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It founded in 1883 as the Quakers of Philadelphia to replace the Worcester Worcesters disuelto in the National League espn baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets inaugural season of the team opened in May 1, 1883 in Park of Recreation Philadelphia Phillies results. The Quakers managed to gain only 17 of 98 play, with losing of pitcher John Coleman 48. In 1884, the future Vestibule of Famer Harry Correct was enlisted as the director in the hope to invest the fortunes of the team. By the 1890, the “Phillies” again regrouped (in the homage to its city of the home) announced the registrations coherently solids of 70 or more victories, but none was sufficient in Philadelphia Phillies results surpassing the mediocre positions or to extend mere brushes of the opportunity for a title of pennant or championship Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets . On the Correct exit in 1893, the performance of the club began to slip, the worst one that had as a result a tenth end from the place to the 1897 season. The peak points of it was, nevertheless, Delahanty included of Ed four home runs in a single play (1896) and an outstanding one 94-58 unprecedented in 1899 (they placed 3 in 9 play behind first place). The espn baseball Phillies boasted also Philadelphia Phillies results a strong meadows during this time that represented the future Vestibule of Famers Hamilton Bile and Sam Thompson.


1900 Early


By the return of the century, the Phillies had not seen a lot of a low registrations years repercussion of positions and sub-equality. The team continued to fight for a series of misfortunes not only in but of the field also. Above all, many of the players of the star of the team began to desert the American lucrative and most popular League, with the majority of the contracts of landing with the again-formed, the Athletics of crosstown. The talent exhausted left a mark notabla in the club and in 1902, the Phillies finished its season with a 56-91 unprecedented and an incredible 46 play out of first place. Besides, a tragic accident that killed 12 and the injured hundreds after a balcony collapsed in the Park of Philadelphia to direct the Reach and Rogers Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets to sell the team.


In 1915, its season 33, the Phillies finally gained its first pennant. The victory was owed in the large part to an I push of the bull even directed by pitcher of star Grover Cleveland Alexander, that gained an impressive 31 play al to throw four play of the a-blow. Offensively, Gavvy Cravath (that put a league main alone season runs at home the registration with 24 for five seasons before Baby Compassion demanded it), surpassed the league in RBI and runs that scraped. This it would not show sufficient, nevertheless, like the Phillies ultimately lost the Play 7 of the world series al Boston the Red White Averages in a Harry Hooper run at home in the top of the ninth. The following year, in 1916, the Phillies fought the smooth talkers of Brooklyn (now the smooth talkers of Los Angeles) to the last moment for an opportunity in its second the straight title of pennant but went back for two and a media play with a 91-62 unprecedented. In 1917, Grover Cleveland gained other 30 play for a third the straight season but was tried to the Cubs of Chicago—only an of a star players handful for to be traded imprudently by the team seventh president, Baker of William Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets. The commerce of Alexander only marked the principle of a decades-long abrupt decrease espn baseball that would fall to leads the team in last place more than one time.


A few notable players nevertheless arose during what was of another way a desolate period for the right of vote. In the twenties, the player of the exterior field Cy William came be the Phillies’ new slugger, gaining three NL consecutive Runs at home Crowns. In the thirties, a youths Throw away Klein impressed all, batting al side Zocato OR’ Doul and to gain the NL MVP in 1932 and the NL Treble Crown a year later. (Klein was the first batter in Phillies’ the history before the arrival of Mike Schmidt).

After years of failures, the Phillies obtained the together in the 1970. With players wants pitcher Steve Carlton, third man of base Mike Schmidt, the shortstop Larry Bowa, and the player of the exterior field Greg Luzinski, the Phillies gained 3 straight titles of the division (1976-78). Nevertheless, they would be insufficient in the NLCS (against the Red one in 1976 and the smooth talkers in 1977-78). In 1979, the Phillies would acquire Pair Rose.




The Phils would gain the NL al this in 1980. But to gain the pennant, they would have that to cross the Stars. It would be a NLCS memorable as 4 of the 5 play entered the entrances extra. The Phillies would press Houston passed and the City of the expensive one Kansas in the 1980 world series. The Phillies’ the Tug of reliever McGraw would strike was Willie Wilson for the series that succeeds for the Phillies first (and even now only) the Championship of the world series in the history of the right of vote. The next season was strike-shortened. But the Phillies would lose to Montreal in a special series of ends of pre-LCS. Two years later, the “Children of Resuello” would gain another pennant, only to lose to Baltimore in Philadelphia Phillies results 5 play. After years of the uselessness, the Phils have a last one hooray in 1986 2 that finishes to the Mets.


