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The Kingdome, the Navigators first stadium Seattle Mariners game schedule the one baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets that was thought originally as the home for the Pilots (part of the 1969 programs of the play of Pilots the interpretations had of artist of a vaulted stadium in the cover), was in the large part the result of the bond “Forward of the Push” passed County voters King in 1969,


The Baseball of the main league was now behind in Seattle for the first time since the exit of the Pilots, whose calls Selig changed baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets to the Beer. The Beer now they play in the rival National League.


The Navigators played their first play April 6 1977 to a multitude of the treason of 57.762 in the Kingdome, losing 7-0 to the California Angels[1]. The early history of the team during the seventies and years eighty is characterized for the not-achievement of the perennial plant. The Navigators finished in last place or next to hard in its division in 10 of its first 13 seasons, and did not register a victorious season until 1991.


In the inaugural season of Seattle Mariners game schedule the team of 1977, the pitcher Diego Segui, in his last season of the main league, came be the only player to play for the Pilots and the Navigators.


In spite of having the stars such as Cider of pear of Gaylord (the spitballer famous, that was initiated in the Vestibule of the Baseball of the Fame in 1991, spent the ends two years of its 20 + the career of the season with Seattle and was given the nickname “The Old Navigator”), Alvin Davis (Inexperienced American of League of the Year (1984)), Harold Reynolds (two-time all stellar (1987-88) and Three-time (1988-90)), and the Mark Langston (league-leader in the strikeouts threw Seattle Mariners game schedule (1984, A reputation for performances and to lose poor he registers. The peak points of the early years included receiving the 1979 Play all stellar, Cider of pear of Gaylord the victory 300 of the career in 1982, Presley of Jim the entrance tenth play-victorious grand slam to open day in 1986 (this arrival after he tied the play with a two runs bargain in the ninth), the tube-explosions of the “Seafaring of US” behind the following one Field they run at home by the home team, the appearances by Morganna the kissing-bandit, baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets and “The funny Night of Eyeglasses of Nose”. A notable dark reflection was the performance of registration-putting of Clemens of Roger in April 29, 1986, when he struck was 20 Navigators along the way to defeat them 3-1, putting what was then the never even registration of strikeout of alone-play and to come to be the first pitcher of striking was never 20 whips in a play of the nine-entrance.


The season of the novice (1989) of central Know-how of defender Griffey, Son, acquired with the first choice in the first series of the 1987 turn for amateurs, gave fans expect that a change of fortunes perhaps be in the horizon. It praised as one of the athletes more talentosos young in every baseball, the combination of Griffey of the stellar, defensive ability and charisma, striking the power, and the baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets velocity of baserunning did it one of superestrellas pre-eminent of baseball of the nineties, and helped to direct to the Seafaring al a lot greater success during its 11 seasons in Seattle.




After but another depressing performance in 1990, the Navigators handled their first victorious season in 1991 Seattle Mariners game schedule, finishing 83-79 low director Jim Lefebvre. Although was the team better season to that point, was only sufficient good for a fifth end of the place in its division of the seven-team, and Lefebvre said good-bye. The account Plummer was an employee as the director for the 1992 season, but he said good-bye continuing at the end of the year 98 losses and a property he changes in July. During the following one out of season, the Navigators employed director Lou Piniella, that had handled the Cincinnati Red to the victory in the 1990 world series. The navigator airs Piniella he embraced, and he would finish for handling the team of 1993 for 2002, gaining two American Director of the League of the Prizes of Year.

In 2001, in spite of the loss of Rodriguez (that would be greeted to its return to Safeco with money of untidy Monopoly to fall for exceptionally angry fans of Seattle, and in subsequent returns by incessant booing[5]), the addition of Ichiro and a career sazonar by Mocked helped the Navigators to the season more successful regular in the registration in it was modern. The 2001 Navigators directed the main leagues in the percentage victorious long every season, gaining easily the American League the Western championship of the division and to match the prior registration of the Baseball of the main league for alone victories of the season of 116 fixed by the Cubs of Chicago in 1906. At the end of the season, Ichiro gained the AL MVP, Novice of AL of the Year, and of one of three meadows the Glove gold Prizes, coming to be the first player since the 1975 Boston the Red White Averages baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets Fred Lynn to gain all three in the same season. The came be also the charismatic, if enigmatic, the face of the team. The it has been the subject of various books (inclusive one that consists only of its appointments of zen-as) and caused that a commotion by carried its first name in the back of its Seattle Mariners game schedule Sweater, an almost disregarded of the practice in the American sport. Due to the contributions of Ichiro and the remainder of the team, the Navigators removed a comes from behind from 3-2 victory of the series on the Cleveland Indian in the Series of the Division to advance to the American Series of the Championship of the League against the New York yankees, but succumbed to the yankees for the second year in a row in the ALCS, 4 play to 1, Series that had been postponed owed The terrorist attacks in S baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets eptember 11. The Navigators received also the Play all stellar that year, and they had a registration of league-directing and team eight all stellar: The RF Ichiro Suzuki, DH Edgar Martinez, CF Mike Cameron, Bret 2B Mocked, John 1B Olerud, and the pitchers Freddy Garcia, Kazuhiro Sasaki and Jeff Get. The Vestibule of the baseball of Famers


