Philadelphia Eagles tickets and players

To half of the 1931 season, representative of Philadelphia in the NFL, the Frankford Yellow Jackets, they broke and the untidy operations Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear. After more than a year to seek for a convenient replacement, the NFL granted the right of inactive vote to a defendant directed for the Jackets owners Bell Bert and Lud Wray Yellow previous, in exchange for a registration fee of $2.500. Drawing the inspiration of the emblem of the President table center Franklin D. Roosevelt New I Try, the National Act of the Recovery, the Bell and Wray called the new right of vote the Aguilas of Philadelphia. (Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear Neither the Aguilas neither the NFL consider officially the two rights of vote as the same one, citing the period referred of the latent state; besides, almost no Yellow players of Jackets were in the Aguilas first ready. Some observers, nevertheless, believes that the two teams should be treaties like one). The Aguilas, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati dead Red, they united the NFL as teams of expansion.


The Aguilas fought on the course of its first decade, enduring repeated losing the seasons. In 1943, when shortages of labor that stemming from World War Two did the impossible to fill the list, the temporarily united team with the Pittsburgh Steelers to form a team known as “the Phil-Pitt Steagles”. (The fusion, never destined as a permanent arrangement, was disuelto at the end of the 1943 season). By the late years forty, they direct the coach Earle Neale “Greasy” and current behind small Truck of Steve Buzzed directed the team to three consecutive Play of the Championship of NFL, gaining two of them in 1948 and 1949. Those two Championships mark the Aguilas as team of THE UNICO NFL to recover never to behind Championships by victories, defeating to the Cardinal of Chicago 7-0 in 1948 and the Los Angeles Ram 14-0 in 1949.


The Aguilas gained his third championship of NFL in 1960 under the leadership of Professional future Vestibule of the Norm small Truck Soccer of Famers Brocklin and they Throw away Bednarik; the first coach was Shaw Male Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear. The 1960 Aguilas, by an account of 17-13, they came they be the only team to defeat Vince Lombardi and to their Packers in the ends.


But they would not qualify for the postseason again until 1978 when first coach Dick Vermeil and marshal of field Ron Jaworski directed the team to four consecutive appearances of ends, inclusive a Super loss of Bowl XV to the Invaders of Oakland.


The soccer of Philadelphia fought for the years of Marion Campbell and was marked by a discomfort in the participation of fan. In 1986, the arrival of Companion of first coach Ryan and its blazing attitude rejuvenated the performance of the team and lit the fanbase. From 1988 to 1996, the Aguilas qualified for the ends during 6 out of those 9 seasons. Among the offensive stars of the team during that period they were a marshal of field Randall Cunningham, Keith Jackson final tight, and current behind Keith Byars. But the “the Green Gang” the defense is what defined the team, directed by Reggie White, by Jerome Brown, by Clyde Simmons, by Seth Joyner, by Hopkins W, by Byron Evans, by Eric Allen, and by Water of Andre.


In 1999, the Aguilas employed first coach Andy Reid and they edited marshal of field Donovan McNabb. Since that time, the team improved obtained finally and continuously to play in four consecutive play of the championship of the conference between 2001 and 2004. After losing the championship of the conference in 2001 al S. Louis Ram, in 2002 al Super Bowl eventual they Defend Buccaneers of Bay of Tampa and 2003 to the Panthers of Carolina, the Aguilas finally advanced al Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXXIX, where they were defeated by the Patriotic of new England. After a without shine 2005 campaign, the Aguilas to return in 2006 in Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear gaining the NFC the Oriental Championship, losing finally to the Holy of NEW Orleans in the divisional ends.

In 2003, the team made the changes subtle to this version of the Sweater. In both Sweater shadows and black silver they trim they were added to the numbers. The line in the white pants changed of black green black to barely black & green. In the pants of the midnight, the line was of black solid to a main black line with a small white line.


