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1989, that saw the opening of the Jays Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team new retractable-techó at home, SkyDome, marked also the beginning of a period of five very successful Toronto Blue Jays player list years for Toronto . In May, the administration said good-bye director Jimy William and he replaced him with striking instructor I Cite Gaston. The club had a 12-24 unprecedented in the time of the to say good-bye, but registered a 77-49 unprecedented under its new director to gain the American League al this for 2 play. In the ALCS, Rickey Henderson directed the Athletics of Oakland to a 4-1 victory of the series.


In 1990, the Blue Jays again had a strong season, but they finished in second place, 2 play behind the Boston the Red White Averages. Dave Stieb threw its first one and only no-batter, striking the Cleveland to Indians 3 to 0. During the low season, the Blue Jays did one of the two largest commerce in the history of the right of vote, sending shortstop Tony Fernandez and first man Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team of base Fred McGriff to the Chaplains of San Diego for the Cartdriver of player of the exterior Toronto Blue Jays player list field Joe and second man of base Roberto Alomar. This would result an excellent commerce, as the Blue Jays again gained the division in 1991. Once more, nevertheless, they were insufficient in the postseason, losing the Twins of Minnesota, that were in their way to their second victory of the world series in five years, in the ALCS.


Toronto came be the first club of the main league to draw never on 4 million fans in a season.


* The Registration of the Team 1989: 89 Victories – 73 Losses, W%- 0,549


* The Registration of the Team 1990: Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team 86 Victories – 76 Losses, W%- 0,531, GB-2


* The Registration of the Team 1991: 91 Victories Toronto Blue Jays player list – 71 Losses, W%- 0,562


1992-93: The world series Defends


After the 1991 season had finished, the Blue Jays acquired pitcher to Jack Morris, that had directed the Twins of Minnesota to the victory in the world series throwing an of 10 complete entrances the victory of the play in the Play 7 and had been called the world series MVP.


The 1992 season to regulate was well, like the Jays finished four play in front of the Beer of Milwaukee, with a registration of 96-66. They were also the entire season without being sweeping in any series. They found the Athletics of Oakland in the ALCS, gaining 4 play to 2. The essential play of the series was the Play 4. The Blue Jays recovered behind of a 6-1 deficit, covered by Alomar of Roberto the immense play that ties 2 runs bargain of reliever Dennis Eckersley, in its way to an of 11 entrances, 7-6 victory, to direct the series 3 play to 1. The Blue Jays then faced the Atlanta Confronts in the world series. The essential play in this series resulted to be the Play 2, in which they reserve player Ed Sprague struck a ninth entrance 2 they run runs at home Jeff Reardon to give the Blue Jays a 5-4 main, that would have up. The play 6, with the Blue Jays that direct 3 play to 2, they were a very nearby play. Toronto was a strike far from profit in the fund of the ninth entrance, 2-1, but singled of Otis Nixon in the to tie they run the close Bluest Jays Tom Henke. Was the first one runs the bull even of Toronto had renounced in the series. The play was decided in the eleventh entrance, when Dave Winfield duplicated, handling in 2 runs. The it Confronts again would come inside one runs in the fund of the 11, but reliever of Jays Mike Timlin negotiated the sound of Nixon of Otis, throwing al Cartdriver of Joe al principle base for the end was. The Blue Jays came they be the first team based out of the United States to gain the world series. The Borders of the pat, the receiver of Jays, was the improbable player that was called MVP after to strike 0,450 with a home runs in the world series Toronto Blue Jays player list. Unequally, Morris he was acquired in the large part for his reputation as a pitcher of postseason of clutch, but he were 0-3 in the ends. Morris, nevertheless, thrown well in the season to regulate, coming to be the first winner of 20 Blue play of Jays, with a registration of 21-6 and a WAS of 4,04.

The hopes were high for the Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team for the 1994 season, the following adjacent championships, but they collapsed to a 55-60 unprecedented before the strike of players. It was its first season that loses since 1982. The Cartdriver of Joe, Paul Molitor and John Olerud enjoyed good years in the dish, but the I pitch fell. Juan Guzmán collapsed considerably of its first three years (40-11, 3,28 WAS), finishing 1994 in 12-11 with a 5,68 WAS.


1995 they were a still worse season for the Blue Jays, like they finished 56-88 in another season strike-shortened. Three young players, Alex S. Gonzalez, Carlos Thin and Shawn Green, they showed a lot of promise for the future. The Breweries of Labatt were bought by beer of Belgian Based Interbrew, doing the Blue Jays the second team of the baseball possessed by interests out of the United States or Canada Toronto Blue Jays player list. Interesting, the first one was the Blue cousins of the expansion of Jays, the Navigators, possessed by Nintendo.


