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A few months after the first turn of AFL in Oakland Raiders schedule 1959, the owners of the but-nameless team of the expansion Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections of Minneapolis accepted that an offering to unite the league of National soccer established as a team of expansion (now called the Minnesota Viking) in 1961, sending the Oakland Raiders schedule fight of AFL for a replacement.


In the time, Oakland seemed a place of improbable action for a team of professional soccer. The city had not asked a team, there was not the group of the property and there was not stadium in Oakland convenient for professional soccer (the most nearby stadiums were in Berkeley and San Francisco ) and there was already a right of successful vote of NFL in the Area of the Bay in the San Francisco 49ers. Nevertheless, the owners of AFL chose Oakland after owner of Steeds of Los Angeles Barron Hilton threatened to lose its right of vote unless a second team to be placed in the Coast of the West. Consequently, the city of Oakland was granted the eighth right Oakland Raiders schedule of vote of AFL in January 30, 1960. The team inherited the club turn choices of Minneapolis . When no team of AFL played never in the Cities Twins, that area is not respected the first home of the Invaders.


To receive the right of vote, Oakland civic leaders found that several people of business willing to invest in the new team. An association limited was formed to possess the team, that included general associates Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections Harvey Binns, Gift that Blesses, Chat Harney, Ed McGah, Robert Osborne, and the Valley of Wayne , directed handling general associate Y. The Dull one of Chet, a local developer of real estate, as well as numerous associates limited. An “it calls the team” the contest was considered a local newspaper, and the winner was the Oakland Señors. After some few weeks of the team of volantón (and their owners) be the extreme of local jokes, the owners changed the name of the team to the Invaders of Oakland, that had finished the Oakland Raiders schedule third in the contest that calls. The original colors of the team were black, of gold and white. The symbol now-relative of the team of a pirate (or the “invading”) carrying a helmet of the soccer was created, supposedly an interpretation of actor Randolph Scott.


When the University of California refused to permit the play of Invaders at home play in the Commemorative Stadium in Berkeley , they chose the Stadium of Kezar in San Francisco as their field of home. The first regular season of the team at home I play was played in September 11, 1960, a 37-22 loss to the Tankers of Houston. The Invaders finished their first campaign with a 6-8 unprecedented, and they lost $500.000.

With the fusion, the position of Member of a commission of AFL was no longer needed, and Davis entered discussions with the Valley about returning the Invaders. In July 25, 1966, Davis returned as the joint-owner of the team. Although the owner of but of a 10% of interest in the Invaders, he came be the third general associate of the team — the associate (for the time that is) in charge of operations of soccer.


Six years later, in 1972, with the Valley out of the country by several weeks that attend the Olympic games in Munich, Davis’ lawyers edited a Oakland Raiders schedule contract of company revised that gave Davis Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections the total control on the whole of the operations of Invaders. McGah signed the agreement. Under the law of the association, by a 2-1 vote of the general associates, the new agreement thus was ratified. The valley was furious when he discovered this, and the judgment immediately filed to have the new agreement overturned. The sideways courts with Davis and McGah. As a consequence, the Valley sold its interest in the team, and in Davis — although possessing but a small portion of the team — was firmly in load.


In the country, the team Davis had met and had coached improved constantly. With John Rauch as the new first coach, the Invaders gained the 1967 Championship of AFL, defeating the Tankers of Houston 40-7. The victory gained the team a trip to Super Bowl II, where they were struck 33-14 by Lombardi of Vince Green Packers of Bay. In 1968 and 1969, the Invaders again Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections gained the Western titles of the Division, only to lose the Championship of AFL to the Super winning eventual of the Bowl, the Jet of new York (1968) and Leaders of City of Kansas (1969). In 1970, the fusion of AFL-NFL happened and the Invaders united the Western Division of the American Conference of the Soccer in the NFL again united.


In 1969, John Maddens came be the team sixth first coach, and during the seventies that their Invaders came they be one of the most successful rights of vote in the NFL, although the team was slow to gain the recognition as an energetic person of soccer due to a heartwrenching loss after another in play of Championship of AFC, above all in the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, after finishing 13-1 in 1976, the Invaders defeated the Steelers 24-7 in the play of the Championship of AFC, and they passed to gain their first championship of NFL in Super Bowl XI Oakland Raiders schedule on the Minnesota Viking 32-14 in Pasadena , California .


