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1958-62: It seals the Stadium and the Candlestick Stations


When the Giants moved to San Francisco , San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball they played in the Stadium of Seals for their first two seasons. In 1958, latin american batter Edging San Francisco Giants game stats Cepeda gained Novice of the honors of Year. The next season, Willie McCovey gained the same prize.


In 1960 the Giants moved al Park of the Candlestick (at times known simply as “The Stick”), a stadium built in a point in San corner of the southeast of Francisco that leaves to pass the Bay of San Francisco . The new stadium gained quickly a reputation for is one of the very inhospitable one in the baseball, with whirling winds, the temperatures and impenetrable nocturnal cold fogs that cause a devious experience; the shining heating installed never worked. The reputation of the Park San Francisco Giants game stats of the candlestick was sealed in the ninth entrance of the 1961 Play all stellar, when after a day of perfect conditions, the winds rose. A strong gust caused that to relief pitcher Miller of Gigantic Stu slipped far away the rubber of I pitch during his delivery, having as a result a ridge (and a legend San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball of the baseball that Miller “was blown of the pile”).


baseball game tickets The 1962 world series


The main article: 1962 World Series


In 1962, after another memorable pursuit of pennant with the smooth talkers that had as a result a series of ends, the Giants brought a world series to San Francisco , but they lost the series 4 play to 3 to the New York yankees. The seventh play was al fund of the ninth with the yankees ahead 1-0. With Matty Alou in first base and two was, Willie Mays cut a double one down the correct line of field. The correct defender Roger Maris, whose 61 home runs the season in 1961 has overshadowed historically their great defensive work, arrived at quickly the ball and stolen a shot al earthly central, preventing Alou of bordering the to tie runs.


With the Mays fast in the second, some despicable blow by the whips then, Willie McCovey, does probable has earned the series for the Giants. McCovey struck a line that screams handles that was snared by second Bobby of man of base Richardson , bringing the Series to a sudden end. Earlier in the entrance, a sound failed of the sacrifice by Felipe Alou San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball ultimately had had as a result Matty not bordering in the double one of Mays, that began a dedication of all the life to bases in the area of Felipe. Besides, to rub salt in the injury, Richardson was not positioned for get originally the handles, he only moved there (three steps to the left) in the reaction to a filthy collision by McCovey in the prior tone.


The giants air (and the resident of Holy nearby Rose) Chat Schulz did a rare reference al true world in one of its throw of quick Peanuts later San Francisco Giants game stats. In the first three walls of it throws of December 22, Charlie Brown and Linus sit down in a step of porche, seeming somber. In the last wall, Charlie cries to the skies, “why would not be able to have struck McCovey the ball barely three higher feet”? Some weeks the later, same scene. This time, Charlie cries, “OR why would not be able to have struck McCovey the ball barely two higher feet”?


1963-85: Always a godmother of wedding, never San Francisco Giants game stats the Girlfriend


Although the Giants did not do another world series until 1989, The Giants of the sixties continued to be contenders of pennant thanks to various vestibule of famers future, inclusive Cider of pear of Gaylord, that threw a no-batter with the Giants in 1968; Juan Marichal, a pitcher with a memorable delivery that high-kicking; McCovey, that gained the National prize of the League MVP in 1969, and Mays, They strike their career 600 they run at home.


The Giants next appearance in the postseason was 1971. After to gain its division, they to be defeated easily in the Series of the Championship of the League by the Pirates of Pittsburgh and Roberto Clemente, that then passed to strike the golden orioles of Baltimore in the world series. During this decade, the Giants renounced many players that came they be successful in another part. Some of them they included Garry Maddox, George Promotes, Dave Kingman, and Cider of pear of Gaylord. Nevertheless, the Giants produced to two more Novices of the winners of Year (Gary Matthews Mr. in 1973 and John Montefusco in 1975).

Although the team utilized 15 different pitchers that begin, the 1989 Giants gained the National pennant of the League. They were directed by Haystack of pitchers Reuschel and San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball Scott Garrelts and by the sluggers Kevin Mitchell (the 1989 National League MVP) and they Do Clark.


The Giants strike the Cubs of Chicago in the National Series of the Championship of the League, four play to one.


In the Play 5, eventual 1989 NLCS MVP Does Clark (that struck. 650, they handled in eight runs, and struck a grand slam far away Greg Maddux in the Play 1) came by in the clutch with a bases-loaded alone one far from the Mitch William that hard-throwing to break a 1-1 referencian the fund of the entrance eighth Clark took the first one fastball for a strike, then fouled one far away. William next tone lost the corner of the outside to bring al count to 1-and-2. After fouled of Clark of two more tones, he struck a line that screams the center rises to introduce two run.


