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The Tankers appeared in the first three championships of AFL. They bordered an important victory on the NFL when they signed Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan winner of Trophy of LSU Heisman, EVERY America that runs Tube behind Bile. The tube united other stars of the offensive of Tanker such as the marshal of field George Soft, flanker Charlie Hennigan, running behind NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets Charlie Tolar, and the guard they Cut Talamini. After gaining the championship PRIMERO of AFL on the Steeds of Los Angeles in 1960, they repeated on the same team (then in San Diego ) in 1961. They lost to it you Dallas Texans in the classic Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan 1962 play of the championship of double extraordinary time AFL, in the time the most long professional play of the championship of the soccer played never. In 1962, the Tankers NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets were the first team of AFL to sign an active player of NFL far from the other league, when wide receiver Willard Dewveall left the Bears to unite the Tankers of champion. Dewveall that that year got the most long reception of the step for a touched in land in the professional history of the soccer, 99 yards, of the Sotavento of Jacky, against the Steeds of San Diego. The Tankers gained the AFL the Oriental title of the Division again in 1967, then came be the first team of professional soccer to play in a vaulted stadium, when they changed to Astrodome of Houston for the 1968 season.


The years immediately after the fusion of AFL-NFL was not like kind to the Tankers, that sank al fund of the AFC Central. But for 1974, the Tankers directed down the hall of the coach of the fame Sid Gilman brought the back of the team to the respectability reaching 0,500 in the end of the season. The next year, Phillips Bad arrived and with stars talentosas wants Elvin Bethea and “White Shoes” Bile Johnson, the Tankers had their first victorious season of the 1970. In 1978, the fortunes of Tankers improved when they edited the Tiles soccer star Count University Campbell, that was both Novice of the Year and MVP that year and he directed the Tankers to his first appearance of ends of NFL. The Tankers did three straight appearances of ends, but three exits of postseason that included two adjacent losses of the Play of the Championship of AFC al Pittsburgh Steelers incited Adam to say good-bye Phillips Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan. Many historians of the soccer believe that they had the Tankers they were not in the same division as the Steelers dominant, they probably would have it done to at least a Super Bowl during the end of the NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets seventies.


The team suffered per years more thin in early the eighties (the 1981 Tankers gained its first two play, both on the road – but then the team lost 23 consecutive far away play, a never even registration of NFL that remained intact to the Lions of Detroit lost its 24 the straight play of the road in December 21, 2003). In 1984, the Tankers won a war of the order for the Moon of legend of CFL Warren but they did not return to the ends until 1987. Of 1987 for 1993, the Tankers were one of the most successful teams in the AFC, doing the ends each year but failing of reaching the Super Bowl. In 1991, they gained their first title of the division of any type since 1967.


The resurgence of Tankers entered the middle of a battle for the survival of the right of vote. In 1987, Adam they threatened to move the team to Jacksonville , Florida unless the Astrodome to be brought to date up. In the time, only sat down about 50.000 fans for the soccer — the smallest capacity in the NFL in the time. Not arranged to lose the Tankers, the city responded with $67 million in improvements al Astrodome that included new astroturf, 10.000 additional seats and 65 boxes of the luxury. These improvements were financed by increases in property taxes real estate agency and the to duplicate of the tax of the hotel, as well as the bonds to be full more than 30 years.

Al same time, Adam pressured the city for a new stadium — one with seats of club and other generators of income presents in stadiums of recently built NFL. Nevertheless, the Mayor Cuts Lanier he rejected him Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan almost out of hand. The residents of Houston feared to invest more money in a stadium so shortly after the improvements of Astrodome and that the city fought still to recover of the collapse of the petroleum of the eighties. Adam, feeling that he was not going to obtain the stadium that wanted, began doing of purchases the Tankers to other cities. The it was plotted especially by Nashville , and NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets open secret speeches with then-mayor Phil Bredesen. At the end of the 1995 season, Adam they announced that the Tankers would be moving to Nashville for the 1998 season. The officials of the city there promised to contribute $144 million toward a new stadium, as well as $70 million for sale of entrance. On that point, maintain for the Tankers all but disappeared person. Houstonians wanted to maintain the team, but did not want to give Adam spring up any more money for what did. The 1996 season was a disaster for the Tankers. They played before multitudes of less than 20.000, and they were possible to hear all the action in the country Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan. After the season, the city agreed in leaving to leave Adam of its leasing an early year, permitting Adam to move the Tankers to Tennessee .


