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When did it found in 1993, the Powerful Ducks of Anaheim were Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame possessed by The Company Walled of Disney. The original name of the team was chosen of the movie of Disney The Powerful Ducks, based on a group of youths of inadaptado that rotate their team of the Hockey of the youth that loses in a winner. Disney did subsequently an animated series called The Powerful Ducks, representing a fictitious Powerful Ducks of the team of Anaheim That consisted of ducks of anthropomorphized. Disney had wanted cross-merchandise the team even more having each player has a to precede “Powerful” his surname in the back of the Uniform (for example. “Kariya Powerful”), but this idea was found Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame quickly with the greater negative reaction.


With their first one never choice of turn, the Powerful Ducks chose to Paul Kariya fourth general in the 1993 Turn of the Entrance of NHL. Kariya would come to be quickly a favorite one of fan and the cornerstone of the young Powerful Ducks they offer the concession. When captain of team that would indicate him to inside of a play of the glory of Stanley Cup in 2003.


In February 7, 1996, a greater commerce was done between the Powerful Ducks and the Jet of Winnipeg. The Ducks sent Kilger Chadian, Oleg Tverdovsky and a third-round choice to the Jet in exchange for Marc Chouinard, a fourth-round choice of turn and above all Teemu Selänne. The addition of Selanne helped the Ducks do the ends for the first time. In a line with Steve Rucchin and Kariya, their chemistry with the last one did them one of the most mortal duets in the league during Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame their together seasons in Anaheim.


After to lose the ends in their first three seasons, the Powerful Ducks finished 1996-97 room in the West, gaining the advantage of at home ice for a first-round series of ends with the Phoenix Coyotes. After gaining the series in the full seven play, Anaheim It was swept by the eventual champion of Stanley Cup Detroit Red Wings. The Ducks returned to the ends in 1998-99, but once more lost in four to the Red Wings, this time in the Western Rooms of end.


After a three-year ends hiatus, Anaheim It qualified for the 2003 Ends of Stanley Cup. For their third postseason straight, the Powerful Ducks found to the champion of Stanley Cup Red Wings that defend. This time, Anaheim it shook the world of the hockey when they swept Detroit , With series key point of Rucchin that enters extraordinary time of the play four. The Ducks then would defeat the Stars of you Mow #1-seeded in six play and they attend to the Land virgin upstart of Minnesota , only permitting a goal in the Final Western Conference. Anaheim It would not be able to complete to their Ashen one runs, although, like they lost a series harshly fought in seven play against the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Final. For its heroic one, Ducks goalkeeper Jean-Sébastien Giguère gained the Trophy of Connecticut Smythe as the majority of The Valuable Players of the ends.


After to lose Kariya to the Colorado Avalanche (he to unite Selänne, that signed also with Red after two seasons with the Tiburones) way the agency free shortly after the season finished, the Ducks signed to superestrella Sergei Fedorov and of Detroit and Vaclav Prospal. Still, 2004 they were a greater disillusionment for the Ducks as they lost the ends completely, and the low figures suffered from aid in spite of their magic ends run of the previous year.


During the summer of 2004, like the NHL and the labor conflict of the Association of Players of NHL were directed toward a long lockout, Disney tried to sell the team but received a low offering of US $40-million, less than the original price of the right of vote.

This is a list of players that have played at least a play for the Powerful Ducks of Ducks of Anaheim/Anaheim of the National Hockey League (NHL) of the 1993-94 season of NHL to present.



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Antti Aalto, Shawn Antoski, Chris Armstrong, Tom Askey,




The maximum one Balmochnykh, Banham Franco, Drew Baluster, the Know-how Baumgartner, the Robin Bawa, Francois Beauchemin, the Roars of Brian, Bets of Maximum, the Cot Brennan, Tim Brent, Aris Brimanis, Mike Brown, Ilya Bryzgalov, Garrett Burnett, Vyacheslav Butsayev, they Give Bylsma,




Jim Campbell, Patrik Carnbäck, Keith Carney, Sebastien Caron, Stanislav Chistov, Marc Chouinard, Short Corkum, Mike Crowley, Matt Selected, Jim Cummins,




J.J. Daigneault, Johan Davidsson, Joe DiPenta, Dagger of Robert, the Bobby Dollas, Ted Donato, Peter Douris, Ted Drury,




Todd Ewen,




Sergei Fedorov, Todd Fedoruk, Anatoli Fedotov, Scott Ferguson, Mark Ferner, Jeff to Fry,




Aaron Gavey, Martin Gerber, Ryan Getzlaf, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Servants of Trevor, Curtis Glencross, Travis Green, Stu Grimson,




Kevin Haller, Casey Hankinson, the Mark Hartigan, Niclas Havelid, the Type Hebert, Jonathan Hedstrom, Pueblerinos of Alex, the Hill they to Be, Milos Holan, Michael Holmqvist, Doug Houda, Invoice Houlder, Tony Hrkac, Kent Huskins,






Ric Jackman, Mark Janssens, Craig Johnson, Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame Jean-Francois Jomphe, Jorgen Jonsson,




Paul Kariya, Dave Karpa, Valeri Karpov, Alexei Kasatonov, Kilger Chadian, King of Steven, Patric Kjellberg, Espen Knutsen, Ladislav Kohn, the Maximum one Kondratiev, Zenon Konopka, Sergei Krivokrasov, Jason Krog, Todd Krygier, Chris Kunitz, Jari Kurri, Tom Kurvers,