In the first two play of the 2003 season, both losses of home to the Bay of Tampa and New England , the Aguilas carried the white Sweater with the white pants, but since the play of new England, in each play that the team has carried the white Sweater, they have carried the green pants.


The team debuted also black alternate Sweater that have they have a green shadow in the white numbers, still with silver trims. These Sweater they have been carried for two chosen at home play each season.


In the 2003 and 2004 at home final regular-season, the team carried the green pants of the road with the black one they alternate Sweater, but they lost each play. Since then, the Aguilas only have carried the black Sweater with the white pants. The team began also carrying black shoes in 2004.


NFL stats and tickets the song of the Fight


For more details in this theme, see Fly, Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear the Aguilas Fly.


The fans of eagles will sing the song of the fight of the team with little to any provocation (has been known for fans to sing the song in the majority of the sporting events of Philadelphia, especially when the Aguilas are good, and when the event represents a team of Philadelphia that does badly), and always after a touched in land of Aguilas.


The fly, the Aguilas fly, on the road to the victory!


The fight, the Aguilas, the fight, line a touched in land one-two-three!


Strike ‘you go me it drop, the blow’ go me it high,


And sight our fly of Aguilas!


The fly, the Aguilas fly, on the road to the victory!


The AGUILAS E-A-G-L-E-S,!! [1]


NFL stats and tickets Aguilas that coach the field


The Aguilas begin at present each season with the summer that coaches the field in the facilities of the practice of the soccer of the University of Lehigh in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, about 50 miles al north of Philadelphia in the Valley of Pennsylvania Lehigh.


The eagles that coaches the fields draws routinely splits of the largest one and the majority of the enthusiastic multitudes [the citation needed], often so many as 10.000 fans, of any field of the instruction of NFL. The two times al practical day of Aguilas are had from to the middle of July to to the middle of August.


In the first day of 2004 field of the instruction, more than 100.000 spectators appeared to see new star Terrell Owens (that now is not at present in the team)


NFL stats and tickets the Charitable activity


NFL stats and tickets Aguilas Fly for the Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear, Ronald McDonald Harbors


In 1971, the Hill of Kim, the daughter of Aguilas of Philadelphia the tight final Hill of Fred was diagnosed with leukemia. When Fred & its family treated with the devastating blow to the family, their companions of team and the owner Leonard Coughs they promised their emotional support.


When Fred continued to investigate leukemia of Kim, the support of Leonard Coughs and the Aguilas of Philadelphia continued to inspire it. The Aguilas had collection of funds the suppers, the team did individual contributions, and Fred and Kim continued to fight bravely this illness.

Eagles Youth association


In 1995, in a better effort to return to the community, the Association of the Youth of Aguilas (EYP) was formed as a 501(c)(3) the public charity in the country Orient of the philanthropy of sport.


The Association of the Youth of eagles serves at more than 50.000 low children of incomes in the largest region of Philadelphia every year way two mobile units – the Mobile one of Eye of Aguilas, that gives eye exams, and the Aguilas Reserve Mobile, a program of the capacity to read and to write. EYP is known also for the annual playing field builds in underserved neighborhoods, a tournament of annual chess, and a variety of other programs and events.


The Club of the Soccer of Aguilas of Philadelphia is the Association of the Youth of Aguilas funder larger. The Aguilas donate also the space for free offices, support of personnel and other resources. Corporate, the base and individual donors unite to maintain the efforts of the Association of the Youth of Aguilas.


NFL stats and tickets the Radio transmits


The play of eagles are transmitted in the largest area Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear of Philadelphia in 94,1 FM WYSP, in Pennsylvania of the northeast in 97,9 FM WBSX and in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/area of York in 105,7 FM WQXA.


The account Campbell was the old voice of the radio of the Aguilas, and transmitted its 1960 Championship of NFL. Merrill Reese has been the voice of the radio of the Aguilas since 1977. The it is complemented at present by the comment of the color of previous five All-Professional time Aguilas wide receiver Mike Fast, noted for its extraordinary returns of the phrase (for example, “Mcnabb-ulous!”). Before Fast, friend of Reese was Stan Walter, All-Professional Aguilas previous offensive gear.


