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The early peak points as the Portsmouth Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury spartan include the play of “man of iron” against the Green Bay in 1932. In that play, the spartan coach Potsy Clark refused to do still a single replacement against the Packers of champion of NFL that defend. Portsmouth gained 19-0 and utilized only 11 players every play. Also as the Portsmouth spartan, the right of vote played in an unexpected play of the championship of NFL against the Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury Bears of Chicago in 1932. The play of spartan citizens Bears was played because both teams finished the regular season with the same percentage gained-lost (the spartan citizens finished in 6-1-4 while the Bears were ties were not considered like part of the percentage in the NFL until 1972). On account of conditions of ventisca in Chicago , the play moved from the Field of Wrigley inside al Stadium of Chicago , that kept in mind only a field of 80 yards; some they have called the contest the first play of the soccer of sand. The Bears gained, 9-0, and the resultant interest they carried al establishment of the Western and Oriental conferences and a regular play of the championship that begin in 1933.


The poor incomes and the Great Depression they carried al team moves from Portsmouth to Detroit in 1934. That season, Detroit received its first one never I play during the day thanksgiving, a tradition continued to this day.


Low marshal of field Clark Dutch, Detroit gained its first championship of NFL in 1935.


NFL stats and tickets Decade of the 40: Mediocrity


The 1940 they were not a peak point of the history of Lions. They gained a sum of 35 play, for an average of 3,5 a season, inclusive to go 0-11 in 1942. The 1942 offense of the team was so bad that scraped only 5 touched in land every season and never scraped more than 7 points in a single play. In the middle of the decade they had some success that finishes 6-3-1 in 1944 and 7-3 in 1945. The Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury Lions were less successful in the last half of the decade: from 1946 to 1949 the Lions gained a sum of 10 play.


In 1943, the Lions and the Gigantic of new York they played a 0-0 tie in Detroit – the last time a play of NFL has finished with a tie to zero.


NFL stats and tickets Years fifty: The Years of the Glory Logo Primary, 1952-1960 Logo Primary, 1952-1960


Detroit enjoyed its larger success in the fifties. It directed by marshal of Bobby of field Lied, they gained the championship of the league in 1952, 1953, and 1957. They defeated the Cleveland Brownes in each one of those Play of the Championship of NFL, but also they lost to the Brownes in the 1954 Play of the Championship.


In 1958, after directing the Lions to 3 Championships of NFL and to provide Detroit almost a decade of the Vestibule of the play of the Fame, the Lions traded to Bobby Lied. The bobby was injured during the last season of the championship and the Lions thought he was for and he wanted to obtain what for him. According to Legend, like he left for Pittsburgh , the Bobby said that Detroit “would not gain for 50 years”. Since this time, the Lions have not earned another championship and they have only ends play a single victory. Some they have attributed the subsequent Lion 49 years of the uselessness al “the Curse of Bobby Lied.”


Notably, the Lions obtained one of the largest victories of return in the history of the post-season of NFL. Dragging the San Francisco 49ers 27-7 in the room third of the 1957 Western play of Ends of Conference, field Routine Lions marshal Tobin recovered the back of the team with 24 points done not answer to strike the 49ers 31-27 in the Stadium of Kezar in San Francisco. The Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury Lions have experienced only a victory of post-season since.

The singer of the soul of Motown Marvin Gaye did the plans, after the duet associate death Tammi Terrell, to unite the Lions and to enter the soccer. The it grew fat and coached for its test of hearing in 1970, but was cut early in. The it remained friends with various the players, especially Mel more Distant and Lem Barney, that appear like the singers of fund in their 1971 alone classic “what Happens.”


In the day of the thanksgiving, November 28, 1974, later on 35 years, the Lions played their final play in the Stadium of Tigre, where they lost to the wild colt of Denver 31-27 in front of 51.157, between gusts of wind of snow and a 21 wild colt of point the room third. The field of the soccer ran in its greater part in the meadows of the correct line from field to the left the central parallel of field with the third despicable line. The banks for the Lions and their adversaries were in the side of meadows of the field. The Lions have played their play of home inside since then.


The Lions did the ends only once in the ’70s, losing a defensive fight to the Cowboys of you Dallas , 5-0, in 1970. The team crossed a cord of average seasons, finishing 2 or 3 in the division in each season of 1970 for 1978. Finally, in 1979, the team finished with a 2-14 unprecedented, and thus gained the first choice in the following turn.


NFL stats and tickets Decade of the 80: The early Promise and Diminishes


In 1980, the Lions edited running Sims behind Bile with the first general choice in the Turn of NFL. It directed by Sims, the team descended from to a promising beginning that year and the considerable attention attracted of media when they adopted “Another One Bites the Dust”, popularized by charming Queen of band of stone, like a song not official of the team. Lions player crowbar “Spiderman” Allen registered its own version of the air with lyrical reordenados: Come and look at Lions of Detroit that nobody seems to strike. .. And another one bites the dust that came he be popular in the local radio of Detroit . When the dust emptied, although, Detroit finished 9-7 and out of the ends, in spite of a 4-0 beginning.


