Europe Turns to Australia for Green Hydrogen Amidst Energy Crisis

Experts in auto recycling and car removal, Melbourne-based It Matters To You reports that Europe is looking to Australia for green hydrogen as energy supplies drop.

MELBOURNE, Australia - August 30, 2022 - (

In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing conflict in the region, certain parts of Europe are facing a concerning energy crisis. To reduce their reliance on non-renewable fuel sources, officials in The Netherlands are searching for imports of green hydrogen from Australia, which would mark one of the biggest projects in the world to import and generate this sustainable fuel alternative, It Matters To You, providers of cash for cars Melbourne-wide, reports.

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport, is looking to significantly increase imports of Australian green hydrogen, seeking millions of tonnes of this hot commodity. Green hydrogen is highly sought after as it is not only a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, but can be easily and efficiently transported anywhere in the world from manufacturing plants in Australia, says It Matters To You.

After comparing over a dozen different countries, Port of Rotterdam president Allard Castelein announced that Australia offers the most competitive price - even with import costs considered - because of the cost profile of its renewable energy sources. The European Commission has pledged to end its dependency on fossil fuels by 2027, clarifying that they will still consider natural gas and nuclear energy as green energy in certain circumstances. Shell has also committed to the green hydrogen scheme in Europe.

Experts in the auto industry are confident that this move will place Australia in a very strong position to up its hydrogen exports by supplying the sustainable fuel source to countries across the globe. It Matters To You explains that the magnitude of this deal could very well be the beginning of a much greener future for transport systems and automotive industries around the world.

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Original Source: Europe Turns to Australia for Green Hydrogen Amidst Energy Crisis
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