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The Brownes were very successful early in their NFL roster Cleveland Browns players existence Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors, dominating the new Conference of the Soccer of EVERY America, gaining all four of their championships inclusive the 1948 season in which they were unbeaten and they untied – 24 years before the “first” perfect team of NFL, the 1972 Dolphins of Miami. The unbeaten ray of Cleveland (inclusive ties) reached 29 play inclusive 18 straight victories.


The City of Cleveland showed tremendous support for the Brownes of the moment that were created. The team saw a registration average Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors aid west of 57.000 a play in its first season Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors. The success of the Brownes was to a large extent a reason for the right of vote of Cleveland NFL, the Ram to leave the town. [2]


NFL stats and tickets 1950-56: Domination of NFL


After the conclusion of the 1949 season that the Brownes united the NFL. In spite of the change in leagues and in which many fans of soccer saw as a graduation to “the large league,” the Brownes continued its d NFL roster Cleveland Browns players omination, appearing in the next six play of the championship of NFL, and in capturing three championships during the fifties.


1950: The Brownes gained the league in its inaugural season of NFL, behind a powerful offense that included the future vestibule of famers Otto Graham, Marion Multicolored, Dante Lavelli and the Account Willis. After to go 10-2 in the season to regulate, the Brownes defeated the Gigantic of new York 8-3 in a play of ends and then they strike prior leaseholders of NFL of Cleveland, the Ram (that was now in Los Angeles ), 30-28, in the play of the Championship of NFL.


1951: The Brownes were 11-1, set against the Ram in a revenge. A fourth quarter, the step of 73 yards of the touched in land by small truck of Norm Brocklin to Fears of Tom put Los Angeles in the main one for good NFL roster Cleveland Browns players. The 24-17 loss was the Brownes first in a play of championship.


1952: Finishing 8-4 end that the Brownes faced the Lions of Detroit in the play of the championship. An it left to escape kick, various defensive backups and a touched in land of 67 yards they run for Doak Walke all combined to help the victory of Lions 17-7, frustrating the Brownes for the second consecutive year. In the upper part, the Ray Renfro came be a star with 722 yards that receive and 322 yards that hurry.


1953: The Brownes began the season that earns 11 straight play, but finished with a loss to the Aguilas of Philadelphia in the final week, and then lost the 1953 play of the Championship in a revenge with the Lions. The play was, nevertheless, more fence than the year before. With the account tied in 10 Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors to enter the last quarter, Lou Groza kicked two goals of field to put Cleveland 16-10. But Bobby of Detroit Lied threw a step of 33 yards of the touched in land to Jim they Gild with under two minutes left and the Lions passed to gain 17-16.


1954: The Brownes finished 9-3 and they remained with Detroit in the championship for a third consecutive year. This time, nevertheless, the Brownes were implacable in both sides of the ball, intercepting to Bobby Lied six times and to force three clumsinesses. Otto Graham threw three touched in land and ran for three more, of road to a 56-10 thrashes and the Brownes supports crown of NFL.


1955: Another successful campaign for the Brownes. Rowboat Noll had a productive season in defense with five interceptions, Graham passed for 15 touched in land and ran for six more, and the team, that finished gained its third play of the Championship of NFL in six seasons 38-14, against the Los Angeles Ram. For fans of Brownes, was a bittersweet year as Graham retired after the season due to injuries.


1956: Brownes walked with difficulty without Graham behind the center. Three marshals of field (George Ratterman, the Baby Parilli and Flat Soldier OR’ Connell) they were utilized, not throwing none of them more touched in land that interceptions. The team 5-7 unprecedented saw the Brownes exclude of a play of the championship for the first time in history of team.

In 1985, the Brownes chose the University of marshal of Miami of field Bernie Kosar in the Supplementary Turn. When a novice, Kosar learned for the trial by the fire as he took for Gary Danielson to half of the 1985 season. Progress a little more each Sunday, the young marshal of field helped the return the season that fights around, like the Brownes gained four of the six play Kosar they began. Two young rushers, Byner and Waterproof Serious of Kevin, they played a large part in the success of teams also; each ran for 1000 + yards. The Brown 8-8 unprecedented gave the team the first place in an AFC weak Central, and they looked at they put in equilibrium to shake the Dolphins a lot favored of Miami in the 1986 Divisional play of Ends with a 21-3 main in rest. It took they Give Marine the animated return of second time to gain the play for Miami 24-21. While the Brown faithful can have felt the initial magpie of the disillusionment, there was splits upper tremendous in the loss: The team of Schottenheimer, with Kosar in marshal of field, reached the ends each one of the NFL roster Cleveland Browns players next five seasons, advancing al play of the Championship of AFC in three of those years.

Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors

The Brownes broke in the degrees of the elite of NFL — especially in defense — with a 12-4 action in 1986. Behind 3.854 yards of Kosar that passes and a defense with five Professional Players of bowling (the Banks of the Tablet, Hanford Dixon, Short Golic, the Clay Matthews and Minnifield Franco), the Brownes dominated the AFC Central with the best registration in the AFC, and in one of the stingiest defenses of NFL. With these in its side, the Brownes closed the advantage of at home field through the ends. In the 1987 Divisional play of Ends, the Brownes needed some heroic serious (and a stroke of luck) to conquer the Jet of new York Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors. The Jet they directed 20-10 with less than four minutes to play, with the Brownes in a 3 horrible and 24 situation. When the destiny would have it, the Mark Gastineau was called for the roughing the pedestrian, that gave Cleveland a first one downward. The it handles finished with Waterproof of Kevin that collides with the endzone for a touched in land. After to go three and was the Jet to return in the defense, but to permit the Brownes rejuvenated again to handle the deep ball in its end of the field. With 11 seconds that remain in the regulation, the Mark Moseley kicked a goal of field to tie the play. In the first one of two periods of extraordinary time that result, Moseley lost its next attempt, but was redeemed then finishing the play Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors in which had come be the most second-long play in the history of NFL. The final account Gilds 23, the Jet 20.


The 1987 play of the Championship of AFC saw the wild colt of Denver they arrive in the limits whipped by the winds and hostile of Cleveland the Municipal Stadium. Nobody knew in the time, but the wild colt they would come they be the arch-némesis of Cleveland of it was of Kosar. When it had been the prior week, the combat showed again to be was a heart-plug of extraordinary time. But this time, was John Elway and the wild colt that went the winners. It held in in its own one two line of yard with 5:11 left to play and the wind in its face, Elway directed its now of bad fame (or, for the fans of wild colt, “legendary”) of 98 yards handles because now is known for historians of NFL as simply “The Handles”). With 37 seconds in the clock, the step of 5 yards of the touched in land of Elway to Mark Jackson tied the play in 20 each one. The 79.973 fans of Brownes in the aid were quiet when Karlis Rich’ the attempt of the goal of field barely did it inside the vertical correct-side to gain the play for Denver early in extraordinary time.

In early 1998 the league of National soccer began his search for an owner for the reborns Brownes, finding one subsequent in the year NFL roster Cleveland Browns players in the Al Lerner, a previous associate limited of the Brownes original and a friend of the Art Modell that participated in Modell he moves to Baltimore. Lerner was the victorious bidder against various other that sought the team, inclusive magnates of Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors by cable Chat you Cut and Larry Cut, developer of real estate of Cleveland Impeded Wolstein and revealing of new York Howard Milstein. [1] During the period of 1996-1998 other rights of vote, just as the Bay of Tampa , threatened its cities of home with the possibility to move to Cleveland to pressure its respective cities to obtain the most governmental financing for its own stadiums, in spite of the fact that the city of Cleveland affirmed that does not accept such arrangement. (It had not swum in the 1996 arrangement of the court that prevented the league to permit such transfer although so we never will know what NFL roster Cleveland Browns players would have happened if a team tried to move to Cleveland). Lerner died in October 2002, coincidentally four years al day he was granted the new right of vote of Brownes. In the death he rotated the team on to a confidence controlled by his son, the Boor. The Brownes in the country in 2004 against the Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors Washington Redskins. The Brownes in the country in 2004 against the Washington Redskins.


The team returned with high hopes and hopes, representing the property deep-pocketed and what appeared to be the solid general administration in the shape of the previous Politics of president of San Francisco 49ers Carmen, the general director Dwight Clark and Pilgrim of first coach Chris. The politics, Clark and the Pilgrim did not they live on agreement to their advance that invoice and the team walked with difficulty. The pilgrim said good-bye after the 2000 season and the Politics and Clark to be forced was in 2003. The pilgrim was succeeded by the previous University of the coach of Miami Davis Mannish. In spite of a 2002 requirement of wild Card of AFC, the team saw a depressing registration during the next two seasons that carry to Davis Mannish’ the resignation in December 2004. The offensive Terrycloth of the Coordinating one Robiskie, was called first provisional coach for the remainder of the 2004 season.


When Super Bowl XXXIX approached, there was a lot of speculation on that would come to be the new first coach. In January 6, 2005, was announced that the Savage of Phil signed in as general director. The savage was previously an administrative member for the Ravens of Baltimore and the Brownes before 1995. After the victory of Patriotic of new England on the Aguilas of Philadelphia in the Super Bowl, defensive coordinator of Patriotic Romeo Crennel signed in as the first eleventh coach for the Brownes. Robiskie was maintained in as part of the personnel of Crennel. Numbers retired


* 14 Otto Graham * 32 Jim Brown * 45 Ernie Davis * 46 Mr. Fleming * 76 Lou Groza


NFL stats and tickets the Present view of list • speech • edits




The current one al 12/26/06


(R) denotes a novice


The marshals of field


* 6 Lang Campbell * 11 Know-how Dorsey Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors * 9 Charlie Frye