The Lions were competitive in the early 80s, depending on an above average defense and the to run of Sims. In the strike shortened the Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury season of 1982, the Lions finished with a 4-5 unprecedented, and did the ends, losing al Super eventual champion of the Bowl Washington Redskins. In 1983, the Lions finished 9-7 and they gained the NFC the Central division, but they were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in the ends in a field loss goal in the final moments of the play.


Sims suffered an injury of knee of career-finishing in 1984, that seemed to be derailed the right of entire vote. They would not finish with a registration over 0,500 for the remainder of the decade, enduring a cord of bad turns, of the bad coaches, and of the play generally evil in the country.


The fortunes of the team seemed to begin turning around in 1988 when the Types of letter of Wayne came they be first the ínterin Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury and then the first coach of complete day. During its occupation, the Lions edited players of center as Leaves of security Bennie and linebacker Chris Spielman, but like also colossal Articles of failure Andre, that was chosen by ESPN as the worst failure of Trophy of Heisman in the NFL[3].


Nevertheless, if true, the Types of letter the majority of the lasting bequests were their successful campaign intended to convince the Lions to edit Sanders of Barry on Sanders of Deion in the 1989 turn.


NFL stats and tickets Decade of the 90: Was it of Sanders of Barry

Never since to employ of Millen, the team has had enough difficulty that remains competitive. The Lions were the entire one 2001, 2002 and 2003 seasons without a victory of the road, thus coming to be the only team in the history of NFL for gain not on the road for three consecutive entire seasons. The ray, covering 24 play (also a registration of NFL) was finished in September 12, 2004, when the Lions defeated the Bears 20-16 in Field of Soldier in Chicago .


Shattered it has received also the tremendous criticism for their failures of turn. Two in the private backup was: Joey Harrington, the third chosen in general terms, was traded for a conditional late-round choice of turn after an ordinary one four seasons in Detroit . You chat Rogers , second chosen in general terms, played thriftily in its three seasons, and was cut before the first play of the 2006 season. A third first choice of series, Mike William (10 general – 2005 turn), has played only a handful of closings in 2006, and has appeared to lose acceptance with the personnel that coaches. Recently although, Mike William they have been utilized frequently and Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury they have been had a second good time of the play of Lions-Packers in December 17, 2006.


On the period of the leadership of Millen as team general director, the Lions of Detroit possess the worst victorious percentage of NFL (23-73,. 240). In spite of the poor registration of the team under the leadership of Millen and discontento widespread between fans and the media, Shattered received an extension of five years of the contract in the beginning of the 2005 season. According to Adam Schein, Detroit is “a right of vote that has been rebuilding since 1957.”


NFL stats and tickets 2005


(al the view • speech • edits




Wide receivers


* 17 Corey Bradford WR * 18 Eddie Drummond WR * 87 Mike Furrey WR * 80 Drift Ellis WR * 88 Mike William WR * 11 Roy William WR * 84 Glenn Martinez WR (the Squad

of the Practice)


Offensive line


* 76 Jeff Backus T @ * 61 Davis G Franco * * 64 Haystack DeMulling G * 51 Dominic Raiola C * 72 Jonathan Scott T * * 68 Barry Baits G (*infrared*) * 73 Ross Verba G

* 67 Blaine Saipaia T (*infrared*) * 60 Dave Pearson C * * 65 Damien Ligneous G (*infrared*) * 74 of Rex G Alforzador (*Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury infrared*) * 69 Tyrone Hopson G (*infrared*)

* 66 Stephen Peterman G * 77 Clint Stickdorn T



Tight end


* 89 They Give Campbell YOU * 82 Casey FitzSimmons YOU * 81 Marcus Pollard YOU * 49 YOU/FB they to Be McHugh


The marshals of field


* 8 Jon Kitna QB * 12 Josh McCown QB * 6 they Give Orlovsky QB


Current backs


* 36 RB of Aveion Cason * 33 RB of Arlen Harris * 34 RB of Kevin Jones (*infrared*) * 30 Cory Schlesinger FB * 24 RB of Shawn Bryson (*infrared*) * 29 RB of Brian

Calhoun (*infrared*) * 43 they Do Matthews FB (*infrared*) * 41 RB of Lamar Gordon


Defensive line


* 94 Bell of Marcus DT (*infrared*) * 71 Anthony Bryant DT * 79 Langston Moore DT * 95 they Shook DeVries OF * 98 Kalimba Eduardo OF * 91 Tyoka Jackson DT * 62

Cleveland Pinkney DT * 78 Cory Redding OF * 92 Shaun Rogers DT (*infrared*) * 93 DL of Corey Smith * 75 Shaun Cody DT (*infrared*) * 96 Vestibule of Marmalades OF

