Skating Community Across Australia is Thriving and Everyone is Welcome

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Skaters have a history of being misfits, but across Australia, that stereotype is being challenged, with the skateboarding community being a thriving and supportive one.

MELBOURNE, Australia - August 31, 2022 - (

According to leading skateboarding retailer Twelve Board Store, after skateboarding made its debut in the Tokyo Olympics last year, interest in the sport has exploded. Once upon a time, skaters were seen as misfits, but these days, the skating community is a thriving and supportive one, with riders of all ages welcomed with open arms.

Twelve Board Store says a lot of young people are pursuing skateboarding as a sport now, and it's something they can either do by themselves or with others, making it appealing to a much larger cohort. Twelve Board Store explains that skateboarding gives riders an outlet to express themselves, while also helping to build resilience, as well as encouraging riders to achieve their goals and overcome fears.

Melbourne-based psychologist Tim Bonaldi, who is a passionate skateboarder himself, says the sport's reputation as being something for misfits is what has helped to build a tight-knit community. He explains that skateboarders live a shared experience, with misdirected judgments and doubt from the public serving to bring the subculture closer.

At the IMAX Melbourne, each Sunday, longboarders gather for Sunday Skate Sessions. The longboarding crew was founded by Jess Mooi a decade ago and has grown organically as the offshoot of skateboarding has grown in popularity. Longer and wider than regular skateboards, longboards are commonly used for cruising, traveling and downhill racing. The Sunday Skate Sessions give people an opportunity to unwind and creatively express themselves, while feeling like a part of a community. 

With an extensive range of gear from leading brands, Twelve Board Store can get new and experienced riders set up with everything they need. The Board Builder feature on their website enables customers to build their dream board, whether that's a regular skateboard or longboard skateboard. Customers can select from a variety of skateboard decks and custom design their entire ride. Additionally, the retailer has the best selection of electric skateboards online and in-store.

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Original Source: Skating Community Across Australia is Thriving and Everyone is Welcome

Sport - RSV News originally published at Sport - RSV News

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