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The 1964 Accounts permitted barely 913 NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster yards that hurry in 300 attempts during the season to regulate, an in for of registration of the soccer. The same defense registered fifty field bags marshal, a registration of the team that itself for today, although be to established in a season of NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player 14 play. They were the first American team of the league of soccer to gain 13 play in a season. The 1964 defense permitted also only four touched in land that hurry every season, and they began a cord that would extend in the 1965 season: seventeen NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster straight play without permitting an adversary to border a touched in land that is hurried. Eight members of the 1964 squad were in which year AFL the Oriental Division the Team all stellar, inclusive NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player cornerback Byrd Mannish. Three they were called finally al never even Team American of the league of soccer, and six al second team. The professional only footballer initiated never al on behalf of Vestibule of the Soccer of the Fame, without playing never in the NFL, was a member of the 1964 Accounts; guard Shaw Bile.


The Accounts gained the championships of AFL in 1964 and 1965 and they were one of only three teams to appear in a play of the championship of AFL for three consecutive years, and the team of THE UNICO AFL for play in the post-season for four straight years, 1963 for 1966. Besides their defensive exploit, the Accounts had offensive muscle also, in stars such as Cracker of defense Gilchrist, the marshals of field Jack Kemp and Daryle Lamonica, and of the receivers Elbert Dubenion and Ernie Warlick. The tragedy struck the Accounts when Cuts Kalsu, an offensive crossing guards, leaves the team after his 1968 season of novice to serve in the Vietnam War, where he was killed in the action in 1970.


Before the 1969 season, the Accounts edited to run behind OR.J. Simpson, that would come to be the face of the right of vote by the years seventy NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player. The Accounts came be the parts of the NFL when the last one absorbed the AFL in a fusion in 1970. In 1971, did not only it do the end of Accounts in only possession of the worst general registration of NFL in 1–13, but they bordered also the loslos NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster less points (184) in the league that year al to permit the the majority of the (394); no team of NFL has since fact all three of those things in the same season in a year of the not-strike. Lou Know, that had coached the teams of the championship of Accounts AFL, was ************ in 1972.


1973 they were a season of the change: Joe Ferguson came be their new marshal of field, they changed to a new stadium, NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player Simpson registered a season 2,000-yard and voted itself NFL MVP, and the team had its first victorious registration since 1966. The “Electric Company” of Simpson, of Jim Braxton, of Paul Seymour, and of Joe DeLamielleure did the recount of as in the blow locally-registered “the NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster Return in the Juice”, directs a return dramatics in the country. The “Electric Company” was the offensive line (OG Reggie McKenzie, OT Dave Foley, Mike C Montler, OG Joe DeLamielleure and OT Donnie Green) that provided the electricity for the “Juice”. The team did the ends of NFL for the first time in 1974, but lost in the first series al Super eventual champion of the Bowl Pittsburgh Steelers.


After a mediocre one 1975 season that the Accounts had the internal problems in 1976, like the team dropped al fund of the AFC al this, where they remained for the remainder of the years seventy. After the 1977 season Simpson was traded al San Francisco 49ers. Rowboat Knox was employed like first coach and he they would finish for directing the Accounts support to the top.


1980 they marked another advancement for the Accounts. They strike the Dolphins of competitive Miami for the first time in 11 years in their opener of the season, of road to gain their first title of the east of AFC. The following sazonar they lost its title to the Dolphins, but they gained its first play of ends of NFL (on the New York Throws in spurt). They lost in the second series al eventual champion of AFC Cincinnati flare. The following year—the season of strike-shortened of NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster 1982—the Accounts slipped to a 4–5 final registration.

After the death of USFL, Jim Kelly united the Accounts for the 1986 season. The quick one the value would result the wait. To half a road by the 1986 season, the Accounts said good-bye Hank of coach Bullough and replaced it with Levying of tributes of Marv, the first previous coach of the Leaders of the City of Kansas. The levying of tributes, along with Account of general director Polian NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player put together a play container that represents Cane of Andre, a defense directed by the first-general choice of turn Bruce Smith, and by an offensive line of first, directed by central Helmet of Kent along with Jim Ritcher, Does Wolford and Howard Ballard.