1989-1992 espn baseball


Following its 1983 loss of the world series to the golden orioles of Baltimore, the team failed to announce the adjacent seasons of profit until 2003 and 2004, and continued it with a third that earns the season in 2005 and a room in 2006; the 2004 team was also second in the NL al this, only the third time that the Phillies has finished that high since the 1994 re-organization (Inclusive a joint end of the second-place with the New one The mets in 1995).


Since the eighties, the administration of the team has been criticized coherently is like inexpensively and little interesting in the profit. A series of directors and terrible general directors was interrupted briefly by 1993 Philadelphia Phillies results magicians espn baseball runs, that finished in a rout of the world series to the champions that defend, the Toronto the Blue Jays. Neither the Phillies neither the Jays have returned al postseason since.




For more details in this theme, see 1993 National Series of the Championship of the League.


For more details in this theme, see 1993 world series.


After Mike Schmidt retired in 1989, the Phillies had a decade to lose the seasons, they save for a berth of the world series in 1993. They loved by its fans, this team, that included such names as Darren Daulton espn baseball, John Kruk, Lenny Dykstra, and Schilling Short, surprised the city and the nation with its achievements. Losing al Toronto the Blue Jays in the world series, for their second consecutive title of the world series, nevertheless they disappointed. The team often was described as “hairy,” “unkempt,” and “spot”. The previous year, noting the presence of the clear Valley Murphy, Kruk he himself described the team as “24 stupid and a Mormon”. His character attracted them to fans, and the aid reached a high registration the following season.




But with which the season (1994) the strike of players, most of the Phillies’ the base of fan was offended a lot, and since then the team been successful small or in the country or in the door—the re-organization of the Atlanta Confronts in the National League al this in 1994 having had a negative effect in both, as the Confronts gained the division every year to Often by crooked margins.


The opening of the new land brought the hope to fans, but to the hope has discolored quickly as the team has failed to find the hopes in the ’00 decade. In October 10, 2005, the director general Ed Fords said good-bye after its eighth season. Shortly after, the Phillies employed the Pat Gillick, that, ironically, was the general director of the 1992 and 1993 Toronto the Blue teams of the Championship of Jays.


baseball game tickets the Philadelphia Phillies results Recent seasons


baseball game tickets 2006


When the date bump of the commerce of the not-resign of July 31 approached, many analysts considered the Phillies to be out of combat of ends.




The colors of the team are red and white Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets. The uniform of the home is white with pinstripes red and the uniform of road is gray espn baseball. Both bear the writing-lettered “Phillies” with the stars that lead the “I” s through the chest, with the name of player and number in the back. The Philadelphia Phillies results hats are red with an alone one stylized “P”, a coherent design with the lettering of the logo of the team that Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets originated in 1944 but revived in 1992. For the play of interleague, the cover lights up a blue visor with a blue star in the middle of the letter “P”.


Of the half a 70s to early-90s, that the Phillies lit up a Burgundy seed as the main color of team, with pinstripes for at home play and light blue (was opposed like al traditional gray) for far away play. The part of the uniform change included to adopt one of the most distinctive logos in all sport; a “P” that, thanks to it is the extraordinary form and ‘the baseball that sews’ central swirl, was – and is still – instantly recognizeable. It was al to carry this uniform motive that the club managed to is the majority of the lasting successes, inclusive a title of the world series in 1980, and has continued the popularity with fans of Philadelphia is evident. To this day, each Phillies at home I play contains almost a quarter a third of the multitude that lights up the covers, the shirts, and/or the jackets decked with himself espn baseball. Occasionally the team plays in the uniforms of leap behind that that they seem al icon “P” and the combination of colors of the color came red, that is an unequal juxtaposition about that the uniform that now carry normally they are taken of a was a lot more more old. There is each indicatation that bringing the 70s/80s uniform back would be Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets permanently a popular one moves, but there is not sign that that property thinks to do thus. Hall of Famers


