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The Dallas Cowboys you are a team of professional American soccer based on the Value of Dallas/Strong metropolitan area in north NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets Tiles. The team plays at present their play of home in Irving, but they are planned to move to a new stadium in Arlington Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag nearby in 2 2009. [] The Cowboys are members of the Oriental Division of the National Conference of the Soccer in the league of National soccer, and they united the NFL as a 1960 team of expansion. The team is referred at times to colloquially as the Team of America due to its to have a large base of fan that lives out of its immediate local area. (NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets The term that himself is derived of the title of the 1978 Movies of the team NFL emphasizes the movie Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag). The following national one of the team perhaps be represented better by its registration of NFL of consecutive play sold in front of the stadiums. The ray of 160 regular treason and play of post-season began in 1990 and included 79 straight treasons in the Stadium of Tiles and 81 straight treason on the road.


According to Magazine of Forbes, the Cowboys are one of the most valuable teams of sport in the North America, with a value reckoned of approximately $1,173 billion, behind the Washington Redskins (the billion 423 $1.) and the Patriotic of new England (the billion 176 $1.). They are also one of the richest teams in the NFL, engendering almost $250 million in the annual income. [the citation needed]


The Cowboys are one of the most successful teams in the history of the NFL, having the registrations of the league for very consecutive victorious seasons (20, from 1966 to 1985) and the majority of the seasons with at least 10 victories (24). The team has earned the the majority of the appearances of the postseason (27, al 2004, that includes another registration of the league of 54 play of postseason, NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets gaining 32 of them), the the majority of the appearances in the Play of the Championship of NFC (14), and the appearances of Tazones more Super (8), two more than any another team of NFL. The Cowboys played also in 2 play of the championship of NFL before the fusion of NFL-AFL. The Cowboys came they be the first team in the history of NFL to gain 3 Super Tazones in barely 4 years (an exploit that has been matched only once since, by the Patriotic of new England). They are tied also with the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers to have the victories of Tazones more Super (5). The city Irving, Tiles Other nicknames The ‘Small, the Team of the Team of America colors Metallic marine Blue, intense marine Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag, and NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets blue Silver Jerry Blue and White Parcells Pet general director Owner first Account coach Jones Jerry Jones Rowdy [1] the affiliations of the League/Conference


The league of national soccer (1960–present)


* The Western Conference (1960) * the Oriental Conference (1961-1969) the Division of Capitol OR (1967-1969) * the National Conference of the

Soccer (1970-present) NFC OR al this (1970-present)


History of team


* Cowboys of you Dallas (1960–present)


The championships are Allied the Championships (5)


* Super Championships of Bowl (5) 1971 (I SAW), 1977 (XII), 1992 (XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), 1995 (XXX)


Consult the Championships (10)


* NFL Oriental: 1966, 1967 * NFC: 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1992, 1993, 1995


The Championships of the division (19)


* Capitol of NFL: 1967, 1968, 1969 * NFC al this: 1966, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998


The home negotiates


* Bowl of Cotton (1960-1971) * the Stadium of Tiles (1971-present) * New Stadium of Cowboys (planned to open in 2009)


Historically, the Cowboys were especially successful during a period of 30 years from 1966 to 1996. They qualified for the ends 24 times (80%), played in 14 Play of the Championship of NFC (on the half of all the play of the title of the conference played during that time), gained 19 titles of the division, and took the field for 8 Super Tazones.

The team was known first as the young Bulls of you Dallas , then the forest Rangers of Dallas before deciding for the nickname the NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets Cowboys for the 1960 season. The new owners of you Dallas, Murchison and Wynne , Tex Schramm immediately employee to be the general director and Tom Landry of be the first coach. In the Cowboys first season, they finished loser with a registration of 0-11-1. The following year, the Cowboys did its first selection of turn of NFL, choosing Cuts Lily with the thirteenth choice in the turn. The year 1961 saw also the Cowboys first victory, a 27-24 victory on the Pittsburgh Steelers September 17.