After the year of the strike of 1987, in 1988, the current novice season behind Thurman Thomas, the Accounts were 12–4 and they finished over the AFC al this for the first one of four consecutive seasons. After having an easy time with the Houston Oilers in the divisional ends, they lost the championship of AFC al Cincinnati flare. 1989 they were a relative disillusionment, with a 9–7 unprecedented and a first-round loss of final al Cleveland Brownes. The Accounts had an opportunity to gain the play as time was finished, but a step of Kelly was dropped NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster in the corner of the final zone by Ronnie Harmon.


In 1990 the Accounts changed to an offense of the up the urgency, (frequently with Kelly in the formation of shotgun, the K-RIFLE, called for Keith McKeller tight-final) and began one of the very successful one runs in the history of NFL. The team finished 13–3 and put out the Dolphins of Miami and Invaders of Los Angeles in the ends in its way to Super Bowl XXV. The Accounts burdened the favorite to strike the Gigantic of new York, but the defensive plan of the plan NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player by Account of coach Parcells and defensive Account of coordinating Belichick maintained Buffalo in the check (and without the ball) through the play. The play represented many main changes, and with the account 20–19 to favor of new York with eight seconds they left, they Invoice him kicker Scott Norwood tried a goal of 47 yards of field. Its failure should come to be the most famous goal of field loss in the history of NFL. On the additional revision after the Super Bowl, was discovered that a Defender of new NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster York was you were of play before the closing. Officals never got the grief.


The steamrolled of Accounts by the 1991 season to regulate also, finishing 13–3 again and with Thurman Thomas that earns al Offensive Player of the prize of Year. They had also an easy time with the Leaders of the City of Kansas in their first play of ends and they strike the wild colt of Denver in a defensive fight in the Championship of AFC. The Accounts looked at to avenge its Super heartwrenching loss of Bowl an earlier year playing the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI, but in should not be. The it opened Redskins a 24–0 rest directs and NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster never looked at behind, delivering the Accounts a 37–24 loss.


The Accounts lost the 1992 title of the east of AFC to the Dolphins of Miami and Jim Kelly was wounded in the final play of the season to regulate. The field endorsement marshal Reich Franco began their wild card ends NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player play against the Houston Oilers, and they were downward 35–3 early in the third quarter. Intrepid, the Accounts bordered them touched in land in several consecutive possessions to tie the extraordinary time of the play and the force. Steve Christie kicked NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster the goal of playing field gaining in the session extra to cover the largest return in the history of NFL, 41–38. They then defeated with facility the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional ends and disturbed the Dolphins of competitor in the Championship of AFC to advance to their third Super Bowl straight. Super Bowl XXVII, played against the Cowboys of you Dallas, resulted to be an incompatibility. The buffalo committed 9 movements of road to a 52–17 loss. One of the brilliant only places for the Accounts was summary of Beebe of Gift and throws of Leon Lett after Lett had returned a clumsiness inside the Accounts 5 and was in its way to border. Lett had the ball was the sufficient thing for Beebe, that had done a considerable distance to arrive at Lett, for eliminate that business about its hand.

N 1995 Buffalo , with linebacker of independent person Bryce Paup that anchor the defense, again did the ends with a 10–6 NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player Miami unprecedented and defeated in the series of wild card. They would not get a chance to return al Super Bowl—the Pittsburgh Steelers, that passed to advance al Super Bowl, Buffalo of blow in the divisional ends 40-21.

NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster

In 1996 the Accounts saw its to order main in the career of the east of AFC disappears to a to anger the team of Patriotic of new England. They did still the ends, but when a wild card—and the first victim of the Jaguars of Ashen Jacksonville, the first visiting team to gain never a play of ends in the Buffalo . Jim Kelly retired after the season, indicating an end to it was more successful in the history of Accounts. Thurman Thomas yielded new to run behind Antowain Smith. The loss of NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster Kelly was felt in 1997, with the Accounts that trip to NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player 6–10. The Levying of tributes of the coach Marv retired after the season.

