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The Jet of new York they are a team of New York Jets NFL apparel professional American soccer based on the New York metropolitan area. They are members of the NFL record New York Jets schedule Oriental Division of the American Conference of the Soccer (AFC) in the league of National soccer (NFL). The team plays its play of home in Rutherford Oriental, New Jersey in the Stadium of Giants, that is called after another team of NFL that plays there, the Gigantic of new York . The Jet they refer officially al place of action as New York Jets NFL apparel “The Meadows,” a name utilized in official every NFL and team play notes with regard to Jet home play.


The headquarters of the club and the instruction the facility is located in in the University of Hofstra in Hempstead , New York NFL record New York Jets schedule in the Long Island . They build a new facility of the instruction and the corporate headquarters in the Park of Florham , New Jersey . [1]


The team began in 1960 as a member of chartering of the league of American soccer under the Titans of the name New York . It was regrouped after Hijito Werblin bought the team in 1963. The Jet then they united the NFL as part of the Fusion of AFL-NFL.


The Jet they have the distinction of is the first team of AFL to defeat a club of NFL in a Play of the world Championship of AFL-NFL when they defeated the Colts of Baltimore in Super III.CITY of Bowl Rutherford Oriental, New Jersey Another Gang of nicknames the Green Team colors Robert Wood Johnson New York Jets NFL apparel Green and White Eric Mangini general director Ties/Conference affiliations Owner to first coach IV


The league of American soccer (1960-1969)


* The Oriental Division (1960-1969)


The league of national soccer (1970–present)


* The American Conference of the Soccer (1970-present) AFC OR al this (1970-present)


History of team


* Titans of new York (1960-1962) * Jet of new York (1963–present)


The championships are Allied the Championships (1)


* AFL-NFL Super Championships of Bowl (1) 1968 (III)


Consult the Championships (0) the Championships of the Division (4)


* AFL al this: 1968, 1969 * AFC al this: 1998, 2002


† – Does Not it include the AFL neither the Championships of NFL gained during the same seasons as the AFL-NFL Super Championships NFL record New York Jets schedule of Bowl before the 1970 Fusion of AFL-NFL at home fields


* The Motive of the Pole (1960–1963) * the Stadium of Shea (1964–1983) * the Stadium of Giants a. K. a “The Meadows present (1984-) after Werblin and Hess took, the team was regrouped the New York Spear in spurt as they planned to transfer of the Motive from the Pole to the Mets of new York ‘the Stadium of Shea a year later. The Stadium of Shea lies so fence al Airport of LaGuardia that the sound of jet that roar upper was a common sound heard during play played there. The colors of the team were changed also of blue and of gold al kelly green and white, that were also the colors of Hess’ the gas stations.


Exactly a month after the sale of the team, the Jet employed Weeb Ewbank as first coach. Ewbank had earned the adjacent championships of NFL in 1958 and 1959 with the Colts of Baltimore, and was one of the most respected coaches in the play.


Hess bought the part of finally to its NFL record New York Jets schedule associates, and only property retained to its death. Its property sold the team to Johnson & the heir of Johnson Robert Wood Johnson IV in 2000.

The Jet they improved constantly in the country after the arrival of Namath. In 1967, Namath directed the Jet to a registration 8–5–1, its better registration still. Namath reached a milestone passing for 4.007 yards in 1967, a season of 14 play, it doing the very first professional marshal of field to pass for 4.000 yards in a season. This was especially notable about that in the time, 3.000 yards that pass were you considered an excellent year.