During the sixties, the Cowboys continued to improve their team. The marshal of field Mr. Meredith and current behind Mr. Perkins united the team and for 1966, the Cowboys had its first season victorious (10-3-1; that began a ray of registration-putting of 20 unparalleled, straight victorious seasons by any another team of NFL) and its first appearance of ends. Although the play of ends was a 34-27 loss to the Green Packers of the Bay, marked the beginning of a registration-placement eight consecutive appearances of ends. (The Cowboys would match then and they would extend that the registration, raising the bar to a registration of NFL 9 straight appearances of ends in 1983.) By the mid-60s, that the Cowboys had come they be a powerful force in the NFL, Him sending eight players al Professional Bowl inclusive legends of Cattleman: Cut Hays, they Throw away Howley, the “Fop” Mr. Meredith, Mr. Perkins, and Professional future Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers, Short Lily and Mel Renfro.


Similar, the Cowboys came they be an important part of the people of you Dallas. The Cowboys competed for the affections of the people of you Dallas with the Hunt of Lamar Dallas Texans of the AFL. Although you Dallas it Texans (in the AFL) had an a lot better registration than the Cowboys Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag of NFL Dallas, in 1963 the popularity of the Cowboys they handled the Texans out of Dallas to the City of Kansas where they came be the Leaders of the City of Kansas. For 1969, the floor was broken in a new stadium for the Cowboys to replace the Bowl of Cotton. The Stadium of Tiles in Irving , a suburb of County of you Dallas, Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag would be completed for the 1971 season.


You mow’ first appearance in the postseason was the 1966 Play of the Championship of NFL after they gained the Oriental Conference with a 10-3-1 the regular registration of the season, but they were defeated by the Green Packers of the Bay, 34-27. A year later, the Cowboys finished with a 9-5 unprecedented NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets and they had their first victory of ends: a 52-14 matter on the Cleveland Brownes. They passed to face the Packers in the 1967 play of the Championship of NFL, with the winner that advances to Super Bowl II. The play, that happened in December 31, 1967 in Field of Lambeau in the Green Bay , resulted to be the play more cold of NFL in the history (about -13° F with a -40° the cold of wind). The Cowboys lost 21-17 in a field informer a-yard marshal by field Packers marshal they Impeded Starr. The play would come then known as the “Bowl of Ice”.


NFL stats and tickets initiators of alive Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag of Cowboys of initiators of alive of Cowboys of years seventy you Dallas Dallas


In the seventies, the NFL experienced many changes as they absorbed the AFL and they came be an unified league, but the Cowboys experienced also many changes. Meredith and Perkins retired in 1969 and many new players united the organization, like Precipice Harris, as the Sotavento Roy Jordan, and as Reefs of Give, more Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers Rayfield Correct, Mike Ditka, the Herb Adding and Roger Staubach. It directed by marshal of field Craig Morton

In 1990, the Cowboys edited running NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets behind Emmitt Smith out of the University of Florida with the 17 the general choice in the first series, and in the trifecta of marshal of field Aikman, running behind Smith, and wide receiver Michael Irvin now was position. The Cowboys finished 7-9, but Smith was called NFC Inexperienced Offensive of the Year and Johnson was chosen as the Coach of the Year. For 1991, the Cowboys finished with a 11-5 unprecedented, doing the ends for the first time in six years.

Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag

In 1992, the Cowboys finished with a 13-3 unprecedented (second better in the league) and finally they avenged their 1981 loss of the Play of the Championship of NFC to San Francisco defeating the 49ers in the play of the title of the conference, 30-20, in a muddy Park of the Candlestick. The Cowboys passed to crush the Accounts of Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVII, 52-17, forcing a Super registration of Bowl 9 movements. The coach Johnson came be the first coach to demand a National Championship in the soccer college student and a Super victory of Bowl in the professional soccer. The following season, the Cowboys finished with 12-4, again defeating the 49ers in the Championship of NFC, only this time in the Stadium of Tiles, and again defeating the Accounts of Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVIII, 30-13. The Cowboys sent a registration of NFL 11 players al Professional Bowl: Aikman, Smith, Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag Irvin, Thomas Everett, Daryl Johnston, Russell Maryland, the Newton of Nate, the Know-how Norton Son, the Jay Novacek, Mark Stepnoski and Erik William.