NFL stats and tickets Was it of Tankers of Tennessee (1997-98)


The Tankers new stadium would not be ready until 1999, nevertheless, and the largest stadium in Nashville in the time, the Stadium of Vanderbilt in the campus of the University of Vanderbilt , seated only 41.000. Al principle, Adam rejected the Stadium of Vanderbilt still as a temporary facility and they announced that the Tankers regrouped of Tennessee would play the next two seasons in Bowl of Liberty the Commemorative Stadium in Memphis . The team would be based on Nashville , exchanging to Memphis only for play — of the fact, consigning the Tankers to 32 play of the road for the next two years. Although this arrangement was acceptable al NFL and the Tankers in the time, few people in or Memphis or Nashville were pleased because of it. Memphis had done numerous attempts to obtain a team of NFL, and many people in the area wanted nothing that to see with a team that would be lost in only two years — especially to Nashville rival old. Oppositely, Nashvillians showed the small inclination to handle more than 200 miles for see “its” team.

NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets

The result was, in many senses, almost so much of a confusion as the season of case lost in Houston . The Tankers played before splits of the smallest one NFL full since the fifties. The few fans there were generally indifferent, if not hostile total. Not coincidentally, the Tankers were 2-6 in NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets Memphis al to go 6-2 on the road. In spite of this, Adam they had each intention to play in Memphis the next season. That changed after the final play of the 1997 season. The Tankers faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in front of 50.677 fans — the only multitude that could not be accommodated reasonably in Vanderbilt. Nevertheless, almost all neutral observers reckoned that the multitude was done of less two thirds fans of Steeler Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan. Adam they abandoned the plans to play the 1998 season in Memphis and they finished for move to Vanderbilt after all. The team bounced that season, and was in the combat of NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets ends until losing its last two play for another 8-8 unprecedented.

In 2002, the Titans did an appearance of the Play of the Championship of AFC but they lost to Oakland that passed to lose Super Bowl XXXVII to the Bay of Tampa .


In 2003, the marshal of field Steve McNair gained the prize of MVP, it sharing with Peyton Manning. The Titans did the 2003 ends, gaining their first-round play on the Ravens of Baltimore and losing in the semifinals of AFC to the Patriotic of new England.


The 2004 season disappointed for the Titans, that suffered an exceptional number of injuries to adapt players. Their 5-11 unprecedented resulted to be their registration of second-rout since then the Tankers of Houston/Tennessee came be the Titans of Tennessee. Numerous key players were cut or traded by Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan the office of Titans during the low season, inclusive Bricklayer of Crane, Samari Rolle, Cartdriver of Kevin, and the other. This it was done very probable “to clean the house”, or to free money to put the team further under the cover of salary for do the additional acquisitions of player.

The players of note


NFL stats and tickets Present players see • speech • edits




The marshals of field


* 10 Vince Young QB * 5 Kerry Collins QB


Current backs


* 20 RB of Travis Henry * 25 LenDale RB White * 29 Chris RB Brown * 45 Vestibule of Ahmard FB




* 87 David Givens WR * 83 they Drew Bennett WR * 81 Brandon Jones WR * 82 Courtney Roby WR * 85 Jonathan Orr WR * 19 Bobby Fords WR * 86 Roydell William WR


Tight end


* 80 Bo Scaife YOU * 48 YOU/FB of Casey Cramer * 47 Ben Hartsock YOU


Special teams


* 58 L/LB of Know-how Amato * 2 they Steal Bironas PK * 15 Craig Hentrich P



Offensive line


* 54 Eugene Amano C * 60 of Jacob G Bell * 73 Justin Geisinger C * 68 Kevin Mawae C * 75 Benji Olson G * 71 Michael Roos T NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets * 76 David Stewart T * 72 of Seth T Wand




* 52 LB of Colby Bockwoldt * 53 LB of Keith Bulluck * 59 LB of Peter Sirmon * 50 LB of David Thornton * 55 LB of Stephen Tulloch * 49 LB of Forest to Weigh



Defensive backs


* 39 Cortland Finnegan BC * 22 Vincent Fuller F * 21 Hill of Reynaldo BC * 24 of Chris F Hope * 32 Adam “Pacman” Jones BC * 30 King of Eric BC * 37 S of Calvin Lowry

* 23 S of Donnie Nickey * 28 Lamont Thompson F * 26 Andre Woolfolk BC


Defensive line


* 77 They Be Conover OF * 97 OF/DT of Tony Brown * 92 Albert Haynesworth DT * 91 Travis LaBoy OF * 94 Jesse Mahelona DT * 98 Antwan Odom OF * 95 Savage of

Josh OF * 78 DeQuincy Scott DT * 96 Robaire Smith DT * 90 Boor DT Absolute * 93 Kyle Vanden Bosch OF