In the top of the ninth entrance, Steve Bedrosian was unstable like he renounced a he runs. But ultimately, Bedrosian could obtain Ryne Sandberg grind-be for was #3. Remaining, the hero of the Play 5, they Do Clark got the end out of second man of base Robby Thompson. For the first time in 27 years, the Giants of San Francisco were the champions of the National League.


After take care of the Cubs, the Giants faced the Athletics of Oakland in the “the Bay Bridge Series”. The series perhaps is recalled San Francisco Giants game stats better because the earthquake of Tight Hill in interrupted October 17, 1989 the Play planned 3 of the series in the Park of the Candlestick. After a delay of ten-day in the series, Oakland finished its sweeps of San Francisco .




Following the San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball ’89 rout of the world series, a local initiative of the voting to finance a new stadium in San Francisco failed, threatening the future of the right of vote in the city. After the 1992 season, the owner San Francisco Giants game stats Cut Lurie, that had saved previously the right of vote to move to Toronto in 1976, put the up the team for sale. A group of investors of the S. Petersburg directed for Vince Naimoli arrived at an agreement to buy the team and moves them through the country. Nevertheless, the Baseball of the main league blocked the moves, paving the way for the team to remain in San Francisco with a group of the property directed by Peter Magowan, the previous general director of Safeway. (As compensation, MLB offered the group of Naimoli a right of vote of the expansion, the Bay Devil Rays of Tampa).


Besides the it anticipated moves al central San Francisco , the property of Giants did also a greater personnel moves to be solidified support of fan. Before employing still a new general Director or for to be approved officially as the new owners, Magowan signed to superestrella freed the Bonds of agent Barry (a he moves that MLB San Francisco Giants game stats blocked initially until some terms were bureaus to protect Lurie and the Bonds in the event that the sale failed), a move that formed the fortunes of the right of vote for more than a decade.




The Barry Links was begun it favorably as the Bonds put the numbers for the third one MVP of its career: 46 bargains, 129 they run, 123 RBI, .336/.458/.677/1.135, high every career. This it directed the Giants to a great 103-59 unprecedented in the Baker Dusty first year as the director, that gained Baker the Director of the prize of Year. But in spite of the Giants great registration, the Atlanta Confronts — supplied of fuel by its season half acquisition of San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball Fred McGriff of the Chaplains of San Diego — returned from a 10 deficit of the play to the Giants to gain the NL al western by a single play. Desperately

In 2002 the focus returned al team, with the Giants that gain the National wild card of the League. In the ends, they defeated the Atlanta Confronts in the NLDS three play to two, and then the S. The Cardinal of Louis four play one (perhaps in a sense, avenging its 1993 and 1987 late routs of season respectively). It directed by Bonds of Barry registers 198 walks and 0,582 OBP (both since broken by him again), the team faced the winners of the American wild card of the League, los Angeles of Anaheim , in the 2002 world series. The series’ the peak point was San Francisco Giants game stats during the Play 6, with the Giants that direct 5-0 in the seventh entrance, barely eight was far from its first championship since moving to San Francisco. Los Angeles they returned to gain that play, then gained the Play 7 in demanding its first championship of MLB and to break the Giants fans hearts. The director Dusty Baker left the team after the season to handle the Cubs of Chicago.


baseball game tickets 2003 they Present


Bouncing of the loss of the world series in 2002, the Giants, under new director Felipe Alou, they registered 100 victories for the seventh time in vote right history and the third time in San Francisco . The team spent each day of the season in first place, barely the ninth team to do thus in the history of the baseball. As in 1997, the Giants lost to the eventual world champions, the Pins of Florida, San Francisco Giants game stats in the Series of the Division, three play to one.


In 2004, the Giants again avoided the elimination of the combat of ends to the last day of the season. The team finished a play was in the career of wild Card and two behind the smooth talkers of division-profit Los Angeles. The season finished with the drama, like the smooth talkers came from behind in the ninth entrance to defeat the Giants in a late play of season, gaining in a grand slam of Steve Finley. The bonds broke also their own registrations with 232 walks and a 0,609 OBP.


The 2005 season of Giants they were the team less successful since moving to their new stadium. The bonds lost most of the season, Arming Benitez more fence was injured for four months, and the ace Jason Schmidt fought after numerous injuries. Nevertheless, the administration of the team has taken advantage of the far away year to give them playing time to numerous youths players, inclusive pitchers Noah Lowry, the Dagger Hennessey, Kevin Correia, Scott Munter, Cain Kill, and Jeremy Accardo, as well as first base man Spear Niekro and players of the exterior field Jason Ellison and Tilo of Todd. The acquisition of Boor Winn of the Navigators of Seattle showed also imperceptible in the stretches runs.


