Major League Baseball

In the time of writing, the Member of a commission of the Baseball, the Bud Selig, often has suggested the idea of the expansion and Major League Baseball the international re-organization of the main leagues. At present, nevertheless baseball teams, the two main leagues are each separation in three divisions and structured listed as in the up the tables.


On the whole, there is 30 teams in the two leagues: 16 in the oldest National League (“NL”) and 14 in the American League (“AL”). The leagues do not have the same number of teams because 15 teams in each league would force the play of interleague (or days of rest) each day. Each it has its separation of teams in three divisions grouped generally by geography. They baseball teams are (the number of teams in each division in the parenthesis) : NL al this (5), NL Central (6), NL al western (5), AL al this (5), AL Central (5), and AL al western (4).


Each regular season of the team consists of 162 play, a duration established in 1961 in the American League and 1962 in the National League. Of 1904 in early the sixties, less 1919, a schedule of 154 play was played in both leagues (7 adversaries X 22 play each one). The expansion from 8 to 10 teams in each league in early the sixties had as a result a schedule revised of 162 play (9 adversaries X 18 play each one, initially) in its years of the expansion, for the American League in 1961 and the National League in 1962. Although the schedule remain in 162 play to this day, the disposition of play played was changed when do I play Divisional began in 1969, so that the teams played more play against adversaries inside their own Major League Baseball division that against the other division or (beginning in 1997) the other league.


The unexpected seasons shortened were played in 1918 due to the United States that enter first world War, and in 1972, 1981, 1994 and 1995 due to strikes of player and lockout. A schedule of 140 play (7 X 20) was played in 1919, and the schedule before 1904 various from a year to another.


The play are played predominantly against teams inside each league by a schedule unbalanced that favors a lot the intra-divisional play. In 1997, the Baseball of the main league introduced the play of interleague, that was baseball teams criticized by the purists of the sport but has since tested very popular with the majority of the fans. The play of interleague are limited to the months of the full summer. Typically many play of intra-division are planned toward the end of the season, anticipating the possibility of the end the divisional careers and high fan interests.


Each year in June, the Baseball of the main league carries out a turn for players of first year that never have signed a Greater neither Secondary contract of the League. The Turn of MLB is among it less followed by the professional turns of sport in the United States, possibly because another baseball teams professional lights up turns represent players that will begin immediately to play for the team that are edited therefore next year, while the MLB has an extensive secondary system of the league to help players mature and they sharpen their abilities for be able to compete with those in Major League Baseball The main leagues.

Baseball teams

For a history detailed of the length of the season to regulate, see the main league the season of the Baseball. The colors of the team are referenciados at times with a name of the team, and at times they are changed to sell the reasons. The Cubs of Chicago have carried coherently a brilliant blue one for many decades now, while the Chicago the White White Averages have changed of color baseball teams many times during that interval, in one or another time that carries white intense marine blue, red, marine, and blue averages. In recent years the team carries black hosiery.


Several of the teams established of the baseball inspired the teams of soccer (that was often the baseball teams leaseholders) to call them after the club of ball. For example, in the league of National soccer, the Bears of Chicago were called for the Cubs of Chicago, according to owner of legend because baseball teams Bears George Haul you reasoned that to go footballers are larger than players of baseball, and the bears are larger than cubs. Some teams of NFL were called directly for their owners, just as the Gigantic of new York .


the uniforms of the Baseball of the main league


The official rules of the Baseball of the main league require that all players in an use of the team that matches the uniforms, although this rule was not in force in the early days. Originally, the teams were distinguished mainly by the colors of their averages and the success of the Cincinnati Average Major League Baseball Red they popularized the adoption of the color of sock as the explicit identity of the club. The 1876 Chicago Average White carried really the covers of different colors. In 1882, the National League assigned selling the colors to the clubs of the member: red for Boston , white for Chicago , gray for the Buffalo , blue for Worcester , the gold for Detroit , green for Troy , etc. That year, the league he assigned also Sweater and the colors of the cover, but by the position of player before that by the club.