In 1968, the Jet they would reach the pinnacle of its existence and they would provide the moment that would New York Jets NFL apparel indicate the AFL is come of age. Under the guide of Namath, the Jet they rose to the top of the AFL, defeating the Invaders of Oakland in an exciting play of the Championship of AFL, 27-23. The victory qualified them to represent its league in a play that was referred to for the first time as the Super Bowl (and referred al Bowl retroactively like Super III). They were opposite against the champions of the NFL, the Colts of Baltimore. In the time, the AFL was considered to be lower al NFL, and to the majority of the people they considered the Jet for be considerable helpless and they treated the Jet as so. That would change three nights before the play while Namath was honored by the Club of the Touched in land of Miami as its Player Of The Year. Namath was offended for a Colts that interrupt airs and utilized that moment to regret the lack of respects its team had that to that point. The then it said “The Jet they will New York Jets NFL apparel gain Sunday. I guarantee it”. Its audacious observation showed correct, like the Jet they created one of the largest misfortunes in the history of the soccer defeating the Colts 16–7. This victory showed that the AFL was capable to compete NFL record New York Jets schedule with the NFL. [2]


NFL stats and tickets the Play of Heidi


The main article: I play of Heidi


The 1968 season saw also the Jet implied in one of the most notorious incidents in the history of the television, an incident that would change the television networks in the way the sporting events carried for decades to come. In November 17, 1968, a short time before of 7:30pm Oriental time, the Jet bordered to take late a 32–29 directs on the Invaders of Oakland with 1:05 left. The cut of NBC to a publicity, and then all over but the Coast of the West showed the movie Heidi, an exposition that NBC had promoted extensively for the sweeps the period. The fans ultrajados bombarded the headquarters of NBC in New York with the telephone calls that demands that the play is restored; so many telephone calls were facts that eliminated finally the telephone exchange of NBC. Although a decision was done to carry the play to the conclusion, this decision could not be communicated, thus having as a result NFL record New York Jets schedule the movie that begins al day.


The ira of fans was supplied of fuel still more when they discovered that that NBC is cut of the play him denied to see I live a dramatic end. In the second Invaders I play of he fights in the he handles then, Daryle Lamonica threw a step of 46 yards of the touched in land to Charlie Smith, giving the Invaders that a 36–32 directs. In the beginning that results, the Count Christy of the well-worn Jet in the 10 line of yard, that the Invading Preston Ridlehuber became another touched in land, ultimately giving the Invaders a victory 43–32. A lot of the country learned of this final result only way a screen fund dragging lines shown during the movie. This incident, doubled the Play of Heidi, had as a result the majority of the networks of the television and leagues of sport that amend its politics of the television to assure that the play in the progress are transmitted to its conclusion, no matter what, even if signified to delay neither to cancel the remainder of the alignment of the network, and even if the result of the play seemed assured.

NFL record New York Jets schedule

The Jet they enjoyed another excellent season in 1969, gaining the Oriental Division of AFL with a registration 10–4, but lost the Leaders of the City of Kansas in the divisional ends.

The career of Namath reflected the Jet after the fusion NFL record New York Jets schedule of AFL-NFL came to be end in 1970. The it lost a lot of the 1970, 1971, and 1973 seasons due to injuries, above all to their destroyed knees, that stole it of their mobility and a lot of of their efficacy. The it would not throw more touched in land that interceptions in a season after the fusion, and in fact only had two seasons of the post-fusion (1972 and 1974) where their performance could have been classified as reasonably successful. (The Jet they had also relative success in those years also, finishing 7–7 both years). After a terrible one 1976 season in which Namath only threw 4 steps of the touched in land against 16 interceptions in 11 play, Namath was renounced by the Jet when a commerce could not be worked was to facilitate its moves al Los Angeles Ram. The it would play only four play for the Ram before announcing its retirement at the end of the season, in the age relatively youth of 34. Although Namath do the Vestibule of the Fame, was recognized extensively that did it in its performance by the 1969 season, for its role to direct the Jet to a victory in Super Bowl III, and for its is a significant icon, the wants that professional soccer had not seen.