* Grover Cleveland Alexander

* Sparky Anderson

* Richie Ashburn

* Dave Bancroft

* Chief Bender

* Dan Brouthers

* Jim Bunning

* Steve Carlton

* Roger Connor

* Ed Delahanty

* Hugh Duffy

* Johnny Evers

* Elmer Flick

* Jimmie Foxx

* Billy Hamilton

* Bucky Harris

* Ferguson Jenkins


40-man roster

Last updated on January 4th, 2006




* 58 Dominican Republic Eude Brito

* 52 Dominican Republic Fabio Castro

* 55 United States Clay Condrey

* 23 United States Adam Eaton

* — Dominican Republic Anderson García

* 34 Venezuela Freddy Garcia Philadelphia Phillies results

* 56 United States Geoff Geary

* 57 United States Justin Germano

* 45 United States Tom Gordon

* 35 United States Cole Hamels

* 54 Venezuela Yoel Hernandez

* 21 United States Jon Lieber

* 63 United States Ryan Madson

* 47 Canada Scott Mathieson espn baseball

* 50 United States Jamie Moyer

* 39 United States Brett Myers

* 48 United States Brian Sanches

* 75 United States Zack Segovia

* 46 Dominican Republic Alfredo Simon

* 40 United States Matt Smith

* 49 United States Jim Ed Warden





* 2 United States Rod Barajas

* 30 United States Ryan Bude

* 27 United States Chris Coste

* 51 Panama Carlos Ruiz




* 18 United States Wes Helms

* 6 United States Ryan Howard

* 3 Dominican Republic Abraham Núñez

* 11 United States Jimmy Rollins

* 4 Venezuela Danny Sandoval

* 26 United States Chase Utley




* 9 United States Michael Bourn

* 5 United States Pat Burrell

* 29 United States Chris Roberson

* 33 United States Aaron Rowand

* 8 United States Shane Victorino

* 28 United States Jayson Werth



Coaching staff


* 41 United States Charlie Manuel (Manager)

* 25 United States Milt Thompson (Hitting Coach)

* 28 United States Rich Dubee (Pitching Coach)

* 31 Dominican Republic Ramón Henderson (Bullpen Coach)

* 15 United States Davey Lopes (First base Coach)

* 22 United States Jimy Williams (espn baseball Bench Coach)

* 17 United States Mick Billmeyer (Catching Coach)

* 7 United States Steve Smith (Third Base Coach)


In a brief episode in 1979, the office of Phillies modified this Phillies popular the uniform motive in a version all of the color Philadelphia Phillies results came red with white decorations, for to be carried for play on Saturday. The immediate reaction of the media, the fans, and the similar players were negatives, with many to describe the uniforms despised as pajama-as. When so, the idea was abandoned hasty. [1]


During the instruction of the spring, except the 1992 to 1996 seasons, the use of Phillies the practice red solid Sweater with any the white pants for the League of the Grapefruit at home play and to bat blue solid they practice Sweater with gray pants for far away play. The Phillies is a professional of The Unica Philadelphia lights up the team that does not have a third call neither Sunday Sweater for the regular play of the season; the Aguilas of Philadelphia, Aviators of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia 76ers all has at present the Sweater/Uniform alternative for at home play of play.


support of Fan


The fans of Phillies have earned a reputation with the step of the years for their generally rowdy conduct. Often it is joked that in days where there is not the play planned, the fans Iran al nearby international Airport Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets of Philadelphia to be mocked sure landings. In the sixties, the commentators of radio to visit the teams would find to itself regularly to report in the innumerable fights that would explode in the backups in the Stadium of Waterproof of Connie. In some cases, their reputation precedes him, perpetuating legendary stories of the ones that mocked a man dressed as the Dad noel and threw him with balls of snow (al contrary of what many espn baseball believe, this happened in a play of Aguilas, not a play of Phillies; see here for more information), neither the time when previous Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets first man of base Dick Allen was mocked so much that scribbled the Word himself “Mockery”! in large letters with his empalars in First base.


A memorable incident of the harassment of Philadelphia Phillies results “phanatic” occurred in 1999, when J.D. It drew—that had been the Phillies’ Not. 1 general choice of turn in 1997 but had refused to agree a well done fight públicdo of the contract—faced a bombardment of mocks during its first appearance in Philadelphia as espn baseball a Cardinal one. The play was delayed subsequently and was risked a potential token during the eighth entrance after two Philadelphia Phillies stats and tickets fans began large batteries that throw and espn baseball other various debris directed in Drew in the country central.

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