switzer


* Receptors * 30 Venezuela Dioner from Navarre * 8 United States Joke Paul * 32 United States Shawn Riggans



* Players of the interior picture * 3 Mexico Jorge Cantú * — United States Brendan Harris * — Japan Akinori Iwamura * 14 United States Greg Norton * 2 United

States B.J. Upton * 21 United States Ty Wigginton * 18 United States Ben Zobrist


* Players of the exterior field * 5 United States Rocco Baldelli * 13 United States Carl Crawford * 31 United States Jonny Gomes * 35 Youths U.S. Delmon




List prolonged


* Pitchers * — Venezuela Frameworks Carvajal * 34 United States Jeff Niemann * — United States Jeff Ridgway * 57 United States Chris Seddon * — United States

Mitch Talbot


* Players of the interior picture * 64 United States Tampa Bay Devil Rays schedule W Bankston * — Dominican Republic Joel Guzmán * — United States Tampa Bay Devil Rays players Elliot Johnson


* Players of the exterior field * — United States Elijah Dukes


* The List Incapacitated


The personnel that coaches


* Director * 70 United States Joe Maddon


* The Coaches * 20 United States Invoice baseball career Never (bank) * 6 United States Tom Foley (third base) * 55 United States Steve Henderson (striking) * 25 United States

George Hendrick (first base) * — I nibble loving U.S. Jim (throwing) * 7 Bobby of Cuba Branches (bull even) * 58 United States are Put Tampa Bay Devil Rays players Zimmer (older Counselor of


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