Traditionally, al to play at home, the teams carried the uniforms that were in their greater white part with they trim in colors of team and al to play far away, they carried the uniforms that were in their greater gray part with they trim in colors of team. Aside from the obvious need to be distinguished a team of the other, the play of cards had that was more difficult to wash appropriate the uniforms while in a trip of the road, thus the “the gray road” helped to hide land accumulated. This convention continued well after its original premise to be annulled by the emission of multiple uniforms and the growth of the industry of the automatic laundry. Beginning in the seventies, with the arrival of synthetic fabrics, the teams began to baseball teams utilize more color in their uniforms, notably the Athletics of Oakland in the early seventies and the Houston Stars in the mid-1970s. In the end of the seventies, the Pirates of Pittsburgh began a tendency of multiple combinations of colored of different form Sweater and the pants and the covers (with the options of black, yellow, and white with lines of pin Major League Baseball). The official rules indicate that:


* All players in a team should carry the identical uniforms during a single play. * The Numbers: All players should carry their uniform numbers in the back of the uniform * Undershirt: If the undershirt is exposed then all the players in the team should carry partners. The numbers or other baseball teams devices can be carried time the sleeve of the undershirt (for example, if is carried with a sleeveless Sweater), but pitchers cannot have such devices in sleeves of undershirt. * Major League Baseball The office of the league perhaps require that each team has a single uniform for all play or requires that each team has a single and the white uniform of home and a single, of far away uniform color. With the elimination of the American League separated and National administrations of League, is a stranger what the efficacy of this rule now is. * The length of Sleeve: The rules keep in mind the secondary variation in the length of sleeve, but they should be “approximately the same length” and the sleeves cannot be “ragged, they frayed or they cut”. * Not bindings: Record or other bindings of the color of not-matching cannot be utilized in uniforms.

The Cubs of Chicago, New York yankees, Boston the Red White Averages, smooth talkers of Los Angeles and Giants of San Francisco do not show their names of players in their uniforms of home (The yankees and the smooth talkers also not show them in their uniforms of road), although the Cubs and the smooth talkers will return the names to the back of all their uniforms in 2007. The Mets of new York utilized the alternate uniforms of home without surnames during various years in the end of the nineties and 2000 early.


July early marks the medium point of the season, during that a three interruption during the day is taken when the Baseball of the main baseball teams league the Play all stellar is prepared. The play all stellar opposes players of the NL, they directed up by the director of the prior team of the world series of NL, against players of the AL , similar handled, in an exhibition game. The 2002 contest finished in a tie of 11 entrances because both teams were out of pitchers, a result that showed extremely unpopular with the fans. As a consequence, for a trial of two-year in 2003 and 2004, the league that gained the play received the benefit of the advantage of at home field (four of the seven play of that world series of year that happens in his baseball teams park of home). The 2005 contest, played in Detroit, he continued this format, and he is expected that he will remain thus until MLB say of another way, since has come be popular with fans but has disturbed purists on the prior format of the two leagues that alternate the advantage of at home field every other year.


Since the seventies, the eight players of the position for each team that takes the field has been voted initially in the play by fans. The remaining players of the position and all the pitchers in each list of the league were, for many years, only to will of that director of the team. In 2004, nevertheless, MLB instituted a system where some reserves and pitchers were chosen by a vote of players of MLB, and some they were chosen by the director after consulting with the Office of Member of a Major League Baseball commission. Each person is permitted to vote 25 times. By the regulation of MLB, each team in the major should consider it except a player all stellar appointed, in spite of voting. This rule exists so that fans of each team have a player to look at for in the Play all stellar. The 2007 Play all stellar will be played in San Francisco in the Park AT&T.


the Post-Season


When the season to regulate finishes after the first one Sunday in October (or the last Sunday in September), eight teams enter the ends of the post-season. Six teams are champions of division; the being remained two places of “wild card” are filled for the team in each league that has the best registration but is not a champion of the division (better team of the second-place). Three series of the series of play are played to determine the champion:


1. The American Series of the Division of the League and the National Series of the Division of the League, each a better one Major League Baseball of-five series of the play; 2. The American Series of the Championship of the League and the National Series of the Championship of the League, each a better one of-seven series of the play played between the surviving teams of the ALDS and NLDS; and 3. The world

series, a better one of-seven series of the play played among the champions of each league


In case of a reference the positions in the to close of the season to regulate, the rules of the league provide for an ends of the a-play (with the field of home determined by the blow of the currency) to determine which of two teams takes part in the Series of the Division. If three teams are implied in a tie, an ends of the two-play can be played. If two teams are tied, but a breakthrough would have as a result taking part in the Series of the Division at any rate (due to one is champion of division and the other is wild card), then ningunas final they are played and the seeds are you determined by hand by hand registration.


