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The Cleveland Ram they were founded by Bargain of lawyer Marshman in 1936. They formed part of the league of American soccer again formed St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line. The following year they united the league of National soccer and they were placed in the Western division to replace the S. The Gunners of Louis, that dissolved after the 1934 season. [the citation needed] Of The principle, they were a team marked by frequent moves to play in three St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line stadiums more than several seasons that lose. The right of vote suspended the operations and sat down was the 1943 season on account of a shortage of players during World War Two and to play resumed in 3 1944. [] The team finally achieved success in 1945 in which its last season resulted in Ohio, achieving a 9-1 unprecedented and to gain its first Championship of NFL, a 15-14 home field victory on the Washington Redskins in December 16.[4]


NFL stats and tickets Los Angeles Ram (1946-1994) This section is a checkbook. You can help widening it.


In 1980, the Villancico of owner Rosenbloom moved the team to Anaheim of THE. One of the main reasons that are that the Theater did not have seats of box. Rosenbloom was petitioned by Supervisor Anaranjado of County, Ralph Clark. Clark obtained California owner of Angeles, the Gene Autry to Good the model again of the Stadium of Anaheim to accommodate the Ram. Ralph Clark was St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line also the founder of the Club of the Motor to Help of propulsion of Los Angeles Ram.


NFL statistics San Louis Ram (1995-present)


For details about the present season, he see 2006 S. Louis Ram sazonar.


In 1995 the Ram he moved from Los Angeles al S. Louis. The 1995 and 1996 seasons that the Ram were under the direction of first coach Rich Streams . Then in 1997 Dick Vermeil was an employee as the first coach. The he remained the coach until the Ram they gained Super Bowl XXXIV against the Titans of Tennessee. After that Mike Martz took until 2005. Scott Linehan is at present its coach. During this time some of the most important players they have been a Marshal Faulk, Torry Holt, and Issac Bruce. They formed part of an offense doubled “one of the quickly never” and “The Largest Exposition in the Lawn”. This offense was under the direction of both Kurt Warner (1999-2001) and Marc Bulger (2002-present) in marshal of field.


From 1999 to 2001, the “The Largest Exposition in the Lawn” scraped more than 500 total points by the season, putting a new registration for prolific offenses of multi-year. No another team had marked more than 500 points never in three consecutive seasons. It anchored for Marshal of RB of threat of two-way Faulk, and directed for two-time NFL MVP QB Kurt Warner, the Ram they were known for can border of wherever in the country in a moment. The play of the firm of “The Largest Exposition in the Lawn” happened in the 2000 regular premiere of the season on Monday by the Soccer at night. A short step of Warner al Az-Zahir of WR Hakim was in the flat more than 75 yards for a PD. Hakim got the ball in the traffic, avoiding to defenders, finally them leaving behind all. About 30 yards of the line of fights St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line, Hakim was got by WR Torry Holt neighbor that ran, the armaments in the air, al side of Hakim the last 45 yards, it accompanying to the final zone.

The Ram they came they be the first team of professional American soccer to have a logo in helmets. Never since half a Fred Gehrke painted the horns of the random access memory in the helmets of the team in 1948, the logo has been the registered trademark of the club.


When the team debuted in 1937, the colors of Ram were red and black, representing red helmets and black uniforms with shoulders and red sleeves. A year then they would change their colors of the team to yellow and blue, with yellow helmets, white pants and blue uniforms. The Ram they changed to yellow uniforms in the forties media. When Gehrke introduced the horns, they were painted yellow gold in blue helmets. During the end of the fifties, the team carried blue Sweater again.


In 1965, the colors were changed to blue and white. The helmets came they be blue with white horns of random access memory, the uniform design was changed to white pants and or blue or white Sweater. When George Allen was called first coach in 1966, he had the Ram they carry their white Sweater at home, a tradition that continued for the 1971 season low Flat Soldier Prothro. Prothro changed the Ram to the blue Sweater at home in 1972, the final season of the white and blue combination.


The colors returned to yellow of gold and St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line blue in 1973. The new uniform design consisted of pants and curls of yellow gold rams the horns in the sleeves – the horns of yellow gold in the blue Sweater and blue horns in the white Sweater. The white Sweater had sleeves of yellow gold. Present players


Graphic of depth


S. The list of Louis Ram al December. 16 2006


see • speech • edits


The offensive supports


* 10 Marc Bulger QB * 11 Ryan Fitzpatrick QB * 12 Gus Frerotte QB * 31 Paul Smith FB * 33 RB of the Key-Jay Harris * 39 RB of Steven Jackson * 44 Madison

Hedgecock FB * 45 Chris Massey FB/L * 48 RB of Stephen Davis




* 80 Isaac Bruce WR * 81 Torry Holt WR * 82 Joe Klopfenstein YOU * 83 Kevin Curtis WR * 84 WR/PR of St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line Shaun McDonald * 86 Dominique Byrd YOU * 87 Aaron Walke YOU * 88