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* 07 J.P. Losman

* 10 Kelly Holcomb

* 16 Craig Nall




* 21 Willis McGahee

* 28 Anthony Thomas

* 36 Shaud Williams




* 31 Daimon Shelton




* 11 Roscoe Parrish

* 18 André Davis

* 81 Peerless Price

* 82 Josh Reed

* 83 Lee Evans

* 89 Sam Aiken


Tight Ends


* 84 Robert Royal

* 85 Kevin Everett

* 86 Brad Cieslak

* 87 Matt Murphy





* 67 Melvin Fowler C

* 75 Duke Preston


Offensive Guards


* 62 Aaron Merz

* 70 Tutan Reyes

* 75 Duke Preston RG

* 69 Mike Gandy LG


Offensive Tackles


* 60 Brad Butler

* 61 Terrance Pennington RT

* 71 Jason Peters LT


Defensive Ends


* 90 Chris Kelsay

* 91 Eric Powell

* 92 Ryan Denney

* 94 Aaron Schobel

* 93 Anthony Hargrove


Defensive Tackles


* 77 Tim Anderson

* 95 Kyle Williams

* 98 Larry Tripplett

* 99 Jason Jefferson



Middle Linebackers


* 52 John DiGiorgio

* 59 London Fletcher-Baker


Outside Linebackers


* 51 Takeo Spikes

* 53 Mario Haggan

* 56 Keith Ellison

* 96 Roy Manning




* 22 Nate Clements

* 24 Terrence McGee

* 25 Kiwaukee Thomas

* 33 Jabari Greer

* 38 Ashton Youboty


Free Safeties


* 30 Ko Simpson

* 42 Jim Leonhard


Strong Safeties


* 20 Donte Whitner

* 27 Coy Wire

* 41 Matt Bowen


Special Teams


* 08 Brian Moorman P

* 09 Rian Lindell K

* 11 Roscoe Parrish KR/PR

* 24 Terrence McGee KR

* 54 Mike Schneck LS


NFL stats and tickets 1998 they present


The Accounts, under new coach they NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster Ford Phillips signed two marshals of field for the 1998 season, one that Buffalo traded a round first high choice for, and for one that was signed like almost a reflection. The previous one was for the endorsement of Jaguars Steals Johnson and the last one was previous winner of Trophy of Heisman and Canadian star NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player of league of soccer Doug Flutie. In spite of many fans of Accounts that wants that Flutie obtain the work that begins after Flutie looked at the best of the two QBs in the country NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster and in before of the season, Phillips called Johnson to the position. The Accounts tripped to begin the season, and after Johnson suffered an injury of rib against the Colts of Indianapolis, Flutie entered and NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player directed the Accounts to a place of ends and a 10–6 unprecedented. They hesitated in its first play of ends against the Dolphins of Miami, although Eric Mold the assembly a registration of ends for the majority of the yards containers in a play with 240.


The popularity of Flutie continued in the 1999 season, with the Accounts that finish 11–5, two play behind the Colts of Indianapolis in the AFC the Oriental positions. Ford Phillips gave Steals Johnson the marshal that begins of the work of field in the first round play of ends against the Titans of Tennessee although Flutie to have earned 10 play and had obtained the Accounts in the ends. The Accounts bordered a goal of field with 16 seconds left to give them a 16–15 main. But the Titans gained the play in a controversial play that came be for known as the Miracle of the City of the Music: During the beginning that results, lateraled Franco of Wycheck the ball to Kevin Dyson that then scraped the touched in victorious land. Although the step of Wycheck should have seemed to be to advance illegally, NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster repetitions were found to be not decisive and the call in the country was supported like a touched in land. [1] The Titans passed to advance al Super Bowl.