Reese is known for its deep voice, that rises with the enthusiasm in positive play of Aguilas. The quite extraordinary reach of the radio of the play by play of Reese, combined with its extensive knowledge of the Aguilas and the NFL generally, has earned the deep respect among the Aguilas loyal base of fan. Its reach also often is played as splits of national repetitions of peak points of Aguilas.


The play by play of Reese of the final minute of the victory of Aguilas on the Hawks of Atlanta in the 2004 Play of the Championship of NFC (to send the Aguilas to Super Bowl XXXIX) is a radio frequently repeatedly transmitted the segment.


NFL stats and tickets Aguilas in the popular cultureThe present players see • speech • edits




The marshals of field Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear


* 7 Jeff Garcia * 14 A.J. Feeley * 10 Koy Detmer




* 36 Brian Westbrook * 28 Correll Buckhalter * 34 Reno Mahe KR * 23 Ditches of Ryan




* 38 Thomas Tapeh


Wide receivers


* 86 Reggie Brown * 18 Donte’ Stallworth * 84 Hank Baskett * 83 Greg Lewis * 81 Jason Avant


Tight end


* 82 L.J. Smith * 89 Schobel Kill



Offensive line


* 73 G/OT of Shawn Andrews * 59 Cabbage C of the Notch * 79 G/OT of Todd Herremans * 67 Jamaal Jackson C/G * 62 Jean-Guts G Máx * 74 Justice of Winston OT * 68 Pat

McCoy OT * 69 Jon Runyan OT * 72 William Thomas, OT * 71 Scott Young G


Defensive line


* 78 Brodrick Bunkley DT * 58 Cabbage of Trent OF * 90 Darren Howard OF * 95 Jerome McDougle OF * 98 Mike Patterson DT * 77 LaJuan Ramsey DT * 91 Sam

Rayburn DT * 75 Juqua Thomas OF * 97 Darwin Walke DT





* 56 Barber of Shawn WLB * 50 Torrance Daniels SLB * 96 Omar Gaither WLB * 55 Dhani Jones SLB * 51 McCoy WLB Kill * 53 Dedrick Roper SLB * 54 Trotter of

Jeremiah MLB


Defensive backs


* 24 Sheldon BC Brown * 37 S they to Be Considine * 20 Brian Dawkins F * 22 Joselio Hanson BC * 29 Hood of Roderick BC * 21 Marmalades of William BC * 32 S of

Michael Lewis * 27 Quintin Mikell F * 26 Lito Sheppard BC


Special teams


* 2 David Akers K * 46 Jon Dorenbos L * 8 Dagger Johnson P



Practice the squad


* 21 Fox of Dustin BC * 19 Michael Gasperson WR * 33 S of Erick Harris * 63 Jasper Harvey C * 76 Mohr Christian OF * 52 LB of Greg Richmond * 13 Account Sampy WR

* 49 Zach Tuiasosopo FB * 85 Sotavento Vickers YOU


The injured Image of the reserve: injuryicon. jpg


* 88 Mike Bartrum YOU/L * 11 WR/KR of the Flower of Jeremy * 42 Jason Davis FB * 57 Chris Gocong OF * 93 Jevon Kearse OF * 5 Donovan McNabb QB * 64 Stefan

Rodgers OT


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Boot Bednarik (1967) – 1949-1962 * the Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear Bell of Bert (1963) – 1933-1940 * Short Brown (2004) – 1964-1968 * Mike Ditka (1988) – 1967-1968 * the Scholarship of Bud

(1994) – 1951-1952 * Hijito Jurgensen (1983) – 1957-1963 * John Maddens (2006) – 1958 * Ollie Matson (1972) 1964-1966 * Flat Soldier McDonald (1998) – 1957-1963 *