1996 they were another mediocre year for the Blue Jays, in spite of Touches Hentgen Cy the Young Prize (20-10. 3,22 WAS). Ed Sprague had a year of the career, striking 36 home runs and handling in 101 runs. Logo (1997–2002 blue of Jays). Logo (1997–2002 blue of Jays).


The Blue Jays began 1997 with high hopes. Did not only it do the Jays change drastically their uniforms, they signed Boston previous the Red ace of White Averages Roger Clemens to a $24.750.000 contract. Clemens had one of the best I pitch sazonar never as he gained the pitcher Triple Crown, directing Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team the American League with a registration of 21-7, a 2,05 WAS and 292 strikeouts. This it should not direct enough the Jays Blue al postseason, nevertheless, like they finished the year 76-86. I cite Gaston, the director, said good-bye at the end of the year.


Before the beginning of the 1998 season, the Blue Jays acquired Boor more fence Myers and to slugger José Canseco. Gaston was replaced with Tim Johnson, a relative stranger but a previous Blue Jay. The I pitch was strong, again directed by Clemens’ second straight throwing crown triple (20-6, 2,65 WAS, 271 strikeouts), but the to strike was mediocre, and the Blue Jays finished 88-74, in third place, 26 play behind the New York yankees, that announced one of the largest registrations in every history of the baseball.


Before the 1999 season, the Blue Jays traded Roger Clemens to the yankees to begin pitcher David Well, second base man Bargain Bush and pitcher of relief Graeme Lloyd. They said good-bye also Tim Johnson, after Johnson lied about several things (inclusive the killing to people in the Vietnam War), to motivate its players. Johnson was replaced with Jim Fregosi, that handled the Phillies when they lost to the Blue Jays in the 1993 world series. The offense collected something in 1999, but the I pitch suffered without Clemens, as the Blue Jays finished 84-78.


In November 8, 1999, Toronto traded player of the exterior field of star Shawn Green to the smooth talkers of Los Angeles for the left-handed pitcher of the relief Pedro Bourbon and the correct-defender Raúl Mondesí. This was owed al done that the Blue Jays had only sufficient money to sign one of Green or Thin, and the Jays decided to maintain Thin.


2000 they resulted a similar season, like the Jays had a 83-79 unprecedented, well out of the career of wild card. Carlos Thin had a stellar year, striking 0,344 with 41 home runs, 57 double, 137 RBI, 123 walks and 115 they run. Besides, six other players strike 20 or more home runs, an outstanding exploit Toronto Blue Jays player list . José Cross Son, Shawn Green, Tony Batista, Darrin Fletcher, Shannon Stewart, and the Dagger Fullmer all contributed al powerful heart of the alignment.


In September 1, 2000, Communications of Rogers INC. bought 80% of the club of the baseball with Interbrew (now InBev) maintaining 20% of interest and the Imperial Bank Canadian of the Commerce that abandons their 10% of action.

The 2003 season was a surprise to both administration of the team and analysts of baseball. After an April poor, the team had its the majority of the successful months never in May. The offense was mainly responsible for the return that dazes. Thin it took the main league directs in runs batted in, followed by fence by Well. The medium positions of the central land remained a decision of gametime – Bordick played shortstop and third base, the base of second of Dave Berg and third base, shortstop of Chris Woodward and base of second to Edge Hudson. The up the call secondary one of the league Howie Clark entered the combination as a player of utility after Hinske experienced the surgery to repair a broken bone of hamate in its right hand, that tried to play for for the first six weeks. Logo blue of Jays (2003). Logo blue of Jays (2003).


In spite of its successes that strike, the I pitch poor Toronto Blue Jays player list continued to plague the team. Roy Halladay was spectacular in gaining its first one Cy the Young Prize, going 22-7, with a 3,25 WAS, but with him did not obtain a lot of aid of its pitchers neighbors. The inexperienced one Aquilino Lopez was a pleasant surprise out of the bull even. Kelvim to Sweep and Marks previous of player of NBA Hendrickson they were put in the rotation with its places in the bull even filled for acquisitions of renunciation Doug Davis and Towers of Josh. The role more fence was a season-long revolving door, with nobody capable to get the reins. The speculation of the commerce had focused in the acquisitions of the I Toronto Blue Jays player list pitch at the cost of batters, but al end the team was dispossessed simply of imminent independent person Shannon Stewart without obtaining a pitcher in the return. In place Bobby Kielty, another player of the exterior field with an a lot to descend that bats he averages that Stewart, he was obtained of the Twins of Minnesota and then traded in November 2003 al Athletics of Oakland for the principle Ted Lily. The first four pitchers for the he projected 2004 rotation he would include Halladay, Lily, freed to agent Miguel Batista, and the return of the Pat Hentgen.