The final ties to the Accounts Super years of Bowl were cut in 2000, when Thurman Thomas, Cane of Andre and Bruce Smith that all they were cut. Antowain Smith, Molds of Eric, and Marcellus Wiley had respectively long since eclipsed them in the graphic of depth. After a 8–8 season, and the team reached still in the Johnson vs. the controversy of Flutie, Superintendent of general director John left for the Steeds of San Diego—and took Flutie and Wiley with him. Doug Flutie left the Counts you on a 0,677 victorious percentage in 31 beginnings. Antowain Smith also left as an independent person for the Patriotic of new England, where he was the to begin that he runs behind in his first two Super teams of championship of Bowl. As much Flutie as Smith were dominant in its final play as Accounts, in a 42-23 victory on the Seattle Seahawks. Thomas would be replaced quickly by inexperienced Travis Henry.

The Accounts freed marshal of field NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player Drew Bledsoe, that then signed with the Cowboys of you Dallas—it being met with previous Account of coach Parcells. Many fans expected that replacement J.P. Losman would be able to direct the Accounts to the ends in the 2005 season.


The development of Losman did not advance so quickly as the Accounts had expected that did. The it began the 2005 season 1-3 as a principle, inciting Kelly Holcomb to replace it. Losman would not see the action again until Holcomb be to wounded in the Week 10 against the Leaders of the City of Kansas. The it directed the Accounts to a victory in that play, but again would be replaced by Holcomb after losing the next various play. Perhaps the low point of the season of Losman was a 24-23 loss to the Dolphins of Miami, a play in which Buffalo directed 21-0 and 23-3, but renounced 21 points done not answer in the fourth room. 2005 campaign of the buffalo had as a result a 5-11 unprecedented and the to say good-bye of general Director Tom Donahoe in January 2006. The Levying of tributes of Marv was called like its replacement, with the hopes that would improve a right of vote that failed to NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster do the ends during the occupation of Donahoe. That same month, Mike Mularkey renounced as first coach, citing the family the reasons along NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player with the disagreement on the direction of the organization. Dick Jauron was employed like its replacement. For the information detailed in the 2006 season, see 2006 Accounts of Buffalo sazonar.


NFL stats and tickets Logo and uniforms Invoice logo (1960–1973) Invoice logo (1960–1973) Invoice logo (1974–present) Invoice logo (1974–present)


When the Accounts began to play in 1960, the colors of the team were light blue, white, and the silver. The team carried blue Sweater with gray numbers and white Sweater with blue numbers. The helmets were every silver with blue numbers in the side. [2]


In 1962, the colors of the team changed to red, white, and blue. The team began to carry blue Sweater with red and white lines in the shoulders. A logo stopped red of the bison was puts also the helmets, that NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player came be white with a red central line. [3] For 1965, blue and red lines head offices were they put the helmets. [4]


In 1974, the logo stopped of bison NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster was replaced by a to charge blue one with a to run red of line that inclines of its horn. Ten years later, the color of helmets was changed to red. Then in 2002, a darker shadow of blue was introduced, along with trimming red and white of pipe in the Sweater in pants.


Since 2005, the Accounts have utilized the uniforms of decade of the 60 as the alternate leap behind of team Sweater.


NFL stats and tickets the Songs of the Fight


* 1980-1987 – “Talkin ‘Proud “- Alden Schutte * 1988 present -” Accounts of Buffalo Shout “- Accounts of Buffalo all stellar * 1994-1995 -” Goes Accounts! “! –

Levying of tributes of Marv (not official)


NFL stats and tickets the registrations of the Season for season


The note: W = the Victories, L NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player = the Losses, T = Ties Sazonar Final of End W L T Result 1960 5 8 1 AFL third al this — 1961 6 8 0 AFL fourth al this — 1962 7 6 1

AFL third al this — 1963 7 6 1 second This of AFL Final Oriental Lost of Division (Patriotic) 26-8 1964 12 2 0 first This of AFL NFL drafts Buffalo Bills poster Gained the Championship of AFL (the

Steeds) 20-7 1965 10 3 1 first AFL the east Gained the Championship of AFL (the Steeds) 23-0 1966 9 4 NFL playoff Buffalo Bills player 1 first This of AFL Lost the Championship of AFL (Chief) 31-7

1967 4 10 1 AFL third al this — 1968 1 12 0 AFL fifth al this — 1969 4 10 0 AFL fourth al this –

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