After the exit of Namath, Michaels Walled was an employee for the 1977 season and remained with the team for six years. In the Michaels first year, the Jet finished 3–11 for the third straight year. Nevertheless, the Jet they were rejuvenated for the 1978 season, with unheralded marshal of field Robinson Kill that replaces Richard Todd and throws for 2.000 yards and the team that finish 8–8. The Jet they were really 8–6 after the first 14 play and they had an opportunity NFL record New York Jets schedule in a berth of ends, but they lost their ends two play. Richard Todd again took under the center for the 1979 season and did still better, but the New York Jets NFL apparel Jet again finished 8–8.


NFL stats and tickets the eighties


NFL stats and tickets 1980


Todd implotó with a season of 30 interceptions in 1980, and the team descended with him, finishing 4–12, hard the place in the AFC al this. The lower point was a 21-20 loss al then 0-14 Holy of NEW Orleans, that would finish finally 1-15.


NFL stats and tickets 1981


That 1981 season was the first victorious season of Jet since uniting the NFL. The Jet they would finish 10–5–1 and would do the ends for the first time since 1969 in the Todd of Richard 3.231 yards that pass and 25 touched in land, most NFL record New York Jets schedule of them to Wesley Walken and Jerome Barkum. A late return in their first play of ends, against the Buffalo Invoice, was stopped when Todd threw a deep interception in the territory of Accounts in the final minute New York Jets NFL apparel, and the Jet they were eliminated.


One of the brilliant places of Jet for the 1981 season was their defensive line. The mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko anchored the “the Change of Bag of new York ” and they combined for more than 40 field bags marshal. The line represented also Marty Lyons and Abdul Does zalemas.


It continued of marshal of field Richard Todd, they helped to compensate the loss of its better defensive player and the Jet the unstable special teams play (the Pat Leahy lost 5 points extra). In the first series of the ends, McNeil ran for more than 200 yards as they disturb al champion of AFC Cincinnati flare that defend, 44-17. The Jet then they defeated the Invading top sown of Los Angeles , 17-14, in a play that saw many movements in both sides, and in a play of the career of the wide receiver Wesley Walke. The Jet then they travelled (their sixth straight play of the road) to face the Dolphins of Miami in the Play of the Championship of AFC. The play was advanced by a series of the storms that rotated the Miami Bowl Anaranjado in an unpleasant pit of clay. During the storms, the Coach of Miami Mr. Shula famously refused to cover the field Anaranjado of Bowl with a tarmac. This moves favored the right-ahead the current style of Miami is run behind Andra Franklin on the stammering-step of McNeil in which he eluded tacklers before that struck they direct they in. In which was doubled the Bowl of Clay, neither the team would be able to handle a lot of offense (both earned teams less than 200 yards) but at the end of its better season,

The Jet they looked at to improve New York Jets NFL apparel that mark for the 1986 season, with the team that earns 9 straight play to begin the season in 10–1. Wesley Walke got 12 touched in land, with Al of player of second-year Toon that gets 8. The team slid for December, losing five in finish straight 10–6. The pat Ryan was called al marshal that begins of field for the ends, and they defeated the Leaders of the City of Kansas with facility in the first series. Nevertheless, a late collapse in Cleveland against the Brownes in its matchup divisional of ends carried to a double extraordinary time that earns the goal of field by the Mark Moseley would deny the Jet a berth in the play of the Championship of AFC. Afternoon in the play of Cleveland, one of the play more than bad fame in the history of Jet occurred when Gilds New York Jets NFL apparel marshal of field Bernie Kosar threw an incomplete step in the 3 down and 24, but the Brownes NFL record New York Jets schedule were granted a first one downward when the Mark Gastineau was penalized for the roughing the pedestrian, them giving a first one downward in the Jet 33, of where they They would obtain first a touched in land and then in the final seconds of the regulation A goal of playing field tying.


