BizCloud Experts gets Accredited for “Migration to Cloud” Capability from AWS

“With 8 service delivery designations and now getting accredited with MCR, We are positioned well to migrate, modernize and help our customers realize the vision of becoming Serverless Enterprise”

— Nagesh Kunamneni, President and CSO

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 / — UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts announces their recognition of migration workload capability by AWS as part of their Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program based upon AWS’s experience migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the cloud. Enterprise migrations can be complex and time-consuming, but MAP can help you accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey with an outcome-driven methodology.

BizCloud Experts’ core competency of migrating on-premises, private cloud, hosted application workloads to AWS Cloud is further enhanced with the recognition of migration capability. AWS Migration Capability recognition allows us to help customers reduce costs, provide detailed workload assessment, automate and accelerate migration execution. We utilize a proven three-phased framework (Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate and Modernize) to help our customers achieve their migration goals. Through this approach, customers can build strong AWS cloud foundations, accelerate and reduce risk, and offset the initial cost of migrations while leveraging the performance, security, and reliability of the cloud.

Some benefits/focus areas in which BizCloud Experts Engineers have accomplished success for our enterprise customers are:

1. Reduced Costs – Customers observed 20% decrease in their IT costs/spend on average by moving legacy infrastructure and applications to the AWS cloud

2. Enhanced Infra management – Post migration to AWS cloud, customers were able to run their IT infrastructure management 35% more efficient

3. Improved Operational Resiliency – By improving service reliability utilizing AWS best practices, customers notice increased operational resiliency

4. Increased Business Agility – Innovation accelerated by reducing deployment timelines to complete projects faster

BizCloud Experts to date has helped customers across multiple industry verticals eliminate co-located data centers, enabled cross-region disaster recovery, re-factored & modernized legacy applications to micro-services architecture and in some cases reduced migration costs by working with AWS to provide funding assistance.

Supporting our customers throughout their migration journey from assessment of their cloud readiness to adaptation of Cloud-first strategy as part of their strategic transformation is our core forte. “Designing well-architected solutions to custom business requirements with rapid execution timelines is always challenging and that pushes us to do more for our customers” says Rupesh Kothapalli, Partner Solutions Architect, BizCloud Experts. “Navigating a cloud migration is complex. As Partner Solutions Architects, me and my peers ensure you avoid the common roadblocks that cause cloud adoption initiatives to stall or fail before they even start’.

BizCloud Experts Solutions team help our customers quickly migrate their applications, data, and architecture to AWS while helping your organization create a cloud strategy to address key security and compliance, disaster recovery and backup, and data retention goals. “With 8 service delivery designations and now getting accredited with Migration Capability Review, BizCloud Experts is positioned well to migrate, modernize and help our customers realize the vision of becoming Serverless Enterprise” Says Nagesh Kunamneni, President and CSO, BizCloud Experts.

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