* 36 Cider of pear of Gaylord, P, 1982-83


the Vestibule of Navigators of the Fame


The team has a Vestibule of Navigators of the Fame, with the following members:


* Dave Niehaus, the Commentator (1977-present) * 21 Alvin Davis, 1B (1984-91) * 19 Jay Buhner, OF (1988-2001)


Retired the numbers


The Navigators of Seattle have retired no uniform number. It is indicated the politics of Navigators that only players in the National Vestibule of the Baseball of the Fame that played for at least five years with the Navigators, or with career Navigators players that avoid nearly the election, they will have their numbers officially retired. [14]


In spite of be retired officially no number, the team has not reprinted the numbers 6 (they Give Wilson), 11 (Edgar Martinez), 14 (Lou Piniella), 19 (the Jay Buhner), 24 (the Know-how Griffey, Son), neither 50 (Jamie Moyer) to no uniformed personnel since the last player for to have carried the number left the team. The number 51, carried by Boor Johnson, was retained of players Seattle Mariners game schedule of 1998 until 2001, when was granted to Ichiro Suzuki on its order after it carrying for its entire career of superestrella in Japan .


The number of Robinson of Jackie, 42, they were retired through the Baseball of the main league in April 15, 1997.


ready Present


ready of 40 men


Last brought up to date in December 14, 2006




* 58 South Korea Shah Seung Baek * 36 Venezuela baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets Yorman Bazardo * 48 Australia Travis Blackley * 63 United States Ryan Feierabend * 54 United States Be Green * 34

Venezuela Félix Hernández * 60 United States Jon Huber * 63 Venezuela Caesar Jiménez * 57 United States Mark Lowe * 40 Dominican Republic July Kill * 59 United

States Eric OR’ Flaherty * 20 United States J.J. Putz * 52 United States George Sherrill * — Rowland-Smith of Australia Seattle Mariners game schedule Ryan * 39 United States Horacio Ramírez *

56 United States Jarrod Washburn * 49 Forest U.S. Jake




* 2 Japan Kenji Johjima * 30 Puerto Rico René Rivera


Players of the interior picture


* 29 Dominican Republic Adrián Beltré * 3 Cuba Yuniesky Betancourt * 16 United States Willie Bloomquist * 23 United States Ben Broussard * 22 United States Greg

Dobbs * — United States Michael Garciaparra * — United States Bryan LaHair * 4 Venezuela José López * 12 Morse code U.S. Mike * 17 Venezuela Oswaldo from Navarre

* 44 United States Richie Sexson * — Puerto Rico Jose Vidro



Players of the exterior field


* 62 Curaçao Wladimir Balentien * — Dominican Republic José Guillén * 28 United States Raúl Ibáñez * 25 United States Adam Jones * 7 Cane U.S. Jeremy * 51 Japan

Ichiro Suzuki * — United States Mike Wilson





* 21 United States Mike Hargrove




* 43 Rozaduras U.S. Rafael (throwing) * 13 Venezuela Carlos Garcia (third base, the central land) * 47 United States Mike Goff (first base, the meadows,

baserunning) * — United States John McLaren (bank) * 45 United States Jeff Pentland (striking) * 41 United States Jim Slaton (bull even)




the Secondary affiliations of the league


* AAA: Tacoma the Rainiest League and Pacific of the Coast * AA: The western Diamond of Tenn Jaxx, the Southern League * Advanced A: High mavericks of Desert, the

League of California * A: Wood of Wisconsin Rattlers, the League of western Middle * Short A: Everett AquaSox, the League of the Northwest baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets * Inexperienced: The

Navigators of AZL, the League of Arizona * Inexperienced: The Navigators of VSL, the Venezuelan League of the Summer





The Navigators began the 2002 Seattle Mariners game schedule hot season (they were in the rhythm to gain 100 + the play again well in the summer), but they lost was in the ends. This was attributed extensively to his failure to find a substantial contributor in the date bump of the commerce [6] and hot rays by los Angeles of Anaheim and the Athletics of Oakland in the subsequent months of the season. Ultimamente, los Angeles they gained the world series as the Navigators gained 93 play, that was still the better second adds in its history. At the end of Seattle Mariners game schedule the season, the director Lou Piniella left baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets the Navigators to handle its origin town Bay Devil Rays Tampa, supposedly due to its ira with the administration; Piniella believed that that administration more was concerned with the last line that acquiring players of quality. [7] The Navigators signed Cut Melvin to be their new director. The local press speculated that a first director of year (especially someone more level-headed than the baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets Piniella blazing) would be easier for the office and the property to control. [8]


The Navigators again descended from to an excellent beginning in the 2003 season. They contended long every season and they reached the same registration as in 2002, but again they were struck to the ends by their division the rival Athletics of Oakland. His failure to do the ends again were Seattle Mariners game schedule blamed in the failure of the administration for introduce a bats in the date bump that trades and the aging list descent, notably by pitcher Jeff Get, that went traded after criticize the inactivity of the date bump of the office. the Pat of Seattle Mariners game schedule general director [9] Gillick came be a baseball catcher Seattle Mariners tickets consultant to half of the season Drop to make room for new Account of GM Bavasi.

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