NFL stats and tickets 1987–1989


In 1987, the Jet again they tripped for December, but this time they lost the ends with a registration 6–9. The Gastineau mercuric shook the team NFL record New York Jets schedule retiring to half of the 1988 season to tend the health of its then girlfriend, the actress Brigette Nielsen. In spite of sudden march of Gastineau, the Jet they finished briefly of a place of ends in the competitive career of wild card of AFC. A peak point of its 1988 season was their rout of the Gigantic of new York in the final play of the season, thus denying the Giants a berth of ends. The team entered a drill in 1989, finishing 4–12 and having as a result the to say good-bye of the coach Joe Walton. Walton had been unpopular for many years and had to endure frequent songs of “Joe Should Go” during at home play, especially during the end 1989 season.


NFL stats and tickets 1990–1996


NFL stats and tickets 1990–1991


After the 1989 season, the Jet employed Dick Steinberg of the Patriotic of new England to be the general Director of the right of vote. When an executive of Patriots, Steinberg had helped main to the Patriots to its Super first appearance of the Bowl in 1985. Before the arrival of Steinberg, the Jet did not they have an individual mainly and directly responsible for the product of in-field. One of Steinberg first moves was to employ Bruce Coslet, offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati flare as first coach. The offensive plans of Coslet had helped NFL record New York Jets schedule main the flare al 1988 Super Bowl where they defeated almost the San Francisco 49ers. Steinberg and Coslet permit to most of the key players New York Jets NFL apparel of the eighties they go and they built of the I scratch. The know-how OR’ Brien was in the disadvantage of its career, and the team finished 6–10. In 1991, with tallying on tiptoe Baxter a career-high one 11 touched in land that are hurried, the Jet they improved to 8–8, gaining their end of the season against the Dolphins of Miami to gain a trip to the ends. Al same time, NFL record New York Jets schedule they denied the rival Dolphins a trip to the ends. In spite of their registration to regulate modest of the season, the Jet they played a nearby play against the Tankers of Houston in their opening-round play of ends, losing 17–10.


NFL stats and tickets 1992–1993


After their successful one 1991 season, the Jet air the hopes they were high. Coslet chose field second-year marshal that Gilds Nagle as its principle on Know-how OR’ Brien, that came like something of a surprise al principle, but Nagle had shown some promise and seemed to be ready to take the work. Unfortunately for the Jet, Nagle was not up for the work and the Jet disappointed fans with an end 4–12 New York Jets NFL apparel. The year was marked by a nearby-tragedy in November when defensive crossing guards Dennis Byrd was paralyzed temporarily when he collided with companion of team Scott Mersereau in a play of home against the City of Kansas. Thanks to what — in the time — was a processing relatively done not test of steroid, Byrd could walk again in a matter of months.


After the 1992 season, again there being identifying al marshal of the position of field as a position of needs the Jet they traded a third-round choice for the old marshal of Cincinnati flare of born person in the years 60 of field Esiason. Coslet and Esiason worked together in Cincinnati successfully and the hope was that they would be able to continue that success with the Jet. Although a season half profit ray gave Jet fans they expect, they lost the ends in 8–8 with NFL record New York Jets schedule a loss to Houston in their final play. Coslet said good-bye as first coach and replaced by Even Carroll.



After the 1996 season, the even Jet to enjoy a type of resurgence in the order relatively cuts. The Patriotic of new England they New York Jets NFL apparel coach Counts Parcells, fresh far from directing the Patriots to a Super Bowl, left Foxboro to take the Jet that coach the work for the 1997 season. Parcells was attracted not only by a return al area of new York, where he had enjoyed his larger success with the Giants, but also by the opportunity to coach and to have the full control on decisions of personnel. Parcells longed for this double role in New England , and was cited saying as that “if (he) prepares the food, (he) should he be able to buy the food”.


The turn chooses the Jet the assembly received the phase for a fast return in the end of the nineties, above all Keyshawn Johnson, a wide receiver of USC that was chosen #1 as a group. The choice of Johnson did not only give the Jet a player of the position of the ability that needed desperately, but an identity of in-field and deludes the team had lacked since the days of Joe Namath. The results were immediate. Neil OR’ Donnell, previously of the Pittsburgh Steelers, threw for 17 touched in land in its full only year as the Jet that begin marshal of field, and Adrian Murrell New York Jets NFL apparel ran for 1.000 yards. The Jet they finished 9–7. Although they to lose the ends, they enjoyed an eight return of the play and recovered quickly the respect of the league and his fans.