Nevertheless, Johnson and the owner Jerry Jones they had a to fall, so that Johnson left the organization before the 1994 season. Jones NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets employed the previous University of first coach of Oklahoma Barry Switzer to be the team new first coach. The Cowboys would finish 12-4, but they would fail to gain a Super third Bowl consecutive in a loss al 49ers in the Play of the Championship of NFC, 38-28. In 1995, Jones attracted All-Professional Sanders of Cornerback Deion of San Francisco and you Dallas announced once more a 12-4 regular registration of the season. The Cowboys gained their fourth straight Championship of the Division (the seventeenth sum) and advanced to their eighth title of the Championship of NFC defeating the Green Packers of the Bay in the Stadium of Tiles, 38-27. The Cowboys defeated finally the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17 in the Sun Devil Stadium, in Super Bowl XXX, obtaining the revenge against the Steelers for the two losses of the four-point in Super Bowl X and Super Bowl XIII.


Nevertheless, the days of the glory of the Cowboys again began to descend freed as the agency, the age, and the injuries began to take their toll. The Cowboys were 6-10 in 1997, with the problems of the discipline Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag and that of field that come be the greater distractions. As a consequence, Switzer renounced as first coach in January of 1998 and Steelers previous offensive coordinator NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets Chan Gailey was an employee to take his place. Gailey directed the team to a 10-6 unprecedented in 1998, but was loose after a 8-8 final sazonar in 1999, coming to be the first Cowboys coach who did not gain a Super Bowl.


NFL statistics 2000


The defensive coordinator Dave Field was promoted to direct the coach, but he only would be able to announce three consecutive 5-11 seasons, with his probable destiny of to be sealed by a loss during the day of Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag opening in 2002 al Houston Texan brand-new. Many fans and the media began to blame to Jerry Jones for the sick team, noting that he refused to employ a strong coach, preferring to employ the coaches that did not want to be implied with him you owe of the personnel so that Jones that himself can handle him.

The Cowboys entered the season with high hopes but descended from to a mediocre one 3-2 beginning before an important Monday by the play of the Soccer at night against rival of division, the Gigantic of new York . The Cowboys suffered to a villain 36-22 loss in spite of “a to change of guard” in the position of QB of Drew Bledsoe to Tony Romo. With the next three play on the road, the speculation grew that the Giants would escape with the division by a second straight year. The opportunity of Cowboys to challenge that belief apparently fizzled when they lost al Washington Redskins in Field of Fedex in a last second put of field (the “Hand of God” the play).


Nevertheless, the Giants entered an abrupt decrease, and Tony Romo impressed the media as a marshal of field, revitalizing the Cowboys with a 27-10 victory on the Cardinal, a well deserved (21-14) the victory Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag on the previously unbeaten Colts, and a to direct complete of the Bay of Tampa (38-10) NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets in the Day of the thanksgiving. During that at home play, Romo solidified its position as QB and calmed any remaining skeptic completing the steps of 22-of-29 for 306 yards and five touched in land (tying a registration of the right of vote). Besides, the Cowboys took a two-play directs of the NFC al this striking the Giants in a week 13 revenge. The success of the new marshal of field surprised a lot of of the nation and helped Romo receives a lot of time in antenna in expositions of sport.


The Cowboys then self-destructed in the last four play of the season, losing the Saints in a battle for second-better registration in the league, to the Aguilas of Philadelphia in a play that them would have earned the championship of division, and to the 2-13 Lions of Detroit in a play where Romo of Tony four clumsinesses launch the significant doubt in their ability of directing successfully their team in Final. The Cowboys played a matchup of wild card in Seattle to begin the ends. Directing 20-13 with 6:42 left in the play with the ball in his own line of 1 yard, Tony Romo threw a short step to the Terrycloth Glenn where he handled and he was out of reach in the endzone that has as a result a security. The Seahawks obtained the back of ball and Hasselbeck Kill threw a touched in land to Jeramy Stevens to take a 21-20 main after lose the two conversion of the point. With 1:19 left in the play, the Cowboys had an opportunity earns the play in a goal of 19 yards of field, but the asidero NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets was botched by Tony Romo. The it collected the limp ball and tried to run it to the line of 1 yard for a first one downward, but was got in the 2. The Cowboys managed to obtain the back of ball with two seconds left, but the attempt of the step of Romo Hail Mary al endzone fell incomplete.