Willie Reflects WR/KOR * 89 WR/PKH of Good-looking of Danish




* 1 Matt Turkish P * 14 Jeff Wilkins K



Offensive line


* 62 Adam Timmerman G * 63 of Larry C lathe Operator * 64 Parquet of Jeremy OT * 65 Brett Romberg C * 66 Mark Setterstrom G * 68 Richie Unknown C * 70 Alex Barron OT *

72 G/OT of Adam Goldberg * 79 G/OT of Todd Steussie




* 51 They Do Witherspoon ILB * 52 Coakley OLB to the right * 54 Brandon to Scream OLB * 55 Streams of Jamal ILB * 56 Raonall Smith OLB * 57 Jon Alston OLB * 58

Isaiah Kacyvenski ILB



Defensive backs


* 21 Oshiomogho Atogwe F * 23 Superintendent of Jerametrius BC * 24 Ronald Bartell F * 25 S of Corey Chavous * 26 Hill of Tye BC * 27 of Dwaine F Carpenter * 34

Fakhir BC Brown * 42 S of Cartdriver of Jerome


Defensive line


* 73 Crowbar Kennedy DT * 91 Leonard Small OF * 92 Eric Moore OF * 93 Brandon Green OF * 94 Victorious Adeyanju OF * 96 Jason Fisk DT * 97 Glover of The’

Roi DT * 99 Claude Wroten DT



Practice the squad


* 15 Marks Hagans WR * 17 Dominique Thompson WR * 35 RB of John David Washington * 49 Mark Anelli YOU * 59 Tim McGarigle ILB * 71 Tim Sandidge DT * 77 Drew

Strojny OT * 90 King of Tyler OF


Physically incapable to carry out


* 28 RB of Marshal Faulk




* 22 Fisherman of Travis BC * 30 RB of Fisherman of Tony * 50 Steps Tinoisamoa OLB * 67 Andy McCollum C * 75 Claude Terrell G * 76 Rhythm to Edge OT


NFL statistics Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


These Ram, and S. The Vestibule of of Cardinal of Louis Famers Give Dierdorf, Jackie Smith and Larry Wilson, they are honored St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line in the Ring of the Honor in the Dome of Eduardo Jones. Only Slater, nevertheless, played for the Ram in the S. Louis, and then only for the inauguration 1995 season.


Ollie Matson (33), Andy Robustelli (81), Path of “Train at night” of Dick (also 81), the coach Clark Dutch, the general director Tex Schramm, GM and Member of a subsequent commission of NFL Even Rozelle, and the coach Sid Gillman are also members of the Vestibule of the Fame, but they were chosen by their performances with other teams or (in the case of Rozelle) the administration of NFL. Dick Vermeil has come be the first one and still only S. Louis Ram they figure initiated in the Vestibule of Sport of Missouri of the Fame. The cardinal they initiated in it includes Dierdorf, Smith, Wilson, Conrad Dobler, Deer of Jim and coach Jim Hanifan. Cleveland Los Angeles San. The Vestibule of Louis Ram of Famers Not. Position of the Class of Player (the Positions) Years Played — George Allen 2002 they Coach 1966-1970 76 they Cut Brown 2004 OT 1969-1970 29 Eric Dickerson 1999 RB 1983-1987 55 Fears of Tom 1970 End 1948-1956 40 Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch 1968 RB, St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line WR 1949-1957 75 Deacon Jones 1980 OF 1961-1971 65 Waterproof of Tom 1999 G 1966-1978 74 Merlin Olsen 1982 DT 1962-1976 — Reefs of Give 1967 Owner 1941-1971 78 Jackie Slater 2001 OT 1976-1995 78 small Truck of the Norm Brocklin 1971 QB, P 1949-1957 7 Cut Waterfield 1965 QB, DB, K, P 1945-1952 85 Jack Youngblood 2001 OF 1974-1984



The colors of the team where changed of yellow of gold and blue to New Gold of the Century (metallic gold) and Millenium (the armada) blue in 2000 following the Super victory of Bowl. A new one logo of a head of the random access memory was added to the sleeves and lines of gold were added to the sides of the Sweater. The new pants of gold no longer represented any line. The design of the helmet remains essentially the same one as was in 1948, less brings up to date al color, marine blue field with horns of gold. Both home and far away Sweater they had a line of gold that each side was spent, but that only lasted for the 2000 and 2001 seasons.


In 2003, the Ram they carried blue pants St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line with their white Sweater for a pair of play of the early-season, but after losses to the Gigantic of new York and Seattle Seahawks, the Ram they returned to pants of gold with their white Sweater. In 2005, the Ram they carried an all-blue combination for play against the Cardinal of Arizona and Cowboys St. Louis Rams schedule NFL line of you Dallas . In November 2006, the Ram they introduced white pants with a line of gold in a play in the Panthers of Carolina to represent an all-white combination.

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