(*infrared*) * 90 Account Swancutt OF (*infrared*)






* 97 LB of Chief Bailey * 99 LB of Tube of Anthony * * 55 LB of Cari of Donté * 54 LB of terrycloth of Lehman * 53 LB of Paris Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury Lenon * 59 LB of Alex Lewis * 50 LB

of Ernie Sims *


Defensive backs


* 32 Dré BC B * 25 Fernando Bryant BC (*infrared*) * 27 S of young Bulls of Daniel * * 21 Jamar Fletcher BC * 42 S of Terrence Holt * 26 S of Kenoy Kennedy * 38 S

of Jon McGraw * 23 Keith Smith BC * 31 Stanley Wilson BC * 45 Dee McCann BC




* 4 Jason Hanson K * 2 Notch Harris P * 48 Mr. Muhlbach L


(@ Vote Right Player)


($ Independent Person without restriction)


(* It Denotes novices and first players of year)


(*IR* Wounded the Reserve)


NFL stats and tickets on behalf of Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* 7 Clark Dutch, QB (1963) * 35 Account Dudley, HB (1966) * 22 Bobby Lied, QB (1967) * 50 Alex Wojciechowicz, C, the LB (1968) * 14 Jack Christiansen, DB (1970) * 56

Joe Schmidt, the LB (1973) * 81 Path of the “Train at night” of Dick, DB (1974) * 28 Yale Lary, DB, P (1979) * Gatski Franco, C (1985) * 37 Doak Walke, HB (1986) *

John Henry Johnson, FB (1987) * Lem Barney, DB (1992) * 76 Lou Creekmur, G/T (1996) * 20 Sanders of Barry, the RB (2004)


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* Clark Dutch (7) * Sanders of Barry (20) Note OR: The #20 it went retired specifically for Sanders, but for the majority of the people they recognize that the number retired like representing also RB Sims Bile and DB Lem Barney, both of whom are also among the first never even Lions in its positions. * Bobby Lied (22) * Doak Walke (37) * Joe Schmidt (56) Note OR: The #56 it was unretired with blessing of Schmidt when the Lions acquired the Pat of linebacker that Moves from the Saints. No player has carried him since being Moved he left. * Boot Hughes (85) Note OR: Hughes died of a heart attack during a play in October 24, 1971, and its #85 was withdrawn of the circulation.

Nevertheless, WR Kevin Johnson carried #85 during its shift in Detroit after to ask the permission of the family of Hughes as he had Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury carried that number through its professional career.


* Note: Sanders original of WR Charlie #88, while done not officially retire, rare time is published. At present, is utilized for wide receiver Mike William.


NFL stats and tickets Legends of Lions

In the 2005 season, the Lions (whose at home stadium, Field of Ford, was the place of Super Bowl XL) gained his first play against the division the Bay (17-3 Green rival), but was humiliated completely by the Bears of Chicago, directed by field novice Marshal Kyle Orton, in the second I play (38-6). The Lions then lost a play close to the Buccaneers of the Bay of Tampa after an apparently touched in play profit land he was revised and was invested controversially (17-13). The Lions managed to arrive at 2-2 after a victory against that of Baltimore (35-17 Ravens). After a last-second loss al of Carolina (21-20 Panthers), Jeff Garcia al was called marshal that begins of field, and he directed the Lions to a 13-10 victory on Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury Cleveland in the Week 7. After that, the wheels freed. In the week 8, the Lions lost to the Bears once more. Garcia added a heartwrenching interception OT that the Bears BC Chat Tillman returned for a PD (19-13). The next week, Harrington was reintegrated like the principle vs. the Minnesota Viking bothered. Nevertheless the Lions descended early and they lost 27-14. The Lions spared a 29-21 victory in the week 10 against the under Cardinal of Arizona. Nevertheless, the losses to the Cowboys of you Dallas, 20-7, and the Hawks of Atlanta in the thanksgiving, 27-7, they pushed their regular registration from the season to 4-7. As a consequence, directs the coach Steve Mariucci said good-bye few days later November 28, and Dick Jauron was called first provisional coach. After the liberation of Mariucci, Cornerback Dré B, he placed the fault in Harrington, saying that “he [Harrington] had been there for 4 years and Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury he had not done anything for the team.” B excused then al team, but not to Harrington.


In spite of profit on the road against the Holy of NEW orleans 13-12 in the Alamodome, the Lions finished their season 5-11, with a 35-21 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Field of Heinz. They were 1-4 under first provisional coach Dick Jauron, and they lost the ends for the sixth consecutive season. The victory against the Saints was considered damaging, because had they lost, they Detroit Lions tickets NFL injury would have had the second the general choice in the 2006 turn of NFL.


For the information in the 2006 season, see: 2006 Lions of Detroit sazonar.

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