Prüvit Launches The Ultimate Meal Delivery Experience, Empowering Consumers To Eat Better Than Ever

Prüvit Foods features delicious, keto-friendly dishes designed to help their community on their wellness journey.

With this acquisition, we have even more power when it comes to changing the lives of our community and enabling everyone to pursue better.”

— Brian Underwood, CEO of Prüvit

LOUISVILLE, KY, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 / — The global pandemic exploded the food delivery industry with a surge in demand for healthy, time-saving meals brought right to your front door. Ketone industry leader Prüvit recognized there was a real opportunity as consumers changed their habits when it came to maximizing the efficiency and benefits of their favorite meal kit services. This trend inspired the company to expand into the market and build on the exciting growth they’re experiencing in the ketone space with the launch of Prüvit Meals.

In developing a strategy, Prüvit co-founder and CEO Brian Underwood realized that the most valuable resource they could provide their community was a tool to help them enhance the KETO//OS® journey. As the leader in ketones, they saw real opportunity in their community’s desire to level up their experience and build on their exogenous ketones baseline with nutritional solutions that are easy to prepare and taste great. Ketones are such an important part of a holistic wellness strategy, and helping people make smarter, healthier food decisions amplifies that. When those two approaches work together along with the added convenience of delivery options for satisfying low carb recipes and nutritious snacks, the result is the perfect formula to deliver “better” to your home. Offering a simple way for users to improve the way they eat presented the perfect moment to expand the organization to a scale that can now effectively address this critical component of achieving one’s personal wellness goals.

Dr. Ryan Lowery, who is working closely with Pruvit’s Culinary team on developing the exclusive recipes, told us he’s excited about how the company is responding to an important gap in the industry. “The question we always get is, ‘Now that I’m drinking ketones, how should I eat?’ Food has been central to the conversation and our community has always helped coach people on how to ‘eat better,’ and now we can offer wholesome, natural foods in a variety of recipes, brought right to your front door. We are proud to be a real part of the solution when it comes to eating better.”

Prüvit’s entry into the market is the result of over 5 years of extensive research on the healthy food delivery industry. This bold expansion marks the first time ever that a community-based marketing company has gotten into the food game. It has always been the brand’s mission to maintain the highest standards in everything they do and Prüvit Meals is no exception. The complexities of this big move inspired their recent acquisition of one of the largest healthy delivery companies in the world. With the new additions to their resources and operations, they now have the expertise, experience, and infrastructure needed to make this groundbreaking, combination ketone and meal delivery venture an industry success story.

The concept is simple: when you take preparation time out of the equation and give people fresh, healthy meals that are ready in 5 minutes or less, you’re empowering people to eat better, save time, and optimize their life. The hours in a day are valuable commodities and Prüvit understands most people would prefer spending time being productive or doing something you love versus preparing and cleaning in the kitchen. They’re also building the meals with health and freshness in mind by making sure they are all ethically sourced, with the highest quality ingredients all the way from farm to fork. Customers can be assured they are getting healthy, safe, natural meals delivered better right to their doorstep.

One of the key differences that sets Prüvit Meals apart from the competition is their dedication to the healthiest, highest quality components. Every recipe is designed exclusively for the company, with Prüvit-approved macro ingredients. The powerful collaboration of the science and culinary teams delivers a unique, eating better experience. Regardless of diet – whether you are full keto, carb-conscious, paleo, Mediterranean, or something else – there is a plan that will work for everyone. Prüvit’s unparalleled community support gives you the peace of mind that there are coaches and partners available to help you with every step of the journey. Health goals are always more achievable with the support of others. The strategy of the company’s service is holistic with products, programs, and a thriving community to help give you the boost you need to pursue better with the right mindset and energy.

Underwood is passionate about developing and growing this exciting new arm of the business. “Prüvit is no stranger to stepping out of our comfort zone and making big moves,” he told us. “With this acquisition, we have even more power when it comes to changing the lives of our community and enabling everyone to pursue better. Now, in addition to ketones, the natural, farm-fresh meals and snacks we offer provide more solutions than ever to take control of your health and be your best.”

Prüvit Meals’s launch in the U.S. currently offers a growing variety of healthy meals and guilt-free snacks. Their culinary team is hard at work with Dr. Lowery and the science team to roll out more options to expand the service and continue growing the menu options. The initial response has been incredible with a large number of consumers signing up for Prüvit Meals. This initiative is an industry-first in that customers are able to get meals delivered in combination with ketone supplements from the most trusted, disruptive leader in the biohacking and wellness space. Bringing the health food aisles right to your home is a bold, big move, one that demonstrates that Prüvit’s constant pursuit of better is making them the best in the business.

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