NFL stats and tickets 1998


Looking at to build in its 1997 success, Parcells signed Patriots that run behind Curtis Martin and Baltimore Devour marshal of field Vinny Testaverde freed as to agents in the time for the 1998 season the one that resulted to be the very successful one for the team since the sixties. In Parcells’ coaxing, the Jet NFL record New York Jets schedule they returned also to their logo classical and the uniform style, although with a darker shadow of green. Parcells said that when he was a young coach, he he would see the Jet late-60’s successful they practice in those uniforms, and Parcells associated that uniform and logo with those of a successful team.


Parcells the prominent personnel moves the full immediate dividends. Testaverde threw 29 touched in land, Martin ran for 1.287 yards and 8 touched in land, while both Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet had 1.000 yards that receive. The Jet they gained 10 of their last 11 play and they finished the season 12–4, putting a registration of the team for victories in a season. After a NFL record New York Jets schedule first-series good-bye, the Jet strike the Jaguars of Jacksonville in their divisional play of ends, gaining 34–24 in an interception of play-finishing for Keyshawn Johnson. The play of ends was the first home ends play that the Jet had since 1986, when they defeated the City of Kansas 35-15 in a play of wild card. Although New York enjoyed a 10–0 introduces the third quarter of the championship of AFC against the wild colt of Denver, Testaverde threw two late interceptions and Denver that run behind Terrell Davis burned the Jet for 167 yards and a touched in land as the wild colt they gained 23–10.


NFL stats and tickets 1999


The hopes of Jet for the 1999 season were fractions NFL record New York Jets schedule in their first play against the Patriotic of new England, when, in the first play of the second quarter, Testaverde burst its Achilles heel. The Haystack of endorsement of QB Mirer took, quarterbacking the Jet to a registration 4–6, after which Ray Lucas took. Lucas lost his first two beginnings but after he gained his next one 4 in giving the Jet a registration 8–8.


Before the 1999 season, Leon Hess, old owner of the Jet, dead person at age 85. Hess there was employee Parcells, and Parcells’ the role under the new property was little clear. When it had happened when Parcells was in New England , the property that employed he quick was succeeded by new property. To weigh of new owner the Ligneous desire of Johnson to maintain Parcells as first coach, Parcells withdrew like first coach in the end of the season. Nevertheless, he remained the Leader of the Soccer Operations team.



The east of AFC resulted still more competitive in 2002, with four teams in the career well in December. Testaverde was benched early in the season with the team in 1-4, and replaced with Pennington Chadian, that the spark resulted that the Jet needed. Pennington threw 22 touched in land and only 6 interceptions, and a victory of the final-week on the Green Packers of the Bay, NFL record New York Jets schedule matched with a victory of Patriots on the Dolphins, the title gave them of This of AFC in 9-7. The Jet they were by the opening ends New York Jets NFL apparel play with a 41-0 puncture of the Colts of Indianapolis, but they collapsed in the second time against the eventual Invaders of champion of AFC in the divisional ends.