Earle Neale “Greasy” (1969) – 1941-1950 * Even Pihos (1970) – 1947-1955 * Jim Ringo (1981) – 1964-1967 * small Truck of Norm Brocklin (1971) – 1958-1960 * small

Truck of Steve Buzzed (1965) – 1944-1951 * Reggie White (2006) – 1985-1992 * Alex Wojciechowicz (1968) – 1946-1950


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* 15 Small Truck of Steve Buzzed, HB/S, 1944-51 * 40 Tom Brookshier, DB, 1953-61 * 44 Even Retzlaff, the RB/WR/YOU, 1956-66 * 60 Throw away Bednarik, the C/LB,

1949-62 * 70 Al Wistert, OT, 1943-51 * 92 Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear Reggie White, OF, 1985-92 * 99 Jerome Brown, DT, 1986-92


NFL stats and tickets Aguilas Honor the Roll


In 1987, the Aguilas Honor the Roll was established. Each player of the Aguila that had been elected by then in the Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of the Fame was among the inaugural class of the induction.


* 60 They Throw away Bednarik, the C-LB, 1949-62, they initiated 1987 * the Bell of Bert, the founder-owner, 1933-40, they initiated 1987 * 17 Harold Carmichael,

WR, 1971-83, they initiated 1987 * 56 Account Hewitt, YOU-OF, 1936-39 and 1943, they initiated 1987 * 9 Hijito Jurgensen, QB, 1957-63, they initiated 1987 * 31

Wilbert Montgomery, the RB, 1977-84, they initiated 1987 * Earle Neale “Greasy”, the first coach, 1941-50, they initiated 1987 * 35 Even Pihos, YOU-OF, 1947-55,

they initiated 1987 * 33 Ollie Matson, the RB, 1964-66, they initiated 1987 * 54 Jim Ringo, C, 1964-67, they initiated 1987 * 11 small Truck of the Norm Brocklin,

QB, 1958-60, they initiated 1987 * 15 small Truck of Steve Buzzed, RB-S, 1944-51, they initiated 1987 * 53 Alex Wojciechowicz, C-DT, 1946-50, they initiated 1987



In the novel of Irving of John The World according to Garp the friend of protagonist is an Aguilas previous tight transsexuals finish, played in the film adaptation by John Lithgow.


The 1998 film The Trash that Chooses the Goal of Field that Kicks the Phenomenon of Philadelphia star Tony Dances as a worker of saneamiento of Philadelphia . The premise is that its garbage truck would fail to close their appropriate useful load, so that he has to kick it closed, as a consequence that the leg comes be so strong that can kick the goals of field beyond 50 yards, and the Aguilas they sign it as their kicker.


This fictitious story is similar to the true history of Vince you Swallow him, dramatized in the 2006 film Invincible. You swallow him was a teacher and the part-time barkeep that had attended S. The University of Joseph and briefly played for the Bell of the World soccer league Philadelphia . At age 30, Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear he entered a test of open hearing for the Aguilas and did the team, as wide receiver, where he played from 1976 to 1978. In the reflection of the fictitious boxer, you Swallow him he was nicknamed “Rocky”.


The books about the Aguilas and its fans include:


* The Great Book of Fan of Philadelphia, by the Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano, both hosts in the radio station of sport-speaks of Philadelphia WIP (2003). * The Great Sport of Philadelphia they Debate, by Macnow and Angelo Cataldi, another host of WIP (2004). * The Encyclopedia of Aguilas, by Philadelphia Eagles tickets NFL gear Ray Didinger and Robert Lyons (2005). * A Pilgrimage on Sunday: Six Days, Several Prayers and the Super Bowl, by Anthony Gargano (2005). We* If the Soccer a Religion, why do not Have We a Prayer? Philadelphia , Its Faithful one, and the Eternal Search for the Salvation of Sport, by Jere Longman (2006).

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