In May 25, 2005, the Giants had a celebration in honor al Vestibule of the Baseball of Famer Juan Marichal. A statue of Marichal was dedicated in the plaza out of the land. Leonel Fernández, the President of the Dominican Republic , was in the aid. In the two play that continued the ceremonies, the Giants carried the uniforms with the word “Gigantic” in the front (the Spanish word for “Gigantic”). In July 14, 2005, the right of vote gained their contest 10,000th that defeats to their old rival, the smooth talkers of Los Angeles , 4-3, coming to be the first sport of professional they offer the concession to have five digits in their victorious total.


In September 28, 2005, the Giants were eliminated officially of the NL al western career after losing the 2005 Chaplains of the champion San Diego . The team finished the season in third place, with a registration of 75-87, its worse season – and losing first the registration – since 1996. In spite San Francisco Giants game stats of the disappointing end, the director Felipe Alou was offered an extension of a year of its contract by the administration of Giants.

Numbers retired


* NY John McGraw, 3B, 1902-06; Director, 1902-32 (played and handled in New York, the numbers before uniforms were carried) * NY Christy Mathewson, P, 1900-16 (all in New York) San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball * Commentator of Lon Simmons, 1958-1973, 1976-1978, 1996-2002, 2006 (as the commentators do not have the numbers, he is honored with a microphone al old style of the radio)

* Commentator of Russ Hodges, 1949-1970 (he sees: up) * 3 Terrycloth of Account, 1B, 1923-36; Director, 1932-41 (all in New York) * 4 Mel Ott, OF, 1926-47; Director, 1942-48 (all in New York) * 11 Carl Hubbell, P, 1928-43 (the first one Leaguer National to have his number retired, 1944) * 24 Willie Mays, OF, 1951-72 (1951-52, 1954-57 in New York,

1952-53 in the Korean War, 1958-72 in San Francisco ) * 27 Juan Marichal, P, 1960-73 * 30 Edging Cepeda, 1B, 1958-66 * 36 Cider of pear of Gaylord, P, 1962-71 * 44 Willie McCovey, 1B-OF, 1959-73 & 1977-80


ready Present


the list of 40 Hard men brought up to date in January 2, 2007




* 60 Republic Dominican Kelyn Goes to bed * 49 Dominican Republic Arming Benítez * 43 United States Cain Matt * 31 United States Vinnie Chulk * 53 United States

Kevin Correia * San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball 41 Dagger U.S. Hennessey * 34 United States Steve Kline * 51 United States Noah Lowry * — Dominican Republic Osiris Matos * 71 United States Patrick

Misch * 35 United States Morris Matt * 54 United States Scott Munter * 59 United States Sadler Bile * 53 Puerto Rico Jonathan Sanchez * 37 United States Jack

Taschner * 57 United States Erick Threets * San Francisco Giants game stats 65 Dominican Republic Merkin Valdéz * 33 United States Brian Wilson * 45 United States Tim Worrell * 75 United States

Barry Zito





* 50 Venezuela Eliézer Alfonzo * 60 United States Justin Knoedler * 22 United States Mike Matheny * 1 Puerto Rico Bengie Molina


Players of the interior picture


* 33 United States Aurilia Rich * 5 Ray U.S. Durham * 7 Dominican Republic Pedro Happy * 19 United States Kevin Frandsen * 1 United States Travis Ishikawa * —

United States Ryan Klesko * 28 Spear U.S. Niekro * 9 United States Mark Sweeney * — Dominican Republic Eugenio Velez * 13 Venezuela Omar Vizquel


Players of the exterior field


* 21 United States Jason Ellison * 32 United States Fred Lewis * 39 Tilo U.S. Todd * 40 United States Give Ortmeier * 10 San Francisco Giants game stats Japan Dave Roberts * 46 United States San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball Nate

Schierholtz * 2 Boor U.S. Winn



The personnel that coaches




* 15 United States Bruce Bochy




* 26 United States Mark Gardner (bull even) * — United States Tim Flannery (third base) * 16 United States Joe Lefebvre (striking) * 58 United States Invoice Hays

(receiver of bull even) * 70 United States Willie Upshaw (first base) * 46 United States Dave Righetti (throwing) * 17 United States Ron Wotus (bank)


the Secondary affiliations of the league


* AAA: The brown bears of Ash, the peaceful League of the Coast * AA: The Defenders of Connecticut, the Oriental League * Advanced A: San Gigantic of Jose,

the League of California * A: August GreenJackets, the southern Atlantic League * Short A: the Volcanos of Salem-Keizer, the League of the Northwest *

Inexperienced: The Giants of AZL, the League of San Francisco Giants game stats Arizona


the Radio and the television


Al 2006, the Giants flag station they were KNBR, 680AM, marked as “The Leader of Sport”. The Miller of Jon, Dave Fleming, and Dad of Greg they take turns plays itself as by commentators of play.


The giants television programs are parties San Francisco Giants game stats between KTVU and San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball Sport of Foxy Area Net of Bay. The miller calls occasionally the action in KTVU, but for the majority of the programs of television that the San Francisco Giants tickets minor league baseball team that announces is Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.


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