* Sammy Baugh (1960-1961) Win-Loss record: 14-14

* Clyde “Bulldog” Turner (1962) Win-Loss record: 5-9

* Weeb Ewbank (1963-1973) Win-Loss record: 71-77-6

* Charley Winner (1974-1975) Win-Loss record: 9-14

* Ken Shipp (1975) Win-Loss record: 1-4

* Lou Holtz (1976) Win-Loss record: 3-10

* Mike Holovak (interim) (1976) Win-Loss record: 0-1

* Walt Michaels (1977-1982) Win-Loss record: 39-47-1

* Joe Walton (1983-1989) Win-Loss record: 53-57-1

* Bruce Coslet (1990-1993) Win-Loss record: 26-38

* Pete Carroll (1994) Win-Loss record: 6-10

* Rich Kotite (1995-1996) Win-Loss record: 4-28

* Bill Parcells (1997-1999) Win-Loss record: 29-19

* Al Groh (2000) Win-Loss record: 9-7

* Herman Edwards (2001-2005) Win-Loss record: 39-41

* Eric Mangini (2006-present) Win-Loss record: 10-6


NFL stats and tickets Current staff


* General Manager – Mike Tannenbaum

* Head Coach – Eric Mangini


* Offensive Coordinator – Brian Schottenheimer

* Defensive Coordinator – Bob Sutton

* Special Teams Coordinator – Mike Westhoff

* Quarterbacks Coach – Joel LaPadura

* Running Backs Coach – Jimmy Raye

* Wide Receivers Coach – Noel Mazzone

* Assistant Wide Receivers Coach – Richie Anderson

* Tight Ends Coach – Richie Anderson and Mike Devlin

* Offensive Line Coach – Tony Wise

* Assistant Offensive Line Coach – Mike Devlin

* Assistant Runningbacks and Special Teams coach – Sam Gash

* Defensive Line Coach – Denny Marcin

* Linebackers Coach – Jim Herrmann

* Defensive Line Assistant – Bryan Cox

* Defensive Backs Coach – Vacant

* Offensive Quality Control – Jason Michael

* Defensive Assistant – Andy Dickerson

* Director Player Personnel – Terry Bradway

* Assistant Director – JoJo Wooden

* Strength and Conditioning – Markus Paul

* Strength and Conditioning Assistant – Brett Bech

* Strength and Conditioning Assistant – Rick Lyle

* Head Trainer – John Mellody

* Assistant Trainer – David Zuffelato

* Assistant Trainer – Joshua Koch

* Director Player Development – Jerome Henderson

* Director Operations – Clay Hampton

* Director Video – Steve Scarnecchia

* Assistant Director Video – New York Jets NFL apparel Tim Tubito

* Video Assistant – Ryan Mahanes

* Manager Equipment – Gus Granneman

* Assistant Manager Equipment – Vito Contento

NFL stats and tickets 2003


The Jet they lost various players to liberate the agency in low season, many al Washington Redskins; these players were known like the “Jetskins”, inclusive to begin wide Cabbages of receiver Laveranues (subsequent Cabbages would return al team by a commerce with the Redskins for another young one WR to reaction, Moss of Santana). Additionally, an injury before the season to NFL record New York Jets schedule Pennington, a broken wrist during a play against the Giants, would affect adversly the Jet through 2003. It would be Testaverde (whose injury in the 1999 opener of the season put similar the tone by the year) that was utilized to take. Although Testaverde gave its better effort, and Pennington returned to half NFL record New York Jets schedule of the season, was not sufficient. The Jet they finished New York Jets NFL apparel 6-10. During this season that the Generation Throws in spurt the exposition of the television begun airing.


NFL stats and tickets 2004


The main article: 2004 New York Spear in spurt the season


Pennington was healthy again for the beginning of the 2004 season, and the Jet they began the season 5-0 before losing 2 of their then 3. In spite of fighting downward the stretches and to have the failure of Pennington three play (revealed then to be an injured fist of propeller), the Jet finished with a 10-6 unprecedented and cattle a berth of wild card.