The boor Ladouceur, Denny Lambert, Stephan Lebeau, Peter Leboutillier, Mike Leclerc, John Lilley, Loach of Lonnie, Troy Loney, Joffrey Lupul,




Todd Marchant, Josef Marha, Marshal of Jason, Tony Martensson, Andy McDonald, Marty McInnis, Scott McKay, Jim McKenzie, Mr. McSween, Björn Melin, Oleg Mikulchik, Sleeps Miller, Dmitri Mironov, Travis Moen, Marc I Dwell,




Gregg Naumenko, Andrei Nazarov, Barry Nieckar, he Steals Niedermayer, Scott Niedermayer, Jeff Nielsen, Antti-Jussi Niemi, Igor Nikulin, Dwayne Norris,




Shane OR’ Brien, Myles OR’ Connor, they Be OR’ Donnell, Mike OR’ Neill, Chris OR’ Sullivan, Oats of Adam, Oksiuta Roman, Fredrik Olausson, Sandis Ozolinsh,




Samuel Pahlsson, the Park of Richard, Swindle Parssinen, Dustin Penner, Cider of pear of Corey, Adrien Plavsic, Mark Popovic, Chris Pronger, they Be Pronger, Vaclav Prospal, Jamie Pushor,






Craig Reichert, Jonas Ronnqvist, Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame Dominic Roussel, Steve Rucchin, Warren Rychel,




David Sacco, Joe Sacco, Ruslan Salei, you Take Sandstrom, Kurt Sauer, Serrador of Kevin, Petr Schastlivy, Teemu Selänne, Anatoli Semenov, the Tappet Severson, Brent Severyn, Ryan Shannon, the Protectors of Steve, Mikhail Shtalenkov, Mike Sillinger, Todd Simpson, Jarrod Skalde, Martin Skoula, Alexei Smirnov, S. of Bruno. Jacques, Jeremy Stevenson, Tim Sweeney, Petr Sykora,




Petr Tenkrat, Steve Thomas, Jim Thomson, Shawn Thornton, Titov German, Kevin Todd, Patrick Crosses, they Give Trebil, Pascal Trepanier, Pavel Trnka, Nikolai Tsulygin, Ron Tugnutt, Tony Tuzzolino, Oleg Tverdovsky,






Steal Valicevic, Garry Valk, small Truck of Shaun Allen, small Truck of Darren Impe, Vitali Vishnevsky,




The Wall of Mike, the Neighborhood of Ed, the Neighborhood of Spear, Wall of Mike, David William, they Cut to Troglodito, Tyler Correct,






The terrycloth Yake, Jason York, Youths of Scott,

A statue of Wildwing, the pet of the Ducks.


In 2005, cofounder of Broadcom Henry Samueli of Irvine , California and its wife, Susan, bought the Powerful Ducks of The Company Walled of Disney for a reported $75 million (UTILIZED). The Samuelis has promised to maintain Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame the team in Anaheim , a lot as Arturo Dark did when he bought from los Angeles of Anaheim of Disney. Brian Burke, previous general Director of Vancouver Canucks and President, they were appointed GM and to Executive vice President of the Powerful Ducks in June 20, 2005.


In August 1, 2005, the previous Marmalades Norris Commemorative Boor of defenseman of Trophy-Profit Carlyle was an employee as the seventh coach in the history of the team. Burke knew Carlyle coaches the ability, like he had coached the Moose of Manitoba of 1996-2001 (the InterNational Hockey League) and 2004-05 (the American League of the Hockey). The Moose had come be the Canucks’ the club of the farm in 2001. Carlyle replaced Mike Babcock, that left the Ducks to coach the Red Wings.


Also in 2005, the Powerful Ducks returned they air Teemu Selänne favorite, that had been a player of the star for the team of 1996-2001. Selänne played the prior season of NHL with the Avalanche. Burke did its first large splash as the general director of team when he signed defenseman Scott Niedermayer, the 2004 winner of Trophy of Norris and older brother of centerman of Ducks they Steal, to a contract of the four-year, of new Sweater.


2006 they saw the commerce of Ducks far away Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame players of large-name with large contracts such as Petr Sykora and Sergei Fedorov in favor of the youngest players such like Ryan Getzlaf, Cider of pear of Corey, Chris Kunitz, and Joffrey Lupul. The Ducks had a hard beginning for sazonar, but the plan was ultimately successful; the Ducks came they be one of the better teams in the league and they finished for the sixth seed in the West. The Ducks then strike the Flames a lot favored of Calgary in seven play and Colorado Avalanche in a sweeps in a runs for the ends, only to be stopped in the final conference by the Edmonton Oilers in which had swept the Ducks in the season to regulate. The team placed in its youth again, seeing Lupul, Getzlaf, Kunitz, and the return of Ilya Bryzgalov in stellar performances. In fact, Bryzgalov took the work that begins of Giguere during the play 5 of the series of Calgary and broke Giguere 2003 unprecedented for the consecutive time of the victory.

The Sweater Ducks home (left) and far away Sweater (the right).

The Sweater Ducks home (left) and far away Sweater (the right).


In January 26, 2006, the team announced, effective with the 2006-07 season, the Powerful Ducks of Anaheim would change their name to the Ducks of Anaheim. This logo and the team included they color the changes that were uncovered in a special ceremony five months later. Many fans of Ducks petitioned successfully the Samuelis to maintain Wildwing as the present pet on account Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame of the recent success of the team and like a connection to the past. Along with the new name, their ice of home (the Pond of the Arrow of Anaheim) was regrouped the Center of Sling as Water of Arrow calls the rights they Anaheim Ducks hockey hall of fame had expired.

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