Madden to the left the Invaders (and coaching) in 1979 in continuing a career as a television soccer commentator. Madden the replacement was previous marshal of Invaders of field Tom Flowers, considered extensively al first first Hispanic coach in the history of the NFL. Flowers indicated the team to a victory in Super Bowl XV on the Aguilas of Philadelphia, 27-10 and on the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII. In the victory on Philadelphia , the Invaders came they be the first one never team of “wild card” (that is to say, the team that does the ends without gaining its division) to gain a Super Bowl.


NFL stats and tickets Invading of Los Angeles (1982-1994)

In June 23, 1995, Davis signed a letter of intent to move the back of Invaders to Oakland . The it moves was greeted with a lot more public fanfare, and with the 1995 season begun of well for the team. They began 8-2, but the injuries to begin marshal of field Jeff Hostetler contributed to a six-play that loses ray to finish the season, and the Invaders failed of qualify for the ends.


In 1998, Al Davis deviated of his habit to employ to a first coach from inside of the organization for only the second time in the history of the right of vote when he employed Philadelphia Aguilas coordinating offensive Jon Gruden, a young assistant that worked first for the low 49ers Counts of first coach Walsh. Low Gruden, the Invaders began to play with a sense of the discipline that Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections had not had the previous years.


The 2000 season, the third of the low team Gruden, he was the teams’ very successful in a decade. It directed by field veteran marshal Gannon Rich, the team finished 12-4 and advanced al Championship of AFC, losing 16-3 to the Oakland Raiders schedule Super eventual Ravens of the champion of the Bowl Baltimore.


The Invaders acquired to direct never even receiver Rice of Jerry before the 2001 season. They finished 10-6 but they lost their division ends play to the Super Patriotic eventual of the champion of the Bowl New England, a play noted for the “controversial rule of Tuck”. The play was played in a storm of heavy snow, where an apparent clumsiness by field Patriots marshal Tom Brady was recovered by defense of Invading Greg Biekert. Nevertheless, the play was revised and was determined to be an incomplete step, like Brady passes arm advanced still when he was struck, having as a result the Patriots that retain the possession. The he handles he finished Oakland Raiders schedule with a goal of playing field tying, pushing the play in the extraordinary time. The Patriots would pass to gain the play, 16-13. Davis extends the property of the team


Ed McGah, the last one of the original one eight general associates of the Invaders, dead person in 1983. On its death, its interest thought up to a confidence of the family, of which son of McGah, AND.J. McGah Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections, was the trustee. The McGah younger went a joint-owner of the team, like an associate limited. The he died in 2002.


Various members of the family of McGah filed the judgment against Davis and the Invaders in 2003, alleging anarchy of the team by Davis . Among its specific complaints, the McGahs alleged that Davis had failed to provide them with financial news detailed previously provided to Ed and AND.J. McGah. The Invaders contradicted that, under the terms of the contract of company amended as in 1972, on the death of the McGah greater in 1983, its general interest of Oakland Raiders schedule associate converted around an associate limited. The team continued to provide the financial news al McGah younger as a courtesy, although was low any obligation to do thus. (It should be noted that the Invaders limited company contract they are not of the public registration).


In 2004 the suit was written down out of court. The terms of the arrangement are confidential, but they have been reported that under its terms Davis has bought the interest of the family of McGah in the Invaders, and possesses for the first time an interest of the majority, speculated to be among 60-70% of the team. Davis is the general only associate of Invaders (as the president of dC, S.a.). In recent years, the Invaders have not done public the names of their Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections associates limited, that continues to possess among 30-40% of the team.


NFL stats and tickets Logo and AFL Oakland logo Invading logo Invading uniform Oakland AFL


The logo of Invaders is a protector that consists of the “Invading” of words Oakland Raiders schedule swords over and crusade, and in the head of an Invader that carries a helmet of the soccer. With the step of the years, has experienced the secondary modifications of the color (just as changing the fund of white to black in 1964), but has remained essentially the same thing.


When the team began to play in 1960, they carried black helmets, the gold trims, and or black or white Oakland Raiders schedule Sweater.