NFL stats and tickets Final


The team of Herman Eduardo faced the AFC al western Steeds of champion San Diego in the round opening, a team that represented Professionals to Players of bowling Drew Abuse, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Doors of Antonio. The Jet they took advantage of San Diego the blunders and what some they felt was a strategy excessively conservative by the Steeds. But with the Jet that direct, 17-10, with New York Jets NFL apparel under 20 seconds left in the regulation, Spear in spurt defense Eric Barton was penalized for the roughing the pedestrian, annulling Abuse’ fourth down the incomplete state and to give San Diego a first one downward of the line of a-yard. You abuse threw a touched in land to tight final Doors in the following play, establishing extraordinary time. The play sent the Jet to the divisional series against the 15-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. In the divisional series, the Jet they played the Steelers a lot favored very NFL record New York Jets schedule hard. In spite of be the Jet came by but again, with an interception by cornerback David Barrett in the next play. Before that the test to handle for a touched in land or of another way obtains more fence for a profit playing field goal, the Jet the content seemed to be written down for an attempt of 43 yards of the goal of field that would have given the Jet the victory New York Jets NFL apparel —ironically, the same unsuccessful strategy that the Steeds there were employee the prior week. The kick of Brien lost, the wide left, forcing the play in the extraordinary time. The Jet they would lose in a goal of 33 yards of field by Cane of kicker of Pittsburgh Jeff, like the Jet they fell barely short but again. In the days that continue the loss, many people and the skylights thought that the Jet they lost this play by is not aggressive and is too arranged to be written down for an attempt risked NFL record New York Jets schedule of the goal of field, ignoring the fact that Brien had been 10-11 in field goal attempts among 40-49 yards in the season. The other, nevertheless, it contends that none of those negotiates the goals had been in the notoriously unforeseeable winds of Field of Heinz, voted by the teamers special of the league as the worst field to kick in every year since 2000.



But the season obtained very sour after the victory on the Bay of Tampa . They would lose their next 7 play before finally strike the Invaders of Oakland in the Week 14. The injuries of various key players, inclusive current behind Crane Blaylock and cornerback David Barrett, and the injuries of season-finishing of wide receiver Wayne Chrebet, tight final Baker of Chris, correct gear Jason Fabini, and Professional Bowl that begins Kevin Mawae central, among others, hindered severely their ability to play with competitive spirit. see • speech • edits


The marshals of field


* 10 Pennington Chadian * 11 Patrick Ramsey * 6 Kellen Clemens




* 34 Cedric Houston * 23 Crane Blaylock * 29 Leon Washington * 32 Kevan Barlow * 28 Curtis Martin**




* 35 B.J. It twisted * 44 Marmalades Hodgins * 45 Stacy Tutt




* 87 Cabbages of Laveranues * 89 Jerricho Cotchery * 81 Justin McCareins * 16 Dagger Smith* * 15 Wallace Correct


* Dagger Smith is also a marshal of field.


** Curtis Martin is at present in the CUB (Physically Incapable to Play) the List.


Tight end


* 86 Baker of Chris * 85 Shortage of Marmalades New York Jets NFL apparel * 88 they Be Ryan




* 68 Anthony Clemente * 60 Ferguson * 79 Adrian Jones * 71 they Ford Smith * 76 Goddard




* 66 Even Kendall * 65 Brandon Moore




* 74 Notch Mangold




* 1 Mike Nugent K * 7 Ben Graham P



Defensive line


* 96 Ball of Dave OF * 92 Shaun Ellis OF * 98 Bobby Hamilton OF * 67 von of Kimo Oelhoffen OF * 63 Dewayne Robertson NT * 77 Rashad Moore NT * 75 C.J. Mosley NT




* 50 Eric Barton * 58 Chatham Matt * 99 Bryan Thomas * 55 Dagger Kassell * 54 Victorious Hobson * 51 Jonathan Vilma * 56 Anthony Schlegel * 53 Cody Spencer



Defensive backs


* 36 David Barrett BC * 30 they Drew Coleman BC * 21 Andre Dyson BC * 22 Miller of Justin BC * 26 S of Erik Coleman * 31 Hank Poteat BC * 25 Kerry you Roll F * 33

S of Eric Smith * 38 S of Jamie Thompson * 42 Rashad WashingtonFS


It reserves injured


* 17 Tim Dwight * 82 Jason Pociask * 91 Sione Pouha * 28 Curtis Martin * 70 Trey Teague