The half supports


* 23 Chris Barclay (R) * 34 Reuben Droughns * 35 Jerome Harrison KR (R)


Full backs


* 42 Terrelle Smith * 47 Lawrence Vickers (R)


Wide receivers


* 16 Joshua Cribbs KR * 17 Braylon Eduardo * 84 Joe Jurevicius * 86 Dennis Northcutt PR * 81 Travis Wilson (R)


Tight end


* 87 Darnell Dinkins * 82 Steve Heiden * 80 Kellen Winslow



The offensive protects


* 63 Joe Andruzzi * 60 Cosey Coleman * 67 Fred Matua (R) * 61 Isaac Sowells (R)


The offensive gets


* 70 Nat Dorsey * 77 Kevin Shaffer


The central offensive


* 66 Hank Fraley * 62 Lennie Friedman * 50 they Steal Smith (R)


Defensive gears


* 92 Ted Washington * 96 Babatunde Oshinowo DT (R)


Defensive end


* 98 Notch Eason * 75 Simon Fraser * 97 Alvin McKinley * 93 Orien Harris (R)


Exterior defenses


* 55 Willie McGinest * 90 David McMillan * 52 Stewart Matt * 95 Kamerion Wimbley (R)



Interior defenses


* 54 Andra Davis * 51 Thompson Chained * 53 Bricklayer Unck * 94 Leon William (R)




* 28 Leigh Bodden * 20 Ralph Brown * 37 Mike Hawkins * 39 Holly of Daven * 31 Cider of pear of Jereme (R)




* 36 Ben Emanuel * 25 Justin Hamilton (R) * 21 they Be Jones * 26 Pool of Brodney


Special teams


* 4 Phil Dawson K * 64 Ryan Pontbriand L * 15 Dave Zastudil P/H



Practice the squad


* 38 Therrion Fontenot BC * 91 LB of Charlton Keith (R) * 18 Kendrick Mosley WR * 85 Ortega YOU Male (R) * 30 Antonio Perkins BC * — DL of Alvin Smith (R)


Exemptions of NFL Europe


* 74 DL of Ulrich Winkler


Injured list of reserve


* 3 Derek Anderson QB * 24 Gary Baxter BC * 57 LeCharles Bentley C * 71 Superintendent of Kelly OT * 74 Andrew Hoffman OL * 78 Ethan Kelley DT * 58 Jackson ILB

(R) * 23 Jeremy Leseuer BC * 33 Daylon McCutcheon BC * 69 Parker DT * 99 Orpheus Roye OF * 27 S of Brian Russell * 29 Jason RB Correct


Not-soccer illness list


* 72 Alforzador of Ryan OT


Physically incapable to it carries out the list


* 23 DeMario BC Newer (R)


NFL stats and tickets the Present personnel


* General Director – the Savage of Phil * first coach – Romeo Crennel * Coordinating Offensive – TBA * Coordinating Defensive – Todd Grantham * Coordinating Special

of Teams – Jerry Rosburg * first coach Assistant – Jeff Davidson * Marshals of field Coach – Rip Scherer * Running Backs Coach – Dave Atkins * Wide Receivers Coach

– TBA * the Tight End they Coach NFL roster Cleveland Browns players – TBA * the Offensive Coach of the Line – Jeff Davidson * Assistant The offensive Coach of the Line – Jeff Uhlenhake * quality

control – Marwan Maalouf * Offensive quality control – TBA * the Defensive Coach of the Line – Boor Melvin * Defenses Coach – Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors Mike Haluchak * Defensive Backs Coach

– Alforzador of Mel * Defensive Assistant – Short Trott * Defensive quality control – Cory Undlin * the It forces and Conditioning – TBA



With the Brownes that acquire Trent Dilfer of the Seattle Seahawks and Reuben Droughns of the wild colt of Denver , the Brownes began 2005 in the wrong foot, losing 27-13 at home to its installs to rival, the Cincinnati flare. They would pass the road and they would collect their first victory of the year against the Green Packers of the Bay (26-24). After to lose to the Colts of Indianapolis (13-6), they utilized their Good-bye the Week to regroup and to collect a victory of the return against the Bears of Chicago (20-10). Nevertheless, the Brownes would not be able to maintain the impetus going of its victory and dropped four of its next five play Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors. A to promise 22-0 victory of the Dolphins of Miami resulted an illusion when the team lost its next three straight play. In the final team five play, the inexperienced one Charlie Frye served as the marshal of team that begins of field, gaining two of those contests. Nevertheless, the two victories produced they limited the offense, while a to humiliate 41-0 loss came in the hands of the NFL roster Cleveland Browns players Pittsburgh Steelers December 24. The Brownes finished its 2005 campaign in 6-10, tied with the Ravens of Baltimore for last place in the AFC al north, although they finished Cleveland Browns gear NFL rumors technically in fourth place in the north of AFC was based on a worse registration of the division NFL roster Cleveland Browns players that the Ravens (1-5 to Baltimore 2-4).

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