The present silver of Invaders and black uniform design have remained essentially the same one since they debuted in 1963. Consists of silver helmets, in silver pants, and in or black or white Sweater. The black Sweater they have the silver numbers. Originally, the white Sweater had also the silver numbers with a black summary, but they were changed to black with a silver summary for the 1964 season. In 1970, the team returned al 1963 design with silver numerals for the season. Nevertheless, in 1971 the team again showed the black numerals and except for a handful of play of “leap behind”, has utilized this combination of colors since then.


NFL stats and tickets you contend judicial


The Invaders have been implied in various suits with the cities of Los Angeles and Oakland , as well as with the NFL.


* When the NFL diminished first to approve the Invaders move from Oakland to the back of Los Angeles in 1980, the team along with the Los Angeles Theater demanded successfully the league to violate the laws antimonopolistas. * They were the only teams that was not a defendant in the ultimately unsuccessful antitrust judgment of USFL against the NFL; Davis was a witness for the USFL in that action. * The Invaders demanded the City of Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections Los Angeles after the city he withdrew of an I try the stadium for the team. * After transferring back to Oakland , they demanded that the NFL to intervene with the negotiations of the team to build a new stadium in the Oakland Raiders schedule Park of Hollywood before the moves. The suit contended still more than the Invaders they had the right to put a team of NFL in Los Angeles , and thus had the right to the compensation of the league for the to renounce those rights moving to Oakland .



Shortly after the 2001 season, the Invaders did an exceptional one moves that implied freeing Gruden of its contract and to permit the Buccaneers of the Bay of Tampa to sign it and in returns the Invaders the cash received and the future choices of turn of the Buccaneers. The account Callahan, previous offensive coordinator and offensive coach of line of the Invaders during the occupation of Gruden, they were called first coach. The sudden one moves wine after months of the speculation in the media that Davis and Gruden had fallen one with the other personally and professionally.


The Invaders finished the 2002 season 11-5 and they closed the first seed in the ends. Gannon was called MVP of the NFL, and the Invaders did its Super fifth appearance of Bowl that continues the season. They lost Super Bowl XXXVII to the Buccaneers of the Bay of Tampa , that were and they are coached still by Gruden, 48-21.


The Invaders finished the 2003 season, its second low year Callahan, 4-12. This season, and the fans of the team pronounce the devotion in spite of the poor registration, is done the chronicle in “to Reign Better in the Hell,” a book written for two English professors of San Diego . The title is derived of an affirmation by Satan in the Paradise Lost by John Milton that is “Better to reign Oakland Raiders schedule in the Hell that serves in the Sky”. At the end of the 2003 season regular Callahan said good-bye and was replaced by lathe Operator of Norv.


Rival geographical Oakland Raiders schedule


* The San Francisco 49ers, the team through the Bay of San Francisco , is the rival geographical of Invaders. As opposed to the divisional rivalries, nevertheless, this rivalry is more important to the fans of the teams that to the players, since the teams play in different conferences. The people in the Area of the Bay that wants that the Invaders have generally a hatred in love of the 49ers, and the feeling is mutual. This rivalry continued constant still during the hiatus of 13 years of Oakland Raiders schedule Invaders in Los Angeles . San Francisco gained 34-20 the last time that the two teams played one al another, in October. 8, 2006 in the Park of the Monster in San Francisco . * The Los Angeles Ram they were the rival geographical of Invaders of 1982, when the Invaders moved to Los Angeles , by the 1994 season, after both teams moved from the area of Los Angeles . The rivalry, while supplied of fuel by some resentment of fans of the Ram 1980 they move al Stadium of Anaheim, was never closes to is as intense as or the Invader 49 ER rivalry or the 49 Ram Oakland Raiders schedule rivalry ER. The Ram, now known as the S. Louis Ram they are planned to play in Oakland during the 2006 season of NFL.


NFL stats and tickets Other rival

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Italics = Not officially on the roster