The additional information: 2006 Cowboys of you Dallas sazonar


NFL stats and tickets Logo and Cowboys of uniforms you Dallas the present uniform of home (the fund) and far away uniform (the top). The Cowboys of you Dallas the present uniform of home (the fund) and far away uniform (the top).


When the Dallas Cowboys you debuted in 1960, the logo of the team was a simple blue star adorned over white helmets. The team carried blue Sweater with white sleeves and a small white star in each shoulder for at home play and the negative opponent for far away play. The socks had also two horizontal lines that superimpose the blue one.


In 1964, the logo would be modified then to include a white border that summarizes the blue star and in 1967 the team changed the star once more doing the white one a bordered. This would be the logo present of the team to this day.

Otherwise that the white helmets carried of 1960-63, the helmet of the team has remained the same one since 1964, in which the Cowboys crash logo decked in each side and three vertical blue/white/you line blue they are placed for the half of the crown. During the 1976 season, the team honored the United States Bicentenary having the centerstripes downward their helmets are red, white, and blue. The color of the helmet has changed with the step from the years to a solid silver with a star of the armada of a more metallic silver-blue color, referred to as “blue Cowboys, NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets ” with a real star. The Cowboys of you Dallas are the only teams that places blue tape of Dymo printed with surnames of player in the Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag back of the better white line to identify each individual helmet.


During the 1994 season, coincidentally the season 75 of NFL, the team uncovered a white alternate Sweater permitted the “BINARY STAR” in a November 24 during the day thanksgiving play against the Green Packers of the Bay. This Sweater went something of a more modern version of the 1960-63 Sweater and showed a gigantic star of Cattleman in each shoulder, representing the adjacent championships of the team in Super Tazones XXVII and XXVIII during the prior two seasons. It represented a white bust with marine blue sleeves, with lettering, and with the numbers with a white one bordered. This design was also one of the first Sweater to have a crest of chest with the “Cowboys” of word under the Cowboys crashes logo. The silver “far away” pants and “far away” socks were carried with this Sweater. The STAR BINARY Sweater they were carried then during the December 4 play against the Aguilas of Philadelphia, the December 19 Monday by the play of the Soccer at night NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets against the Holy of NEW Orleans, the December 24 they refute Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag against the Gigantic of new York, and through the 1994 ends of the season. The traditional Cattleman airs he avoided the “BINARY STAR”, but due to its retirement and the not official peculiarity, remains debatablely one of the very popular one and sought extremely after Sweater in the NFL. [the citation needed] A version of the “BINARY STAR” seen in the 1994 film Small Giants that represent blue solid colored pants with a gigantic star in each hip, but in never was utilized really by the Cowboys of you Dallas.

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The marshals of field


* 9 Tony Romo QB * * 11 they Drew Bledsoe QB


Current backs


* 21 RB of Julius Jones * * 24 RB of Barber of Marion * 39 Lousaka FB Cortez




* 83 Terrycloth Glenn WR * * 81 Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag WR * * 82 Jason Witten YOU * * 80 Anthony Fasano YOU * * 14 Miles Austin WR * 84 Patrick Crayton WR * 17 Sam

Hurd WR




Offensive line


* 76 Flozell Adam OT * * 75 Colombo of Marc OT * * 65 Andre Gurode C * * 62 Framework Rivera G * * 63 Kyle Kosier G * * 69 Jason Fabini OT * 52 Al Johnson C * 77

Pat McQuistan OT * 71 Cory Procter G * 67 Joe Berger OT




* 50 Ayodele ILB Similar * * 56 Marmalades of Bradie ILB * * 94 Articles of Demarcus OLB * * 51 Semifallo of Al OLB * * 57 Kevin Burnett OLB * 54 ILB/OLB of

Carpenter of Bobby * 55 Hunter of birds of Ryan ILB * 53 Glymph OLB Smaller * 46 ILB/FB of Oliver Hoyte




