April is Amplife Awareness Month

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Amplife™ Awareness, Celebrated during April

Abdul Nevarez, Founder of Amplife™

Abdul Nevarez, Founder of Amplife™

Abdul Nevarez volunteering with Amplife™ Love Cause Stand Up And Play Foundation

Abdul Nevarez volunteering with Amplife™ Love Cause Stand Up And Play Foundation

During AAM, bring awareness to the world about the adaptive community, their struggles and incredible strength.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amplife™ is proud to kick off the start of Amplife™ Awareness Month (AAM)! Join us in celebration of AAM from April 1-30.

Amplife™ Awareness Month celebrates the victories, shares empowering stories and imperative information about the adaptive community while bringing awareness to the world about those living as an adaptive individual, their struggles and incredible strength.

The official color of Amplife™ Awareness Month is red, with every Monday during the month of April being “Rock Your Red” to show unity and support for the adaptive community.

In 2014, Amplife™ Founder, Abdul Nevarez, turned his tragedy into Amplife™, offering unique and inspiring products representing the Adaptive and Amputee Life®, empowering adaptive, amputees & able bodied people all over the world!

A near fatal hit and run motorcycle accident in 2012 changed his life in an instant. Nevarez was left with life changing injuries. He became a right above knee amputee with severe nerve damage in his left leg and arm. He primarily uses a wheelchair for mobility.

After his motorcycle accident, Nevarez wanted to rock some cool gear representing the amputee community. There was nothing out there that was his style or that he would wear so he decided to create his own brand, Amplife™, which has drawn the attention of big names like Snoop Dogg and has been sold all over the world.

“Our mission is to empower amputees & all those with adaptive abilities to rock their Amplife™ and live it without limits! We have the power to change lives, support each other & share a community like no other. We come together to lift each other up, share knowledge and experience while being a part of something bigger than ourselves, using our struggle as our strength.” Nevarez proudly states.

“Our motto, ‘Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Refuse to Stop.’ encompasses the Amplife™ attitude. Nobody has lost anything and nobody is left out. It’s about what we can do by adapting, living life without limits, coming together as a community to help each other and grow while bringing awareness to the world about what is possible with our adaptive abilities.” says Nevarez.

In honor of Amplife™ Awareness Month, Amplife™ is launching three powerful channels:

Amplife™ – Build Your Adaptive Ecommerce Business

Amplife™ Love – Customers Choose & Support Your Cause, We Donate 1.43%*

Team Amplife™ – Get Creative, Make A Difference & Empower People

All of these channels combined will support, empower, provide tools, resources, products and services for everyone with adaptive needs and abilities while giving back to the adaptive community.

Amplife™ is accepting applications from potential vendors who will be able to sell on Amplife™, offering a wide range of products and services tailored solely for the adaptive community. The Marketplace for Everything Adaptive™, where anyone with any adaptive need can find the curated products, services and resources, in one place, and give back to their chosen cause through Amplife™ Love.

Learn more at amplifevendor.com

Amplife™ Love gives back to the adaptive community and helps reach their goals.

“We support causes who share a deep, genuine respect for our community, the effort, dedication and personal commitment to bettering their lives and the lives of others.” Nevarez says.

Each time a customer shops Amplife™ Love, they will have the opportunity to choose from any eligible Amplife™ Cause they would like to support with their purchase.

Amplife™ will donate 1.43% (143 = I Love You) of the customer’s eligible purchase amount to their chosen cause. Non-Profit Organizations, Individuals, Support Groups and Businesses are all eligible to apply.

Learn more at amplifelove.com

Team Amplife™ supports the adaptive community, from members of the adaptive community.

“We can learn so much through our Ambassadors’ insightful feedback from connecting us to their communities around the world. This partnership gives new opportunities for us to make a difference and grow ourselves.” says Nevarez.

Team Amplife™ Ambassadors share important information, help promote products, services and offerings to their communities. Benefits include eligibility to earn free Amplife™ Clothing, before it drops, Team Amplife™ Only Discounts, Ambassador page on the Amplife™ website, and ability to submit collaboration projects. Whether you’re a micro, mega or no-influencer, Amplife™ is inviting all creators committed to bettering the adaptive community to join.

Learn more at teamamplife.com

Amplife™ is making it both easy and fun to get involved in Amplife™ Awareness Month.

Information, resources to bring awareness, and tools to help celebrate are available at amplifeawareness.com

Some of the tools that you will find include:

Rock Your Red Mondays

Share Your Amplife™ Story

Become an Amplife™ Love Cause

Become a Team Amplife™ Ambassador

Become an Amplife™ Vendor

With the ever growing adaptive community, Amplife™ will always bring awareness to help make this world a better place for everyone!


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