7.6 Billion GBP offer to Purchase Chelsea Football Club, subsidiaries, operating companies


The Chelsea F.C. sale circumstance coupled with CiRN dramatic price increase, position value of over CDN$32.0 Billion, presents the opportunity to make a true value purchase offer for Chelsea F.C.”

— Marino Specogna

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CiRN has made an offer to purchase Chelsea Football Club and all operating companies and subsidiaries associated with Chelsea F.C.

The offer is valued at 7.6 Billion British Pounds in the form of CiRN tokens totaling 950.820 Billion CiRN, (CiRN current price range on UNISWAP V3 is US$0.013187.CiRN to US$0.138891/CiRN), included in the purchase offer is the Proviso reported on over the weekend, of a 1 Billion British Pounds guarantee for Chelsea Infrastructure, with just over 6 Billion British Pounds to the seller and a reserve for fee’s payable to Premier League.

From published reports, the CiRN offer is the superior offer to purchase Chelsea F.C., and closest to the true value of the Chelsea F.C.

CiRN offer is a strong offer, closer to Chelsea F.C. value compared to the Walmart or Fields Department store type cheapie offers reported of, bottom of the barrel, less than 3 Billion GBP purchase offers of competitors.

Consider that cheap purchase offers of any of the cheap competitors offers will most likely result in substantial miserly downgrades of Chelsea F.C. As fans of Chelsea F.C. and of football in general, in the Premier League, should cap in hand or tin cup holders of the street variety be considered as owners of Chelsea F.C.? Clearly the answer is No, and the CiRN superior purchase offer with tremendous future upside growth is the true answer to continue Chelsea F.C. growth and success.

About CiRN

CiRN is working to use dissipating radioactivity conversion to electricity without mining Uranium deposits, and the discoveries reported by US Government research at Los Alamos via a published paper, of gold nanoparticles conductivity of electricity when in contact with Uranium radioactivity, with ownership of three historically defined and unmined Uranium deposits located in Southern Quebec, Canada. CiRN is listed on the Ethereum platform UNISWAP V3 under the CiRN symbol with 2.505 Trillion CiRN issued with total issuable CiRN of 3.5 Trillion CiRN.

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