* 2 Aaron Brooks

* 16 Andrew Walter

* 8 Marques Tuiasosopo


Half backs


* 34 LaMont Jordan RB

* 25 Justin Fargas RB

* 32 Zack Crockett FB

* 42 ReShard Lee RB/KR

* 20 Adimchinobe Echemandu RB




* 18 Randy Moss WR

* 89 Ronald Curry WR

* 83 Courtney Anderson TE

* 19 Johnnie Morant WR

* 87 Alvis Whitted WR

* 86 Randal Williams TE

* 85 John Madsen TE/WR

* 47 James Adkisson TE

* 84 Jerry Porter WR


Special Teams


* 11 Sebastian Janikowski, K

* 9 Shane Lechler, P

* 62 Adam Treu LS/C



Offensive line


* 70 Brad Badger T/G

* 73 David McBride C

* 76 Robert Gallery, LT

* 71 Corey Hulsey G

* 65 Barry Sims LG

* 78 Chad Slaughter T

* 66 Langston Walker RT/G

* 69 Kelvin Garmon G

* 79 Paul McQuistan RG/T

* 67 Kevin Boothe G


Linebackers Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections


* 50 Isaiah Ekejiuba OLB

* 54 Sam Williams OLB

* 52 Kirk Morrison MLB

* 58 Robert Thomas OLB

* 53 Thomas Howard OLB

* 57 Ricky Brown OLB/MLB


Practice Squad


* 0 Leo Bookman WR

* 13 William Buchanon WR

* 14 Kent Smith QB

* 92 Bryant McNeal DE

* 46 Derek Miller TE

* 61 Chris Morris C

* 31 Hiram Eugene DB



Defensive backs


* 24 Michael Huff SS

* 21 Nnamdi Asomugha CB

* 23 Chris Carr DB/KR

* 36 Derrick Gibson SS

* 40 Jarrod Cooper S

* 30 Stuart Schweigert FS

* 27 Fabian Washington CB

* 38 Tyrone Poole CB

* 26 Stanford Routt CB

* 22 Duane Starks CB


Defensive line


* 91 Tyler Brayton DE

* 58 Derrick Burgess DE

* 51 Lance Johnstone DE

* 93 Tommy Kelly DE

* 77 Anttaj Hawthorne DT

* 90 Terdell Sands DT

* 94 Kevin Huntley DE

* 99 Warren Sapp DT


Injured Reserve


* 82 Carlos Francis WR

* 59 Darnell Bing OLB

* 28 DeJuan Green RB

* 73 Michael Quarshie DT

* 96 Grant Irons OLB/DL


* The Patriotic of new England are the rival of more recent ends of the Invaders of Oakland. This is owed al controversial incident of the “rule of Tuck” in 2002. The Invaders have did not yet face them again in Oakland Raiders schedule the postseason, although they struck the Patriots in the following one the season to regulate in Oakland, that helped the blow they out of the ends in 2003. During that up the equal, when never the soccer was shaken limp of a player of Patriot, fans of Invader to sing “was a clumsiness! Was a clumsiness”! Many fans of the Invader are still bitter, especially about the success of Patriots that continued the incident. The rivalry between the two teams dates back also al 1976 postseason in which a roughing controversial the grief of pedestrian extended a handles late by the Invaders. The Invaders would border finally the continues ahead the touched in land in which handles and earns the play, along with the Super Bowl that year. Many fans of Patriots feel Oakland Raiders schedule that since the Patriots had the second better registration in the league that sazonar, the Patriots would have been Super Champions of Bowl in 1976 if that grief had not been called. * The Jet of new York they began a strong rivalry with the Invaders in the AFL in the sixties that continued for a lot of the seventies, supplied of fuel in part by Invading Ike Lassiter that breaks the jaw marshal star of Namath of field Joe during a 1967 play (although Ben Davidson obtained wrong the fault), the famous Play of Heidi during the 1968 season, and the Bitter loss of Invaders to the Jet in the Play of the Championship of AFL then That year. This rivalry diminished in subsequent years, owed al slippery of Jet in the mediocrity, but has been enlarged recently by some meetings of late-season and final. The Invaders were planned to go to the Meadows for play the Jet again in the 2006 season of NFL and lost 23-3. They were there in Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections 2005, and they lost. * The Steelers of Pittsburgh ‘ the rivalry with the Invaders was very intense during the seventies. The Steelers denied the Invaders a trip al Super Bowl in three of four consecutive seasons in the early seventies (the first loss was the famous loss “Immaculate of the Reception”) until the Invaders finally strike the Steelers in the 1976 play of the Championship of AFC and they gained the Super Bowl the January following. After its loss of the team to the Invaders, the coach of Steelers Oakland Raiders schedule Rowboat Noll described the Invading defensive backs as a “criminal element” in an interview of the post-play. The Steelers Oakland Raiders NFL draft projections lost in Oakland in the 2006 season of NFL, but its rivalry has since did to appear progressively recent times.

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