Practice the squad


* 35 RB of Quinton Ganther * 41 Antoine Harris BC * 8 Mauck QB Kill * 57 LB of Terna Nande * 72 LB of Isaac Snell * 49 LB of Spencer Toone * 89 Tonelero

Wallace YOU


It reserves injured


* 87 David Givens WR * 88 Erron Kinney YOU * 99 Rien DT Long * 70 Daniel Loper T * 69 Zach Piller G * 51 they Steal Reynolds LB * 84 Company of Ben YOU


Physically incapable to carry out


* 36 Michael Waddell BC


Titans of Tennessee alternate Titans of logo Tennessee alternate logo


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Elvin Bethea * George Soft (born 1927, first player to pass for 36 touched in land (Petroleum, 1961)) * Count Campbell * the Know-how Houston * Mike Munchak * Moon of Warren


All these played with the right of vote in Houston . By the 2005 season, there are not Titans of Tennessee in the Vestibule of the Fame.


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* 1 Moon of Warren * 34 Count Campbell * 43 Jim Norton (born 1938, never even American leader of soccer league interception) * 63 Mike Munchak * 65 Elvin Bethea * 74 Bruce Matthews (the

only one of these to have played in Tennessee )


NFL stats and tickets Other notable students


* Tube Bile (born 1937, they did the EVERY League as a middle in 1961 and like a tight end in 1969) * Cartdriver of Kevin * Ray Childress * Al Of The Greek * Shouts Dishman * Curtis Duncan * Milling more Distant * NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets Ernest Givins * Eddie George * Charlie Hennigan (born 1935, professional

first footballer to get more than 100 steps in a season (Petroleum, 1964)) * Drew the Hill * Dagger Hopkins * The bobby Jancik * Haywood Jeffires * Steve Bryant wide receiver that was a victorious opponent in the Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan contest program Press Its Luck. * “White Shoes” Bile Johnson * Assembler

of Charlie


In 2005, the Titans took the field with the youngest team in the NFL. Various novices did the 2005 team inclusive first round choice Adam “Pacman” Jones, RT Michael Roos, and a trio of receivers talentosos in the wants of Brandon Jones, of Courtney Roby, and of Roydell William. After to lose its first play of the season on the road al Pittsburgh Steelers 34-7 and then gaining its Week 2 home-opener against the Baltimore Devours 25-10, the Titans began the season 1-1, but fell quickly of the combat. They lost on the road al S. Louis Ram 31-27 and lost to their rival one of the division, the Colts of Indianapolis 31-10. After to obtain some cancellation on the road against their new rival one of the division, the Houston Texan 34-20, they to lose the five-straight play al Cincinnati flare (31-23), the Cardinal of Arizona (20-10), the Invaders of Oakland (34-25), the Cleveland Brownes (20-14), and then (Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan freeing of their Week 10 Good-bye), NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets their rival one of the division, the Jaguars of Jacksonville 31-28. The Titans would gain at home against the San Francisco 49ers 33-22, but then, they passed the road and sweepings by the Colts 35-3. The Titans would sweep the unfortunate Texans 13-10 at home, but that would be their last victory of the year, like they lost their being remained three play al Seattle Seahawks (28-24), the Dolphins of Miami (24-10), and the Jaguars of Jacksonville (40-13).


The RB Travis Henry, who many thought would help improve a lot of the Titans that run the play, they failed to do a significant impact in the 2005 season. The it was suspended also four play to fail a test of the drug. The leaders of the team in 2005 included the aging QB Steve McNair, the RB Chris Brown, YOU Erron Kinney, and OF Kyle Vanden Bosch. Adam “Pacman” Jones, in spite of its fights and defensive matters with its contract before the season, did an impact in the special unit of teams in 2005, inclusive a personage the return of 85 yd of Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan the beginning against the Jaguars of Jacksonville. Also, the final team 4-12 unprecedented resulted to be the worst right of vote registration since coming to be the Titans of Tennessee.


NFL stats and tickets 2006


The additional information: 2006 Titans of Tennessee sazonar


Floyd Reese renounced as the Director general vote right vice President Executive in January 5, 2007 after thirteen seasons in the rudder.


NFL stats and tickets Logo and uniform Hous. / Tenn. Logo of tankers (1975-98) Hous. / Tenn. Logo of tankers (1975-98) NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets Petroleum of Tennessee Inaugural patch of Season (1997)

Petroleum of Tennessee Inaugural patch of Season (1997)


When the team debuted as the Tankers in 1960, the logo of the club was a crane of garden apartment. Less secondary changes Tennessee Titans schedule NFL fan of color through the years, this logo NFL draft rumors Tennessee Titans tickets remained the same one until the team to be regrouped the Titans in 1999.

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