Practice the Squad


* 78 Ed Blanton T * 40 Joe Kowalewski YOU * 95 McChesney DT Kill * 97 Darrell Adam OF * 41 S of Andre Maddox * 93 Marshal of Keyonta NT * 14 Sloan Thomas WR


NFL stats and tickets Professional Vestibule of the Soccer of Famers


* Weeb Ewbank * is Put Maynard * Joe Namath * John Riggins * Ronnie Lott


NFL stats and tickets Retired the numbers


* 12 Joe Namath * 13 Mr. Maynard * 73 Joe Klecko * – – Weeb Ewbank (Jacket)


* Although the #90 it carried by Dennis Byrd have not been retired officially, has not been published since he suffered his injury of career-finishing in 1992.



Still in the victory against the Invaders, NFL record New York Jets schedule the Jet they suffered another injury of morale-folding. Current behind Curtis Martin did not play in the play due to an injury of knee of season-finishing that requirió the surgery of arthroscopic. The worthy only achievement of mention of Jet of the remainder of the season they would be its participation in the final Monday by the play of the Soccer at night aired in ABC, a 31-21 loss of home to the Patriots. They finished the year with a 4-12 unprecedented and “they gained” the New York Jets NFL apparel fourth choice in the 2006 Turn of NFL, that chose Ferguson .


In January 8, 2006, Herm Eduardo finished his time as first coach of the Jet and he they signed an of 4 years, $12.000.000 contract to come to be the new head of the Leaders of the City of Kansas and to succeed his original mentor Dick Vermeil, that was first coach of Eduardo with the Aguilas of Philadelphia. The Jet they received a choice round room of turn of the Leaders as compensation for NFL record New York Jets schedule Eduardo, that was still low contract with the Jet in the time. The Jet they were criticized for what what was considered the inadequate compensation New York Jets NFL apparel for the loss of its first coach. The other they felt the Jet they were fortunate that another team was willing to take to Eduardo, that was 5-15 on its last 20 regular play of the season, far away its hands and renunciation an election of turn to do thus.


NFL stats and tickets 2006–: Was of Eric Mangini


January 17, the Jet-Patriotic that coach tubing were raised but again, as New England coordinating defensive Eric Mangini was an employee by the Jet and he came he be the more first youth coach in the NFL, rotating 35 January 19. Mangini first order of business was to reorganize the personnel that coaches. The offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger and the Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson that both were freed of the personnel of Jet. The special Coordinator of Teams Mike Westoff was retained. A full personnel was announced February 20. The defenses coach they Cut Sutton was called to defensive coordinator and the team Jim Herrmann signed to replace Sutton as the defenses coach. Herrmann was the defensive coordinator in the University of Michigan for twenty years before arriving NFL record New York Jets schedule in New York . Eric Mangini then installed a 3-4 defense.


The Terrycloth of the Director general Bradway announced that he withdrew Spear in spurt as GM in February 7, 2006. GM Mike Tannenbaum assistant was called the new one GM in the same day. Bradway then he would continue to be an employee by the organization of Jet as a consultant that explores.


The Jet they finished the regular season New York Jets NFL apparel with a registration of 10-6, having defeated the Minnesota Viking, Dolphins of Miami and the Invaders of Oakland in their last three play. The Jet they gained the fifth place of wild Card NFL record New York Jets schedule of AFC in the ends — surprising the majority of the skylights that predicted a year that rebuilds. The famous players later saying the “final” of word, a word Mangini banished during the season to regulate to focus players in the season to regulate.


In January 7, 2007, the Jet they played rival the east of AFC defends to Patriotic of new England. The Jet they had NFL record New York Jets schedule struck and they had lost the Patriots in the season to regulate. While the Jet they took an early one 10-7 main after a goal of field and a caught of 77 yards of touched New York Jets NFL apparel in land and they run for Jerricho Cotchery

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