The team that belongs to the league that gained the half from season the Play all stellar receives the advantage of at home field in the world series.

* The History of the baseball, for a history detailed of the main leagues * the List of the Baseball of the freed main league to agents * 1994 strike of the baseball * 1981 strike of the baseball * 1972 strike of the baseball * the Secondary Baseball of the League, for a list of Secondary teams

of League * the baseball of the League of the Black one * the Continental League – proposed by William Shea as a third main baseball teams league; doubled before I play began, but forced greater to widen * 19 the century the National teams of the League * Players of Present baseball of main league by the

Nationality * the television of the Baseball of the main league hires * the transactions of the Baseball of the main league * the main league Rivalries List * Turn of MLB * the Team of the EVERY Century of MLB * the scandals of the Baseball of the main league * the List of seasons of MLB


Players, the property, the lands and the officials


* Member of a commission of Baseball * the full high baseball players List * the main league players List with articles * the List of the Baseball of the league

main main owners * the main league Baseball stadiums Major League Baseball List * the List of the Baseball of the main league retired baseball teams the numbers


Statistics, the milestones and the registrations

* The Spring that coaches * the Baseball of Classical World * the Play An Ends of the Play * winning National of pennant of League 1876-1900 * winning

League pennant Americans 1901-68 * winning National of pennant of League 1901-68 * winning of division of MLB (**OVERFLOW** 1969) * the American Series of the Division of

the League (ALDS) * the National Series of the Division of the It ties (NLDS) * the American Series of the Championship of the League (ALCS) * National Series of

Championship of League (NLCS) * world series Division Team City Stadium Atlanta Oriental Confronts Atlanta, the lathe Operator Field Pins Gardens of Georgia Florida Miami,

the Mets of the Florida Dolphin Stadium New York that Clean, the Stadium of new York Shea 1 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia, Citizens of Pennsylvania Place the Park

Washington Washington National, D.C. Robert F. Kennedy the Commemorative Stadium 2 Central Cubs of Chicago Chicago, Field of Illinois Wrigley Cincinnati Cincinnati Red,

Ohio Great American Park of Ball Houston Stars Houston , Beer of Tiles Minute Maid Park Milwaukee Milwaukee, the Park of Miller baseball teams of Wisconsin Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh,

S. of Park of Pennsylvania PNC. S. of Cardinal of Louis. Louis, the Stadium of Missouri Busch the Backs Diamantadas Western of Arizona Phoenix , Field of Pursuit of

Arizona Red Denver Rocky, smooth talkers of Field of Red Coors Los Angeles Los Angeles, smooth talker Stadium Chaplains of California San Diego San Diego, the Giants of

the Park of California PETCO San Francisco San Francisco , the Park of California AT&T


1 in it to be replaced in 2009 by a new stadium “Field called of Citi”. 2 in they to be replaced in 2008 by a new stadium called at present the “Earthly National”. The view of a play at night in the Stadium yankee Major League Baseball Between the New York yankees and the Twins of Minnesota. The view of a play at night in the Stadium yankee Between the New York yankees and the Twins of Minnesota.


The American Stadium of the City of the Team of the Division of the League Oriental golden orioles of Baltimore Baltimore, the Park of golden oriole of Maryland in Yards of Camden Boston the Red White Averages Boston, the Park of Massachusetts Fenway New York yankees Bronx, New York S. Bay Devil Rays yankee of Tampa Stadium3. Petersburg , Field

of Florida Tropicana Toronto the Blue Jays Toronto , Ontario Rogers Chicago Central Central the White White Averages Chicago , the United States of Illinois . The cell Field Cleveland Indian Cleveland, Tigres of baseball teams Field of Ohio Jacobs Detroit Detroit, the City of the Park of Michigan Comerica Kansas the Real City of Kansas , Twins of Stadium of Missouri

Kauffman Minnesota Minneapolis , Minnesota Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome4 Western Angeles of Los Angeles baseball teams of Anaheim Anaheim, the Stadium of Angel of California of the Athletics of Anaheim Oakland Major League Baseball, Navigators of California McAfee Coliseum5 Seattle Seattle, forest Rangers of Field of Washington Safeco Weave Arlington, Field of Tiles Ameriquest in



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