After the spectacular return in May 2003, that helped the team he moves to barely few play behind the wild card that directs Boston the Red White Averages, the performance of the team slowly returned to the reality, as predicted by the administration of the team. Carlos Thin was second in the to vote for the Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team American League MVP although the Jays were in third place in their division. The Jays announced also that a new one logo and new uniform they would be utilized al January 1, 2004.


* The Registration of the Team 2003: 86 Victories – 76 Losses, W%- 0,531, GB- 15




The 2004 season was a disappointing year for the Blue right of Jays of the principle. They began the season 0-8 in SkyDome and never they began a long victorious ray. A lot that was due to injuries to Carlos Thin all stellar, Vernon Well and Roy Halladay among others. Although the additions to begin pitchers Ted Lily and Miguel Batista and the reliever Justin Speier were relatively successful, the Pat of veteran Hentgen hesitated through the season and retired July 24. The novices and the secondary Bush of callups of league David, Jason Frasor, Towers of Josh and other they filled the empty one in the rotation and the bull even; nevertheless, the contradictory performances were evident. The majority of the pitchers that begin did not they throw still more than the sixth entrance; thus, the bull even used too much contributed al to abandon frequent to border early directs.

In February 2, 2005, several days after completing the purchase of SkyDome by Communications of Rogers, Rogers, al displeasure and the widespread mockery of Jays airs, regrouped the stadium the Center of Rogers . In spite of the better efforts of the new property, a wide majority of Blue Jays airs continued (and continues still) to be referred al stadium as SkyDome. By the beginning of the season Rogers had improved the stadium with a new one videoboard of “JumboTron” and aggregated other screens of it more modern of video around the stadium. Also, the surface of astroturf was replaced by the FieldTurf more natural than looks. The owner Ted Rogers promised also an increase of payroll to $210.000.000 on the next 3 years, that permitted the team to have a payroll of the team of $80.000.000 per year.


The Blue Jays finished the spring that coaches with a 16-10 unprecedented. Among the stars of the instruction of the spring was Gabe Thick, that tied the registration of Jays for the majority of the homes runs in the instruction of the spring with eight (the prior unprecedented wave was long time the Blue Jay Carlos Thin). The Jays were capable of translating its success in the instruction of the spring in an excellent beginning – the team directed the AL al this of early to to the middle of April and had its registration around 0,500 until late August. The Jays were struck with the bug of the injury when third man of base Corey Koskie broke the finger, it removing Toronto Blue Jays player list of the alignment, but of the club was surprised pleasantly with the performance of the Hill of call above inexperienced Aaron in its utility.

Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team

July 8, barely before the interruption all stellar, the Blue ace of Jays Roy Halladay was struck in the shin by a line handles of Tiles left defender Kevin Mench and was placed in the DL with a leg was fractured. The cost of the injured one Halladay that its opportunity to be the American principle of the League in the Play all stellar in Detroit ; its place in the squad all stellar was taken by Red pitcher of White Averages Matt Clemente. Although the injury of Halladay was expected to Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team be smaller, the process of the recovery was found with constant delays, and with Halladay did not play a single play in 2005 after the interruption all stellar. The administration of the team announced officially that would lose the remainder of the season in August. The injury of Halladay seen for many as the negative decisive point in the Jays sazonar; the team had been in the serious combat of wild card in the time, but fell after the career and failed to do the ends by the twelfth consecutive year.


July 22, Toronto traded player Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team of the interior picture of utility to John McDonald to the Tigres of Detroit for considerations of cash. This gave the Blue Jays an open place in the list so that Hill of Aaron can remain with the team when Corey Koskie returned from the injury.


July 28, Toronto played in the most long play in the history of the right of vote, entrances-wise, a marathon of 18 entrances against los Angeles of Los Angeles of Anaheim in the Center of Rogers . The Jays gained 2-1, after almost five hours of the play when Edging Hudson struck a line conducts for a drawn in the central land, bordering Alex Rios of third base.