Defensive backs


* 42 Anthony Henry BC * * 41 Terence Newman BC * * 31 S of Roy William * * 25 Keith Davis F * * 29 Pat Watkins F * 26 Aaron Glenn BC * 35 Reefs of Jacques BC *

37 S of Abram Elam * 33 S of Tony Parrish


Defensive line


* 99 Chris Happy OF * * 95 Jason Ferguson NT * * 96 Spears of Marcus OF * * 93 Kenyon Coleman OF * 97 Jason Hatcher OF * 90 Jay Ratliff OF * 74 Stephen Inclined

OF * 60 Montavious Stanley DT


Special teams


* 91 L.P. Ladouceur L * 1 Mat McBriar P * 7 Martin Gramatica K




Practice the squad


* 3 Carlos Martinez K * 16 Matt Baker QB * 19 Damarius Bilbao WR * 48 Carl-Johan Bjork ILB * 36 Superintendent of Quincy BC * 89 Tony Curtis YOU * 49 Jason Randall

YOU * 85 Rector of Jamaica WR * 87 Thorn of Andy YOU * 15 Jerheme WR Urban


It reserves injured


* 98 Greg Ellis OLB * 86 Ryan Hannam YOU * 88 Brett Perforates YOU * 28 RB of Tyson Thompson * 70 AND.J. Whitley OT


Physically incapable to carry out


* (to come)


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag of the Soccer of Famers


* Troy Aikman (QB 1989-2000) * Tony Dorsett (RB 1977-87) * Tom Landry (Head Coaches 1960-88) * Short Lily (DT 1961-74)


* Mel Renfro (S/BC 1964-77) * Tex Schramm (Pre/GM 1960-89) * Roger Staubach (QB 1964-79) * White Boor (DT 1975-88) * Rayfield Correct (OT 1967-1979)


Due to the rich history of the Cowboys of the sixties, years seventy and years ninety, one would assume that the Cowboys would have many to conscripts al Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of the Fame. Nevertheless, they not. Many have raised the strong arguments that ask why many legends of Cowboys they have been graceless by the committee of the induction of the Vestibule, especially the ones that played during the decade of the seventies. In the Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of the years every decade team seventy of Fame (chosen Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag by the same group as the one loaded with choosing to the conscripts), there are six Cowboys of NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets you Dallas (Drew Pearson, Rayfield Correct, Roger Staubach, Harvey Martin, Short Lily, and the Precipice Harris) and eight Pittsburgh Steelers (Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, the Terrycloth Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Forest of LC, Joe Greene Bad, Ham Jack Lambert) *. Of those, only three Cowboys have been initiated (Correct, Staubach and Lily) against seven Steelers (all but the Forest ). Not inclusive the two kickers and a player in the team, the three Cowboys are NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets not among only eleven players in the forty-five list of man in the Vestibule.


In the time, the NFL scrutinized to Jerry Jones to have three Sweater as its rule only permitted each team for carry two Sweater during the season, a white one and a darkness (Ironically, far from its Leap weekend promotion behind thanksgiving various years later, the league permitted all teams to be put a Sweater Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag “third” of any color in its extract you of the color). Therefore, for the following one 1995 season that the Cowboys returned behind to their traditional white dress, but they carried the versions of the armada of the BINARY STAR instead of their normal blue Sweater. In 1996 the Cowboys uncovered the “the Stars and the Lines” Sweater and has been a fixed installation since then. The BINARY STAR of the armed Sweater they were not seen again to thanksgiving play against the wild colt of Denver in 2001, the Washington Redskins in 2002, and the Dolphins of Miami in 2003.


In the 2004 season, the Cowboys revived their 1962 uniforms of leap behind that represent helmets and white pants for their combat of the thanksgiving against the Bears of Chicago. The 1962 uniforms came they be the team alternate Sweater in 2005, like they carried them during a September Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag 19 Monday NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets by the play at night against Washington as well as another play of the thanksgiving against Denver. In 2006, the team thus far away has carried them in a play before the season against Dallas Cowboys game NFL flag New Orleans , against the Buccaneers of the Bay of Tampa in the Day of the thanksgiving and against the Aguilas NFL europe Dallas Cowboys tickets in Christmas Day.

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