The closing of Halladay for the remainder of the season seemed to affect the performance of the Jays. They passed an abrupt decrease that brought their registration under 0,500 in the principle of September. Of there, the Blue Jays finished the season 80-82 al to receive glimpse them of the future of call above September Guillermo Quiroz, of Faucet of John Ford, and of Shaun Marcum. Marcum was done worthy of mention announcing a WAS of 0,00 on 5 appearances Toronto Blue Jays player list of the relief and 8 entrances in September. The faucet struck its first career runs at home in the last play of the season and finished for going 4 for 13.


Josh Dominates elevated also, showing to go to a large extent without to be seen of potential 7-5 with a 2,91 WAS in the second half of the year and a 13-12, 3,71 season of it WAS in general terms, it doing debatablely the improbable ace of the rotation of Jays with Halladay wounded and Gustavo Chacín that hesitates something after the interruption all stellar.

August 16, the Blue Jays traded reliever Scott Schoeneweis al Cincinnati Red for considerations of cash or a player for to be called later.


August 17, the Blue Jays traded first and third man of base and the player of the exterior field Eric Hinske and the considerations of the cash al Boston the Red White Averages for a player for to be called later.


During a play against the Athletics of Oakland in August 21, 2006, while al edge to blow a 8 they run main, Gibbons of John walked al pile to remove the principle Ted Lily. An argument resulted in the pile, in front of the audience in the Center of Rogers . Lily the play left finally and then directed in the club. The gibbons subsequently continued it in the walkway, where appeared eyewitnesses that and Lily entered a fight. Numerous personnel of members of the team and support was hurried in the tunnel to separate them to him. After the play, the pitcher Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team and director denied any argument and they said that the problem there was itself resolved. [5]


In spite of their problems of in-field and of-field, the Blue Jays managed to play well in the critical month of September, going 18-10. This, it combined with the to collapse of the Boston the Red White Averages, Toronto permitted to snare only possession of second place in the American League al this by the end of the season. This it marked the first time that the Jays had finished Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team over third place in its division since its season of the world Championship of 1993, and with the the majority of the victories since the 1998 season.


* The Registration of the Team 2006: 87 Victories – Toronto Blue Jays player list 75 Losses, W%- 0,537, 10GB behind Leader of Division of AL, second in the division




The Jays will open their season April 2 against the Tigres of Detroit.




ready Present


ready of 40 men


Last brought up to date December 18, 2006




* 49 United States Jeremy Accardo * 44 United States Joke the Banks * 34 United States A.J. Burnett * 39 Venezuela Gustavo Chacín * 37 United States Scott

downward * 54 United States Jason Frasor * 32 United States Roy Halladay * 19 United States Ryan Houston * 44 United States Casey Janssen * 22 League U.S. Brandon

* — Venezuela Jean witch Doctor * 28 United States Shaun Marcum * 40 United States Dustin McGowan * — Venezuela Ismael Ramirez * 50 Panama Davis Romero * — The

United States Matt Roney * 36 Dominican Republic Francisco Rosary * 52 United States B.J. Ryan * 56 United States Brian Tallet * 48 United States Ty Taubenheim *

— United States Tracy Thorpe




* — Venezuela Robinzon Diaz * 47 United States Jason Phillips * 9 United States Gregg Zaun



Players of the interior picture


* 8 United States Russ Adam * — United States Royce Clayton * 17 Puerto Rico Steals Cosby * 25 United States Troy Glaus Toronto Blue Jays player list * 23 Guam John Hattig * 2 Hill U.S. Aaron *

6 United States John McDonald * — United States Lyle Overbay * 20 United States Sergio Holy * — United States Jason Smith


Players of the exterior field


* 3 Cane U.S. Johnson * 26 United States Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team Adam Lined * 15 United States Alex Rios * 10 United States Vernon Well



Batter appointed


* 35 United States Thomas Franco


Jump the instruction invites


* — Voceador U.S. Kevin * — United States Jeff Duncan * — Venezuela Geremi Gonzalez * — United States Kemp Suitor * — United States Mottola Chadian * —

United States Blaine Neal * — Stair of Canada Matt * — United States Brian Wolfe




* 5 Gibbons U.S. John




* 38 Dagger U.S. Arnsberg (throwing) * 14 United States Toronto Blue Jays player list Mickey Brantley (striking) * 55 United States Brian Butterfield (third base) * 45 United States Marty

Pevey (first base) * 53 United States Bruce Walton (Toronto Blue Jays tickets baseball team bull even) * 12

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